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Vital Records of Gloucester, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849 (Topsfield, MA: Topsfield Historical Society, 1917-1924).


C.R.6 - Free and Independent Church (Universalist)
C.R.7 - Trinity Congregational Church


Volume I, page 762:


Tho[mas], s. adopted Abel and Lydia, bap. _____ 1839. C.R.7.
William, s. W[illia]m "parents both deceased" bap. Sept. 6, 1817. C.R.6.


Volume II, page 572:


John, Rev. of Boxford and Mary Appleton Jewell, Oct. 15, 1835*.
Sarah Ann, a. 20y., b. Manchester, d. S.C., and Sarah B. of Manchester and George T. Rowe, a. 21y., mariner, s. Robert and Mary, Jan. 12, 1847.*
William and Mrs. Martha Millett, May 16, 1810.*

* intention also recorded


Volume III, page 323:


______, ch. Martha, received note Apr. 3, 1814. C.R.6.
______, h. ______ abroad, bef. Apr. 1817. C.R.6.
______, wid., bur. Apr. 3, 1817, a. 32y. C.R.6.


From "Massachusetts Vital Records, 1841-1910," from original records held by the Massachusetts Archives. Online database: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2004.


Whitney, [Female], birth, 1862, vol. 150, p. 190

[number] 116; [birthdate] Decr. 21; [date of record] --; [name] Whitney, -----; [sex] Female; [birthplace] Gloucester; [parents] Isaac S., Mary Mitchell; [residence of father] Gloucester; [occupation of father] Cooper; [birthplace of father] Richmond, Me.; [birthplace of mother] Pittston, Me.

Whitney, Alva, birth, 1860, vol. 132, p. 215

[number] 290; [birthdate] Oct. 3; [date of record] --; [name] Whitney, Alva; [sex] Female; [birthplace] Gloucester; [parents] Isaac Smith Whitney, Mary Elizabeth m.n. Mitchell; [residence of father] Gloucester; [occupation of father] Cooper; [birthplace of father] Richmond, Me.; [birthplace of mother] Pittston, Me.

Whitney, Charles, birth, 1872, vol. 241, p. 205

[number] --; [birthdate] April --, 1872; [date of record] --; [name] Whitney, Charles; [sex] Male; [birthplace] --; [parents] --; [residence of father] --; [occupation of father] --; [birthplace of father] --; [birthplace of mother] --.

Whitney, Fannie S., birth, 1870, vol. 223, p. 200

[number] --; [birthdate] Oct. 9, 1870; [date of record] --; [name] Whitney, Fannie S.; [sex] Female; [birthplace] Gloucester; [parents] Isaac & Mary Mitchell; [residence of father] Gloucester; [occupation of father] Cooper; [birthplace of father] Maine; [birthplace of mother] Maine.

Whitney, Mary H., birth, 1865, vol. 177, p. 165

[number] 145; [birthdate] May 22nd; [date of record] --; [name] Mary H. Whitney; [sex] Female; [birthplace] Gloucester; [parents] Isaac S. & Mary E. Mitchell; [residence of father] Gloucester; [occupation of father] Cooper; [birthplace of father] Richmond, Me.; [birthplace of mother] Pittston.


Whitney, Alice M., marriage, 1873, vol. 253, p. 202

[number] --; [marriage date and place] June 1st; [date of record] --; [groom] Ingersoll, George W.; [residence] Gloucester; [age] 22; [occupation] Barber; [birthplace] Gloucester; [parents] David & Fanny Ingersoll; [number of marriage] First; [bride] Whitney, Alice M.; [residence] Gloucester; [age] 19; [occupation] --; [birthplace] Boston; [parents] Charles S., dec. & Sarah A., dec.; [number of marriage] First; [officiant] Rev. N. T. Whitaker, Methodist.

Whitney, Catharine H., marriage, 1851, vol. 54, p. 139

[number] 15; [marriage date and place] March 1; [date of record] --; [groom] Andrews, Nathaniel; [residence] Manchester; [age] 23; [occupation] Farmer; [birthplace] Gloucester; [parents] John & Nancy; [number of marriage] First; [bride] Whitney, Catharine H.; [residence] Manchester; [age] 22; [occupation] --; [birthplace] Boston; [parents] Hezekiah, Sarah; [number of marriage] First; [officiant] Rev. D. H. Plumb, Clergyman.

Whitney, Charles Francis, marriage, 1899, vol. 488, p. 343

[number] 148; [marriage date and place] September 27, Gloucester; [date of record] --; [groom] Charles Francis Whitney; [residence] Somerville; [age] 29; [occupation] Motorman; [birthplace] St. Louis, Mo.; [parents] Charles W. & Laura E. (Maxfield); [number of marriage] First; [bride] Mary Eliza Clark; [residence] Somerville; [age] 34; [occupation] Printer; [birthplace] Gloucester; [parents] Samuel L. & Dorcas L. (Center); [number of marriage] First; [officiant] W. H. Rider, Gloucester, Clergyman.

Whitney, Charlotte M. [Perry], marriage, 1903, vol. 536, p. 403

[number] 156; [marriage date and place] September 9, Gloucester; [date of record] Sept.11; [groom] Isaac Hinkley; [residence] Gloucester; [age] 56; [occupation] Laborer; [birthplace] Cape Breton; [parents] Samuel Hinkley, Annie Quinn; [number of marriage] Second (wid.); [bride] Charlotte M. (Perry) Whitney; [residence] Gloucester; [age] 48; [occupation] Housekeeper; [birthplace] Shelburne, N.S.; [parents] Allen F. Perry, Mary A. Perry; [number of marriage] Second (wid.); [officiant] Howard A. Wilkinson, Gloucester, Clergyman.

Whitney, Ellerton P., marriage, 1901, vol. 512, p. 365

[number] 75; [marriage date and place] June 5, Gloucester; [date of record] July 9; [groom] Ellerton P. Whitney; [residence] Milton; [age] 43; [occupation] Park commissioner; [birthplace] Boston; [parents] Henry A. Whitney, Fannie Lawrence; [number of marriage] First; [bride] Ellen C. Sargent; [residence] Worcester; [age] 25; [occupation] At home; [birthplace] Worcester; [parents] Joseph Sargent, Nellie L. McClure; [number of marriage] First; [officiant] Edward E. Hale, Roxbury, Clergyman.

Whitney, Emeline, marriage, 1851, vol. 54, p. 142

[number] 67; [marriage date and place] Nov. 9; [date of record] --; [groom] Merry, Jonathan C.; [residence] Gloucester; [age] 24; [occupation] Mariner; [birthplace] Edgecomb, Me.; [parents] Ora amd Betsy; [number of marriage] First; [bride] Whitney, Emeline; [residence] Gloucester; [age] 19; [occupation] --; [birthplace] Edgecomb, Me.; [parents] Eliab and Lydia; [number of marriage] First; [officiant] Joshua P. Trask, Jus. of Peace.

Whitney, Fred W., marriage, 1903, vol. 536, p. 399

[number] 75; [marriage date and place] May 29; [date of record] Aug. 3; [groom] Fred W. Whitney; [residence] Beverly; [age] 19; [occupation] Painter; [birthplace] Richmond, Me.; [parents] Frank Whitney, Addie Pushard; [number of marriage] First; [bride] Violet M. Brooks; [residence] Gloucester; [age] 18; [occupation] At home; [birthplace] Gloucester; [parents] Joseph Brooks, Emily J. Perkins; [number of marriage] First; [officiant] A. M. Osgood, Gloucester, Clergyman.

Whitney, Hattie N., marriage, 1895, vol. 451, p. 345

[number] 88; [marriage date and place] June 5, San Francisco, Cal.; [date of record] August 16; [groom] Herman M. Walen; [residence] Gloucester; [age] 28; [occupation] Merchant; [birthplace] Gloucester; [parents] Michael & Ann E. (Langsford); [number of marriage] First; [bride] Hattie N. Whitney; [residence] San Francisco, Cal.; [age] 24; [occupation] At home; [birthplace] Amherst, Ohio; [parents] Milton N. & Susan L. (Ware); [number of marriage] First; [officiant] William D. Williams, San Francisco, Cal., Clergyman.

Whitney, Lizzie O., marriage, 1900, vol. 500, p. 357

[number] 46; [marriage date and place] March 14, Gloucester; [date of record] July 5; [groom] John R. Bray; [residence] Gloucester; [age] 22; [occupation] Conductor; [birthplace] Gloucester; [parents] Alphonso H. & Abbie (Robinson); [number of marriage] First; [bride] Lizzie O. Whitney; [residence] Gloucester; [age] 20; [occupation] At home; [birthplace] Nova Scotia; [parents] William H. & Charlotte M. (Perry); [number of marriage] First; [officiant] Temple Cutler, Gloucester, Clergyman.

Whitney, Sarah Ann, marriage, 1847, vol. 24, p. 98

[number] --; [marriage date and place] Jany. 12th, 1847; [date of record] Decr. 18; [groom] George T. Rowe; [residence] --; [age] 21; [occupation] Mariner; [birthplace] Gloucester; [parents] Robert & Mary Rowe; [number of marriage] Bachelor; [bride] Sarah Ann Whitney; [residence] --; [age] 20; [occupation] --; [birthplace] Manchester; [parents] S. Currier & Sarah B. Whitney; [number of marriage] Maid; [officiant] Rev. D. D. Smith, Gloucester.

Whitney, William A., marriage, 1895, vol. 451, p. 350

[number] 166; [marriage date and place] October 7, Gloucester; [date of record] Jan. 30, 1896; [groom] William A. Whitney; [residence] Chelsea; [age] 25; [occupation] Fish-dealer; [birthplace] Gardner, Mass.; [parents] William H. & Mary E. (Swett); [number of marriage] First; [bride] Fannie E. Young; [residence] Gloucester; [age] 24; [occupation] At home; [birthplace] Provincetown, Mass.; [parents] William J. & Fannie M. (Gerry); [number of marriage] First; [officiant] G. T. Raymond, Gloucester, Clergyman.


Davis, Henrietta P. [Whitney], death, 1900, vol. 504, p. 490:

[number] 263; [death date and place] August 2, Cambridge; [date of record] Sept. 12; [name] Davis, Henrietta P. (Whitney); [sex] Female; [marital status] Married to Andrew M. Davis; [age] 63 4 22; [cause] Bright's disease, heart failure; [residence] Gloucester; [occupation] --; [birthplace] Shirley, Mass.; [parents] James P. Whitney & Lydia P. Treadwell; [parents' birthplaces] Shirley Mass., Ipswich, Mass.; [buried] Mt. Auburn (crematory).

Rowe, Sarah Ann [Whitney], death, 1904, vol. 1904/45 (death), p. 502:

[number] 378; [death date and place] October 28, 1904, 128 East Main St., Gloucester; [date of record] Oct. 31, 1904; [name] Rowe, Sarah Ann, m.n. Sarah Ann Whitney; [sex] Female; [marital status] Widow of George F. Rowe; [age] 83 6 20; [cause] Chronic gastritis; [residence] 128 East Main St., Gloucester; [occupation] --; [birthplace] Boston; [parents] Hezekiah Whitney, Sarah B. Whitney; [parents' birthplaces] Manchester, Mass., Manchester, Mass.; [buried] Mt. Pleasant, Gloucester.

Whitney, Charles, death, 1872, vol. 247, p. 219

[number] --; [death date and place] Aug. 12th; [date of record] --; [name] Charles Whitney; [sex] Male; [marital status] --; [age] - 3 27; [cause] Infantile; [residence] Gloucester; [occupation] --; [birthplace] Gloucester; [parents] --; [parents' birthplaces] --.

Whitney, Frank, death, 1886, vol. 373, p. 206

[number] 122; [death date and place] August, Brown's Bank; [date of record] --; [name] Whitney, Frank; [sex] Male; [marital status] Married; [age] --; [cause] Lost from Sch. John F. Wonson; [residence] Gloucester; [occupation] --; [birthplace] Mt. Desert, Me.; [parents] --; [parents' birthplaces] --.

Whitney, Franklin E., death, 1906, vol. 1906/42 (death), p. 199

[number] 387; [death date and place] October 5, 1906, 26 Hartz Place, Gloucester; [date of record] Oct. 8, 1906; [name] Whitney, Franklin E.; [sex] Male; [marital status] Single; [age] 3 9 11; [cause] Hydrocephalous; [residence] 26 Hartz Place, Gloucester; [occupation] --; [birthplace] Gloucester; [parents] Fred Whitney, Violet Brooks; [parents' birthplaces] Beverly, Mass., Gloucester, Mass; [burial] Clark's Yard, Gloucester.

Whitney, Hezekiah, death, 1857, vol. 111, p. 180

[number] 43; [death date and place] May 30. Gloucester, Ms.; [date of record] --; [name] Whitney, Hezekiah; [sex] Male; [marital status] Husband; [age] 54 - -; [cause] Consumption; [residence] --; [occupation] Teamster; [birthplace] Stowe; [parents] Hezekiah & Sarah Whitney; [parents' birthplaces] --.

Whitney, Hobart C., death, 1881, vol. 328, p. 196

[number] 14; [death date and place] Oct. 11; [date of record] --; [name] Whitney, Hobart C.; [sex] Male; [marital status] Married; [age] 21 - -; [cause] Accidental drowning; [residence] Norwood & Gloucester; [occupation] Expressman; [birthplace] Norwood; [parents] Constant F. & Unknown; [parents' birthplaces] Unknown.

Whitney, Mary E., death, 1865, vol. 183, p. 172

[number] 233; [death date and place] Oct. 2nd, 7 1/2 P.M.; [date of record] --; [name] Mary H. Whitney; [sex] Female; [marital status] Single; [age] 0 4 10; [cause] Diarrhoea; [residence] Gloucester, Prospect St.; [occupation] --; [birthplace] Gloucester, Mass.; [parents] Isaac S. & Mary E. Mitchel; [parents' birthplaces] Maine.

Whitney, Mary H. [Hutchins], death, 1903, vol. 1903/24 (death), p. 82

[number] 337; [death date and place] September 25, 1903, 257 Washington Street, Gloucester; [date of record] Sept. 25, 1903; [name] Mary H. Whitney, m.n. Mary Hutchins; [sex] Female; [marital status] Widow of Levi Whitney; [age] 88 6 -; [cause] Lobar pneumonia; [residence] --; [occupation] --; [birthplace] Olney, Maine; [parents] John Hutchins, Nancy Boynton; [parents' birthplaces] Unknown, unknown; [buried] Colton Cem., Richmond, Me.

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