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Mary Pelham Hill, ed., Vital records of Georgetown, Maine, to the year 1892 (Auburn, ME: Press of Merrill & Webber Co., 1939).


Vol. I, Page 182


Abraham, s. Benjamin and Marsey, Aug. 19, 1753, in Brunswick.
Isaac, s. Benjamin and Marsey, May 22, 1757, in Sebascodigon.
Rachel, d. Benjamin and Marsey, Apr. 25, 1761, in Georgetown.
Rebeckah, d. Benjamin and Marsey, Apr. 15,1759, in Georgetown.
Sarah, d. Benjamin and Marsey, May 4, 1755, in Sebascodigon.


Vol. II, page 191


Benjamin and Jane Brown, both "I suppose of Georgetown", int. Mar. 25, 1751. [Exact words on this entry, not mine, JW]
Rachel of Topsham and Miller Hinkly of Georgetown, int. Sept. 3, 1785, certificate issued Sept. 19.



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