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Hallett, C. F. E. Hollis, Early Bermuda Wills 1629-1835 (Bermuda:Juniperhill Press, 1993).

Name Written Probated Details Reference Page
Whitney, David 1687, Dec. 22 wit to will of Edward Merritt W3,1:15 657
Whitney, David 1690, Sept. 23 1691, March 23 overseer of will of John Goodall, Sy W2,2:127 657
Whitney, David 1707, April 30 Pm, d, int, admin of his estate to his wd Mary, inventory W3,2:185,187 658
Whitney, David 1708, April 22 Pm, d, guardian of s Joshua, aged 17, is Daniel Keele, Pg W4:16 658
Whitney, David 1716, June 17 wit to will of Elizabeth Stafford, wd W12b:189 658
Whitney, David 1739, April 9 wit to will of Francis Saltus, Pm W12b:207 658
Whitney, David 1740, Aug. 21 wit to will of John Pitt, Pm W8:258 658
Whitney, David 1760, June 14 1761, Aug. 4 Pm, w Mary

bro John (ch: David, John), bro Jeffrey (ch David)
niece Mary Pitt (dau of William and Susanna Pitt)
exec: w Mary, Joseph Stowe
wit: Jonathan Tucker, Benjamin Watkins, John Pitt

W12b:362 658
Whitney, David 1771, Nov. 2 Pm, admin of estate of Thomas Pitt, Pm W8:550 658
Whitney, David 1773, May 24 wit to will of Frances Eve, Pm W12a:375 658
Whitney, David 1784, Feb. 9 mariner, Pm, w Susanna, date of indenture to Benjamin Bascome for land in Wk Ad1:228 658
Whitney, Elizabeth 1733, Aug. 8 1743, April 19 wd, St. David's

ch: Samuel, Elizabeth (principal legatee, father is Leonard White)
g ch Joseph and William Evans, bro Joseph Wright
exec: dau Elizabeth, bro Joseph Wright, Samuel Askew
wit: Edward Roberts, Samuel Askew, James Burchall

W12b:337 658
Whitney, Elizabeth 1768, Dec. 13 wit to will of Anthony Hayward, St. David's W12a:521 658
Whitney, Elizabeth, Mrs. 1796, Aug. 30 Pm, d, int, admin of her estate to John Walker, Stowe Wood Ad3:69 658
Whitney, Jeffrey 1732, Jan. 6 wit to will of John Robinson, Pm W12b:164 658
Whitney, Jeffrey 1741, Feb. 2 wit to will of Thomas Burton, Pm W12a:153 658
Whitney, Jeffrey 1761, June 16 1766, Sept. 10 mariner, ch: David, John, William (ch Edward), Samuel (ch Samuel)

s-in-law Daniel Harvey, bequest to Susanna Sears
exec: William Pitt, William Swan, Thomas Gauntlett
wit: none, affidavit by Wm Swan, Thos Gauntlett, Mary Savage (w of Thos)
(will unsigned, testator ill and weak, and aggravated by s William)

W12b:367 658
Whitney, Jeremiah 1776, April 24 w Jehoaddan, bequest to 2 ch (un-named) in will of Mary Whitney (wd, Pm) W12b:383/9:197 658
Whitney, Jeremiah 1789, June 16 wit to will of Henry Tucker (Wk/Turks Is.) W11:47 658
Whitney, Jeremiah 1824, Oct 5. Pm, d, admin of his estate to Mrs. Ruth Whitney, Mrs. Frances R. Dunscomb Ad4:328 658
Whitney, John 1741, Feb. 2 1741, Sept. 7 s-in-law and exec of will of Thomas Burton, w Rebecca, ch Burton Whitney W12a:153 658
Whitney, John 1775, May 13 mariner, Pm, deed of gift to dau Mary, of house and land Ad1:9 658
Whitney, John 1776, April 24 bequest to dau Mary in will of Mary Whitney (wd, Pm) W12b:383/9:197 658
Whitney, John 1776, June 27 Pm, d, guardian of s David (who is mentally incapable of managing his own affairs)

is Peter Godfrey

W9:194 659
Whitney, John 1801, Feb. 18 1802, Oct. 15 mariner, Pm, w (not named), ch: John, William, Henry, plus others (not named)

s-in-law Richard Robinson
exec: sons John and Henry, s-in-law Richard Robinson
wit: Thomas Tuzo, Benjamin Stamers, Thomas James

W12:114 659
Whitney, John 1816, Nov. 14 1817, March 28 mariner, Pm, w Mary Sarah, ch: Samuel Henry, William Richardson, Ann, John

bros-in-law: Samuel Dunscomb, John W. Tilley
exec: w Mary, bros-in-law as named
wit: Joseph H. Saltus, George Hutchings, John Gibson

W14:174 659
Whitney, Joshua 1720, Dec. 26 mariner, Pm, indenture giving Francis Landy land in Pm

indenture dated 1783, June 21 transferring same land through Patton family
to James Parker

Ad1:163 659
Whitney, Joshua 1731, May 12 w Mary, ref. to land in Pm sold to Samuel Sherlock (his will) W6:237 659
Whitney, Mary 1776, April 24 1776, June 18 Pm, wd, bro Jeffrey Whitney (ch David), sis Elizabeth Vesey

nphs: Frances Eve (d, ch David), Ephraim Eve, David Whitney
nieces: Susanna Pitt (ch: Mary, Honora), Susanna Tynes, Mary Vesey
kin Mary Mitchell
bequests to: children of Mary Beek, and of late George Eve, and of Elizabeth Swan,
3 ch of Robert and Mary Robinson, Mary Whitney (dau of John), Mary Eve (wd),
Martha Eve (w of Abraham), Susanna Eve, (w of Adam), Abraham Vesey
exec: Samuel Saltus, Henry Todd
wit:Peter Godfrey, Benjamin Pitt, Witter Saltus
inventory of her estate

W12b:383/9:197 659
Whitney, Mary 1816, May 31 dau of Robert Robinson, Pm W9:200 659
Whitney, Mary 1816, May 31 dau of Robert Robinson, Pm W14:315 659
Whitney, Paul 1795, Nov. 23 Pm, d, wd Frances, guardian of dau Frances is Richard Wood Ad3:54 659
Whitney, Robert 1785, Nov. 28 wit to will of John Coverley W10:196 659
Whitney, Robert 1797, Jan. 11 1797, Nov. 2 mariner, Pm, w Sarah, ch: Sally, Honor

bro John Whitney
exec: w Sarah, bro John, Joseph Gibson
wit: Henry Robinson, Thomas Newbold, Benjamin Robinson

W11:191 659
Whitney, Robert P. 1796, Dec. 15 wit to will of Peter Godfrey, Pm W11:182 659
Whitney, Robert P. 1816, May 31 wit to will of Robert Robinson, Pm W14:315 659
Whitney, Robert P. 1817, April 2 wit to will of Samuel Beek, Pm W14:177 659
Whitney, Ruth 1778, Oct. 10 d, dau of John Roberts (Sg), ch: Elizabeth and Ruth Whitney W12b:179 659
Whitney, Ruth 1815, Sept. 25 niece of Miss Elizabeth Place, Dv W15:48 659
Whitney, Samuel date obscured 1674, April 10 w Catherine, ch: Samuel, David, Ruth, Abigail Liddell, Elizabeth King

kin Florentius and Thomas Seymour
exec: w Catherine, overseers kin Florentius and Thomas Seymour
wit: Samuel Trott, Florentius Seymour, Thomas Seymour

W1:178 660
Whitney, Samuel 1690, Sept. 23 education provided for s David in will of John Goodall of Sy W2,2:127 660
Whitney, Samuel 1722, Sept. 18 1730, April 11 planter, St. David's, w Sarah, daus: Love Whitney, Mary Todd

exec: w Sarah, 2 daus as named
wit: Thomas Sharpe, George Fox, Asser Sharpe

W6:197 660
Whitney, Samuel 1745, March 4 wit to will of John Masters, Pm W12b:73 660
Whitney, Samuel 1746, June 9 1765, Oct. 24 mariner, Sg, w Elizabeth, sons and 2 daus (not named)

exec: w Elizabeth
wit: John Slater, Daniel Phillips, Margaret Johnson

W12b:366 660
Whitney, Samuel 1777, July 3 wit to will of John Hayward, St. David's W12a:536/9:242 660
Whitney, Samuel 1783, Feb. 16 mariner, Pm, date of indenture with Nathaniel Butterfield,

transferring 6 acres in Pm to Whitney

Ad1:74 660
Whitney, Thomas 1771, Nov. 2 app of inventory of estate of Thomas Pitt, Pm W8:550 660
Whitney, Thomas 1779, Dec. 3 1786, Jan. 10 mariner, Pm, w Martha, ch:Thomas, Robert, John, Francis, Parnel, Elizabeth, Mary

exec: w Martha, son John, Robert, Francis
wit: Joseph Harriott, Daniel Harriott, Jeremiah Whitney

W10:163 660
Whitney, William 1763, April 11 wit to will of Richard Butterfield, Pm W12a:136 660
Whitney, William 1795, Oct. 1 Pm, d, int, admin of his estate to John Walker Ad3:44 660

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