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John Whitney ([Possibly]Eustace, Robert, Robert, Robert, Eustace, Eustace, Robert, ...), possibly the second son of Eustace, based on his estimated date of birth at least by 1450 if not earlier,in Whitney, Herefordshire, and died unknown.

He married ----- Walter, "daughter and heir of John Michael Walter, by the daughter and heir of Sir William Gorsington, of Gorsington, Knt."[1]

He was "of Gorsington, in the parish of Clifford, in Herefordshire, in right of his wife"[2] and was also "of Rhydhelyg" (Clifford) according to Bartrum.

According to Bartrum (Whitney Table 2), John Whitney married Jonet, daughter of Jenkin Walter Ieuanc, heires of "Cwrt Fychan", probably Lower Court, Clifford, Herefordshire.

Children of John and ----- (Walter) Whitney, possibly incomplete:

i. Eustace Whitney, b. say 1475; m. Ellen Vaughan.[3]


Note: As to the meaning of "Cwrt Fychan": Cwrt = Court, Fychan = Little, so "Cwrt Fychan" = "Little Court". Adjacent to Clifford Castle are "Upper Court" and "Lower Court". Although one might think to associate Little Court with Lower Court, in fact Upper Court is smaller than Lower Court, so Cwrt Fychan probably refers to Upper Court, Clifford, Herefordshire, also known as Gorsington - TBD.


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