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The following are taken from the excellent resource Calendar of Patent Rolls by Professor G. R. Boynton.

Spelling Variations Checked: Whitney, Witney, Whiteneye, Whiteney, Wytteneye

Spelling Variations Checked (none found): Whitny, Witny

Spelling variations to check: Whitteney, Witteneye, Whittenay

Henry III

Henry III, vol. 1 1216-1225

No Whitneys of any spelling variation located.

Henry III, vol. 2 1225-1232

No Whitneys of any spelling variation located.

Henry III, vol. 3 1232-1247

No Whitneys of any spelling variation located.

Henry III, vol. 4 1247-1258

No Whitneys of any spelling variation located.

Henry III, vol. 5 1258-1266

No Whitneys of any spelling variation located.

Henry III, vol. 6 1266-1272

Henry III, vol. 6, p. 699

May 29.

Licence for Poncius de Mora, king's merchant of London, to export wool, he having sworn on the gospels that he will not export or sell the same to Flemings or anywhere within the power of the countess of Flanders.

The like for the following: --
William de Witteneye, servant of Laurence de Anne, citizen and merchant of Winchester.

Edward I

Edward I, vol. 1 1272-1281

Edward I, vol. 1, p. 341


Commission to Geoffrey de Leukenore and Geoffrey Russel to deliver the gaol of Northampton of John de Whiteneye, taken and imprisoned there for the death of Adam de Stanford.
Edward I, vol. 1, p. 460

Oct. 30.

Pardon to ..., John de Wytteneye, ... for the death of Master Peter de Radenor. [27 individuals named]

Edward I, vol. 2 1281-1292

Edward I, vol. 2, p. 349

March 24.

Presentation of Jordan de Wytteneye, chaplain, to the church of Berewyk, in the diocese of Salisbury, in the king's gift by reason of the voidance of the abbey of St. Edward, Shaftesbury.

Edward I, vol. 3 1292-1301

Edward I, vol. 4 1301-1307

Edward II

Edward II, vol. 1 1307-1313

Edward II, vol. 2 1313-1317

Edward II, vol. 3 1317-1321

Edward II, vol. 4 1321-1324

Edward II, vol. 5 1324-1327

Edward III

Edward III, vol. 1 1327-1330

Edward III, vol. 2 1330-1334

Edward III, vol. 3 1334-1338

Edward III, vol. 4 1338-1340

Edward III, vol. 5 1340-1343

Edward III, vol. 6 1343-1345

Edward III, vol. 7 1345-1348

Edward III, vol. 7, p. 128

June 6.

Licence, at the request of William de Clynton, earl of Huntington, for Baldwyn de Frivill to enfeoff Baldwin de Wytteneye of the castle of Tamworth, the manor of Maune and a moiety of the manor of Yatesbury, said to be held in chief (the homage and services of John son of Henry de Lisle excepted), and for him to re-grant the same to the grantor and Ida, his wife, in tail with remainer to the right heirs of Baldwin de Frivill.

Edward III, vol. 8 1348-1350

Edward III, vol. 9 1350-1354

Edward III, vol. 10 1354-1358

Edward III, vol. 11 1358-1361

Edward III, vol. 12 1361-1364

Edward III, vol. 13 1364-1367

Edward III, vol. 14 1367-1370

Edward III, vol. 15 1370-1374

Edward III, vol. 16 1374-1377

Richard II

Richard II, vol. 1 1377-1381

Richard II, vol. 2 1381-1385

Richard II, vol. 3 1385-1389

Richard II, vol. 4 1389-1392

Richard II, vol. 5 1391-1396

Richard II, vol. 5, p. 185

Oct. 2.
Woodstock Manor.

Grant, for their lives in survivorship, to Thomas Clanvowe, esquire of the king, and Perrin Wytteneye, his wife, one of the damsels of the queen's chamber, of the 10l. a year from the manor of Tydderley, co. Southampton, which the king lately granted to her for life by letters patent now surrendered; with the consent of the said Perrin.

Vacated by surrender and cancelled, because the king granted to them 20l. for their lives, and to the said Thomas 40 marks a year for his life from the fee farm of the castle and cantred of Built? 12 August in his eighteenth year.

Richard II, vol. 6 1396-1399

Richard II Supplement 1377-1399

Henry IV

Henry IV, vol. 1 1399-1401

Henry IV, vol. 2 1401-1405

Henry IV, vol. 3 1405-1408

Henry IV, vol. 4 1408-1413

Henry V

Henry V, vol. 1 1413-1416

Henry V, vol. 1, p. 25

June 12.

Inspeximus and confirmation to John Whitney of letters patent dated 6 July, 2 Henry IV, granting to him for life the office of 'verger' of the castle of Sandwich; so that he be not retained with anyone else.
By K. & for 26s. 8d. paid in the hanaper.

Henry V, vol. 2 1416-1422

Henry V, vol. 2, p. 16

May 28.

John Whitteney of Sandwiche, co, Kent, 'marchaunt,' for not appearing before the justices of the Bench to answer John Seynt Germayn, citizen and grocer of London, touching a debt of 40s.

Henry V, vol. 2, p. 198

Henry VI

Henry VI, vol. 1 1422-1429

Henry VI, vol. 1, p. 73

Feb. 12.

Grant, during pleasure, to John Messanger of the office of verger of the castle of Sandwich, in the same manner as John Whiteney had when alive, with the usual fees and profits, to the value of 100s. a year.

Henry VI, vol. 2 1429-1436

Henry VI, vol. 3 1436-1441

Henry VI, vol. 4 1441-1446

Henry VI, vol. 5 1446-1452

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