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Marcus W. Whitney (Branson, [perhaps] Ransom6, Ebenezer5, Elnathan4, Eleazar3, Thomas2, John1), was born about 1845, NC, and died after 1870, MO.

He married about 1865, Catherine -----. She was born 1846, and died a1870.

Children of Marcus W. and Catherine (-----) Whitney:

i. Enoch Whitney, b. 1866, MO.
ii. Charley Whitney, b. 1868, MO.
iii. John Elsworth Whitney, b. 1 Jun 1870, MO; m. Rosa A. Mills.


757 757 Branson Whitney 38 M - Farmer 160 N.C. Illiterate Sarah " 28 F - " Illiterate Francis M. " 9 M - " Attended school Marcus W. Whitney 5 M - N.C.

193 192 Whitney, M. W. 25 M W Farmer $400 $300 North Carolina Illiterate, Male citizen over 21 -----, Catherine 24 F W Keeping house Tennessee Illiterate -----, Enock 4 M W Missouri -----, Charley 1 M W Missouri -----, John W. 3/12 M W Missouri Born in May

H. CALDWELL 21 Self M M W TN Farming VA VA Francis M. CALDWELL 21 Wife F M W MO Keeping House MO MO John W. CALDWELL 1 Son M S W MO At Home TN MO Chs. WHITNY 11 Oth M S W M Farming IL IL

  • [[Archive:1880 Census Extracts, Missouri#77

|1880, Mooney, Polk County, MO]]:

Asa KERBY 50 Self M M W MO Farmer KY VA Susan J. KERBY 47 Wife F M W MO Keeping House KY KY John L. WHITNEY 10 Oth M S W MO Works On Farm IL ---


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