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Savage, James, A Genealogical Dictionary of First Settlers of New England showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May, 1692, on the Basis of Farmer's Register. (Boston: 1860-1862; repr. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1965).

Volume I, page 14: ADAMS.

ADAMS, MOSES, Sherborn, s. of Henry the sec. m. 15 Apr. 1681, Lydia d. of Jonathan Whitney of the same, had Benoni, b. 3 Nov. foll., Lydia, 2 Feb. 1684; Elizabeth 18 Sept. 1686, d. young; Hannah, 8 Feb. 1688; Elizabeth again, 25 Oct. 1689; Moses, 26 Nov. 1691; James, 7 July 1693; Isaac, 4 Mar. 1695; and Abigail, 7 Sept. 1697; was selectman 1701, and d. 1724.

Volume I, pages 142-143: BAXTER.

BAXTER, JOHN, Salem, m. 25 Nov. 1667, Abigail Whitney (but, of so common a surname, it is diffic. to find the f. and Essex Inst. Hist. Coll. I. 35, makes her name Whiterig, but to her it may be equal. hard to find f.) had John, b. 14 Dec. 1668; Abigail, 15 Dec. 1670; Elizabeth 25 May 1673; and Mary,
26 Dec. 1674, wh. d. within 9 mos. beside William, 14 Oct. 1676. His w. d. 22 Nov. foll. and he m. 4 Nov. 1679, wid. Elizabeth Macmallen, had Sarah, b. 15 Au. 1680; and Samuel, 10 June 1683.

Volume I, page 144: BEACH.

BEACH, RICHARD, Cambridge 1635, soon after at Watertown, had (by w. Mary) John, b. 6 Aug. 1639; and Mary, 11 Dec. 1641; and by sec. w. Martha had Isaac, 5 July 1646; Martha, 10 Mar. 1650; Abigail, 4 June 1653; Joseph, 15 Dec. 1655; and Richard, 28 Oct. 1657; and d. 21 Oct. 1674. Martha m. 24 Jan. foll. Joseph Whitney.

Volume I, page 163: BEMIS.

BEMIS, JOSEPH, Watertown 1640, by w. Sarah had Sarah, b. 15 Jan. 1643; Mary, 16 Sept. 1644; Joseph; Ephraim, 1647, both d. young; Martha, 24 Mar. 1649; Joseph, again, 12 Dec. 1651; Rebecca, 17 Apr. 1654; Ephraim, again, 25 Aug. 1656; and John, Aug. 1659. He was often selectman, and d. 7 Aug. 1684, wh. is the date of his will. His wid. liv. prob. to 1712. Sarah m. 2 Oct. 1694, John Bigelow, as his sec. w. but d. prob. bef. div. of her f.'s est. in 1712; Mary m. 16 Feb. 1684, Samuel Whitney; and Rebecca m. 11 Apr. 1684, John White, wh. was k. in few weeks by a bull, and she next m. 1 Apr. 1686, Thomas Harrington.

Volume I, page 248: BRIDGE.

BRIDGE, MATTHEW, Cambridge, s. of the preced. by w. Abigail Russell, d. of Joseph of Cambridge, wh. d. 14 Dec. 1727, aged 56, had nine ch. and d. 29 May 1738. His will, made shortly bef. names s. Matthew, Joseph, John, and Samuel, beside ds. Abigail Whitney, Elizabeth and Martha, ch. of his d. Ann, w. of Abraham Watson, and gr.s. William Russell. The ch. were Mary, b. 19 June 1688, mo. of William Russell; Ann, 12 Sept. 1691; Matthew, 1 Mar. 1694; Abigail, 1 Apr. 1696; Josepb, 8 July 1698; John, 1 Sept. 1700; Elizabeth 30 Nov. 1703; Samuel, 2 May 1705; and Martha, 20 Sept. 1707.

Volume II, page 162: FISHER.

FISHER, CORNELIUS, Wrentham, s. of the preced. by w. Ann, or Hannah, d. of Jonathan Whitney of Sherborn, wh. d. 6 Mar. 1701, had Jonathan, b. 22 Feb. 1691; Cornelius, 29 Sept. 1692; Isaac, 19 May 1694; and Ann, 28 Mar. 1696. He m. next, 27 Mar. 1702, Mary Colburn.

Volume II, page 328: HAGAR.

HAGAR, WILLIAM, Watertown, perhaps s. of the preced. b. in Eng,. m. 20 Mar. 1645, Mary Bemis, had Mary, b. 25 Dec. 1645; Ruhamah, and Samuel, tw. 20 Nov. 1647; Hannah, 21 Nov. 1649; Sarah, 3 Sept. 1651; Susanna; William, 12 Feb. 1659; Rebecca, 29 Oct. 1661; Abigail, and Mehitable; and d. 10 Jan. 1684; and his wid. d. Dec. 1695. Ruhamah m. Joseph Wait; Sarah m. 12 Mar. 1674, Nathaniel Whitney; Susanna m. Joseph Groat; Hannah m . . . . . . . .Priest; Abigail m. 30 Mar. 1687, Benjamin Whitney; Rebecca m. 14 July 1681, Nathaniel Healey; and Mehitable m. 20 June 1687, Nathaniel Norcross.

Volume II, page 352: HAPGOOD.

HAPGOOD, SYDRACH, or SHADRACH, Sudbury, was, I presume, that passeng. from London, in the Speedwell, at Boston, July 1656, aged 14, tho. in Geneal. Reg. I. 132, call. Hopgood; in Sept. 1657 is call. kinsman by the first Peter Haynes in his will, who perhaps three yrs. bef. had sent his s. Thomas to bring him; m. 21 Oct. 1664, Elizabeth d. of Nathaniel Treadway, had Nathaniel, and Thomas, the last b. 1 Feb. 1669; beside Mary, wh. m. 10 Apr. 1688, John Whitney, and (as I suppose), Sarah, wh. m. Jonathan Whitney; and, in Philip's war, was k. 2 Aug. 1675, at Brookfield, as told by his capt. Wheeler, who gives the name exactly as it still prevails in some part of the country, tho. in the letter of Rev. John Russell in the Col. Rec. print. by Coffin, 389, it is Harkwood. His wid. m. says Bond, a Hayward.

Volume II, page 359: HARRINGTON.

HARRINGTON, DANIEL, Watertown, br. of the preced. m. 18 Oct. 1681, Sarah, d. of John Whitney, had Daniel, b. 24 Feb. 1684; Robert, 2 July 1685; David, 10 July 1687; Jonathan, 2 Feb. 1690; Joseph, 4 Feb. 1691; and Sarah, 28 Oct. 1693. His w. d. 8 June 1720, and he m. 25 Oct. foll. Elizabeth wid. of Benjamin Garfield, d. of Matthew Bridge; was freem. 1690, and d. 19 Apr. 1728.

Volume II, page 363: HARRIS.

HARRIS, ROBERT, Boston, liv. in that pt. call. Muddy riv. now Brookline, m. 24 Jan. 1643, Elizabeth Boughey, or Boffee, had Elizabeth b. 14 Nov. 1644; John, whose b. is not on the rec. of Roxbury, as are the other ch. but the ch. rec. has bapt. on the same day with Elizabeth 8 Aug. 1647, when the f. united with Eliot's ch.; Timothy, 9, bapt. 14 July 1650; Daniel, 14, bapt. 23 May 1662; and Priscilla, 7, bapt. 9 Oct. 1653. Up to this last date, perhaps, he had been of Roxbury. His w. dates there in Jan. 1662, letter to her br. Bold Boughey in London; but soon after he was fix. in the beautiful grounds at B. where his descend. enjoy. unbrok. possessn. to 1828. He was freem. 1650, and d. prob. Jan. 1701. See Geneal. Reg. V. 307. Elizabeth m. it is said 1669, John Whitney; and Priscilla d. 2 Jan. 1718, unm.

Volume II, page 379: HAVENS.

HAVENS, RICHARD, Lynn 1645, said to have come from W. of Eng. by w. Susanna, d. of Thomas Newhall, had Hannah, b. 22 Feb. 1646; Mary, 12 Mar. 1647; Joseph, 12 Feb. 1650; Richard, 23 May 1651; Susanna, 24 Apr. 1653; Sarah, 4 June 1655; John, 10 Dec. 1656; Martha, 16 Feb.1659, d. at 4 mos.; Samuel, 31 May 1660, d. at 6 mos.; Jonathan, 15 or 18 Jan. 1663, d. next yr.; Nathaniel, 30 June 1664; and Moses, 20 May 1667. He was one of the petitnrs. 1655 for incorpo. of the town of Groton. His w. d. 7 Feb. 1682; he prob. liv. many yrs. more, was freem. 1691; and his will was pro. 14 June 1703. Hannah m. 30 July 1673, Nehemiah Goodale; Mary m. 4 July 1667, John Tarbox, d. 17 Nov. 1690; Susannah m. a Cogswell; and Sarah m. John Whitney of Framingham, as his sec. w. The acco. of descend. of this Richard by Hon. Josiah Adams, 1843, gives 20 for gr. at Harv. and 5 at the other N. E. coll. but not all bear. the surname.

Volume II, pages 563-564: JONES.

JONES, LEWIS, Roxbury, with w. Ann, wh. d. 1 May 1680, aged 72, or 78 by the inscript. on gr. stone, as Goodwin gives it, is found among memb. of the ch. a. 1640, had Phebe, b. 21 Jan. bapt. 1 Feb. 1646, d. 6 July 1650 by a scald, says ch. rec. but he had elder
ch. Lydia, perhaps b. in Eng. wh. m. 30 Oct. 1656, Jonathan Whitney, beside Josiah, b. 1643; and Shubael, 1 July, or 14 Oct. says Goodwin, 1651. This last was prob. infirm in mind. He was long at Watertown, and there d. 11 Apr. 1684, having to his will of 7 Jan. 1679, add. codic. of 11 Apr. 1682.

Volume III, page 2: KEDALL.

KEDALL, KEDELL, or KEEDELL, is a strange name of two maids that m. very reput. at Watertown, viz. Mary, 11 Jan. 1655, Thomas Whitney; and Bethia, 3 Nov. 1666, Theophilus Phillips; and long and large inq. has been foil. as to their origin.

Volume III, page 61: LAWRENCE.

LAWRENCE, ENOCH, Groton, s. of John of the same, m. 6 Mar. 1677, Ruth, wid. of John Shattuck, d. of John Whitney, had Nathaniel, b. 21 Feb. 1678; Daniel, 7 Mar. 1681; Zechariah, 16 July 1 683; and Jeremiah, 1 May 1686; d. at gr. age 28 Sept. 1744. GEORGE, Watertown, m. 29 Sept. 1657, Elizabeth d. prob. of Benjamin Crispe, had Elizabeth b. 30 Feb. says the rec. mean. perhaps 28, 1659; Judith, 12 May 1660; Hannah, 24 Mar. 1662; John, 25 Mar. 1664, k. by accid. at ten yrs.; Benjamin, and Daniel, tw. 2 May 1666; George, 4 June 1668; Sarah; Mary, 4 Dec. 1671; Martha; and Grace, 3 June 1680. His w. d. 28 May 1681, and he m. 16 Aug. 1691, Elizabeth perhaps wid. of Joseph Holland, had Joseph; and Rachel, and Patience, tw. 14 July 1694. He d. 21 Mar. 1709. Elizabeth m. 29 Jan. 1679, Thomas Whitney; Judith m. John Stearns; Hannah m. prob. Obadiah Sawtell; Sarah m. Thomas Rider; Mary m. 5 Apr. 1689, John Earle, and, next, Michael Flagg; Martha m. 29 Nov. 1697, John Dix; and Grace m. an Edes.

Volume III, page 526: REYNOLDS.

REYNOLDS, ROBERT, Watertown 1635, shoemaker, freem. 3 Sept. 1634, was dism. by the ch. 29 Mar. 1636, to form a ch. at Wethersfield, but prob. after few yrs. rem. to Boston, had w. Mary, but no ch. is found; in town or ch. rec. so that we infer that all the five ch. named in his will of 20 Apr. 1658, good abstr. of wh. is in Geneal. Reg. IX. 137, viz. Ruth Whitney, w. of John, Tabitha wid. of Matthew Abdy, Sarah Mason, and Mary Sanger, w. of Richard, beside Nathaniel, above, must have been brot. from Eng. He is ment. with remarka. kindness in the will of Capt. Robert Keayne, and d. 27 Apr. 1659.

Volume III, page 577: ROSS.

ROSS, JAMES, Sudbury, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 25 Dec. 1656. He, or the succeed, may have been that soldier, whose w. Mary, in the spring, of 1676, says her h. went to Narraganset, under Capt. Mosely, of course in Dec. bef. was near 70 yrs. old, was still in the serv. and his fam. suffer. so that she beg. for his release. Sudbury James had d. Dorothy, wh. m. 11 Apr. 1687, Eliezer Whitney from Watertown.

Volume IV, pages 61-62: SHATTUCK.

SHATTUCK, JOHN, Watertown, eldest s. of William the first, m. 20 June 1664, Ruth, eldest d. of John Whitney of the same, had John, b.
[p. 62]
4 June 1666, wh. was, with his first b. ch. John, k. by the Ind. at Groton, 8 May 1709; Ruth, 24 Jan. 1668; William, 11 Sept. 1670; and Samuel. He was in capt. Beers's comp. at Squakeag fight, 4 Sept. 1675, and ten days aft. was drown. in cross. Charlestown ferry; and his wid. m. 6 Mar. 1677, Enoch Lawrence of Groton.

Volume IV, page 423: WARREN.

WARREN, DANIEL, Watertown, s. of the preced. freem. 1690, m. 19 Dec. 1678, Elizabeth d. of John Whitney of the same, had Elizabeth b. 16 Oct. 1679, d. at 16 yrs.; Ruth, 15 Oct. 1681; Mary, 25 Jan. 1684, d. young; Daniel, 30 Apr. 1686; Hannah, 25 Jan. 1691; Sarah, wh. was bapt. 14 Dec. 1701; Jonas, or possib. Josiah, 25 July 1695; Jonas, 30 Apr. 1697; Deliverance, 10 Oct. 1699; and Mary, bapt. 2 May 1703. He was oft. selectman, rep. 1701.

Volume IV, page 528: WHITNEY.

WHITNEY, BENJAMIN, Watertown, youngest s[on] of John the first of the same, sat down first at York (but was, I think, tax[ed] at Dover 1667 and 8), there got w[ife] Jane, there went to sw[ear] alleg[iance] 1680, but at W[atertown] had Jane, b[orn] 29 Sept 1669; rem[oved] prob[ably] next y[ea]r to Shirborn (sic), there had Joshua, 21 Sept. 1687, but perhaps others bef[ore] His w[ife] d[ied] at S[herborn] 14 Nov. 1690; and he took ano[ther] as is tho[ugh]t 11 Apr. 1695, Mary Poor, but Barry thinks her name Esther, and he is said to have liv[ed] to 1723. By that sec[ond] w[ife] he had Benjamin, 22 May 1709. BENJAMIN, Watertown, youngest s[on] of John the sec[ond] of the name, m[arried] 30 Mar. 1687, Abigail, d[aughter] of William Hager, had Abigail, b[orn] 3 May 1688; Ruth, 1689; Benjamin, both bapt[ized] 10 July 1698; John, b[orn] 15 June 1694; David, 16 June 1697; and Daniel, 17 July 1700. Barry, Hist[ory] of Framingham, 436, gives him sec[ond] w[ife] Eliz[abeth] says, his will was pro[bated] 1736, and that he left Benjamin, Samuel, Joseph, and Eliz[abeth]. Yet the last name may be of w[ife] not of ch[ild]. BENJAMIN, Shirborn, youngest s[on] of Jonathan of the same, m[arried] 24 Oct. 1700, Mercy Travis, had prob[ably] no ch[ildren] and d[ied] 1718, his will is pro[bated] 25 Sept. of that y[ea]r. ELEAZER, Sudbury, s[on] of Thomas of Watertown,
m[arried] 11 Apr. 1687, Dorothy, d[aughter] of James Ross of S[udbury] had Sarah, b[orn] 1688, at S[udbury] rem[oved] soon to W[atertown] and there had James, wh[o] d[ied] young; Thomas; James, again; Mary; these three bapt[ized] 28 Jan 1700; but sec[ond] James d[ied] young; Dorothy, bapt[ized] 16 June 1700; and Jonas, perhaps older than the latter nam[ed] but some of these dates of bapt[ism] do not concur with those in Bond, wh[o] perhaps had mark[ed] the day of b[irth] as that of bapt[ism]. His w[ife] d[ied] 22 June 1731. His will, pro[bated] 1735, nam[ed] two other s[ons] Isaac and Timothy, as Dr. Bond many y[ea]rs since wrote to me; but as in his Geneal[ogy] they are omit[ted]. I fear he had early mistak[en] their parentage. HENRY, Norwalk 1665, had the y[ea]r bef[ore] at Jamaica, L. I. favor[ed] the jurisdict[ion] of Conn[ecticut], propound[ed] for freem[an] 1667, and is found in the list of 1669, project[ed] 1672 the settlem[ent] of a new town, but made his will the same y[ea]r and d[ied] the next, giv[ing] est[ate] to his w[ife] and only ch[ild] John. ISAIAH, Cambridge, s[on] of Thomas of Watertown, by w[ife] Sarah, wh[o] may have been d[aughter] of George Woodward, but could never have been wid[ow] of that John Eddy, ment[ioned] by Bond, had John, Isaiah, John again, Nathaniel, Sarah, Elijah, and Jonas; but Barry furnish[ed] no dates for any of them. He d[ied] Jan 1712, at least, his inv[entory] is of 10 of that mo[nth] and his wid[ow] in 1715, says Bond, was of Lexington. JEREMIAH, Plymouth 1643. JOHN, Watertown, came from London 1635, aged 35, in the Elizabeth and Ann, with w[ife] Elinor, 30, and five s[ons] John, 11; Richard, 9; Nathaniel, 8; Thomas, 6; and Jonathan, 1; but a slight reason may be seen for think[ing] one of these ages too low; as in the rec[ords] of W[atertown] the f[ather] is call[ed] at his d[eath] 1 June 1673, 84 y[ea]rs old; and Richard was releas[ed] from train[ing] in 1691, "being 70 yrs. of age," when he could only be 65, if the custom-ho[use] rep[ort] be accept[ed] was a man of prop[er]ty and relig[ious] charact[er], adm[itted] freem[an] 3 Mar 1636, was by the Gen[eral] C[our]t made constable 1641, a selectman sev[eral] times betw[een] 1638 and 55, and in 1665 he was town cl[er]k; had b[orn] at W[atertown] Joshua, 5, but the Register's vol[ume] for W[atertown] (preserv[ed] at Boston, giv[es] the name John) makes the date 15, July 1635, see Geneal[ogical] Reg[ister] VII 159; Caleb, bur[ied] 12 July 1640, prob[ably] very young; and Benjamin, b[orn] 6 June 1643. His w[ife] d[ied] 11 May 1659, and he m[arried] 29 Sept. foll[owing] Judith Clement, wh[o] prob[ably] d[ied] bef[ore] he made his will, 3 Apr. 1673, nam[ing] all the s[ons] exc[ept] Nathaniel and Caleb, and d[ied] 1 June foll[owing] That Nathaniel prob d[ied] under 20 y[ea]rs. JOHN, Watertown, eldest s[on] of the preced[ing] bro[ugh]t from Eng[land] by his f[ather] m[arried] Ruth, d[aughter] of Robert Reynolds of Boston, had John, b[orn] 16 Sept 1643; Ruth, 15 Apr. 1645; Nathaniel, 1 Feb. 1647; Samuel, 28 July 1648; Mary, 29 Apr. 1650; Joseph, 15 Jan. 1652; Sarah, 17 Mar 1654; Eliz. 9 June 1656; Hannah; and Benjamin, 28 June, says Bond, perhaps by town rec[ord] but the reg[ister] of Co[unty]
Middlesex has 28 Nov 1660. He was adm[itted] freem[an] 26 May 1647, and made good his f[ather]'s place as selectman in his riper y[ea]rs and d[ied] 12 Oct. 1692. Ruth m[arried] 20 June 1654, John Shattuck, and next, 6 Mar. 1677, Enoch Lawrence; Sarah m[arried] 18 Oct 1681, Daniel Harrington; and Eliz[abeth] m[arried] 19 Dec 1678, Daniel Warren. JOHN, Roxbury, prob[ably] eldest s[on] of John the sec[ond] of Watertown, by w[ife] Eliz[abeth], eldest d[aughter] of Robert Harris, m[arried] 1669, had Eliz[abeth] b[orn] 9 Sept. 1670; John, 1 Apr. 1672; Ruth, 31 Aug. 1674; Timothy, 16 Apr. 1678; Daniel, 3 Dec. 1681; and Sarah, 2 or 7 Aug. 1684, d[ied] under 5 y[ea]rs; was freem[an] 1684, and d[ied] 4 Mar. 1727. His will of Sept. 1718, was pro[bated] nine days aft[er] his d[eath]. JOHN, Norwalk, only s[on] of Henry, m[arried] 17 Mar 1675, Eliz[abeth] d[aughter] of Richard Smith, prob. of L[ong] I[sland] had John, b[orn] 12 Mar. 1677; Joseph, 1 Mar. 1679; Henry, 21 Feb. 1681; and Richard, 18 Apr. 1687; but no more is kn[own] of him, exc[ept] that he was a miller, had good prop[er]ty and his ch[ildren] perpet[uated] the name in that region. JOHN, Framingham, s[on] of Jonathan the first, m[arried] 10 Apr. 1688, Mary, d[aughter] of Shadrach Hapgood of Shirborn, had Mary, b[orn] at S[hirborn] 27 Mar 1689; at F[ramingham] Eliz[abeth] 29 Jan. 1691; James, 28 Dec. 1692; and by sec[ond] w[ife] Sarah, d[aughter] of Richard Haven of Lynn, had Lydia, 18 Apr 1695; and Hannah, 27 Sept. 1697; and this w[ife] d[ied] 23 Apr. 1718. His third w[ife] Martha Walker, m[arried] 10 Nov. 1718, d[ied] 14 Nov. 1721, and he d[ied] 1735. JONATHAN, Watertown, s[on] of the first John, b[orn] in Eng[land] bro[ugh]t at the age of 1 y[ea]r freem[an] 1668, m[arried] 30 Oct 1656, Lydia, only d[aughter] of Lewis Jones of Watertown, had Lydia, b[orn] 3 July, 1657; Jonathan, 20 Oct. 1658; Ann, 28 Apr. 1660; John, 4, by the Co[unty] Register, but by Bond, prob[ably] recent town rec[ord] 27, June 1662; Josiah, 19 May 1664; Elinor, 12 Oct. 1666, d[ied] at 12 y[ea]rs; James, 25 Nov. 1668, d[ied] at 22 y[ea]rs; Isaac, 12 Jan. 1671, d[ied] at 20 y[ea]rs; Joseph, 10 Mar. 1673; Abigail, 18 Aug. 1675; and Benjamin, 6 Jan. 1679; in that y[ea]r rem[oved] to Shirborn, there d[ied] 1702. Goodwin interposes ano[ther] d[aughter] betw[een] the last two ch[ildren] but Bond prevails with me. Lydia m[arried] 15 Apr. 1681, Moses Adams; Ann m[arried] as Barry thinks, Cornelius Fisher; and the other d[aughter]s may not have m[arried]. JONATHAN, Watertown, s[on] of the preced[ing] m[arried] Sarah, wh[o] was, Barry judges, d[aughter] of Shadrach Hapgood, had Sarah, b[orn] 2 Mar. 1693; Jonathan, 27 Sept. 1694, d[ied] young; Tabitha, 22 Aug. 1696; Shadrach, 12 Oct. 1698; Jonathan, again, 25 Nov. 1700; Ann, 22 May 1702; Amos, 1 May 1705; rem[oved] to Sudbury, and had Zaccheus, 16 Nov. 1707; rem[oved] again, prob[ably] to Concord, there had Timothy, 20 Feb. 1709; and perhaps Daniel; in his will, made 14, pro[bated] 18 Mar. 1735, nam[ed] other ch[ild] Isaac, and his w[ife] surv[ived] him. JOSEPH, Watertown, s[on] of the sec[ond] John, m[arried] 24 Jan. 1675, Martha, d[aughter] of Richard Beach of the same, had Joseph, b[orn] 15 Aug. foll[owing]; Martha, 20 Dec. 1677; John, 29 July 1680; Isaac, 10 Mar. 1682, d[ied] in few days; Isaac, again, 4 Feb. 1683, d[ied] young; Benjamin, 31 Jan. 1685; Mary, 21 Apr. 1694; and Sarah, bapt[ized] 20 June 1697; and d[ied] 4 Nov. 1702, leav[ing] wid[ow] wh[o] took admin[istration] 30 Nov. foll[owing].
JOSEPH, Shirborn, s[on] of the first Jonathan, Barry thinks, by w[ife] Rebecca Burge, had Jonas, b[orn] 7 June 1708; Joseph, 1710; Sylvanus, 1712; James, 1714; and Ephraim, 1716. JOSHUA, Groton, s[on] of the first John, by w[ife] Lydia had Joshua, b[orn] 14 June 1666; and Sarah, 10 Oct. 1668; by w[ife] Mary had no ch[ildren] and she d[ied] 17 Mar. 1672; and he m[arried] at Watertown, 30 Sept. foll[owing] Abigail, prob[ably] d[aughter] of Thomas Tarbell, had Mary, 1 July 1675, at Groton; thence driv[en] by the Ind[ian] war, had at W[atertown] William, 28 Feb. 1678; and for the other ch[ildren] we must rely upon his will of 17 Apr. 1713, in wh[ich] he calls them Cornelius, David, Martha, Eliz[abeth] and d[aughter] Hutchins, by Bond tho[ugh]t to be Abigail, w[ife] of John H[utchins] and d[aughter] Woods, wh[o] he tho[ugh]t was Alice, w[ife] of Nathaniel W[oods] but the last is uncert[ain]. JOSIAH, Wrentham, s[on] of the first Jonathan, by w[ife] Abigail, who surv[ived] him, had Josiah, b[orn] a[about] 1698; Jonathan, a[about] 1703; and Abigail, 1709; and he prob[ably] d[ied] Jan. 1718, at least his inv[entory] is of 15th of that mo[nth]. MOSES, Sudbury, s[on] of the first Richard, m[arried] 30 Sept 1686, Sarah Knight; but Bond was able to tell no more; and Barry is equal[ly] silent. From investigat[ions] of T. B. Wyman, jr. it is kn[own] that he had Sarah, b[orn] 2 July 1687; Moses, a[bout] 1690; Abraham, 29 May 1692; Jonas; Jason, a[baout] 1704; pehaps John; and certain[ly] Lemuel, 1 Aug. 1714. His first ch[ild] was b[orn] in Stow. NATHANIEL, Watertown, s[on] of the sec[ond] John, m[arried] 12 Mar 1674, Sarah, d[aughter] of William Hagar of the same, had Nathaniel, b[orn] 5 Mar. 1676; Sarah, 12 Feb. 1679; William, 6 May 1683; Samuel, bapt[ized] 17 July 1687; Hannah, Mar. 1689; Eliz[abeth] b[orn] 15 Dec. 1692; and Grace, bapt[ized] 3 Dec. 1700; perhaps ano[ther] d[aughter] Mercy should be add[ed]. He rem[oved] to Weston, there d[ied] 7 Jan. 1733, "aged a. 90 yrs." says the extravag[ant] rec[ord] and his wid[ow] d[ied] 7 May 1746, "aged a. 88 yrs." thus robbing her of more than it had bestowed on him, as if the days of b[irth] of ea[ch] were not well kn[own]. RICHARD, Watertown, sec[ond] s[on] of the first John, bro[ugh]t by his f[ather] at nine y[ea]rs old from Eng[land] m[arried] 19 Mar. 1651, not, as Barry says, Mary (foll[owing] the Co[unty] rec[ord]), but Martha Coldham, d[aughter] of the first Thomas of Lynn, had Sarah, b[orn] 17 Mar. 1653; Moses, 1 Aug. 1655; Joanna, 16 Jan. 1657; Deborah, 12 Oct. 1658; Rebecca, 15 Dec. 1659, d[ied] in two mo[nth]s; Richard, 13 Jan. 1661; Elisha, 26 Aug. 1662; and Ebenezer, 30 June 1672; was freem[an] 1651, rem[oved] to that p[ar]t of Concord call[ed] Stow, bef[ore] 1682, and there d[ied] but the time is unkn[own]. RICHARD, Stow, s[on] of the preced[ing] from his will only is kn[own] to us, as f[ather] of Richard, not eldest ch[ild] perhaps, b[orn] a[bout] 1704; Jonathan; Joshua, a[bout] 1707; Hannah Farr; Eliz[abeth] Wetherbee; Sarah, d[ied] 1703; Ruhamah, a[bout] 1705; and Hepzibah, a[bout] 1710; and the mo[ther] Eliz[abeth] d[ied] 24 Nov. 1723. He made his will a few days aft[er] and d[ied] 5 Dec. next, and Barry says the will was pro[bated] 23 of the same mo[nth]. The two first nam[ed] s[ons] were ex[e]c[ut]ors.
SAMUEL, Watertown, s[on] of the sec[ond] John, m[arried] 16 Feb 1684, Mary, d[aughter] of Joseph Bemis, had Mary, b[orn] 30 Sept. 1689; but Bond tells no more, tho[ugh] by his putt[ing] Arabic num[eral] 1 bef[ore] the name of the ch[ild] we might expect addit[ional]. STEPHEN, one of the first sett[lers] of Huntington, L. I. THOMAS, Plymouth, had w[ife] Winifred, wh[o] d[ied] 23 July 1660, but from Col[ony] Rec[ords] I learn no more. THOMAS, Watertown, fourth s[on] of John the first of the same, bro[ugh]t from Eng[land] at six y[ea]rs of age, m[arried] 11 Jan. 1655, Mary, whose surname may never be satisfactorily shown, any more than that of the w[ife] of Theophilus Phillips, wh[o] in my opin. was her sis[ter] but in opin[ion] of a judic[ious] reader of old rec[ords] seems Kedell, in one place, and Keedell in ano[ther] had Thomas, b[orn] 24 Aug. 1656; John, 19 May 1659, d[ied] same day; John, again, 22 Aug. 1660, d[ied] soon; Elnathan, and Eleazer, 7 Apr. 1662; Mary, 22 Dec. 1663, d[ied] young; Bezaleel, 16 Sept. 1665; Sarah, 23 Mar. 1667, wh[o] is said to have m[arried] Charles Chadwick; Mary, 6 Aug. 1668; Isaiah, 16 Sept. 1671; and Martha, 30 Jan. 1674. Date of his d[eath] was 20 Sept. 1719, but Bond calls him the freem[an] of 1690, wh[ich] title may as well, I think, fall to THOMAS, Watertown, s[on] of the preced[ing] m[arried] 29 Jan. 1679, but Bond says, 18 Oct. 1681, Eliz[abeth] d[aughter] of George Lawrence of the same, rem[oved] to Stow and had Thomas, b[orn] 17 Sept. 1681; Eliz[abeth] 16 Feb. 1683; John, 13 May 1684; Mary, 13 Jan. 1686; Benjamin, 7 Oct. 1687; Nathan; Susanna; and Abigail; and he was liv[ing] Feb. 1722. Farmer notes that of this name seventeen had in 1834 been gr[aduated] at Harv[ard], three at Yale, and ten at other N[ew] E[ngland] coll[eges].

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