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James Whitney, Esq. of Clifford (Eustace, James, Eustace, John, [possibly] Eustace, Robert, Robert, Robert, Eustace, Eustace, Robert, ...), son of Eustace and Constance (Vaughan) Whitney, was born say 1575, Clifford, Herefordshire, and died circa 1616.[1]

He married Anne Vaughan, daughter and heiress of Oliver Vaughan of Hergest.

In 1617, James Whitney's son Eustace brought suit against Anne Whitney, Oliver Whitney, and Edward Vaughan. From 1620 to 1623, James Whitney's widow, Anne, and second son Oliver were involved in a lawsuit with his eldest son Eustace Whitney.[2] While not impossible for Eustace to have been the son of Anne, it seems more plausible that Anne was his step-mother and Oliver his step-brother, indicating an as yet undiscovered earlier marriage for James.

His will mentions his four sons below.

Children of Eustace Whitney, with perhaps Anne (Vaughan), perhaps an unknown first wife:

i. Eustace Whitney; m. Blanche Delahaye.

Children of Eustace and Anne (Vaughan) Whitney:

ii. Oliver Whitney; d. 14 Nov 1634, administration to James Whitney his brother, 1636.
iii. Richard Whitney, d. ca. 1655, mentioned in his father's will; m. Margaret, daughter of Henry Vaughan of Mancy, Esq. Administration granted to his widow 26 Nov 1655.
iv. James Whitney, b. ca. 1598, d. aft. 1668.
v. Alice Whitney, m. ----- Poole. Children:
a. Eleanor Poole.
b. James Poole.
c. Alice Poole.
vi. Katherine Whitney, m. ----- Colly. They had daughters.
vii. Constance Whitney, m. ----- Hardwicke. Children:
a. Eleanor Hardwicke.


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