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Diehm, Anne, comp., Joseph Crook Anderson II and Marlene A. Groves, eds., Vital records of Cape Elizabeth, Maine Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication No. 63 (Rockland, Me.: Picton Press, c2009).

Births, 1784 to 1891

Children of Merrill E. and Martha E. Whitney (Page 145): Frank E. Whitney, 17 September 1866 Carrie B. F. Whitney, 6 May 1869 Children of Willard W. and Mary A. S. Whitney (Page 170): Marshall M. Whitney, 16 September 1846 John E. Whitney, 2 January 1849 Emma F. Whitney, 3 December 1853 Louisa P. Whitney, 5 June 1857 James F. Whitney, 21 July 1860 Mary F. Whitney, 1 July 1863 Edwin A. Whitney, 20 June 1866 George P. Whitney, 27 August 1870 Willard Whitney, b. 29 August 1818, s. of Eliphalet Whitney Mary A. S. Whitney, b. 8 August 1826, dau. of Moses and Mary Fickett. Children of Willard Whitney and Mary Ann Whitney, his wife, born in Cape Elizabeth (Page 443): Marshall M. Whitney, b. 16 September 1846, d. 23 September 1847 John E. Whitney, b. 2 January 1849 Emer (sic) F. Whitney, b. 3 December 1852 (sic) (This is probably Emma: KLW) Lov Whitney, b. (no date) (This is probably Louisa: KLW) Intentions of Marriage and Marriages: Mr. Zebulon Whitney of Gorham and Miss Hannah Stone of Cape Elizabeth, intention entered 9 May 1774. Merrill E. Whitney and Miss Martha Ellen Fickett, both of Cape Elizabeth, intention entered February 1857. Mr. Willard Whitney and Miss Mary Ann Fickett, both of Cape Elizabeth, married 9 July 1843. Mr. Ammi Whitney of Portland and Miss Emily S. Haskell of Cape Elizabeth, intentions published 4 October 1860 (page 467). Same married 9 October 1860 (page 510). Mr. James F. Whitney of Cape Elizabeth and Miss Mary E. Hennigar of Portland, intentions published 28 November 1884 (page 284). Same married 6 December 1884 (page 336). Mr. Marshall M. Whitney and Miss Margaret D. Fickett, both of Cape Elizabeth, intentions published 22 December 1856. Deaths: Merrill S. Whitney, age 38-0-0, 23 August 1883, parents unknown (page 221). True A. Whitney, age 14-3-0, 17 August 1884, John J. and Charlotte Whitney, parents. Deaths of children of Willard and Mary A. S. Whitney (page 229): John E. Whitney, 13 November 1873, age 25-0-0 Marshall M. Whitney, 23 September 1847, age 1-0-0 Louisa P. Whitney, 13 October 1872, age 15-0-0 Mary A. Whitney, 1 April 1891, age 64-7-0, wife of W. W. Whitney (page 248).

Charles Burleigh, Esq., "Marriages in Falmouth (Cape Elizabeth), Solemnized by Rev. Ephraim Clark, Pastor 2d Parish," Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder, vol. 3 (Portland, Me.: S.M. Watson, 1886).

Sept. 6, [1763.] Moses Whitney and Mary Page. [p. 101]
Sept. 19, [1765.] Aaron Whitney and Jane McLellan, he of Gorham. [p. 102]
[Sept.] 26, [1765.] Joel Whitney and Mary Weston, he of Gorham. [p. 102]
[Nov.] 10, [1774.] Zebulon Whitney and Hannah Stone, he of Gorham. [p. 107]

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