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Eustace Whitney, Esq. (John, [Possibly] Eustace, Robert, Robert, Robert, Eustace, Eustace, Robert, ...), son of John and ----- (Walter) Whitney, was born say 1475, possibly Gorsington, Clifford, Herefordshire, and died before 9 Oct 1525 when the will of "Ustans Whitney of Clifforde" was recorded.[1]

He married Ellen Vaughan, "dau. and heir of William Vaughan, the tyrant of Clifford." "Elen = Eustace ap John Whitney of Rhydhelyg" William ap Watkin Vaughan of Rhydhelyg and Clifford f. 1471-5, married Ann f. (Sir) T(hom)os Cornwall of Burford (descendant of King Edward I of England. William Vaughan of Rhydhelyg was the son of Watkin ap Roger Vaughan of Brewardine by his first wife Elsbeth f. Henry Wogan. William's brother Thomas Vaughan of Bredwardine married Elinor, daughter of Robert Whitney.[2]

He was of Gorsington.[3]

Children of Eustace and Ellen (Vaughan) Whitney, order uncertain, and possibly incomplete:

i. James Whitney,[4] b. say 1500; m. Sibyl Parry.[5]
ii. Richard Whitney,[6] of Hardwicke, m. Anne -----.
iii. John Whitney,[7] d. 1597, a servant of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The following are probably NOT children of this family. William Whitney of Abergaveney & Aberllynfi mentions his uncle Sir Robert Whitney in his will, and thus he more likely belongs in the Whitneys of Whitney.

iv. William Whitney, d. 1563; m. ----- Vaughan.[8]
v. Eleanor Whitney,, mentioned in her brother William's will, 1558
vi. Margaret Whitney, mentioned in her brother William's will, 1558
vii. Elizabeth Whitney, mentioned in her brother William's will, 1558


See The Royal Descent of Ellen Vaughan


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