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Eustace Whitney (Robert, Robert, James, Robert, Eustace, Robert, Robert, Robert, Eustace, Eustace, Robert, ...), son of Sir Robert and Sibyl (Baskerville) Whitney,[1] was born say 1545, Whitney, Herefordshire,[2] and was buried 12 Jul 1608, Whitney, Herefordshire.[3]

He married, say 1588, Margaret Vaughan,[4] daughter and coheiress of William and Elynor (Mathewes) Vaughan, of Glasbury.[5] She was born say 1565,[6] and was buried 26 Jul 1606, Whitney, Herefordshire.[7]

In 1602, a suit was brought against him and his wife by her sister and brother-in-law William and Frances (Vaughan) Vaughan, concerning the estate of their mother Elynor Vaughan.[8]

In 1605, a suit was brought against him by his niece and her husband, Thomas and Alice Dodd, regarding items left to Alice in the will of James Whitney. (see C 78/154/14).

His inquisition post mortem is dated 1608.[9]

EUSTACE WHITNEY, second son of Sir Robert, succeeded Sir James in 1587, and held the estate twenty-one years. He married, somewhat late in life and after thus becoming head of the family, Margaret, daughter and coheir of William Vaughan of Glasbury. The births of all their children, except the eldest, are recorded in the Parish Register of Whitney. They were:
  1. Eleanor, who married Sir Henry Williams, Knight, of Givernevett, Brecknockshire.
  2. Joan, born September 15, 1591, who married John Wigmore of Lacton, Herefordshire.
  3. Robert, born September 23, 1592, who will be spoken of at length later.
  4. Thomas, born July 28, 1594. Admitted June 22, 1610, to St. John College, Oxford.
Eustace was not knighted, and, so far as appears, held but one public office, that of sheriff of Herefordshire in 1596. The old register contains these two entries, almost obliterated by time:
Margret wyfe of Eustace Whitney was buried 26 of July, 1606.
Eustace Whitney Esq. was buried the 12 daye of July, 1608.[10]

Children of Eustace and Margaret (Vaughan) Whitney:

i. Eleanor Whitney, b. say 1589, Whitney, Herefordshire;[11] m. 20 Oct 1636, Aberllynvy, Wales,[12] Sir Henry Williams, Knight, of Givernevett, Brecknockshire.
ii. Joan Whitney, b. 15 Sep 1591, Whitney, Herefordshire;[13] m. John Wigmore of Lacton, Herefordshire. In 1612 she, as "Johan Whitney", filed suit against her brother Robert Whitney, in which he was ordered to may her 2,000 marks.[14]
iii. (Sir) Robert Whitney, b. 23 Sep 1592, Whitney, Herefordshire;[15] m. Anne Lucy.
iv. Thomas Whitney, b. 28 Jul 1594, Whitney, Herefordshire. Admitted 22 Jun 1610 to St. John College, Oxford.[16]


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