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William Hiram7 Whitney (William Lewis6, Samuel Platt5, Uriah4, Nathan3, John2, Henry1), son of William Lewis6, was born Apr 1834, Southwick, MA, and died 1916. He was buried in Enfield Street Cemetery, Enfield, CT.

He married, about 1861, Rosina Bostock Carlton. She was born Dec 1840, England, and died 1923. She was buried in Enfield Street Cemetery, Enfield, CT.

He resided 328 Eighth Street, Brooklyn, NY, Jan 1876, an agent for school publications. Children:

Children of William Hiram7 and Rosina Bostock (Carlton) Whitney:

i. Ann L.8 Whitney, b. Sep 1862, NY.
ii. (child) Whitney, b. say 1865; deduced from 1900 census.
iii. Edmund Carlton Whitney, b. Feb 1868, NY; d. 29 Apr 1871, aged 3 years 2 months; bur. Enfield Street Cemetery, Enfield, CT.
iv. William Hiram Whitney, b. 4 Oct 1869, Enfield, CT; d. 6 Mar 1927, Enfield, CT; m. 16 Oct 1895, Enfield, CT, Mary Harriet "Marie" Pryor (1870–1956).
v. Mabel O. Whitney, b. Oct 1874, CT; d. 7 Aug 1956, East Hampton, CT.
vi. Amy I. Whitney, b. Oct 1878, CT; d. 5 Sep 1955, Enfield, CT; attending Wellesley College in 1900.
vii. Edith G. Whitney, b. Oct 1885, CT.


32 34 Newton Holcomb 37 M - Farmer $2000 Mass. Fanny " 39 F - " Hiram Whitney 16 M - Laborer " Attended school

Newton and Fanny were Betsey's siblings, and Hiram's uncle and aunt.

19 21 Morton Holcomb 43 M - Farmer Mass. Fanny " 45 F - " 22 Eli Dewey 38 M - Wheelwright Conn. Dolly Dewey 39 F - Josephin " 15 F - Conn. Betsey " 12 F - " Claramon A. " 9 F - " Burton S. " 7 M - " Elroy A. " 4 M - " Hiram W. Whitney 21 M - Schoolteacher Mass.

85 83 Newton Holcomb 47 M - Farmer $2500 $775 Mass. Fanny " 47 F - " Wm. H. Whitney 26 M - Teacher " Lydia Gillett 42 F - Domestic " Betsey Dewey 16 F - Ct. Clifford Bradley 7 M - Mass. Munro Holcomb 17 M - Baker "

1063 1358 Whitney, William H. 36 M W Book agent $4500 -- Conn. Male citizen over 21 -----, Rosina 29 F W Keeping house England Parents foreign born -----, Ann L. 7 F W N.Y. Mother foreign born -----, Edmund C. 2 M W Conn. Mother foreign born -----, William H. Jr. 10/12 M W Conn. Mother foreign born, Born in Oct Henderson, Lizzie 20 F W Domestic servant England Parents foreign born

William H. WHITNEY 47 Self M M W MA Book Agent MA MA Rosina WHITNEY 40 Wife F M W ENG Keeping House ENG ENG Annie L. WHITNEY 17 Dau F S W NY At School MA ENG William H. WHITNEY 10 Son M S W CT At School MA ENG Mabel O. WHITNEY 6 Dau F S W CT MA ENG Amy I. WHITNEY 1 Dau F S W CT MA ENG Amy HAMLET 59 Oth F S W ENG Servant ENG ENG Charles L. BOSWORTH 24 Oth M S W CT Laborer CT CT

87 95 Whitney, William H. Head W M Apr 1834 66 mar 39 Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Farmer, Owns free farm -----, Rosina Wife W F Dec 1840 59 mar 39 7ch 5liv England England England Immig. 1845 -----, Anna S. Dau W F Sep 1862 31 sgl New York Massachusetts England -----, Mabel O. Dau W F Oct 1874 25 sgl Connecticut Massachusetts England -----, Edith G. Dau W F Oct 1885 14 sgl Connecticut Massachusetts England At school Lockwood, Amelia Srvt B F Mar 1879 21 sgl South Carolina -- -- Servant Ames, Allie Srvt W M Dec 1880 19 sgl Connecticut Connecticut Connecticut 95 -----, John H. Head W M Jan 1874 26 mar 2 Connecticut Connecticut Connecticut Farm manager, Free house -----, Mary Wife W F Nov 1875 24 mar 2 1ch 1liv Ireland Ireland Ireland Immig. 1893 -----, John Son W M Dec 1898 1 sgl Massachusetts Connecticut Ireland

Clarke, L. F. Head W F Oct 1835 64 sgl New York Vermont New Hampshire Supt. Simpson Hall Hill, L. E. Brdr W F Aug 1864 35 sgl Connecticut Connecticut Connecticut Teacher gymnastics Edwards, C. M. Brdr W F May 1862 38 sgl New York New York New York Assistant gymnastics Ceweth, L. Brdr W F Jun 1861 38 sgl New York New York Connecticut Assit. proff. Kelsey, Helen M. Brdr W F Apr 1872 28 sgl New York New York New York Instructor geology Mullen, S. F. Brdr W F Dec 1879 20 sgl Vermont Vermont Vermont Pupil college Whitney, A. I. Brdr W F Oct 1878 21 sgl Connecticut Massachusetts England Pupil college Pitkin, C. E. Brdr W F Dec 1877 22 sgl Illinois Vermont Massachusetts Pupil college Pitkin, E. F. Brdr W F Mar 1880 20 sgl Illinois Vermont Massachusetts Pupil college Hillemeier, M. C. Brdr W F Sep 1880 19 sgl New York Germany New York Pupil college Wherry, E. M. Brdr W F Oct 1876 23 sgl Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Indiana Pupil college Jesegar, R. V. Brdr W F Jul 1879 20 sgl New York West Indies New York Pupil college Goddard, H. Brdr W F Sep 1880 19 sgl New Jersey New Hampshire Vermont Pupil college Draper, C. B. Brdr W F Oct 1880 11 sgl Dist. of Col. Vermont New Hampshire Pupil college Shuman, J. L. Brdr W F May 1878 22 sgl South Dakota Massachusetts Massachusetts Pupil college Moody, L. C. Brdr W F Jun 1877 22 sgl Pennsylvania New York Pennsylvania Pupil college Stockness, A. W. Brdr W F Feb 1881 29 sgl Massachusetts Massachusetts Maine Pupil college Smith, B. Brdr W F Jan 1877 23 sgl Illinois New Jersey New York Pupil college Campbell, E. R. Brdr W F Feb 1880 20 sgl Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pupil college Cooke, M. F. E. Brdr W F Apr 1878 22 sgl Maine Maine New Hampshire Pupil college Terry, Eva Brdr W F Jan 1880 20 sgl New York New York New York Pupil college Shebah, L. Brdr W F Apr 1868 32 sgl New York New York New York Pupil college Rielly, L. Srvt W F Jan 1878 22 sgl P.E.I. P.E.I. P.E.I. Servant, Immig. 1897 Ruffle, C. Srvt W F Sep 1868 31 sgl P.E.I. P.E.I. P.E.I. Servant, Immig. 1897 Campbell, H. Srvt W F Dec 1880 19 sgl Nova Scotia P.E.I. P.E.I. Servant, Immig. 1893 Viol, Pauline Srvt W F Nov 1870 29 sgl Germany Germany Germany Cook, Immig. 1894

  • 1910, Enfield, Hartford Co., CT:

William H. Whitney Sr. 76 Rosina Whitney 68 Annie L. Whitney 47 Mabel O. Whitney 30 Amy I. Whitney 31


  • Census records.

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