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Eustace Whitney, Esq., of Clifford (James, Eustace, James, Eustace, John, [possibly] Eustace, Robert, Robert, Robert, Eustace, Eustace, Robert, ...), son of James and Anne (Vaughan) Whitney, born before 1596, probably Clifford, Herefordshire,[1] and died 8 Jun 1648.

He married Blanche de la Haye, daughter of Paule de la Hay. She died before 1648.

He was almost certainly the Eustace Whitney, Gent. who brought a claim of defamation against Thomas Higgins to the Earl of Arundel's Court of Chivalry in 1622.

Administration on his estate was granted in 1649 to his son James.

i. James Whitney, Gent., b. ca. 1618,[2] d. after 1649, when he was granted administration on his father's estate. On 9 Apr 1638, he acted as a surety for Thomas Collie in a bond with James Booth, due 24 Jun 1638. The bond was not paid, and on 16 Feb 1638[/9], James Whitney was arrested and spent 14 months in Booth's custody.[3] Note that James Whitney's aunt Katherine had married a Mr. Colly.
ii. Constance Whitney.
iii. Blanche Whitney.


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1. ^  He had to have been born sometime before 1596 as his younger brother James was born circa 1598. He was probably born at or near Clifford, Herefordshire, as this was where his family was located.

2. ^  Archive:C 33/176, p. 592v.

3. ^  C 21/W68/15 - Whitney v. Booth.

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