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Curtis, Sarah E. Whitney b. Sep. 3, 1860 d. Mar. 5, 1916
Hartshorn, Lorene Whitney b. unknown d. Jun., 1963
Welch, Lillian Ophelia Whitney b. May 30, 1859 d. Jun. 16, 1929
Whitney, Charles Hiram b. unknown d. Jun., 1959
Whitney, Charlotte A. b. 1908 d. 1981
Whitney, Child b. unknown d. Aug., 1854
Whitney, Child b. unknown d. Jun., 1907
Whitney, Christopher b. unknown d. Oct. 15, 1860
Whitney, Clara B. b. unknown d. Nov., 1891
Whitney, Cora Brooks b. 1864 d. 1940
Whitney, Daisy A. Stiles b. unknown d. Dec., 1968
Whitney, Dolly b. unknown d. Nov. 9, 1861
Whitney, Dorothy A. b. unknown d. Sep., 1910
Whitney, Earle Ernest b. 1899 d. May, 1962
Whitney, Eben S. b. 1836 d. Mar., 1915
Whitney, Eddy Russell b. 1874 d. 1952
Whitney, Edgar O. b. unknown d. Mar., 1912
Whitney, Elizabeth b. unknown d. Sep., 1903
Whitney, George H. b. unknown d. Mar., 1930
Whitney, Harold b. unknown d. 1891
Whitney, Henry Tracy b. 1875 d. Mar., 1950
Whitney, James b. 1814 d. Mar., 1890
Whitney, Joshua B. b. unknown d. Jun., 1925
Whitney, Lewis b. unknown d. Aug., 1950
Whitney, Lucie Ellen b. 1849 d. May, 1927
Whitney, Lucy A. b. 1818 d. 1891
Whitney, Lydia L. b. 1825 d. Jul., 1905
Whitney, Mary Amoretta b. 1833 d. Aug., 1908
Whitney, Mary Doak b. 1794 d. Aug., 1868
Whitney, Mary Elizabeth b. 1876 d. Dec., 1909
Whitney, May Pease b. 1876 d. Jun., 1961
Whitney, Sarah A. Willey b. 1840 d. Sep., 1903
Whitney, Sarah Elizabeth b. unknown d. Aug., 1857
Whitney, Scollay b. 1797 d. 1867
Whitney, Silas b. unknown d. Mar., 1905
Whitney, Susan L. b. 1861 d. Mar., 1947
Whitney, Violet Ina b. 1896 d. May, 1909
Whitney, William Foster, Jr b. unknown d. Jan., 1935
Whitney, William R. b. 1862 d. Apr., 1947
Witney, Child of Albert b. unknown d. Nov., 1916

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