Men with "House" surname matching Whitney Y67 markers

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Tested a distant male cousin named Egbert Nelson "Sonny" House to 67 markers on YDNA. He matches one House male at Y37 (36/37) named David Alvin House and one House male at Y25 (25/25) named Harry Merritt House. Sonny matches one Whitney male Eugene Walsh Whitney at 67/67 and four other Whitney men at 66/67 markers. All three of the House matches trace their paper lineage to a William House b 1713 in the Hartford CT area, so the line between him and us seems unbroken. However, the paternity of Wm b 1713 or his father, grandfather etc cannot be determined, and at some point a Whitney male was raised as a House.

I am not looking for any specific information except for possible family info from the close Y67 matches as to when or if their family lines came to the US, and what part of England the Whitney ancestor came from. It is very possible that the switch in paternity happened in England prior to my most distant House ancestor emigrated to CT from England.

Contact info is Tom Horton,, please reference House YDNA in email.

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