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Whitney extractions from LDS Roll #10809, the Vital Records of Corinth, Penobscot Co., Maine.

From Book #1:

Ens. Ephraim Whitney married Miss Nancy F. Skinner, both of Corinth, registered intentions 5 May 1826, and they were certified 23 May 1826. They were married by Stepehen Dexter 28 May 1826. Note: Nancy Fisher Skinner was born in Corinth 25 May 1806, the daughter of Elijah and Hannah Skinner (also from book #1).

From Book #2:

Pg. 19

Children of William and (-----) Whitney:

Albion Parris Whitney, b. 15 September 1825 Juliann Whitney, b. 22 August 1830


Children of Ephraim and Nancy Whitney: Charles G. Whitney, b. 16 April 1829

Sally Maria Whitney, b. 28 June 1831

From Book #3:

Pg. 78

Elijah S. Whitney registered intention to marry Allaseba French, certified 2 December 1858

Pg 79

Elijah S. Whitney married Allaseba French 8 December 1858, by William Bray

From Book #4:

Henry W. Silsby of Aurora, and Eudora M. Whitney of Corinth were married 19 March 1874 in Bangor.

Joseph H. Whitney of Corinth, age 30, farmer, son of William Whitney, born Sebec, Maine and Annie F. Hall, age 25, housekeeper, daughter of John F. and Elizabeth (Wentworth) Hall Intentions entered 26 April 1882, certified 30 April 1882. Married in East Corinth 1 May 1882

Albert C. Whitney of Corinth, age 30, farmer, son of William and Mary Whitney, and Allie E. Chandler, age 21, housekeeper, daughter of Eben and Amelia Chandler. Intentions entered 3 May 1888, certified 8 May 8888. Married in East Corinth 10 May 1888.

Leland W. Whitney of Corinth, age 25, farmer, son of Willard H. (b. Hudson, ME) and Clara Whitney and Mary R. Chandler, age 28, dressmaker, daughter of John B.(b. Corinth, Me.) and Ansilla Chandler. Intentions entered 25 February 1895, certified 2 March 1895.

Note: Ens. Ephraim Whitney was the son of Samuel and Hannah (Thompson) Whitney.

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