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Judah6 Whitney (Simon5, Jonathan4, Richard3, Richard2, John1), son of Simon5 and Olive (Wetherbe) Whitney, was born 16 Jun 1761, Harvard, MA.

On 7 May 1777, Harvard, MA, Simon Whitney was appointed guardian of Judah Whitney, grandson of Daniel Wetherbee, aged about 15 years, and posted bond with Silas Rand as surety.

Marriage intentions were published 10 Aug 1791, Fitchburg, MA, for him and Polly McIntire, both "of Fitchburg".[1] She probably was born about 1760 and died between 1840 and 1850, Cavendish, VT.

Children of Judah6 and Polly (McIntire) Whitney:

i. Simon7 Whitney, b. 2 Jul 1792, Ashburnham, MA;[2] m. Sally Green.
ii. Mary Whitney, b. 6 Jun 1794, Ashburnham, MA.[3]
iii. Olive W. Whitney, b. 30 May 1797, Ashby, MA.[4]
iv. David Whitney, b. 28 Oct 1800, Ashby, MA;[5] apparently m. Lydia S. -----.
v. Judah W. Whitney, b. 1 Oct 1805, Ashby, MA.[6] No further record found.
vi. (daughter) Whitney, b. 1800-1810; deduced from 1810 census.



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