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George8 Whitney (Crosby7, Stephen6, Phineas5, Isaac4, Nathaniel3, Benjamin2, John1), son of Crosby7 and Mary (Carman) Whitney, was born 12 Sep 1822, probably Military Tract between Hector and Farmington, NY, and died 11 Jul 1912, Sioux City, IA. George is buried in the Union Cemetery in Hardin Co., IA.

He married 8 Jan 1846, Rock Run Township, Stephenson Co., IL, Maria Row, daughter of Frederick and Mariah (-----) Row. She was born about 1825, NY, and died after 1880.

A biography of George Whitney appears in Past and Present of Hardin County, Iowa, published by B. F. Bowen in 1911. Unfortunately, this biography contains many errors, much to the chagrin of researchers of this family. It is not known whether the errors were on the part of the 87 year old George, the editor who compiled the biographical notes, or a combination thereof. George’s mother was Mary Carman, as spelled in the records of the Friends for many years, not Cameron, or any other spelling of the name. George was born in the Finger Lakes region of New York, in what was then Herkmer County, not Herkimer County of later origin. George’s birth year in early records is 1822, but he states 1823 in later records, and it is 1823 on his tombstone. 1823 is probably incorrect, because his sister, Lydia, was born 11 April 1824. It is stated that George is of German stock, but that is the ancestry of his wife. It is also stated that George’s grandparents are Reuben and Ruth Whitney. This may be a clerical error, but the source of the error is truly unknown.

Mary (Carman) Whitney remarried to Caleb Tompkins, Jr. after the death of Crosby Whitney, and in 1836 the family removed to Stephenson Co., IL. They lived in a log cabin with a stick and mud fireplace at the edge a wooded area on the prairie. George never attended school, but was self-taught to read and write. George went to California in the gold rush, and returned via the Isthmus of Panama. In 1907, he went to California with his daughter Jane, and then returned to Iowa. George and Maria Whitney led adventurous lives, living in New York, Canada, Illinois, California, and Iowa.

Children of George8 and Maria (Rowe) Whitney:

i. Martha9 Whitney, b. 4 Dec 1844, Rock Creek, IL; d. 14 Oct 1922, Seattle, WA; m. Alexander Abernorther Lounsberry, b. 6 Oct 1841, Richland Co., OH, d. 15 Feb 1924, Hardin Co., IA.
ii. Crosby Whitney, b. 26 Oct 1846, Ridott, IL; m. Lucinda Ann Williams.
iii. Henry Whitney, b. May 1848, Rock Creek, IL; m. Hattie Middleton.
iv. Susan Whitney, b. 21 May 1850, Rock Creek, IL; d. 25 Dec 1860; buried in the Whitney Cemetery, Hardin Co., IA.
v. Jane Whitney, b. 14 Jun 1855, Rock Creek, IL; d. 6 Mar 1919, Oelrich, South Dakota; buried Union Cemetery, Hardin Co., IA; m. Joel Gurnsey Lounsberry, b. 12 Sep 1933, Broome Co., NY, d. 2 Apr 1913, Marshalltown, Marshall Co., IA.
vi. George Hiram Whitney, b. 11 Jun 1858, Tipton, Hardin Co., IA; m. Eliza Van Patten.
vii. Ulysses Grant Whitney, b. 10 Jul 1864, Hardin Co., IA; m. Lillian Rodwell.


1547 1627 Frederick Rowe 65 M - Farmer $3000 N.Y. Maria Whitney 25 F - " Martha " 6 F - Ill. Attended school Crosby " 3 M - " Henry " 2 M - " Susan " 5/12 F - " Michael Rowe 23 M - Do " Peter " 35 M - Do $1800 N.Y.

8 9 George Whitney 33 M - Farmer $4800 $800 N.Y. M. Do 32 F - " M. Do 17 F - Ills. Attended school Crosby Do 14 M - " Attended school Henry Do 11 M - " Attended school Susan Do 9 F - " Attended school Jane Do 5 F - " Attended school George Do 2 M - Iowa Alex Moore 30 M - Farm laborer Ky.

50 50 Whitney, Geo. 45 M W Farmer $12000 $1740 N.Y. Male citizen over 21 " Maria 45 F W Keeping house N.Y. " Martha 15 F W No Occupation Ill. Attended school " Geo. 12 M W Going to School Iowa Attended school " U. S. 6 M W Iowa

This Martha is unidentified. George's daughter Martha was 26 or 27, not 15, and wouldn't be attending school.

George WHITNEY 56 Self M M W NY Farmer ME NY Maria WHITNEY 55 Wife F M W NY Keeping House NY NY George H. WHITNEY 22 Son M S W IA Works On Farm NY NY Ulysus WHITNEY 15 Son M S W IA Works On Farm NY NY

2 2 Whitney, George 86 19 21 Union 61 M - m Retired Farmer N.Y. " Mariah " 60 F - m Keeping House " " Ulyssus G. " 20 M - s Law Student Hardin Co.

184 184 Whitney, George Head W M Sep 1823 76 mar 53 New York Maine New York Land lord, Owns free house -----, Mariah Wife W F Sep 1824 75 mar 53 7ch 6liv New York Germany England


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