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Oscar Dunrath Abbey Whitney (John), son of John and Rebecca (Blodgett) Whitney, was born 2 May 1826, Elba, NY, and died 7 Nov 1907, Cherryvale, KS. He was buried in Fairview Cemetery, Cherryvale, KS.[1]

He married firstly, 25 Mar 1847, Louisa McArthur. She was born 20 Jan 1827, Holland, NY, and died 13 Oct 1903, Akron, IA. She was buried in Riverside Cemetery, Akron, IA.[2]

He married secondly, 1863, Yorktown, VA, Anna Maria Jennings, daughter of James and Mary Ann (Tapping) Jennings. She was born 7 August 1842, Hampton, VA, and died 25 Oct 1908, Kansas City, KS. She was buried in Fairview Cemetery, Cherryvale, KS.[3]

Will of Oscar D. Whitney, Montgomery Co., KS:[4]

"Affidavit of death and petition for Probate of Will
"State of Kansas, Montgomery Co. In the probate court in and for said county
"In the matter of the estate of Oscar D. Whitney Deceased on this 18th day of November 1907 personally appeared before me the undersigned Judge of said court C. O. Wright who being by me duly sworn according to law doth upon his oath depose and say that Oscar D. Whitney Died on the 7th day of November 1907 testate and a resident of said county and state, and affiant new presents an instrument in writing, purporting to be the last will and testament of said deceased, and asks the same be proved and admitted to probate as and for the last will and testament of the said Oscar D. Whitney Deceased -- C. O. Wright
"Subscribed and sworn to before me this 18th day of November 1907. P.L. Swatzell, Probate Judge
"Last Will and testament of Oscar D. Whitney
"Know all men by these presents that I, the undersigned Oscar D. Whitney of Longton, Kansas, being now past 79 years of age, but of sound mind and disposing memory, do make, publish and declare this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills made by me.

":First - I hereby will and direct that all my just debts be paid. ":Second - I hereby give and bequeath unto my sons, Arthur R. Whitney, Addus F. Whitney, and O. D. Whitney, and unto my daughters Lillian A. Sebring and Isadore W. Boggs, the sum of one dollar each, to be paid next after the payment of my just debts as specified in claim No. 1 -

"Third - I hereby give and bequeath unto my son William O. Whitney, exclusive of the bequest made him in the next succeeding clause of this will, the sum of Three hundred dollars. I also bequeath to Carrie H. Wright my daughter, the sum of Three hundred dollars the same to be paid them next after the bequests mentioned in clause No. 2 of this will.
"Fourth - I hereby will, give, devise and bequeath the residue of my estate, whenter real of personal and whereever situated unto my sons William O. Whitney, Greeley T. Whitney, Daniel W. Whitney, and my Daughters Annie M. Covalt, Carrie H. Wright, Blanche B. Rounds, and Prudence H. Reece, to each an equal portion thereof, share and share alike.
"Fifth - It is my will and I hereby appoint my son-in-law Charles O. Wright executor of this my last will and desire that he should execute the trust without bond. - In testimony whereof I the said Oscar D. Whitney, have hereunto set my and and caused this will to be witnessed this 5th day of April 1906 and Cherryvale, Kansas --- Oscar D. Whitney
"We the undersigned, hereby certify that the above named Oscar D. Whitney called us a s subscribing witnesses to the foregoing instrument, that he signed the same in our presence and proclaimed the same to be his last will and testament and that we signed the same as witnesses in his presence and in [p. 301] the presence of each other this 5th day of April 1906
"Chas. A. Mitchell
"Cherryvale, Kansas
"George L. Brown
"Cherryvale, Kansas"

Children of Oscar Dunrath Abbey and Louisa (McArthur) Whitney:

i. Adelpha R. Whitney, b. 18 Jun 1848, Lake Mills, WI; d. 4 Jun 1852, Lake Mills, WI; bur. Rock Lake Cemetery, Lake Mills, WI.[5]
ii. Theresa Vienna Whitney, b. 9 Jan 1851, Lake Mills, WI; d. 29 Apr 1904, Lake Mills, WI;[6] m. 31 Dec 1870, Dodge Co., WI, Hans Hanson.[7]
iii. Arthur Ramondo Whitney, b. 15 Mar 1853, Lake Mills, WI; d. 25 Jun 1927, Beresford, SD; bur. Riverside Cemetery, Akron, IA;[8] unmarried.
iv. Addus Ferrial Whitney, b. 14 Jan 1855, Lake Mills, WI; d. 14 Jul 1919, Morland, KS; bur. Morland Cemetery, Morland, KS;[9]m.(1) 8 Feb 1885, Delaware, SD, Elsie Belle Myers; m.(2) 18 Mar 1888, Elk Point, SD, Hulda Adelia Nourse; res. Gettysburg, KS.
v. Lillian Annette Whitney, b. 8 Nov 1858 (twin), Lake Mills, WI; d. 20 Oct 1938, Weaubleau, MO; bur. Robinson Cemetery, Collins, MO;[10] m. Ira Ferdinand Sebring.
vi. William Whitney, b. 8 Nov 1858 (twin), Lake Mills, WI; d. 1860, Lake Mills, WI.
vii. Orson Deforest Whitney, b. 6 Jul 1860, Lake Mills, WI; d. 13 Oct 1928, Rossville, KS; m. 1894, Carrie Lucretia Bellwood.
viii. Isadora Whitney, b. 9 Jan 1866, Lake Mills, WI; d. 24 Jun 1956, Shreveport, LA; m. 12 Nov 1891, Akron, IA, Stephen Arnold Douglas Boggs, b. ca. 1862, son of E. J. and Rhoda (Rosenbrough) Boggs.[11]
ix. Fayette Whitney, b. 23 Oct 1869, Lake Mills, WI; d. 19 Aug 1871, Westmoreland, KS.

Children of Oscar Dunrath Abbey and Anna Maria (Jennings) Whitney:

i. Anna Malinda Whitney, b. 8 Mar 1865, Baltimore, MD; d. 10 Apr 1935, Los Angeles, CA; m. 22 Sep 1886, Rantoul, IL, Charles Thomas Covalt.[12]
ii. William Oscar Whitney, b. 12 Oct 1866, Fulton, IL; m. 23 Dec 1890, Minonk, IL, Helena Simson.
iii. Carrie Helesia Whitney, b. 10 Oct 1868, Fulton, IL; d. 2 Nov 1952, Baltimore, MD; bur. Fairview Cemetery, Cherryvale, KS;[13] m. 10 Jul 1889, Cherryvale, KS, Charles Osborne Wright.
iv. Greeley Theodore Whitney, b. 27 Nov 1871, Fulton, IL.[14]
v. Lilla May Whitney, b. 1 Jan 1874, Cerro Gordo, IL; d. 5 Mar 1903, Cherryvale, KS; bur. Fairview Cemetery, Cherryvale, KS;[15] unmarried.
vi. George Washington Whitney, b. 27 Jan 1876, Cerro Gordo, IL; d. 28 May 1898, Cherryvale, KS; bur. Fairview Cemetery, Cherryvale, KS.[16]
vii. Blanche Belle Whitney, b. 10 Oct 1879, Cerro Gordo, IL; d. 22 Apr 1969, Augusta, KS; bur. Elmwood Cemetery, Augusta, KS;[17] m. 11 Sep 1898, Cherryvale, KS, Herman Varnum Rounds.
viii. Daniel Webster Whitney, b. 28 Nov 1879, Cerro Gordo, IL; d. 28 Nov 1945, Kansas City, MO.
ix. James Jennings Whitney, b. 8 Dec 1881; d. 8 Dec 1881.
x. Prudence Hathaway Whitney, b. 12 Aug 1881, Cerro Gordo, IL; d. 11 Apr 1955, Dallas, TX; bur. Restland Memorial Park. Dallas, TX;[18] m. 8 Aug 1904, Chicago, IL, Charles E. Reese.[19]


These records are confusing. Apparently there were two men named Oscar D. Whitney, nearly contemporaries, both born in NY. One lived in Lake Mills, WI, and the appearance there of his sister Julia and his brother Libbeus make it certain that he was the son of John and Rebecca (Blodgett) Whitney. Both his parents were born in New York. It was his wife Louisa and son Arthur R. living in Portland and Akron, IA, and Sioux Valley, SD. He was born about 1826, and was a veterinary doctor. He may have died between 1870 and 1880, but no record has been found.

The other shows up in Yorktown, VA, Baltimore, MD, Fulton and Cerro Gordo, IL, and Cherryvale, KS, with wife Anna. Both his parents were said to have been born in Vermont. He was born 2 May 1826, and was a farmer, patent right man, and lumber merchant. He died in 1907, per his gravestone.

Nevertheless, his will makes it clear that all the children by both wives were his. We must conclude that the second marriage was a bigamous one, and that he had two families, one in Wisconsin and one in Illinois, at the same time.


846 860 Oscar Whitney 24 M - Farmer $300 New York Louisa " 23 F - " Adilphia " 2 F - Wisconsin Rebecca " 64 F - Vermont Julia A. Rowley 26 F - New York

Julia was Oscar's sister.

1710 1702 E. D. Whitney 34 M - Horse Doctor N.Y. Louisa 33 F - " Theresa 8 " - Wis. Attended school Arthur 7 M - " Attended school Arlus 5 " - " Attended school Lilian 1-1/2 " - " [sic] William 1-1/2 " - "

This is Oscar D., not E. D.

179 179 Whitney, Oscar 44 M W Vetrinary Surgeon $1000 -- New York Male citizen over 21 -----, Louisa 43 F W Keeps House New York -----, Theresa 18 F W At Home Wisconsin -----, Arthur 17 M W " Wisconsin -----, Adir 15 M W Wisconsin Attended school -----, Lillian 11 F W Wisconsin Attended school -----, Deforest 9 M W Wisconsin Attended school -----, Isadore 3 F W Wisconsin -----, Fayette 10/12 M W Wisconsin Born in Oct

[ ] [ ] Attwood, Julia 46 F W Keeps House $800 $500 New York Saville 16 M W At Home Wisconsin Attended school Clara 10 F W Wisconsin Attended school Florence 8 F W Wisconsin Attended school John 3 M W Wisconsin Whitney, Theressa 18 F W Domestic Wisconsin

Second enumeration of Theressa in family of her aunt Julia (Whitney)(Rowley) Atwood.

31 31 Whitney, Oscar 35 M W Farmer $25 N.Y. Male citizen over 21 Anna 24 F W Keeping house Virginia Anna M. 5 F W Maryland William O. 3 M W Ill. Carrie 2 F W Ill. 32 Ashard, Abby J. 39 F W Keeping house $150 N.Y. Martha 18 F W At home " Ella J. 16 F W " " Twins Lewis 13 M W " Ill. Hattie 13 F W " " Addie 4 F W " N.Y.

O. Do WHITNEY 49 Self M M W NY Pat Right Man --- --- Annie M. WHITNEY 40 Wife F M W VA Keeping House NY VA Annie M. WHITNEY 15 Dau F S W MD NY VA William WHITNEY 13 Son M S W IL NY VA Carrie WHITNEY 11 Dau F S W IL NY VA Grieley WHITNEY 9 Son M S W IL NY VA Lillie WHITNEY 6 Dau F S W IL NY VA George W. WHITNEY 4 Son M S W IL NY VA Blanca WHITNEY 3 Dau F S W IL NY VA Frank WHITNEY 6M Son M S W IL NY VA

Louisa WHITNEY 53 Self F M W NY Keeping House VT VT Arthur R. WHITNEY 27 Son M S W WI Farmer NY NY Isadore WHITNEY 13 Dau F S W WI At School NY NY John W. JONES 19 Oth M S W WI Herding Cattle VT VT

17 17 Whitney, Arthur R. Head W M Mar 1853 47 sgl Wisconsin New York New York Farm laborer, Owns mortgaged farm -----, Louisa Moth W F Jan 1827 73 wid 10ch 6liv New York Scotland Vermont

138 148 Whitney, O. D. Head W M May 1826 44 mar 35 New York Vermont Vermont Lumber merchant, Owns free house -----, A. M. Wife W F Aug 1840 59 mar 35 10ch 8liv Virginia New York Virginia -----, Lillie Dau W F Jan 1876 24 sgl Illinois New York Virginia -----, Dan Son W M Nov 1880 19 sgl Illinois New York Virginia Lumber man -----, Prudence Dau W F Aug 1882 17 sgl Illinois New York Virginia


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