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Lexington, Massachusetts. Record of Births, Marriages and Deaths to January 1, 1898 (Boston, MA: Wright and Potter, 1898).

Part 1. - From Earliest Record to End of 1853.
Part 2. - From 1854 to End of 1897.


[+] - recorded in Cambridge book and Lexington book.
[*] - marriage some other place than Lexington.


Part 1, Page 88, and Part 2, Page 284


John, s. of Isaiah and Sarah, b. Dec. 6, 1698, bp. May 4, 1699.
+ Isaiah, s. of Isaiah and Sarah, b. June 1, 1700, bp. July, 1700.
+ Sarah, d. of Isaiah and Sarah, b. Apr. 9, 1705, bp. Apr. 22, 1705.
+ Elijah, s. of Isaiah and Sarah, b. Aug. 2, 1707, bp. Aug. 3, 1707.
+ Jonas, s. of Isaiah and Sarah, b. Nov. 27, 1711, bp. Nov. 25, 1711.
[NOTE - Jonas was bp. Nov. 25 and b. Nov. 27 of the same year. This is exactly from the VR book. Does anyone have documentation to clarify the dates?-Peg Sanborn].
Abraham, bp. Feb. 19, 1710.
+ Mary, d. of John and Lydia, b. Sept. 3, 1735.
+ John, s. of John and Lydia, b. Apr. 24, 1737.
Sarah M., d. of Jeremiah and Sarah, Jan., 1843 (?).
Eva Viola, d. of Edward Franklin [Dorchester] and Martha Ann [Brewster], Nov. 1, 1880.


Part 1, Page 159, and Part 2, Page 402


159 Mary, m. Benjamin Wellington, Oct. 21, 1731.


5 Sarah, m. Andrew Parker, Aug. 2, 1720.
5 Elizabeth, m. John Wetherly, both of Stow, Jan. 21, 1722-23.
29 Elijah, m. Rebekah Winship, Dec. 8, 1736.
Hannah, m. Samuel Meriam, June 4, 1752.
58 Jonas, of Narragansett Township No. 2, m. Sarah Whittemore, of Lexington Sept. 27, 1757.
* Mary, Mrs., m., in Brookline, John Smith, of Lexington, Oct. 26, 1763.
148 Eli, m. Sally Locke, both of Lexington, Mar. 6, 1808.
169 Elmira, m. Leonard Thorning, May 17, 1827.
172 Sarah A., m. Henry Phelps, Oct. 26, 1834.
Maria H., 25, of Lexington, b. in Acton, d. of John and Elizabeth, m., in Waltham, John C. Hildreth, 27, of Lexington, b. in Dorchester, s. of Sam'l and Sophia, Oct. 28, 1867.
Sarah Elizabeth, 23, d. of Wm. and Elizabeth, of Farmington, ME., m., in ME., John R. True, 25, of Lexington, b. in Stronge, ME., s. of Amos C. and Betsey C., Sept. 17, 1874.
Joseph F., 32, of Lexington, b. in Mattapan, s. of Jacob S. and Ann M., m. Sarah Elizabeth Thaxter, 20, of Lexington, b. in South Boston, d. of Duncan McB. and Harriet, Nov. 15, 1882.
Hattie M., 22, d. of Chas H. and Eliza, of Lincoln, m., in Weston, Marshall C. Baldwin, 25, of Lexington, b. in Weston, s. of Sam'l E. and Amanda E., Oct. 15, 1884.
Dudley Richards, 34, of Brooklyn, NY, b. in Jamaica Plain, s. of Eli Martin and Catherine Richards, m. Grace Constance Millis, 23, of Lexington, b. in Concord, d. of Oliver Perry and Annas Adams, Oct. 27, 1885.
Lillian H., 25, of Lexington, b. in Marboro, d. of Edmund C., and Cornelia F. (Shepard), m. Francis Moran Babcock, 29, of Revere, b. in Dartmouth, N.S., s. of Jas. and Mary Agnes (Fowler), Apr. 29, 1894.


Part 1, Page 209, and Part 2, Page 481


Isaiah, Jan. 2, 1711-12.


Eleazer, Feb., 1697-98.
Samuel, Nov. 27, 1751.
His ch., 4y., May 2, 1821.
His s., 21y., Jan., 1833.
Sally, wf. of Eli, 62y., Sept. 29, 1848.
Lucy, 76y., Aug. 17, 1850.
Emma A. (Willard), 66y. [Ashby], d. of Alexander T. and Tilo O., m., Nov. 24, 1881.
Edmund C., 61y. 5m. 5d. [Boston], s. of Wm. D. and Harriet (Hawks), m., June 3, 1897.


From "Massachusetts Vital Records, 1841-1910," from original records held by the Massachusetts Archives. Online database: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2004.


Whitney, Eva Viola, birth, 1880, vol. 314, p. 113:

[number] 28; [birthdate] November 1st, 1880; [date of record] --; [name] Eva Viola Whitney; [sex] Female; [birthplace] Lexington; [parents] Edward Franklin and Martha Ann; [residence of father] Lexington; [occupation of father] Farmer; [birthplace of father] Mattapan Dorchester; [birthplace of mother] Brewster.

Whitney, Sarah M., birth, 1844, vol. 5, p. 46:

[number] 19; [birthdate] January /44; [date of record] June 15 /44; [name] Sarah M. Whitney; [sex] Female; [birthplace] --; [parents] Jeremiah & Sarah Whitney; [residence of father] Lexington; [occupation of father] Laborer; [birthplace of father] --; [birthplace of mother] --.


Whitney, Dudley Richards, marriage, 1885, vol. 362, p. 117:

[number] 17; [marriage date and place] Oct. 27, 1885, Lexington; [date of record] January 1886; [groom] Dudley Richards Whitney; [residence] Brooklyn, N.Y.; [age] 34; [occupation] W. Grocer; [birthplace] Jamaica Plain; [parents] Eli M. and Catherine R.; [number of marriage] 1st; [bride] Grace Constance Miller; [residence] Lexington; [age] 23; [occupation] At home; [birthplace] Concord, Mass.; [parents] Oliver P. and Annas A.; [number of marriage] 1st; [officiant] Carlton A. Staples, Pastor of 1st Cong. Society, Lexington.

Whitney, Edwin O., marriage, 1904, vol. 547, p. 413:

[number] 10; [marriage date and place] April 29th, Lexington; [date of record] May 9th, 1904; [groom] Edwin O. Whitney; [residence] Boston; [age] 40; [occupation] Laborer; [birthplace] Weston, Me.; [parents] James Whitney, Louise Pratt; [number of marriage] First; [bride] Cora R. McLeod; [residence] Lexington; [age] 27; [occupation] Dressmaker; [birthplace] East Gore, N.S.; [parents] David McLeod, Hattie A. Sim; [number of marriage] First; [officiant] Thomas Thompson, Clergyman, E. Lexington.

Whitney, Hattie M., marriage, 1884, vol. 353, p. 118:

[number] 16; [marriage date and place] October 15, 1884, Weston; [date of record] Jany. 1885; [groom] Marshall C. Baldwin; [residence] Lexington; [age] 25; [occupation] Butcher; [birthplace] Weston; [parents] Samuel E. and Amanda E.; [number of marriage] First; [bride] Hattie M. Whitney; [residence] Lincoln; [age] 23; [occupation] At home; [birthplace] Lincoln; [parents] Charles H. and Eliza; [number of marriage] First; [officiant] O. W. Adams, Clergyman, Weston.

Whitney, Joseph F., marriage, 1882, vol. 335, p. 115:

[number] 20; [marriage date and place] November 15; [date of record] --; [groom] Joseph F. Whitney; [residence] Lexington; [age] 32; [occupation] Machinist; [birthplace] Mattapan; [parents] Jacob S. and Ann M.; [number of marriage] First; [bride] Sarah Elizabeth Thaxter; [residence] Lexington; [age] 20; [occupation] --; [birthplace] South Boston; [parents] Duncan McB. and Harriet; [number of marriage] First; [officiant] Carlton A. Staples, Pastor, Lexington, Mass.

Whitney, Lillian H., marriage, 1894, vol. 443, p. 179:

[number] 11; [marriage date and place] April 29th, 1894, Lexington; [date of record] December 1894; [groom] Francis Moran Babcock; [residence] Revere; [age] 29; [occupation] Salesman; [birthplace] Dartmouth, N.S.; [parents] James and Mary Agnes (Fowler); [number of marriage] First; [bride] Lilliam H. Whitney; [residence] Lexington; [age] 25; [occupation] At home; [birthplace] Marlborough; [parents] Edmund C. and Cornelia F. (Shepherd); [number of marriage] First; [officiant] Richard Meredith, Clergyman.

Whitney, Maria H., marriage, 1867, vol. 200, p. 181:

[number] 9; [marriage date and place] October 28; [date of record] --; [groom] John C. Hildreth; [residence] Lexington; [age] 27; [occupation] Carpenter; [birthplace] Dorchester; [parents] Samuel & Sophia Hildreth; [number of marriage] First; [bride] Maria H. Whitney; [residence] Lexington; [age] 23; [occupation] --; [birthplace] Acton; [parents] John & Elizabeth Whitney; [number of marriage] First; [officiant] E. E. Strong, Clergyman.

Whitney, Rose L., marriage, 1903, vol. 537, p. 419:

[number] 7; [marriage date and place] June 18th, Lexington; [date of record] June 19th, 1903; [groom] George F. Smith; [residence] Lexington; [age] 24; [occupation] Clerk; [birthplace] Lexington; [parents] Charles F. Smith, Harriett W. Hagar; [number of marriage] First; [bride] Rose L. Whitney; [residence] Lexington; [age] 24; [occupation] At home; [birthplace] Marlboro; [parents] Edmund C. Whitney, Cornelia F. Shepherd; [number of marriage] First; [officiant] Carlton A.Staples, Minister of the gospel, Lexington.

Whitney, Sarah Elizabeth, marriage, 1874, vol. 263, p. 105:

[number] 20; [marriage date and place] Sept. 17; [date of record] --; [groom] John R. True; [residence] Lexington; [age] 25; [occupation] Station agent; [birthplace] Strong, Me.; [parents] Amos C. and Betsey C.; [number of marriage] First; [bride] Sarah Elizabeth Whitney; [residence] Farmington, Me.; [age] 23; [occupation] --; [birthplace] Farmington, Me.; [parents] William and Elizabeth; [number of marriage] First; [officiant] Rev. Joseph S. Cogswell, Strong, Franklin Co., Me.


Whitney, [Male], death, 1841, vol. 1, p. 57:

[number] --; [death date and place] Dec. 1841; [date of record] --; [name] Mr. ----- Whitney; [sex] Male; [marital status] --; [age] 22; [cause] Fever; [residence] --; [occupation] Farmer; [birthplace] --; [parents] --; [parents' birthplaces] --.

Whitney, Edmund C., death, 1897, vol. 473, p. 217:

[number] 19; [death date and place] June 3; [date of record] Jany. 1898; [name] Edmund C. Whitney; [sex] Male; [marital status] Married; [age] 61 5 5; [cause] Brights disease, myocarditis and arterio sclerosis; [residence] Lexington; [occupation] Banker; [birthplace] Boston; [parents] William D. Whitney and Harriet (Hawks); [parents' birthplaces] Unknown, unknown; [buried] Lancaster.

Whitney, Emma A. [Willard], death, 1881, vol. 329, p. 99:

[number] 45; [death date and place] Nov. 24, 1881; [date of record] --; [name] Emma A. Whitney; [sex] Female; [marital status] Married; [age] 66 - -; [cause] Typhoid pneumonia; [residence] Lexington; [occupation] At home; [birthplace] Ashby, Mass.; [parents] Alexander T. and Filo O. Willard; [parents' birthplaces] Ashburnham, Cohasset.

Whitney, Lucy [-----], death, 1850, vol. 49, p. 62:

[number] 23; [death date and place] Aug. 17; [date of record] --; [name] Lucy Whitney; [sex] Female; [marital status] --; [age] 76 - -; [cause] Dropsy; [residence] Lexington; [occupation] --; [birthplace] Lincoln; [parents] --; [parents' birthplaces] --.

Whitney, Sally [-----], death, 1848, vol. 40, p. 182:

[number] 11; [death date and place] Sept. 19, 1848; [date of record] --; [name] Sally Whitney; [sex] Female; [marital status] Wife of Eli Whitney; [age] 62; [cause] Apoplexy; [residence] Lexington; [occupation] --; [birthplace] --; [parents] --; [parents' birthplaces] --.

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