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The following table lists individuals with the surname Whitney in the census for the time and location stated.

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V. WHITNEY 1850 WI Mason City, Cerro Gordo, Iowa, T9-0331, p. 271A V. C. WHITNEY 1804 MA Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0545, p. 428B V. M. WHITNEY 1857 NY Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, T9-1043, p. 450B Valentine T. WHITNEY 1815 NY Saugerties, Ulster, New York, T9-0940, p. 244C Valla A. WHITNEY 1866 OH Lawrence, Washington, Ohio, T9-1075, p. 172C Vallie I. WHITNEY 1870 NY Canton, St. Lawrence, New York, T9-0925, p. 148B Vance C. WHITNEY 1876 ME Phillips, Franklin, Maine, T9-0479, p. 531D Vannett WHITNEY 1851 NY Warren, Herkimer, New York, T9-0838, p. 429B Veiva WHITNEY 1876 NY Edinburgh, Saratoga, New York, T9-0928, p. 107A Veloseo R. WHITNEY 1832 PA Thomson, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, T9-1197, p. 423B Verdie WHITNEY 1876 KY Goshen, Warren, Kentucky, T9-0444, p. 95C Verna WHITNEY 1877 NE Town 10, York, Nebraska, T9-0757, p. 468C Verne WHITNEY 1876 IL Beatrice, Gage, Nebraska, T9-0749, p. 94A Vernelia B. WHITNEY 1873 VERMONT Dummerston, Windham, Vermont, T9-1349, p. 357C Vernie WHITTNEY 1874 IL Barry, Pike, Illinois, T9-0242, p. 379A Vernon W. WHITNEY 1867 MI Morenci, Lenawee, Michigan, T9-0591, p. 441C Victor WHITNEY 1870 NY Burns, Allegany, New York, T9-0809, p. 165C Victor WHITNEY 1870 VT Derby, Orleans, Vermont, T9-1346, p. 366D Victor E. WHITNEY 1872 PA Wysox, Bradford, Pennsylvania, T9-1105, p. 621C Victor H. WHITNEY 1877 NE Lyndon, Furnas, Nebraska, T9-0749, p. 695C Victor R. WHITNEY 1876 IL Lewistown, Fulton, Illinois, T9-0208, p. 278B Victora S. WHITNEY 1878 OH. Mcarthur, Logan, Ohio, T9-1041, p. 130A Victoria WHITNEY 1838 CAN Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois, T9-0262, p. 274B Victoria WHITNEY 1841 ENGL Grafton, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0565, p. 438B Victoria WHITNEY 1841 NY San Francisco, San Francisco, California, T9-0078, p. 53B Victoria WHITNEY 1846 OHIO Oberlin, Lorain, Ohio, T9-1042, p. 601C Victoria WHITNEY 1855 NH Dist 240, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire, T9-0769, p. 26D Victoria WHITNEY 1860 LA 2nd Ward, Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, T9-0472, p. 246C Victoria WHITNEY 1861 VT Fletcher, Franklin, Vermont, T9-1344, p. 99B Victoria WHITNEY 1866 NY San Francisco, San Francisco, California, T9-0078, p. 53B Victoria WHITNEY 1879 LA 2nd Ward, Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, T9-0472, p. 246C Victoria F. A. WHITNEY 1836 NH Maxfield, Penobscot, Maine, T9-0485, p. 414B Victory WHITNY 1880 TN District 6, Perry, Tennessee, T9-1274, p. 419B Vie WHITNEY 1868 IA Mason City, Cerro Gordo, Iowa, T9-0331, p. 282C Viets E. WHITNY 1845 OH Montville, Geauga, Ohio, T9-1019, p. 94A Vietta WHITNEY 1870 MI Cambria, Hillsdale, Michigan, T9-0580, p. 59A Vilet WHITNEY 1873 IA Jackson, Harrison, Iowa, T9-0343, p. 3B Vilott WHITNEY 1840 GA District 626, Calhoun, Georgia, T9-0136, p. 425C Vilroy G. WHITNEY 1830 CT Bridgeport, Fairfield, Connecticut, T9-0095, p. 625A Vina WHITNEY 1845 KY Burlington, Coffey, Kansas, T9-0377, p. 350B Vinal WHITNEY 1849 NY Peru, Clinton, New York, T9-0820, p. 414D Vincent WHITNEY 1823 NY Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, T9-1027, p. 428C Vincent WHITNY 1848 NY First Ward, East St. Louis, St. Clair, Illinois, T9-0246, p. 52A Vincent WHITNEY 1865 OH Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, T9-1027, p. 428C Vincent WHITNEY 1870 NY Horseheads, Chemung, New York, T9-0817, p. 504C Vincent S. WHITNEY 1866 CT Bridgeport, Fairfield, Connecticut, T9-0095, p. 625A Vincient P. WHITNEY 1856 PENN. Camden, Lorain, Ohio, T9-1042, p. 390B Vinia WHITNEY 1857 KY Atchison City, Atchison, Kansas, T9-0372, p. 334A Vinie WHITNEY 1857 KY Rocky Hill, Barren, Kentucky, T9-0402, p. 88D Vinney WHITNEY 1862 OH Harlem, Delaware, Ohio, T9-1012, p. 446B Vinnie WHITNEY 1877 MI Campbell, Ionia, Michigan, T9-0584, p. 294A Viola WHITNEY 1850 VT Bombay, Franklin, New York, T9-0833, p. 444B Viola WHITNEY 1868 IA Columbia, Marion, Iowa, T9-0354, p. 629B Viola WHITNEY 1871 NY Herkimer, Herkimer, New York, T9-0837, p. 184B Viola WHITNEY 1875 NY District 2, Catskill, Greene, New York, T9-0836, p. 104D Viola WHITNEY 1877 ME Richmond, Sagadahoc, Maine, T9-0488, p. 165B Viola WHITNEY 1879 MA Natick, Middlesex, Massachusetts, -- Viola E. WHITNEY 1878 MASS Hubbardston, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0563, p. 290A Viola J. WIDNEY 1867 IN Concord, De Kalb Co., IN Viola M. WHITNEY 1874 NY York, Livingston, New York, T9-0859, p. 441D Violet A. WHITNEY 1846 MA Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0568, p. 489A Violet E. WHITNEY 1870 PA St. Edward, Boone, Nebraska, T9-0743, p. 175C Violetta WHITNEY 1855 ME Calais, Washington, Maine, T9-0489, p. 69D Violetta WIDNEY 1857 IN Martinsville, Copiah Co., MS Violette WHITNEY 1813 ME Farmington, Franklin, Maine, T9-0479, p. 420D Virgil WHITNEY 1796 NY Binghamton, Broome, New York, T9-0810, p. 110D Virgil WHITNEY 1836 KY Glasgow Junction, Barren, Kentucky, T9-0402, p. 210C Virgil WHITNEY 1856 MS Beat 1, Claiborne, Mississippi, T9-0644, p. 521C Virgil WHITNEY 1859 ME Dixfield, Oxford, Maine, T9-0484, p. 109C Virgilia WHITNEY 1844 NY New York, New York, New York, T9-0900, p. 404A Virginia WHITNEY 1806 NY Essex, Essex, New York, T9-0832, p. 108D Virginia WHITNEY 1837 IL Rocky Run, Hancock, Illinois, T9-0211, p. 260C Virginia WHITNEY 1852 OH Marietta, Washington, Ohio, T9-1076, p. 237D Virginia WHITNEY 1853 NY New York, New York, New York, T9-0898, p. 661A Virginia A. WHITNEY 1879 VA Union, Sedgwick, Kansas, T9-0396, p. 384A Virginia F. WHITNEY 1846 KY District 4, Allen, Kentucky, T9-0401, p. 205D Virginia M. WHITNEY 1836 CT Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut, T9-0102, p. 86D Virgy WHITNEY 1878 MS College Hill, Lafayette, Mississippi, T9-0652, p. 296D Virsuly WHITNEY 1822 VT Jamestown, Ottawa, Michigan, T9-0601, p. 563A Vivian WHITNEY 1879 OH Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, T9-1007, p. 91A Volda B. WHITNEY 1875 KY Tracy, Barren, Kentucky, T9-0402, p. 124B Volney WHITNEY 1850 NY Diana, Lewis, New York, T9-0857, p. 81C Vyvonna WHITNEY 1876 WI Desoto, Vernon, Wisconsin, T9-1449, p. 426D

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