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Elizabeth5 Whitney (Henry4, Henry3, John2, Henry1), son of Henry5 and Elizabeth (Lobdell) Whitney, was born 18 Feb 1761 (twin), Ridgefield, CT,[1] and died 17 Mar 1839, Stratford, CT.

She married, 20 Feb 1783, Ridgefield, CT, Daniel Jackson,[2] son of Daniel and Abigail (Sanford) Jackson. He was born 1763, and died 25 Aug 1841, Stratford, from disease of the heart.

Phoenix says the following:

... a farmer, ... of Ridgefield, where his name was on the tax-list from 1785 to 1794; after which he lived in Redding, Conn., until 1809. He then moved to Stratford, Conn., where they died .... They were buried in the Episcopal Cemetery at Stratford, to the care and preservation of which their son, Edward Jackson, of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, has largely contributed.
He enlisted, in the Spring of 1778, in the company of Capt. Yates, of Stratford, Conn., which was part of the regiment of Col. Roger Enos. In the spring of 1779, he enlisted for nine months, under Capt. David Olmstead, of Ridgefield, in the regiment commanded by Col. Bezaleel Beebe, of Litchfield, Conn. Again, in Feb. or March 1782, he enlisted under Capt. Joseph Walker and Lieut. Thaddeus Keeler, in the regiment commanded by Col. Samuel B. Webb and Lt. Col. Ebenezer Huntington, and served till the close of the war.

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth5 (Whitney) Jackson:

i. Betsey Jackson, b. 22 Sep 1784, Ridgefield, CT; m. Luther Copley.
ii. Samuel Jackson, b. 6 Aug 1786, Ridgefield, CT; m. Elizabeth Welles.
iii. Daniel Jackson, b. 1791, Ridgefield, CT; d. 16 Aug 1829.
iv. Whitney Jackson, b. 1793, Ridgefield, CT; m. Clementine Hart.
v. Henry Jackson, b. Redding, CT; a merchant, of the firm of Jackson and Brewster, New York and New Orleans; "a man notable for strict integrity, thorough business talent, and intellectual ability. He died unmarried, in New Orleans, leaving considerable wealth, which was divided among his brothers, the younger of whom, Edward, with the nobleness of heart and generosity which formed a distinguishing trait in his character, divided his portion among his brothers, retaining only Henry's watch and miniature."
vi. Edward Jackson, b. 20 Apr 1799, Redding, CT; m. Lydia Ann Sanford.


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2.^  "Elizabeth [Whitney], m. Daniel JACKSON, 20 Feb 1783," according to Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records, Ridgefield 1:154.

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