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The following table lists individuals with the surname Whitney in the census for the time and location stated.

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Fred. WHITNEY 1824 VT Hungerford, Plymouth, Iowa, T9-0359, p. 138A Fred WHITNEY 1830 CT Grafton, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0565, p. 470C Fred WHITNEY 1844 VT Whitehall, Washington, New York, T9-0943, p. 511A Fred WHITNEY 1854 NY Flint, Genesee, Michigan, T9-0579, p. 141C Fred WHITNEY 1856 CUBA Green River, Sweetwater, Wyoming, T9-1454, p. 256B Fred WHITNEY 1857 MN Morris, Stevens, Minnesota, T9-0635, p. 151C Fred WHITNEY 1857 NY Franklinville, Cattaraugus, New York, T9-0812, p. 178A Fred WHITNY 1857 NY New Haven, Oswego, New York, T9-0913, p. 267C Fred WHITNEY 1858 IL Santa Ana, Los Angeles, California, T9-0067, p. 244B Fred WHITNEY 1858 ME Deering, Cumberland, Maine, T9-0477, p. 219D Fred WHITNEY 1858 MI Sand Lake, Kent, Michigan, T9-0587, p. 418C Fred WHITNEY 1858 NY Hamilton, Madison, New York, T9-0860, p. 170A Fred WHITNEY 1859 MA Natick, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0541, p. 300A Fred WHITNEY 1859 N H Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire, T9-0764, p. 110B Fred WHITNEY 1859 WI Hilton, Blue Earth, Minnesota, T9-0615, p. 277C Fred WHITNEY 1861 MA Otis, Berkshire, Massachusetts, T9-0520, p. 543C Fred. WHITNEY 1861 MI Cambria, Hillsdale, Michigan, T9-0580, p. 56C Fred WHITNEY 1861 NJ Grant, Linn, Iowa, T9-0351, p. 236A Fred WHITNEY 1861 NY Evanston, Uinta, Wyoming, T9-1454, p. 339C Fred WHITNEY 1862 NY Plano, Kendall, Illinois, T9-0219, p. 378D Fred WHITNEY 1863 MA Holyoke, Hampden, Massachusetts, T9-0535, p. 342C Fred WHITNEY 1863 NY Livonia, Livingston, New York, T9-0859, p. 177D Fred WHITNEY 1864 NY Fremont, Saginaw, Michigan, T9-0602, p. 390B Fred WHITNEY 1867 USA Middlefield, Otsego, New York, -- Fred WHITNEY 1868 CA Oakland, Alameda, California, T9-0062, p. 428C Fred WHITNAH 1868 IL Buckheart, Fulton, Illinois, T9-0207, p. 66B Fred WHITNEY 1868 KS Liberty, Linn, Kansas, T9-0386, p. 27A Fred WHITNEY 1868 MI Napoleon, Jackson, Michigan, T9-0585, p. 133B Fred WHITNEY 1868 MI Washington, Macomb, Michigan, T9-0593, p. 612D Fred WHITNEY 1868 VT Athens, Windham, Vermont, T9-1349, p. 300C Fred WHITNEY 1868 VT Marlboro, Windham, Vermont, T9-1349, p. 429C Fred WHITNEY 1869 MI Onondaga, Ingham, Michigan, T9-0583, p. 526D Fred. WHITNEY 1870 NY District 2, Sidney Plains, Delaware, New York, T9-0823, p. 389D Fred WHITNEY 1871 MI Union, Isabella, Michigan, T9-0584, p. 540D Fred WHITNEY 1873 CALIFORNIA Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0544, p. 248D Fred WHITNEY 1873 ME Gorham, Cumberland, Maine, T9-0478, p. 317B Fred WHITNEY 1873 VT Salisbury, Addison, Vermont, T9-1341, p. 212B Fred WHITNEY 1874 LA E.D. 34, Franklin, Louisiana, T9-0453, p. 203C Fred WHITNEY 1876 MA Riverside, San Bernardino, California, T9-0072, p. 449D Fred WHITNEY 1876 NY Kirkland, Oneida, New York, T9-0902, p. 280C Fred WHITNEY 1877 MI Allen, Hillsdale, Michigan, T9-0580, p. 22A Fred WHITNEY 1878 IA Union, Mc Henry, Illinois, T9-0228, p. 94B Fred WHITNEY 1879 MI Montgomery, Hillsdale, Michigan, T9-0580, p. 87C Fred WHITNEY 1879 MI Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, -- Fred WHITNEY 1879 PA Pittsfield, Warren, Pennsylvania, T9-1200, p. 194A Fred WHITNEY 1879 WI Royalton, Waupaca, Wisconsin, T9-1452, p. 171C Fred A. WHITNEY 1858 MA Harvard, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0563, p. 245A Fred A. WHITNEY 1860 ME Harrison, Cumberland, Maine, T9-0478, p. 371C Fred A. WHITNEY 1861 WI Walla Walla City, Walla Walla, Washington, T9-1398, p. 169A Fred A. WHITNEY 1867 MA Leominster, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0565, p. 484C Fred B. WHITNEY 1869 PA Honesdale, Wayne, Pennsylvania, T9-1203, p. 352D Fred B. WHITNEY 1876 CAN Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts, -- Fred C. WHITTNEY 1838 VT 5th Ward, Syracuse, Onondaga, New York, T9-0907, p. 278B Fred C. WHITNEY 1857 MI Magnolia, Rock, Minnesota, T9-0632, p. 454A Fred D. WHITNEY 1863 PA Harrison, Potter, Pennsylvania, T9-1165, p. 455D Fred E. WHITNEY 1868 ME Gorham, Cumberland, Maine, T9-0477, p. 306D Fred E. WHITNEY 1873 WT Thurston, Washington, T9-1397, p. 136B Fred F. WHITNEY 1862 ME Augusta, Kennebec, Maine, T9-0481, p. 32C Fred G. WHITNEY 1861 NH Henniker, Merrimack, New Hampshire, T9-0766, p. 303D Fred G. WHITNEY 1868 MA North Adams, Berkshire, Massachusetts, T9-0521, p. 318D Fred G. WHITNEY 1868 NY Pulaski, Oswego, New York, T9-0915, p. 61C Fred. H WHITNEY 1847 NY Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0544, p. 248D Fred H. WHITNEY 1852 VT Colchester, Chittenden, Vermont, T9-1343, p. 162C Fred H. WHITNEY 1857 VT Williamstown, Orange, Vermont, T9-1346, p. 259C Fred H. WHITNEY 1859 MA Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0544, p. 218B Fred H. WHITNEY 1863 MA Brockton, Plymouth, Massachusetts, T9-0550, p. 218D Fred H. WHITNEY 1865 VT Rockingham, Windham, Vermont, T9-1349, p. 484C Fred H. WHITNEY 1877 KS Liberty, Marion, Kansas, T9-0388, p. 22C Fred H. WHITNY 1877 OH Montville, Geauga, Ohio, T9-1019, p. 94B Fred J. WHITNEY 1863 VT Craftsbury, Orleans, Vermont, T9-1346, p. 349A Fred J. WHITNEY 1877 MN Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, T9-0622, p. 137C Fred L. WHITNEY 1856 OH Mentor, Lake, Ohio, T9-1038, p. 368A Fred L. WHITNEY 1874 IA Osage, Mitchell, Iowa, T9-0356, p. 499A Fred M. WHITNEY 1865 CAN Columbia, Coos, New Hampshire, T9-0762, p. 51B Fred M. WHITNEY 1870 ME Hampden, Penobscot, Maine, T9-0486, p. 324B Fred O. WHITNEY 1877 NH Rindge, Cheshire, New Hampshire, T9-0761, p. 211B Fred P. WHITNEY 1869 ME. Presque Isle, Aroostook, Maine, T9-0476, p. 212A Fred S. WHITNEY 1830 CT Greeley, Weld, Colorado, T9-0093, p. 460A Fred S. WHITNEY 1863 ME Gray, Cumberland, Maine, T9-0478, p. 331A Fred S. WHITNEY 1869 NY York, Livingston, New York, T9-0859, p. 441D Fred S. WHITNEY 1872 WI Spring Brook, Dunn, Wisconsin, T9-1424, p. 311B Fred S. WHITNEY 1875 VT Montpelier, Washington, Vermont, T9-1348, p. 146A Fred W. WHITNEY 1826 MA Leominster, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0565, p. 484C Fred W. WHITNEY 1854 MA Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island, T9-1209, p. 131D Fred W. WHITNEY 1876 IA Eldora, Hardin, Iowa, T9-0343, p. 445B Fred'k WHITNEY 1854 NY Niagara, Niagara, New York, T9-0901, p. 232C Fred'k WHITNEY 1879 MA Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, T9-0531, p. 150A Fred'k W. WHITNEY 1866 MA Waltham, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0542, p. 498C Freddie WHITNEY 1868 MI Ronald, Ionia, Michigan, T9-0583, p. 23A Freddie WHITNEY 1870 OH Sylvania, Lucas, Ohio, T9-1044, p. 21C Freddie WHITNEY 1872 NH Dist 250, Farmington, Strafford, New Hampshire, T9-0769, p. 177A Freddie WHITNEY 1875 IL Waukegan, Lake, Illinois, T9-0221, p. 568D Freddie WHITNEY 1875 NY Binghamton, Broome, New York, T9-0810, p. 123D Freddie WHITNEY 1875 OH Weathersfield, Trumbull, Ohio, T9-1071, p. 429A Freddie B. WHITNEY 1869 MN Hastings, Dakota, Minnesota, T9-0618, p. 184C Freddie H. WHITNEY 1879 CT Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, T9-0110, p. 599A Freddie M. WHITNEY 1870 CT Bethel, Fairfield, Connecticut, T9-0094, p. 166D Freddie S. WHITNEY 1867 NY Canton, St. Lawrence, New York, -- Freddie S. WHITNEY 1867 VT Fletcher, Franklin, Vermont, T9-1344, p. 103B Freddy WHITNEY 1878 PA 8th Ward, District 5, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, T9-1171, p. 401D Frederic WHITNEY 1838 CT Florence, Erie, Ohio, T9-1012, p. 27D Frederic WHITNEY 1852 NY Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, T9-1027, p. 428C Frederic WHITNEY 1857 CT Meriden, New Haven, Connecticut, T9-0104, p. 536B Frederic C. WHITNEY 1864 MA Ashburnham, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0562, p. 18C Frederic S. WHITNEY 1870 ME Brownville, Piscataquis, Maine, T9-0487, p. 162C Frederic T. WHITNEY 1879 IA Grinnell, Poweshiek, Iowa, T9-0362, p. 523D Frederica M. WHITNEY 1877 ME Harrison, Cumberland, Maine, T9-0478, p. 379C Frederick WHITNEY 1813 MA Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, T9-0561, p. 224C Frederick WHITNEY 1829 MASS Pittsfield, Lorain, Ohio, T9-1042, p. 549A Frederick WHITNEY 1849 MA Ayer, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0538, p. 59C Frederick WHITNEY 1851 MA Warwick, Franklin, Massachusetts, T9-0533, p. 255A Frederick WHITNEY 1853 CANADA New York, New York, New York, T9-0866, p. 4D Frederick WHITNEY 1853 MA Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0544, p. 200B Frederick WHITNEY 1853 NY Laurens, Otsego, New York, T9-0915, p. 141A Frederick WHITNEY 1856 NY Henderson, Jefferson, New York, T9-0839, p. 300D Frederick WHITNEY 1856 PA Seward, Winnebago, Illinois, T9-0262, p. 312D Frederick WHITNEY 1857 NY Sycamore, De Kalb, Illinois, T9-0202, p. 270B Frederick WHITNEY 1860 ME Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0544, p. 28D Frederick WHITNEY 1860 RI Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, T9-1213, p. 425A Frederick WHITNEY 1861 MI Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, T9-0612, p. 196D Frederick WHITNEY 1862 MA Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0542, p. 37D Frederick WHITNEY 1863 CT Naugatuck, New Haven, Connecticut, T9-0103, p. 286D Frederick WHITNEY 1863 CT Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut, T9-0094, p. 78C Frederick WHITNEY 1865 IL St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri, T9-0718, p. 577B First Enumeration Frederick WHITNEY 1865 IL 4th Ward, Precinct 41, St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri, T9-0727, p. 569A Second Enumeration Frederick WHITNEY 1868 MA Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, T9-0559, p. 306C Frederick WHITNEY 1869 CT Middlebury, New Haven, Connecticut, T9-0103, p. 221C Frederick WHITNEY 1875 NJ Plainfield, Union, New Jersey, T9-0801, p. 429B Frederick WHITNEY 1879 KY Boyd, Kentucky, -- Frederick A. WHITNEY 1877 MA Upton, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0564, p. 78D Frederick C. WHITNEY 1878 MA Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, T9-0557, p. 253D Frederick E. WHITNEY 1876 MA Warwick, Franklin, Massachusetts, T9-0533, p. 255A Frederick L. WHITNEY 1869 NY Riverhead, Suffolk, New York, T9-0935, p. 373D Frederick M. WHITNEY 1870 MA Attleborough, Bristol, Massachusetts, T9-0523, p. 336A Frederick N. WHITNEY 1853 NY Mexico, Oswego, New York, T9-0913, p. 244B Frederick N. WHITNEY 1861 ME Casco, Cumberland, Maine, T9-0477, p. 176C Frederick S. WHITNEY 1873 NY Sullivan, Madison, New York, T9-0860, p. 427C Frederick W. WHITNEY 1870 WI Whitehall, Trempealeau, Wisconsin, T9-1448, p. 93C Frederick W. WHITNEY 1871 VT Ludlow, Windsor, Vermont, T9-1350, p. 154D Fredie WHITNEY 1867 IL Liberty, Linn, Kansas, T9-0386, p. 33B Fredie WHITNEY 1873 CA Calpella, Mendocino, California, T9-0068, p. 209B Fredie L. WHITNEY 1875 MA Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0568, p. 399D Fredk. WHITNEY 1833 MA Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, T9-0555, p. 138D Fredk. WHITNEY, Mrs. 1839 MA Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, T9-0555, p. 138D Fredk. WHITNEY 1844 MA Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0538, p. 201C Fredk. B. WHITNEY 1851 PA Roxbury, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, T9-0560, p. 226C Fredric WHITNEY 1863 MN Oak Grove, Anoka, Minnesota, T9-0615, p. 72B Fredric WHITNEY 1871 MI Moira, Franklin, New York, T9-0834, p. 736B Fredrick WHITNEY 1816 VT Braintree, Orange, Vermont, T9-1345, p. 24C Fredrick WHITNY 1853 ME Hudson, Penobscot, Maine, T9-0485, p. 447B Fredrick WHITNEY 1862 PA Bingham, Potter, Pennsylvania, T9-1165, p. 432D Fredrick WHITNEY 1873 NY Ticonderoga, Essex, New York, T9-0833, p. 322A Fredrick WHITNEY 1877 IA Hazel Dell, Pottawattamie, Iowa, T9-0361, p. 14C Fredrick WHITNEY 1879 IL Byron, Ogle, Illinois, T9-0239, p. 56C Fredrick A. WHITNEY 1865 MI Port Huron, St. Clair, Michigan, T9-0605, p. 397D Fredrick J. WHITNEY 1865 OH 3rd Ward, Big Rapids, Mecosta, Michigan, T9-0594, p. 656C Fredrick M. WHITNEY 1867 PA Gibson, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, T9-1196, p. 180A Fredrick V. WHITNEY 1857 NY Sweden, Monroe, New York, T9-0862, p. 492A Freelove WHITNEY 1830 NY Litchfield, Hillsdale, Michigan, T9-0581, p. 196C Freelove WHITNEY 1833 NY Union Grove, Delaware, New York, T9-0822, p. 21A Freeman WHITNEY 1808 MA Fremont, Waupaca, Wisconsin, T9-1451, p. 56B Freeman WHITNEY 1832 NY Union Grove, Delaware, New York, T9-0822, p. 20D Freeman WHITNEY 1846 MI Bethel, Branch, Michigan, T9-0573, p. 465C Freeman WHITNEY 1851 N. C. Midway, Davidson, North Carolina, T9-0961, p. 222A Freeman WHITNEY 1868 ME Harrison, Cumberland, Maine, T9-0478, p. 373D Freeman G. WHITNEY 1812 MA Natick, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0541, p. 241A Freman W. WHITNEY 1876 VERMONT Guilford, Windham, Vermont, T9-1349, p. 375B Fremcines A. WHITNEY 1832 MA Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0543, p. 36B Fremont WHITNEY 1824 CT Middlebury, New Haven, Connecticut, T9-0103, p. 221C Fremont L. WHITNY 1861 WISC 1st Ward, Fond Du Lac, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, T9-1425, p. 168D Frens WITNEY 1860 WI La Porte, Wayne, Nebraska, T9-0757, p. 277D Frone WHITNEY 1852 NY Edinburgh, Saratoga, New York, T9-0928, p. 105A Fronsie WHITNEY 1842 OH Belmont, Kingman, Kansas, T9-0384, p. 229A Fronsiy WHITNEY 1869 OR Canyon City, Grant, Oregon, T9-1081, p. 30D Frorance M. WHITNEY 1860 NH Norwich, New London, Connecticut, T9-0107, p. 171B Fuller S. WHITNEY 1817 PENNA Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, T9-0110, p. 598D

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