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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

1900, Co. E, 5th Artillery, Fort San Cristobal, PR, Military and Naval Forces, p. 9: U.S. Residence: Charles City Co., VA [indexed as "Whitsey" at]: Whitney, Charles H. Cook W M Sep 1864 35 sgl Virginia New York New York Literate Fort Wingate 9th Cavalry, Bernalillo Co., NM Terr., p. 5A/251: 47 47 Whitney, William 1st Class Pvt. Sig. Corp Indianapolis, Ind. No street B M Apr 1869 27 sgl Raliegh, NC Raliegh, NC Raliegh, NC U.S. Marine Corps, Marine Barracks, Naval Station, Guam, Ladrones Islands, p. 2C/308: Whitney, Francis A. Private Weld, Me. W M Feb 1877 23 sgl Maine Maine Maine Co. H, 42nd Inf. U.S. Vols., Infantry, Morong, Luzon, Antipolo, Philippine Islands, p. 2B: Whitney, William Private Buffalo, N.Y. 885 Main Street W M Dec 1868 36 sgl Hamilton, OH New York Ireland Co. I, 42nd Inf. U.S. Vols., Infantry, Morong, Luzon, Antipolo, Philippine Islands, p. --C/214/439: Whitney, Charles Private Fairfield, Ill. 211 Charleston St. W M Jul 1879 29 sgl Illinois Illinois Illinois Co. G, Twenty Second Infantry, Arayat, Luzon, Philippine Islands, p. 10A/258/515: Whitney, Roy F. Corporal Cleveland, Ohio, 321 Elson W M Jul 1874 25 sgl Ohio England England Field, Staff and Band, 6th U.S. Infantry, Bacolod, Island of Negros, Philippine Islands, p. 1A/234/497: Whitney, Folliot A. Major Clarksville Dist., Howard Co., Md. Highland P.O. W M Mar 1842 58 mar 17 Washington, DC Canada Nova Scotia G Company, 17th Infantry, Calarias, Philippine Islands, p. 1B: Whitney, Spine H. Private Knox Co., Ohio W M Dec 1862 37 sgl Ohio Vermont Virginia Co. F, 4th Cavalry, Caloocan Barracks, Province of Manila, Island of Luzon, Philippine Islands, p. 9C/147/319: Whitney, Joseph Private Marysville, Kas. W M Jul 1859 38 sgl Kansas Vermont Mass. Co. H, 16th Infantry, Ilagan, Luzon, Philippine Islands, p. 11C/93/185: Whitney, Millett L. Private Norway, Me., Oxford Co. W M May 1869 31 sgl Maine Maine Maine Co. H, 38th Vol. Infantry, Tipa, Philippine Islands, p. 18C/111/233: Whitney, Dayton Private Enlisted 16 Sep 1899 W M 23 New York Troop A., 11th U.S. Vol. Cavalry, Manila, Philippine Islands, p. 2B: Whitney, Harry Private Wellsborough, Penna. W M Jun 1878 21 sgl Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Co. L, 42nd Infantry, Paete Laguna Province, Luzon, Philippine Islands, p. 2B: Whitney, Louis M. Private Corning, N.Y. 26 Hammond St. W M May 1875 25 sgl Corning, N.Y. New York New Jersey Detachment 31st U.S. Vol. Infantry, Post Zamboanga, Island of Mindanao, Philippine Islands, p. 2D: Whitney, William E. Corporal Attica, N.Y. W M Sep 1869 30 sgl New York New York New York Co. E, 36th Infantry, Salasa, Pangasimen Province, Luzon Island, Philippine Islands, p. 8B: Whitney, Richard Private Los Angeles, Cal., 1827 6th St. W M Dec 1876 23 sgl Red Forks, OK Oklahoma Kansas Troop G., 4th Cavalry, San Isidro, Province of Neuva Exija, Luzon, Philippine Islands, p. 10C/149/323: Whitney, Hans I. Private Kit Carson, Colo. W M Sep 1880 19 sgl Indian T. England Indian T. San Pedro Magalung, Pampanza Province, Luzon, Philippine Islands, p. 19C/195/401: Whitney, Albert A. R. Private Sparta, Ill.. W M Dec 1879 20 sgl Illinois New York Illinois Co. K, 16th Invantry, Post of Solano, Luzon, Philippine Islands, p. 19A/105/209: Whitney, Edward Son B M May 1872 28 sgl Kansas Louisiana Louisiana Servant, House Co. G, 9th Infantry, -----, Philippine Islands, p. 8C/200/401: Whitney, Grey W. Private 26 Lansing, Mich. Co. H, 48th Infantry, In the field, Philippine Islands, p. 9C/146/291: Whitney, William Private Bowling Green, KY. B M --- ---- -- --- Kentucky -- -- USFS Newark, Taku, China, US Naval Forces, p. 2B: Whitney, Llewellyn H. Coxswain Jonesboro, Me. W M Nov 1875 24 sgl Maine Maine Maine USS Baltimore, At sea, Mediterranean Sea, Suez Canal, Egypt, US Naval Forces, p. 2A/16/31: Whitney, Albert Coal Passer Burlington, Vt. W M Jul 1875 24 sgl Colorado Colorado Colorado USS Battleship Texas, Newport, RI, US Naval Forces, p. 1B: Whitney, Joseph G.M.3c Miami, Fla. W M Apr 1873 27 sgl New York Maine New York Marine Guard, U.S. Marine Corps, USS Yosemite, San Louis d'Apra, Island of Guam, US Naval Forces, p. 2A/214/433: Whitney, Charles A. Corpl. Columbus, Ohio 1127 Harrison St. W M Jul 1877 22 sgl Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts