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First Five Generations

We opted not to include the pages generated for generations 1-5 as most of them had already been created manually. Furthermore, the information for generations 1-3 was included when those pages were edited. We need to take the information from the remaining pages and merge it into the existing pages. - DONE

Transcription Breaks

While browsing through the pages, I have found and corrected two examples where the original Pierce transcriber misread the ID number for the head of the family. This caused the Family page to list the incorrect lineage, and for the link to that page to be included on the incorrect parent family. I'm not sure how we can locate any more of these, but we need to be on the lookout. I have corrected Pierce as well when finding these.

Sons & Daughters

Sons & Daughters with substantial information should have their own pages created and remove that information from their parent's pages. Indented children sections would be one criteria. Be sure to remove any locality categories which were no longer on the parent's pages.

Other Minor Issues

The following 'minor' issues can be listed here for future bot cleanup.

  • Replace "the [[Whitney Research Group]]" and/or "The [[Whitney Research Group]]" with "the [[Whitney Research Group]]" - DONE
  • Some dates didn't get converted.
  • Bold wives name(s)
  • Add wife's name to Children of line (if only 1 wife)
  • Convert place categories to include counties
  • Children names can be links to errors page - DONE
  • Childrens' surnames are wrong for two families which had name changes - DONE
  • Hyphenation not always working - caused by links, fix manually
  • b. -> born replacement is too aggressive - fix manually
  • Surnames such as Mcpherson now have the incorrect case

Completed Items

Sewing Together Generations 5 and 6 - DONE

While every 6th-generation head is linked to his father's page, the reverse is not necessarily so. One must check all the 6th-gen pages generated by the WRG-Robot, click on the father's link (page probably generated by Andaleen or Rlward), and see if the son is linked back to his page. If not, the link should be created.

Duplicate Page Titles - DONE

The following families had duplicate page titles. The last family imported overwrote the first one. Descendants of both now point to the same page.

Steps to correct:

  1. Identify unique page titles (list to the side here)
  2. Move existing page to the unique title for the current information on the page
  3. Grab the other page's info from the history of the page and create a new page with the appropriate unique title
  4. Edit the two parent pages to link to the correct two children pages
  5. Review all pages linking to the old page title (now a redirect page) and update the links on those pages to the correct new page titles
  6. When all links to the old page have been handled, remove the old page (the redirect)

Merged Pages - DONE

Duplicate Families, Different Titles - DONE

Exact Duplicate - DONE

These families had the same page title AND the same link number. Since both of these men are in the 5th generation and were not imported, the potential problems lie with their descendants. This needs further investigation.

Overwritten Family Data - DONE

These families have the data for the wrong family.

People with Alpha Numbers - DONE

Individuals assigned identification numbers with alphabetical characters did not get 'recognized' as individuals and are thus not formatted properly as children with their parents. This may have caused some of the other lineage break & other situations. It would be a good idea to walk through Pierce and examine all such individuals, both with their parents as well as adults to verify that all is well. All probably have the wrong lineage.

Head of families with alpha numbers - DONE

Children with Alpha Numbers - DONE

  • 605a, 1057a, 1058a, 1059a, 1060a, 1061a, 1124a, 1132a, 1133a, 1134a, 1135a, 1260a, 2582a, 2583a, 2584a, 2585a, 3061a, 3062a, 3063a, 3064a, 3065a, 3066a, 3067a, 3068a, 3069a, 3071a, 3072a, 3073a, 3074a, 3587a, 3588a, 3589a, 3590a, 3591a, 4514a, 4623a, 4624a, 4625a, 4651a, 4652a, 5012a, 5013a, 5014a, 5016a, 5017a, 5018a, 5019a, 5435a, 5436a, 5437a, 5438a, 5439a, 5440a, 5441a, 5442a, 5443a, 5444a, 5445a, 5483a, 5484a, 5485a, 5486a, 5487a, 5488a, 5489a, 5490a, 5491a, 5492a, 5493a, 5728a, 5729a, 5750a, 5751a, 5752a, 5756a, 6234a, 6404a, 6406a, 6408a, 6409a, 6410a, 6412a, 6414a, 6637a, 6638a, 6639a, 6640a, 6641a, 6642a, 6643a, 7071a, 7072a, 7073a, 7074a, 7075a, 7076a, 7077a, 7143a, 7144a, 7145a, 7146a, 7147a, 7263a, 7264a, 7445a, 7446a, 7447a, 7565a, 7566a, 7567a, 7568a, 7813a, 7814a, 7844a, 7845a, 8072a, 8073a, 8074a, 8137a, 8297a, 8402x, 8403x, 8404x, 8406x, 8408x, 8409x, 8410x, 8411x, 8412x, 8413x, 8414x, 8415x, 8416x, 8417x, 8418x, 8419x, 8421x, 8424x, 8425x, 8427x, 8428x, 8429x, 8430x, 8431x, 8433x, 8434x, 8435x, 8436x, 8439x, 8440x, 8441x, 8442x, 8443x, 8444x, 8448x, 8450x, 8451x, 8452x, 8453x, 8454x, 8456x, 8457x, 8459x, 8461x, 8666a, 8667a, 8954a, 8955a, 8956a, 8957a, 8958a, 9017a, 9236a, 9293a, 9294a, 9294b, 9295a, 9295b, 9296a, 9297a, 9298a, 9349a, 9353a, 9353b, 9353c, 9382a, 9383a, 9384a, 9416a, 9417a, 9418a, 9419a, 9420a, 9421a, 9422a, 9491a, 9492a, 9493a, 9495a, 9496a, 9497a, 9610a, 9611a, 9612a, 9662a, 9708a, 9709a, 9710a, 9740a, 9741a, 9742a, 9757a, 9758a, 9759a, 9768a, 9769a, 9769a, 9770a, 9776a, 9782a, 9783a, 9784a, 9793a, 9817a, 9844a, 9845a, 9846a, 9899a, 9900a, 9900b, 9901a, 9901b, 9902a, 9902b, 9903a, 9903b, 9904a, 9904b, 9905a, 9906a, 9907a

Heads of Families with Fractional Numbers - DONE

4814 1/2 - DONE

Children with Fractional Numbers - DONE

321 1/2, 1174 1/4, 1174 1/2, 1791 1/2, 2491 1/2, 2505 1/2, 2716 1/2, 2772 1/2, 3062 1/2, 3950 1/2, 4108 1/2, 4373 1/2, 4814 1/2, 5008 1/2, 5103 1/2, 5105 1/2, 5556 1/2, 5584 1/2, 5789 1/2, 6157 1/2, 7351 1/2, 7432 1/2

Children with Fractional Ordinals - DONE

226, 270, 2192, 2475, 3210, 7232, 7862 - DONE

Lineage Breaks - DONE

These families have breaks in their lineages not explained by People with Alpha Numbers (see above). Some may be due to an error-page link in the lineage of the person with generation number 1.

Missing Families - DONE

Archive:The Descendants of John Whitney, page 541#P5232 was missing from our transcription and was thus not imported. I have now manually added his family to the transcription, and a family page needs to be created manually and linked in. - DONE

Illustrations - DONE

  • Use the list of Illustrations in Pierce to search for pages with pictures and remove the [Photo] and [Title of Photo] items from those pages as they are currently intermixed with the text.

Pages: 96, 99, 162, 175, 183, 199, 223, 240, 248, 249, 255, 260, 261, 268, 269, 277, 296, 329, 336 (twice), 341, 348, 351, 361, 368, 378, 388, 401, 415, 423, 427, 430 (twice), 431, 432, 438, 450, 454, 462, 463 (twice), 464, 468, 471, 472, 476, 479, 482, 484, 486, 491, 492, 493, 496, 499, 502, 508 (twice), 515, 526, 534, 535, 536, 539, 541, 543, 549, 550, 577 (twice), 588, 589, 598, 600, 605 (twice), 606, 609, 611, 619, 622, 624, 625, 630, 635, 640, 649, 650, 660.

Families To Import - DONE

Duplicate Pages - DONE

Errors Detected - DONE

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