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Whitney surname and variants.


Easter, Mark and Tabitha, Oct. 3, 1742. [Esther [Esther written in pencil], C.R.1]. Hopkinton
Eben Brooks, s. Christopher and Dolly, Mar. 12, 1838. P.R.19 Stow
Eben S. B., s. Christopher, carpenter, and Dolly, Mar. 12, 1836. P.R.10 Stow
Eben Fisher, s. of Jason and Hannah, in Watertown, Jan. 10, 1805. Natick
Ebenezar, s. of George and Ester, Dec. 20, 1820. Natick
Ebeneazar, s. Richard and Martha, b. 30 Jun 1672 Watertown
Ebenezer, s. Nathaniel Jr. and Mercy, bap. Apr. 25, 1714, a. _y. [p. 390] Weston
Ebenezer, s. Ebenezer, bap. Dec. 24,1737. C.R. Sutton
Ebenezer, s. Elnathan and Sarah, Mar. 19, 1738-9. Waltham
Ebenezer, s. Ephraim and Rhody, Mar. 24, 1764. Montague
Ebenezer, s. Ebenezer and Anna, May 16, 1771. Medford
Ebenezer, s. Ephraim and Roda, Sept. 25, 1773. Petersham
Ebenezer, s. of Jason and Lois, Mar. 2, 1784. Natick
Ebenezer, s. Ebenezer and Martha, May 23, 1788. Worcester
Eben[eze]r, s. Eben[eze]r and Parney, Jan. 29, 1799. Montague
Ebenezer, s. Joshua and Vashti, Aug. 1, 1800. Gardner
Ebenezer, s. Ebenezer and Annis, May 15, 181_. Millbury
Edna Louise, d. Ivers E., sawyer in mill, b. Rindge, N.H., and Mattie (Gardner), b. Saginaw, Mich., b. 19 Feb 1902. Blandford
Edna Louise, d. Charles Erwin, mechanic, b. Natick, and Mabel (Candee), b. Blandford, b. 9 Aug 1923. Blandford
Edward, s. Edward and Rhoda, Dec. 26, 1812. Royalston
Edward, s. Nathaniel Ruggles, Junr., and Sally, b. 6 Jun 1815. Watertown
Edward, s. of Nath. R. Whitney, Junr, bapt. 9 Jul 1815. Watertown
Edward, s. John and Lydia, Aug. 12, 1834. Westminster
Edward Herbert, s. George and Ann G. G., bp. Nov. 25, 1841. C.R.3. Roxbury
Edward Munroe, s. Leonard M. and Elizabeth M., in Misshawka, Indiana, June 19, 1857. Sterling
Edward Woods, s. Timothy and Phebe, Jun. 29, 1793. Marlborough
Edward Zaccheus, s. of Edward T. and Lydia L., Nov. 24, 1833. Cambridge
Edwin, s. of Cyrus and Polly, Oct. 2, 1812. Harvard
Edwin, s. of Nathan and Nancy, Aug. 22, 1826. Harvard
Edwin, s. Jonathan W. and Nabby, Jan. 25, 1831. Stow
Edwin., s. Joel and Mary J., Nov. 20, 1831. Upton
Edwin, s. Dwelly and Emily, June 6, 1836. Ashburnham
Edwin Dwight, ch. Orlando and Phebe, June 19, 1832. Conway
Elbert, ch. Eleazer and Fanny Hook, Mar. 17, 1839 in Ashfield. Ashfield
Elbridge, s. of Moses and Patty, Nov. 23, 1802. Harvard
Elbridge Green, s. of Nelson and Ruth M., Nov. 13, 1842. Milford
Elbridge W., s. William K. and Deborah, May 26, 1819. At Dana. Athol
Eldora Jane, d. Elhanan and Sarah A., July 22, 1844. Leominster
Eleanor S., _____, 1809. G. R. Waltham
Eleazer, s. Eleazer and Dorothy, Mar. 5, 1690 M.R. Sudbury
Eleazer, s. Thomas and Hannah, b. 30 Nov 1720 Watertown
Eleazer, Feb. 7, 1846, Gravestone Record, East Charlemont Cemetery. Charlemont
Eleazer, s. Jotham, farmer, and Angeline, Feb. 13, 1845. Buckland
Electa Ann, d. Isaiah and Henrietta Whitney, b. July 12, 1833. Provincetown
Electa B. [_____], w. of Martin, Jan. 31, 1813. G.R.2. Cambridge
Elen A., d. Josiah & Catherine, b. Nov. 27, 1839. Pepperell
Elen Maria, d. Lewis and Lucy, Oct. 3, 1845. Grafton
Elener, d. Josiah and Miriam, Apr. 2, 1727. Chelmsford
Eleoner Sabrina, ch. Jonathan and Sarah, Mar. 11, 1810. Waltham
Elhabad, twin s. Joshaway and Ruth Williams, July 5, 1746. Douglas
Eli, s. Nathaniel and Mary, May 3, 1741. C.R. Westborough
Eli, s, Eli and Elizabeth, Dec. 8, 1765. [Inventor of Cotton Gin.] Westborough
Eli, s. of Jacob and Mercy, May 7, 1783. Harvard
Eli, s. Benjamin and Sybil, July 10, 1812. Westborough
Eli H., s. William F. and Harriet, Oct. 28. 1847. Upton
Eliab, s. Daniel H. and Irene, Dec. 6, 1806. Medway
Eliakim Winslow, s. Eli M., gentleman, and Catherine R., Apr. 6, 1849. Roxbury
Elias, s. of Jonathan and Susanna, Nov. 14, 1716. Sherborn
Elias, s. of Elijah, bap. Dec. 26, 1731. C.R.1.1, p. 281. Lancaster
Elias, s. of Elijah and Rebeccah, June 11, 1740. Harvard
Elias, s. Elias and Elisabeth, June 15, 1750. Holliston
Elias, s. of Elias and _____, bp. July 1, 1750. C.R. Milford
Elias, s. Silas and Tryphena, June 2, 1791. Medway
Elias, s. Jacob and Mary, June 16, 1797. Winchendon
Elias, s. of Jonathan and Levina, Feb. 7, 1811. Milford
Elias, s. of George and Louisa P. C., Jan. 21, 1849. Milford
Elias B., _____, 1821. G.R.3. Cambridge
Elieasor, s. Thomas and Mary, b. 7 2mo 1662 Watertown
Elijah, s. of Isaiah and Sarah, b. Aug. 2, 1707, bp. Aug. 3, 1707. Lexington
Elijah, s. of Isaiah and Sarah, Aug. 2, 1707. Cambridge
Elijah, s. Daniell and Susannah, Jan. 15, 1715. [1715-16. C.R.2.] Roxbury
Elijah, s. Elijah and Hannah, bp. Sept. 23, 1744. C.R.2. Roxbury
Elijah, s. of Abraham and Sarah, Feb. 15, 1754. Harvard
Elijah, s. of wid. Rebekah, July 8, 1755. Harvard
Elijah, s. Thomas and Anne,Apr. 21, 1761. Shrewsbury
Elijah, ch. Abner and w., bp. Aug. __, 1769, B.R. Shirley
Elijah, s. Daniel and Sarah, 16 Jan 1771, at Boston. [1:18] Warwick
Elijah, s. Dan[ie]l, bp. Jan. 20, 1771. C.R.1. Roxbury
Elijah, s. Elijah and Sarah, July 7, 1772. Bolton
Elijah, s. Elijah and Sarah, Feb. 25, 1781. Bolton
Elijah, s. Amos and Eunice, Mar. 5, 1791. Upton
Elijah, s. Elijah and Mindwell, Nov. 26, 1798. Westborough
Elijah, s. Elijah, bp. Jan. 4, 1801. C.R.1 Brookline
Elin, d. Jonathan and Lidy, b. 12 Oct 1665 Watertown
Eliot (see Elliot) Ashfield
Eliphalet, s. Micah and Hannah, bap. July 4, 1762. C.R. Templeton
Eliphelit, s. Joshue and Marcy, Feb. 24, 1764. Stow
Elisa, d. Luke and Cynthia, bap. Aug. 12, 1827. C.R. Gardner
Elifabeth, d. Nathaniel and Mercy, b. 23 Jul 1702 Watertown
Elisabeth, d. Ebenezer, bap. June 22, 1735. C.R. Sutton
Elisabeth, d. Samuel and Elisabeth, Nov. 30, 1735. [p. 46] Weston
Elisabeth, d. Samuel and Elisabeth, Feb. 26, 1738. [p. 46] Weston
Elisabeth, d. James and Ellener, May 21, 1748-9 [?] Dunstable
Elisabeth, d. of Caleb and Annes, June 27, 1751. Harvard
Elisabeth, d. Joseph and Hannah, b. 30 Sep 1753. Shutesbury
Elisabeth, d. of Josiah and Sarah, May 7, 1755. Harvard
Elisabeth, d. Jeremiah and Azubah, Sept. 23, 17[torn, 1756, T.C.] Stow
Elisabeth, d. of Jonathan and Mary, Feb. 14, 1766. T.R.1, p. 108. Lancaster
Elisabeth Ellen, d. William. B., bap. March 5, 1832. C.R. Winchendon
Elisabeth Ritchards, d. twin, Kimball, bp. Mar. 29, 1808. C.R.3. Roxbury
Elisebeth, d. John, Sept. 9, 1670. Roxbury
Elisha, s. Richard and Martha, b. 26 Aug 1662 Watertown
Elisha, s. Daniell and Susannah, Oct. 15, 1722. Roxbury
Elisha, s. Abraham and Tabitha, Mar. 2, 1743/4. [p. 56] Weston
Elisha, s. Abraham and Tabitha, b. last w., bap. Mar. 4, 1743-4. [p. 442] Weston
Elisha, s. of Daniel Whitney, bapt. 8 Mar 1746/7. Watertown
Elisha, s. Joshua and Mehitable, Jan. 8, 1747. Spencer
Elisha, s. Elijah and Hannah, Feb. 6, 1747. [1746-7. C.R.2.] Roxbury
Elisha, s. Daniel and Dorothy, b. 27 Feb 1747 Watertown
Elisha, s. Lieut. Samuel and Abigail, July 2, 1757 [dup.]. Westminster
Elisha, s. Ephraim and Rhody, Aug. 27, 1767. Montague
Elisha, s. Elisha and Eunice, Oct. 7, 1777. Beverly
Elisha, s. Dr. Elisha and Eunice, bp July 12, 1778. CR 5. Ipswich
Elisha, s. Lt. Elisha and Abigail, Feb. 4, 1780. Roxbury
Elisha, ch. Timothy and Mary, bp. Mar. 13, 1786. C.R.1. Newton
Elisha, s. Abijah and Lydia, bap. Nov. 8, 1789 [p. 508] Weston
Elisha, s. Daniel and Mary, b. 21 Jul 1792 Watertown
Elisha, s. of Daniel Whitney, bapt. 29 Jul 1792. Watertown
Elisha, s. Elisha, jr. and Sally, Feb. 26, 1806. [Mar. dup.] Roxbury
Elisha, s. Michael and Nancy, June 10, 1824. Beverly
Elisha Crehore, s. Samuel B. and Mary W., Mar. 12, 1846. Waltham
Elisha-Dana, s. Andrew and Lucy, June 29, 1805. Princeton
Elisha Edwin, [twin] s. Nathan and Marthy, Oct. 19, 1814. Lincoln
Elisha Fletcher, s. of Solomon and his wife Martha, b. 12 Sep 1758. [p. 235] Concord
Elisha Parks, s. of Richard and Mary E. (Parker), 18 Jun 1825. Amherst
Elishah, s. Daniel and Sarah, Saturday, 24 Jun 1786. [1:47] Warwick
Eliza, d. Mellen and Jean, Mar. 31, 1799. Sterling
Eliza, ch. Jabez and Elizabeth, May 16, 1799 Orange
Eliza, d. Israel and Phebe, Apr. 9, 1805. [p. 353] Boston
Eliza, d. of Moses and Patty, May 13, 1806. Harvard
Eliza, d. Abijah & Lydia, b. Jan. 5, 1820. Pepperell
Eliza, d. Joseph 2d and Nancy, Sept. 24, 1820. Winchendon
Eliza, d. Israel and Lucy, Jan. 17, 1822. Worcester
Eliza [w. Charles H.], Oct. 7, 1826. G.R.2. Lincoln
Eliza, d. Capt. Joseph H. and Betsey, Aug. 19, 1829. Westminster
Eliza Amanda, d. Orlando and Eliza Ann, Feb. 4, 1855 (sic) [1835?] Lowell
Eliza Ann, d. Henry and Mary A., March 1, 1825. Gardner
Eliza Ann, d. Silas N. and Anna, Dec. 7, 1830 Otis
Eliza-Ann-French, d. John and Eliza-Ann-F., Feb. 26, 1836. Princeton
Eliza-Ann-French, d. John and Eliza-Ann-F., July 1, 1840. Princeton
Eliza C. [?m], ___, 1814, [on stone with Ivory S.] G.S.3. New Bedford
Eliza C., d. Jonathan W. and Nabby, Mar. 13, 1822. Stow
Eliza Caroline, d. Webster and Eliza Parks, June 16, 1830. Winchendon
Eliza Cushing, w. John, Apr. 18, 1815. G.S. 3. Westminster
Eliza Cushing, d. John 2d and Eliza, July 25, 1835. Westminster
Eliza Elen, d. William B. and Lois, Nov. 5, 1831. Winchendon
Eliza F., d. Nathan F. and Rosette H., Nov. 11, 1845. Medway
Eliza Jane, d. Nahum and Susanna, Oct. 18, 1811. Westborough
Elizabeth, (see Lizzie) Nantucket
Elizabeth (see Elisabeth) Stow
Elizabeth, d. John and Ruth, b. 9 Jun 1656 Watertown
Elizabeth, d. Thomas and Elizabeth, Feb. 16, [16]82. M.R. Stow
Elizabeth, d. of John and Mary, Jan. 29, 1690. Sherborn
Elizabeth, d. Nathaniell and Sarah, b. 15 Dec 1692 Watertown
Elizabeth. d. Daniel and Susanna, Feb. 4, 1706. Roxbury
Elizabeth, d. Nathaniel Jr. and Mercy, bap. June 17, 1711, a. 8y. [p. 390] Weston
Elizabeth, d. Benjamin and Elizabeth, b. 9 Mar 1718/9 Watertown
Elizabeth, d. William and Margret, Aug. 12, 1719. Groton
Elizabeth, d. John and Elizabeth, Aug. 30, 1729. [p. 195] Boston
Elizabeth, d. Isaac and Elisabeth, Jan. 28, 1731-2. [Whittney, C.R.1]. Hopkinton
Elizabeth, d. Samuel and Elizabeth, bap. Dec. 14, 1735. [p. 425] Weston
Elizabeth, d. John and Elizabeth, July 31, 1736. [p. 227] Boston
Elizabeth, d. Samuel and Elizabeth, b. last Monday, bap. Mar. 5, 1737-8. [p. 431] Weston
Elizabeth, d. of Abraham and Sarah, Mar. 22, 1739. Harvard
Elizabeth, d. Isaac and Elis., bap. July 19, 1741, a. abt. 11y. [p. 436] Weston
Elizabeth, d. Isaac and Elizabeth, bap. Apr. 25, 1742. [p. 437] Weston
Elizabeth, d. of Abraham and Sarah, Apr. 25, 1742. Harvard
Elizabeth, d. of Jos[eph] Whitney, bapt. 30 Nov 1746. Watertown
Elizabeth, d. Moses and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], May 30, 1749. Newton
Elizabeth, d. Benjamin and Rebecca, June 10, 1750. Worcester
Elizabeth, d. Gideon and Hannah, Dec. 30, 1751. Hopkinton
Elizabeth, d. of Ezra and Mercy, June 29, 1754. Sherborn
Elizabeth, d. of Jason and Eliz[abeth], Feb. 23, 1760. Natick
Elizabeth, d. Eli and Elizabeth, April 16, 1767. Westborough
Elizabeth, w. David, July 3, 1768. Westminster
Elizabeth, d. of Mr. Jonathan and wife, bap. Feb. 19, 1769. C.R.1.1, p. 306. Lancaster
Elizabeth, d. Elisha, bp. Mar. 17, 1771. C.R.1. Brookline
Elizabeth, d. Phinehas and Sarah, Oct. 19, 1772. Spencer
Elizabeth, d. Joseph, Jr., and Abigail, b. 23 Feb 1774. Shutesbury
Elizabeth, d. Rev. Peter and Julia, Sep. 6, 1775. Northborough
Elizabeth (Whitnay), d. Rev. Phinehas and Lydia, Nov. 8, 1775. Shirley
Elizabeth, d. Phinehas, bap. April 2, 1780. C.R. Dudley
Elizabeth, d. Daniel and Dorathy, Aug. 4, 1780. Stow
Elizabeth, d. Elisha and Eunice, Dec. 24, 1782. Beverly
Elizabeth, d. Dr. Elisha and Eunice, bp. Dec. 28, 1782. CR 5. Ipswich
Elizabeth, d. Abner and Livinah, Aug. 2, 1785. Westminster
Elizabeth, w. Lemuel, ___ __, 1788. G.S.1. Ashburnham
Elizabeth, d. Elijah and Sarah, Aug. 26, 1795. Bolton
Elizabeth, d. of Abraham and Rebecca, Sept. 22, 1802. Harvard
Elizabeth, d. of Aaron and Edy, July 16, 1803. Sherborn
Elizabeth, d. Daniel and Elizabeth, Dec. 9, 1803. Roxbury
Elizabeth, d, Kimbal1, bp. Oct. 21, 1804. C.R.3. Roxbury
Elizabeth, d. Thomas-L. and Mary, Jan. 12, 1808. Northborough
Elizabeth, d. of Josiah and Rhoda, Jan. 24, 1810. Harvard
Elizabeth, d. Daniel and Sarah, Sept. 18, 1821. Stow
Elizabeth, d. Horatio and Betsy, June 28, 1823. Needham
Elizabeth, d. Daniel and Sarah, Mar. 14, 1826. Stow
Elizabeth, d. Israel and Mary, Sept. 25, 1828. Beverly
Elizabeth, d. Christopher, carpenter, and Dolly, Mar. 4, 1834. Stow
Elizabeth, d. Horace and Mary, Mar. 11, 1838. Hubbardston
Elizabeth Allen, d. Theodore and Marilla, Jan. 12, 1826. Chester
Elizabeth Barnard, d. Joel and Abigail, Mar 27, 1804. Westminster
Elizabeth Buckminster, dau. of Abel and Clarissa (Dwight), b. Jan. 4, 1785. Westfield
Elizabeth Buckminster, d. Abel and Clarissa, bap. 09 Jan 1785. Westfield
Elisabeth Buckminster, d. Abel and Clarissa, b. 11 Jan 1785. Westfield
Elizabeth Davenport, d. Charles and Dolly, Oct. 23, 1819. Shirley
Elizabeth Eustis, d. George and Ann G. G., bp. Nov. 7, 1830. C.R.3. Roxbury
Elizabeth Hawkes, d. John and Maria (Shed), May 29, 1834. Danvers
Elizabeth J., w. Joseph A. Bailey, w. Spooner Jenkins,.___ __,.1836. G.R.1 Dartmouth
Elizabeth Jewett, d. Rev John and Mary A., Mar. 28, 1841. Waltham
Elizabeth M. [_____], w. of George W., ___ __, 1836. G.R.4. Milford
Elizabeth Melinda, d. Joseph and Sarah, June 30, 1842. Grafton
Elizabeth Parks, d. Richard and Eunice, Nov. 16, 1829. Winchendon
Elizabeth Pratt [_____], w. of Joseph, Aug. 29, 1800. G.R.3. Cambridge
Elizabeth Ruggles, d. John and Clarissa, Mar. 27, 1798. [p. 347] Boston
Elizabeth Smith, d. David, Feb. 19, 1829. Shelburne
Elizabeth Walcott, d. John M., farmer, and Elizabeth G., May 30, 1842. Stow
Elizabeth Walker, d. of Dr. Simon and Mary, Apr. 8, 1825. Framingham
Elizabeth Warren, d. Hannah, Jan. 27, 1779. Westborough
Elizabeth Wheelock, d. of Jesse and Rebeccah, Oct. 19 1822. Framingham
Elizebeth, d. Richard and Hannah, July 23, 1728. Stow
Elizebeth, d. of Daniel and Miriam, Apr. 29, 1765. Sherborn
Elizebeth, d. Elisha and Abag[ail], Mar. 13, 1793. Roxbury
Ella, d. of James R. and Susan A., Dec. 15, 1848. Sherborn
Ella A., d. Sylvester, painter, and Ann M., Mar. 20, 1844. Lowell
Ella Amanda, d. of Luke and Abby, July 6, 1849. Harvard
Ella C., d. of Charles and Caroline, Mar. 15, 1847. Cambridge
Ella Cecelia, d. of Isaiah and Mary A. b. in Charlestown, NY, Nov. 19, 1849. Harvard
Ella Dulcenah, d. William and Abigail, Nov. 9, 1847. Templeton
Ella Frances, d. of John F. and Sophia, Sept. 19, 1847. Dana
Ella Urania, d. John P. and Urania, farner [sic], Oct. 29, 1857. Ashby
Ellen, ch. Eleazer and Fanny Hook, Feb. 11, 1832, in Buckland. Ashfield
Ellen Bruce, d. David, Mar. 11, 1827. Shelburne
Ellen-Elizabeth, d. Thaddeus-L. and Elizabeth-S., Aug. 20, 1847. Worcester
Ellen Frances, d. of Justin and Mary C., June 7, 1847. Harvard
Ellen Frances, d. Charles L. and Sarah E., Sept. 23, 1848. Shrewsbury
Ellen L., d. Harrison G. and Louisa L. May 3, 1844 [dup.]. Westminster
Ellen Lydia, d. John E. and Cleora, Oct. 26, 1846. Westminster
Ellen M., d. Dexter O. and Catherine, Jan.12, 1842. Westborough
Ellen Maria, d. of Col. Moses and Nancy, Feb. 7, 1807. Wrentham
Ellen Maria, d. of George and Abby, Feb. 10, 1840. Harvard
Ellen Maria, d. Theodore and Betsy, June 10, 1841. Westminster
Ellen Maria, d. Joel and Esther M., Aug. 16, 1845. Woburn
Ellen Mariah, d. Franklin and Nancy Mariah, 13 Apr 1839. [2:246] Warwick
Ellen O., d. of Ebenezer and Joann, Mar. 5, 1830. Natick
Ellener, d. James and Ellener, July 23, 1740. Dunstable
Ellet, s. of Elisha and Esther, b. 18 May 1791. Stockbridge
Elliot, ch. Eleazer and Fanny Hook, June 4, 1830, in VT. Ashfield
Ellis, s. Josiah and Polly, Dec. 17, 1805. Ashby
Ellis, s. Wallace and Mary, June 2, 1848. Woburn
Elma, ch. Eleazer and Fanny Hook, June 27, 1842 in Ashfield. Ashfield
Elmer Eliza, d. Eleazar S. and Lucy, March 19, 1849. Templeton
Elmira (see Almira) Stow
Elmira, d. of Jonathan and Levina, Sept. 24, 1809. Milford
Elmira, d. Lemuel and Mary, March 22, 1813. Royalston
Elmira, d. Israel and Lucy, Feb. 2, 1818. Worcester
Elmira, d. Hezekiah, teamster, and Sarah B., Mar. 23, 1845. Manchester
Elmira E., dau. of Aaron and Adeline, b. 20 Apr 1860. Springfield
Elmira Mandana, d. of Rev. Quincy and Mary M., Aug. 20, 1849. T.R.4, p. 264. Lancaster
Elnathan, s. Thomas and Mary, b. 7 2mo 1662 Watertown
Elnathan, s. Eliezer and Dorythi, b. 5 May 1705 Watertown
Elnathan, s. Elnathan and Sarah, Mar. 19, 1738-9. Waltham
Elnathan, s. Elnathan and Sarah, Mar. 18, 1741-2. Waltham
Elnora Caroline, d. Henry H. and Caroline, Nov. 16, 1831. Ashburnham
Elsie, ch .Eleazer and Fanny Hook, Mar. 15, 1834 in Buckland. Ashfield
Emelia, d. Martin and Nancy (Orne), at Bristal, R.I., Feb. 6, 1812. Attleborough
Emeline, d. John and Lucy, Mar. 3, 1810, in Henniker, N.H. Sandisfield
Emeline, d. Dwelly and Emily, Oct. 28, 1843. Ashburnham
Emeline, d. Joseph and Eliza, May 28, 1845. Dup. Bolton
Emely, d. of Jonas and Relief, Jan. 23, 1797. (Emily, d. of wid. Relief, bp. July 12, 1812. C.R.1.) Harvard
Emerline An[n], d. of Jason and Hannah, in Watertown, Feb. 6, 1809. Natick
Emerson, s. Levi-T. and Sarah, June 21, 1836. Boylston
Emerson Coswell, s. Richard and Eunice, Nov. 8, 1822. Winchendon
Emery, s. of Jacob and Lois, Oct. 1, 1791. Harvard
Emery, s. Eben[eze]r and Parney, Oct. 6, 1794. Montague
Emily, d. Timothy and Rowena, Jan. 19, 1817. Boylston
Emily, d. Simeon, laborer, and Eliza, Mar. __, 1844. Dover
Emily B., _____, 1822. G.R.3. Cambridge
Emily Fisher, d. Joshua and Caroline, June 18, 1813. Medway
Emily Francis, d. Leonard and Caroline, May 4, 1848. Waltham
Emily S., d. Abner and Levinah G., Jan. 11, 1832. G.S.4. Ashburnham
Emma, ch. William and Sarah, Dec. 12, 1845 (father blacksmith in Orange) Orange
Emma Ann, d. Franklin and Nancy Mariah, 15 Oct 1843. [2:246] Warwick
Emma-Frances, d. Samuel-N. and Elvira, March 2, 1843. Worcester
Emma Lucinda, d. George E. and Sarah Jane, Aug. 6, 1856. (8:97) Fitchburg
Emma S. [_____], w. of W[illia]m H., Nov. 20, 1843. G.R.3. Cambridge
Emula Stephens, d. Stephen and Sally, Jan. 20, 1812. Westminster
Emma, d. Nathan and Lydia, Jan. 1, 1847. Waltham
Enoch, s. of David and Sarah, Sept. 25, 1756. Harvard
Enos, s. Ira, bp. July 8, 1798, C.R. Conway
Ephraim, s. of Joseph and Rebeka, Mar. 11, 1715-6. Sherborn
Ephriam, s. Abraham and Mary, Apr. 6 1723. Stow
Ephraim [Ephram dup.], s. Moses and Lydia, Mar. 1, 1723/4. [p. 14] Littleton
Ephraim, s. Jonas and Margaret, Sept. 19, 1728. Stow
Ephraim (Wh[i]tney), s. John and Bethiah, Apr. 16, 1740 Sudbury
Ephraim, s. of David and Mehetable, Mar. 25, 1747. Natick
Ephraim, s. Ephraim and Jane, Aug. 12, 1749. Lunenburg
Ephraim, s. Moses and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], June 16, 1751. Newton
Ephraim, s. of Jonas Jr. and Zebudah, Apr. 2, 1754. Harvard
Ephraim, s. Daniel and Dorathy, Sept. 29, 1755. Stow
Ephraim. s. Ephraim and Thankful, May 13, 1756. Upton
Ephraim, s. Ephraim and Rhody, Sept. 15, 1765. Montague
Ephraim, s. of Ephraim and Mary, Jan. 6, 1776. Framingham
Ephraim, s. Ephriam and Mercy, Sept. 9, 1776. Petersham
Ephraim, s. of Jona. and Lucy, Mar. 28, 1780. T.R.1, p. 108. Lancaster
Ephraim, s. Silas and Patience, at Stow, Feb. 29, 1787 [sic]. Ashby
Ephraim, s. of Salmon and Helphsebeth, Jan. 12, 1791. Harvard
Ephraim, s. Ephriam and Sarah, Aug. 5, 1793. Royalston
Ephraim, Sept. 19, 1817. G.R. 3. Harvard
Ephraim, s. Daniel and Sarah, Sept. 19, 1817. Stow
Ephraim, s. John and Lydia, July 6, 1826. Westminster
Ephrain, s. Ephrain and Sarah, May 8, 1778. Medway
Ephrain, s. Silas and Patience, bp. Mar. 11 [17]87. C.R. Stow
Ephram, s. Nathaniel and Mary, July 2,1722. Westborough
Ephriam, s. Nathaniel and Mary, June 2, 1722, in Groton. [p. 14] Weston
Erastus L., s. Levi and wife, 6 Jan 1829. [2:243] Warwick
Erastus Marvin, s. Jonas and Mary, Jul. 28, 1797 Otis
Erastus Marvin, ch. Jonas and Mary, bp. Nov. 17, 1805 C.R.2 Otis
Estella Bogert, d. Elhanan and Sarah A., Feb. 1, 1850. (8:97) Fitchburg
Ester, d. Phineas bap. at Harvard Nov. 13, 1768 P.R.4. Chelmsford
Ester Louiazer, d. of David M. and Mary Ann, Mar. 8, 1829. Natick
Esther (see Easter) Hopkinton
Esther, d. Daniel and Susanna, bp. July 10, 1726. C.R.2 Roxbury
Esther, d. Ephraim & Esther, bp. Apr. 2, 1749. C.R.1. Pepperell
Esther, d. Nathan and Abigail, Jan. 26, 1766. Brookfield
Esther, d. Jonathan and Eunice, Apr 13, 1766, bap. July 13, 1766. Needham
Esther, d. of Tho[ma]s, bp. Nov. 29, 1767. C.R. Natick
Esther, d. of Phinehas, bp. Nov. 13, 1768. C.R.1. Harvard
Esther, ch. Jonathan and Esther, Dec. 16, 1769. Conway
Esther, d. Ebanezer and Anne, June 4, 1772. Medford
Esther, d. Isaac and Lydia, June 12, 1775. Stow
Esther, d. Amos and Eunice, Oct. 26, 1783. Upton
Esther, d. Abijah, bp. Oct. 4, 1792, C.R. Conway
Esther, d. of Joseph and Sarah. Sept. 29, 1796. Sherborn
Esther, ch. William and Sarah, Oct. 5, 1797. Lee
Esther, d. Hananiah and Azubah, Jan. 13, 1803. Winchendon
Esther A. [_____] [w. Thomas J.], July 4, 1814. G.R.1 Nantucket
Esther Desire Fuller, d. Jacob and Sally, Oct. 20, 1844. Athol
Esther Mann, d. of Col. Moses and Nancy, June 20, 1803. Wrentham
Esther Maria, d. Lemuel and Mary, Sept. 19, 1815. Royalston
Esther Maria, d. Lemuel and Anna, Nov. 21, 1818. Athol
Esther Myrtilla, d. Daniel and Sarah F., Oct. 10, 1847. Westborough. Grafton
Ethan, s. of Hachaliah and Abigail, Apr. 22, 1788. Milford
Eugene G., _____, 1837. G. R. Waltham
Eunas, d. James and Mercy, b. 3 May 1734 Watertown
Eunice, d. Josiah and Miriam, Nov. 5, 1707. Chelmsford
Eunice, d. James and Marcy, b. 9 Jan 1737 Watertown
Eunice, d. Jason and Arrabellah, Aug. 5, 1739. Grafton
Eunice, d. of Mr. Jonathan and wife, bap. Dec. 3, 1775. C.R.1.1, p. 310. Lancaster
Eunice, d. Nathan and Eunice, Dec. 12, 1787. Westminster
Eunice, d. Ire, bp. Sept. 18, 1791, C.R. Conway
Eunice, w. Eliakim Hutchins at Stow, Nov. 8, 1801 P.R.25. Westford
Eunice, d. Jacob and Jemima, bp. ____ 31, 1808. C.R. [b. Nov. 8, 1807, P.R.12] Stow
Eunice, d. Smyrna and Ruth, Aug. 29, 1818. Westminster
Eunice, d. of Israel and Mary H., Sept. 22, 1834. G.R.3. Cambridge
Eunice Cogswell, w. Richard, Feb. 2, 1804. In Concord. G.S.3. Winchendon
Eunice Hunt, d. Ebenezer M., stable keeper, of Shelburne Falls, and Sarah Jane, Aug. 26, 1846. Charlemont
Eunice Matilda, d. Richard and Eunice, Oct. 8, 1837. Winchendon
Eva H. Burt [_____], w. of George F., July __, 1842. G.R.1. Harvard
Eva Viola, d. of Edward Franklin [Dorchester] and Martha Ann [Brewster], Nov. 1, 1880. Lexington
Evelina, d. of Levi and Sarah, Dec. 26, 1812. Harvard
Eveline L., d. Henry and Mary Ann, Oct. 2, 1844. Gardner
Evelyn Augusta Sawyer [_____], w. of Augustus Anson, May 11, 1844. G.R.3. Cambridge
Experience, ch. Jonathan and Esther, Dec. 16, 1772. Conway
Experience, d. Lt. Elisha and Abigail, Mar. 1, 1776. Roxbury
Ezekeil, s. of Joshua and Hannah, Aug. 29, 1716. Mendon
Ezekiel, s. Lemuel and Dorcas, bp. Apr. 1, [17]08. C.R. Stow
Ezekiel, s. of John Whitney, bapt. 12 Apr 1741. Watertown
Ezekiel, s. Ezekiel and Katharine, b. 13 Apr 1768 Watertown
Ezekiel Maynard, s. Ezekiel and Elizabeth, Nov. 27, 1828. Wayland
Ezra, s. of James and Martha, Feb. 22, 1729-30. Sherborn
Ezra, s. of John and Rebec[c]a, Aug. 24, 1731. Harvard
Ezra, s. Ezra and Marey, Aug. 29, 1759. Douglas
Ezra, s. Ezra and Agness, Nov. 29, 1760. Lunenburg
Ezra, s. of John and Hannah, Aug. 8, 1781. Sherborn
Ezra, s. Oliver and Darcus, March 29, 1793. Upton


Eara [Ezra in int.] and Mary Forbush, April 29, 1784. Upton
Easter (Ester in int.) and Jonas Brick, Dec. 25, (1813). Gardner
Ebeneazer, and Mrs. Lovina Potter, both of M., Feb. 21, 1821. [Mar. 21. C.R.]. Montague
Ebenezer and Lydia Goodell, Feb. 6, 1753 Sutton
Ebenezer, of Sutton, and Abigail Brown of Weston, int. Aug. 24, 1762. [p. 107] Weston
Ebenezer, of Sutton, and Abigail Brown of Weston, Oct. 4, 1762, by Rev. Samuel Woodward. [p. 115] Weston
Ebenezer and Abigail Brown of Weston, Oct. 4, 1762. In Weston. Sutton
Ebenezer and Anna Simonds, both of Woburn, June 3, 1767. Woburn
Ebenezer of Montague, and Rachel Paine Rawson, Dec. 28, 1776 Uxbridge
Ebenezer, of M., and Rachael Parne Rawson of Uxbridge, Dec. 28, 1786. Montague
Ebenezer and Eleanor Bliss, int. Aug. 12, 1787. Palmer
Ebenezer and Mary Brown, Apr. 8, 1807. Natick
Ebenezer of Worcester and Annis Kingsbury, March 3, 1813. Oxford
Ebenezer and Joann Law, Nov. 10, 1822. Natick
Ebenezer of Halifax Vt., and Fanny Hook of B., Nov. 4, 1829. N.R.1. Buckland
Ebenezer and Sarah F. Leighton, int. Feb. 27, 1842. Newton
Ebenezer [Ebenezer W. in int.] (s. John, a. 23) and Jane R. Clement, Aug. 13, 1848. Royalston
Ebenezer M., of Rowe, and Mary Jane Hunt of C., Jan. 15, 1842. Colrain
Ebenezer R. of Newton and Sarah F Leighton, Mar. 20, 1842*. Westford
Mr. Eber Whitney & Miss Mehitable W. Nutting, both of Charlestown, int. Oct. 31, 1810. Charlestown
Edward and Rhoda Whittemore of Royalston, int. Oct. 12, 1812. Phillipston
Edward of Gerry and Rhoda Whitmore, Nov. 8, 1812. Royalston
Edward A. and Elvira H. Couch, Nov. 25, 1846. Sandisfield
Edward Hiram and Martha Emma Adams, both of Melrose, Sept. 6, 1868. Woburn
Edward T. and Lydia L. Brigham of Northborough, int. May 18,, 1833. Cambridge
Edward-Y. of Cambridge and Lydia-L. Brigham, June 9, 1833. Northborough
Edwin of New York City, and Lucia M. Whitney, Oct. 25, 1841. [Lucia, d. Moses Esq., C.R.] [Luscia Mead Whitney, Oct. 26, P.R.30] Stow
Edwin, 2nd m., a. 32y., merchant, s. Dwell and Emily, and Lizzie E. Wheeler, a. 29y., d. Oliver and May, June 16, 1868. Ashby
Elbridge W. and Sophia Ann Billings of Athol, int. Sept. 25, 1841. Petersham
Elbridge W. of Petersham and Sophia Ann Billings, Oct. 20, 1841. Athol
Eleazer and Mary Grow, Nov. 9, 1743. Westborough
Eleazer of Templeton, s. of Jonathan of Sterling, and Roena, b. in Gardner, a. 22y., and Lucy Peckham, d. of Jothan and Lucy, b. in Phillipston, a. 19y., Apr. 7, 1847. Dana
Eleazer S. and Lucy Peckham of Dana, int. March 20, 1847. Templeton
Elephelet of Shrewsbury and Lois Houghton of Lancaster, int. Jan. 16, 1776. T.R.1, p. 136. Lancaster
Elhanan and Sarah A. Bogert of Boston, int. Feb. 20, 1843. Leominster
Eli and Elizabeth Fay, Feb. 7, 1765. Westborough
Eli of Westbourgh and Judith Hazeltine, July 15, 1779 Sutton
Eli and Judith Hazeltine of Sutton July 15, 1779. In Sutton. Westborough
Eli, m. Sally Locke, both of Lexington, Mar. 6, 1808. Lexington
Eli H., of Westboro, a. 25, b. Upton, s. Wm. F. and Harriet N., and Jennie E. Stowe of Dover, a. 22, b. Dover, d. Albert and Mary J., 1:13:73 [Jan. 13, 1873]. [VR] Dedham
Eli M., widr., a. 36 y., merchant, and Catherine Richards, wid., a. 32 y., d. Eliakin, Feb. 9, 1845. Roxbury
Elias (see Lias). Stow
Elias and Elisabeth Mellen, Feb. 6, 1745-6 [Elizebeth, M.R.]. Holliston
Elias and Rachel Wheeler, both of Stow, int. Nov. 18, 1758. Acton
Elias Jr. and Lucy Barnes of Hingham, in Hingham, Apr. 10, 1772. Mendon
Elias and Elizabeth Boyden, June 26, 1774. Mendon
Elias and Elisabeth Boyden, both of Mendon, June 26, 1774. C.R. Milford
Elias and Fanny Demery of Rindge, int. Jan. 16, 1822. Winchendon
Elias and Zelona L. Carpenter of Killingly, Conn, int. Feb. 9, 1833. Milford
Eliezer (s. of Thomas, of Watertown), now living in Sudbury, and Dorothy Rosse (d. of James Rosse of Sudbury), 11 Aug 1687, with parents consent. Watertown
Elijah and Mercy Heald of Lancaster, Mar. 11, 1730-1. T.R.1, p. 25. Lancaster
Elijah and Rebekah Winship of Lexington, int. Oct. 30, 1736. Harvard
Elijah, m. Rebekah Winship, Dec. 8, 1736. Lexington
Elijah and Hannah Coffin, Nov. 1, 1739. [p. 213] Boston
Elijah and Sarah Stearns of Bolton, in Bolton, Apr. 14, 1772. Harvard
Elijah Jr. and Lydia Mcalwain, Jan. 25, 1773 Bolton
Elijah of Harvard and Sarah Stearns, April 14, 1772 Bolton
Elijah and Mindwell Hardy, May 29, 1785. Westborough
Elijah, of B., and Margaret Whitney of Newton, at Newton, Mar. 25, 1798. Brookline
Elijah of Brookline, and Margaret Whitney, Mar. 25, 1798. Newton
Elijah of Upton, and Sarah Reed [no date] (int. Oct. 5, 1821). Harvard
Elijah and Sarah Read of Harvard, int. Oct. 28, 1821. Upton
Eliphalet and Lois Houghton of Lancaster, int. July 13, 1776. Shrewsbury
Eliphalet of Stow and Sarah Tenney of Littleton, Mar. 20, 1783, by Edmund Foster. [p. 231] Littleton
Eliphalet and Sarah Tenney [int. Tinny] of Littleton [int. Littelton], Mar. 20, 1783, in Littleton. Stow
Elisa, Miss, and Eri Parker, both of Littleton, June 3, 1824, by Rev. A. Sanderson. [p. 257] Littleton
Elisabeth and Josiah Whetney, Apr.24,1733. T.R.1, p. 25. Lancaster
Elisabeth of Brooklin and Mathew Blair of Boston, int. Nov. 27, 1734. [p. 222] Boston
Elisabeth and George Nowell, int. July 19, 1742. [p. 272] Boston
Mrs. Elisabeth and Capt. Timothy Carter, Jan. 20, 1747/8. Sutton
Elisabeth and Ebenezer How, int. Mar. 11, 1748-9 [Eliza[beth], m. Sept. 7, 1749, C.R.1]. Hopkinton
Elisabeth and Stephen Bartlett, Feb. 27, 1754 Sutton
Elisabeth [Elizabeth in int.] and Joseph Mixer Jr., Apr. 24, 1754. Shrewsbury
Elisabeth of Lancaster and Samuel Peirce of Jeffery, int. Mar. 13, 1778. T.R.1, p. 138. Lancaster
Elisabeth and Eliazor Parks of Lincoln, Apr. 10, 1782. [Elizabeth and Eleazer Parks of Lincoln, M.R.] [Eliza[be]th and Eleazar Parks [or] Lincoln, C.R.] Stow
Elisabeth, and Josiah Page, June 9, 1807. Beverly
Elisha, of B., and Abigail Dana of Newton, at Newton, June 4, 1769. Brookline
Elisha of Brookline, and Abigail Dana, June 4, 1769. Newton
Elisha, of Roxbury, and Abigail Dana of B., int. Dec. 31, 1774. Brookline
Elisha, Dr., and Mrs. Eunice Farley, int. June 22, 1776. Ipswich
Elisha and Unice Sever, Dec. 27, 1781. Westminster
Elisha and Esther Clerk, Feb. 20, 1783. [Int. not recorded.] Spencer
Elisha, Jr., and Clarissa Lovett, Dec. 7, 1803. Beverly
Elisha, Jr., and Sally Heath, Feb. 26, 1804. C.R.2. Roxbury
Elisha, of Watertown, and Sukey Corey of East Sudbury, int. 12 Mar 1805. Watertown
Elisha of Watertown, and Sukey Cory, [July] 24, 1806. Wayland
Elisha and Abigail Baker Gay of Dedham, Oct. 28, 1809. In Brookline. [p. 504] Boston
Elisha, Mr., of Boston, and Miss Abigail Baker Gay, of Dedham, int. Oct. 29, 1809 [VR], m. Nov. 19, 1809 [CR1]. Dedham
Elisha, and Charlotte Williams, b. of Watertown, int. 17 Dec 1815. Watertown
Eliza, and David Fiske of Framingham, Jan. 28, 1846. Worcester
Elisha, and Charlotte Williams, b. of Watertown, m. 9 Jan 1816. Watertown
Elisha Parks, and Frances A. M. Stanley, d. of Henry and Amanda (-----) Stanley, 9 Jul 1843, Farmington, CT, by Rev. CHALKER. Amherst
Elisha R. and Electa Bigelow, Feb. 23, 1842. Marlborough
Elisibeth and Caleb Hill Jr., Dec. 3, 1772. Douglas
Eliza of Shirley and Dr. Amos Parker, int. April 7, 1805. Bolton
Eliza and Augustus Pierce, Mar. 28, 1824. Leominster
Eliza of Waterown, and Nathaniel Crasey, int. Apr. 2, 1824. Waltham
Eliza and John W. Loomis of Southwick, int. Aug. 3, 1828. Chester
Eliza, and Unien Durant of Boston, Nov.30,1843. Pepperell
Eliza of Worcester, and David Fisk, int. Jan. 11, 1846. Framingham
Eliza Ann, b. O., d. Silas, and Charles H. Babb, single, farmer, b. O., all of O. [sic, pub. cert. Oct. 22], Oct. 3, 1849 Otis
Eliza B. of Petersham and Thomas B. Greenwood, int. Sept. 15, 1845. Templeton
Eliza B. (d.Timothy, a. 20) and Thomas B. Greenwood of Templeton, Oct. 6, 1845. Petersham
Eliza C., d. of Webster and Eliza P., a. 17 and William Beaman, Feb. 27, 1848. Winchendon
Eliza F., and John Diggles, both of L., Dec. 25, 1838. Lowell
Eliza H., and Alfred Hamilton of Boston, Nov. 11, 1828. Int. not recorded. Salem
Eliza J. and Horace P. Brown, May 27, 1832. Grafton
Elizabeth and Daniel Warin, m. 19 10mo 1678 Watertown
Elizabeth and Ebenezer Farnesworth, Apr. 17, 1706/7. Groton
Elizabeth, m. John Wetherly, both of Stow, Jan. 21, 1722-23. Lexington
Elizabeth [int. Whetney] and John Wetherby, Jan. 21, 1722-3 in Lexington. Stow
Elizabeth (wid. int.) and Jonathan Sawyer Jr., Sept. 30, 1740. Harvard
Elizabeth and George Nowell, July 31, 1742. At King s Chapel. [p. 333] Boston
Elizabeth of Waltham and William Maceune, int. Oct. 16, 1747. [p. 61] Weston
Elizabeth, of Waltham, and William McCune of Weston, Nov. 26, 1747. [p. 62] Weston
Elizabeth and William McCam, Nov. 26, 1747, in Weston.* Waltham
Elizabeth and Joseph Wetherbe, int. Apr. 16, 1748. Stow
Elizabeth and Abraham Whitney, b. of Watertown, m. 10 Jul 1766 Watertown
Elizabeth and John Carrol, Mar. 13, 1777. [p. 73] Boston
Elizabeth and Asa Payson, [June] 26, 1777. Newton
Elizabeth of Stow, and Eleazar Parks, int. Dec. 3, 1781. Lincoln
Elizabeth [int. Whiting], and William Clark, June 24, 1784. Sherborn
Elizabeth and William Ballard, b. of Lancaster, Mar. 19, 1787. T.R.1, p. 128. Lancaster
Elizabeth and Elihu Blake, int. Feb. 6, 1790. Westborough
Elizabeth and Thomas Hastings, Sept. 5, 1799. Boylston
Elizabeth and James Walker, June 16, 1803. Westminster
Elizabeth and Dr. Amos Parker of Bolton, May 1, 1805. Shirley
Elizabeth and John Bates, Apr. 26, 1807. [p. 236] Boston
Elizabeth and Lory Barnes, Dec. 1, 1808. Westminster
Elizabeth and Ebenezer Adms of Quincy, May 1, 1814. Northborough
Elizabeth, unm., of Bolton, and Horace Bailey of B., int. Dec. 2, 1815. Berlin
Elizabeth and Horace Bailey of Berlin, Dec. 28, 1815. Bolton
Elizabeth and Zebedee Cook, Mar. 31, 1825. Newburyport
Elizabeth and Luther Nurse, June 3, 1833. Bolton
Elizabeth, Miss, of Stow and Mr Calvin Fletcher Jr. of Lancaster, int. Jan. 3, 1848. T.R.3, p. 251. Lancaster
Elizabeth, 20, d. Daniel, and Calvin Fletcher Jr. [int. omits Jr.], 26, of Lancaster, s. Calvin of Lancaster, Feb. 20, 1848. Stow
Elizabeth, a. 21y. [of Boston. C.R.1], d. Israel and Mary, and Salem Towne Lamb, merchant, of Boston, July 19, 1849. Beverly
Elizabeth, and William S. Folger, m. 24 Feb 1864. Springfield
Elizabeth [Elizabeth B. in int.] and Timothy Weeks of Northampton, Oct. 6, 1825. Westminster
Elizabeth B. and Winsor White, Dec. 7, 1842. Templeton
Elizabeth D. and Sylvester Knight, int. Feb. 18, 1843. Cambridge
Elizabeth J., and Wilcox P. Meacham, mar. 16 Sep 1873. Westfield
Elizabeth K., and Jesse Bills, int. Dec. 15, 1833. Roxbury
Elizabeth N., and Samuel Osgood Putnam, m. 10 Jun 1848. Northampton
Elizabeth W., d. of Simon and Elizabeth, and Dr. John W. Osgood, Aug. 20, 1845. Framingham
Elizebath of Marlborough and Ithamar Goodenow, int. July 24,1760. Westborough
Elizebeth, 28,d. M.and Sally Bruse, and Ebenezer [int. Ebinezer] B. Hanks, Jan. 19, 1845. Palmer
Ella U., a. 21y., d. John P. and Wilma A., and Melvin W. Jefts, a. 23y., farmer, s. J. M. and Betsey, June 5, 1879. Ashby
Ellen M., and William E. Dickinson, m. 20 Jan 1868. Springfield
Ellen Maria and Henry J. Wild of Minersvile, Pa., May 11, 1835. Wrentham
Ellenor, and Isaac Powers, both of Dunstable, N.H., June 11, 1761. N.R. Dunstable
Elliet, of Elmore, Vt. [a. 35y. in pencil.], and Sally Shepard of B. [a. 35y. in pencil.] int. Dec. 23, 1843. Brookline
Elmira, m. Leonard Thorning, May 17, 1827. Lexington
Elmira and Benjamin F. Reynolds (of Sharon, int.) [no date] (int. Nov. 23, 1832.). Milford
Elmira of Milford and Lieut.Benjamin F.Raynolds,int. Nov.24,1832. Sharon
Elmira and Harrison G. O. Hooker, Nov. 27, 1834. Sherborn
Elnathan, and Sarah Perry, Sept. 24, 1729. Roxbury
Elnathan and Mrs. Lucy Story, ___. 7, 1784. Manchester
Elona, of Newton and William White, certif., July 19, 1848. Lawrence
Elona, 25, and William White, July 22, [18]48. Newton
Emeline and William Adams, Apr. 9, 1833. Medway
Emeline Ann and Elijah Hearsey (Hersey, int) Jr., Oct. 14, 1827. Natick
Emely and Henry Richardson, int. Nov. 26, 1847. Waltham
Emily, of Charlestown and Joseph W. Pennell, of Malden, int. Apr. 2, 1836. Malden
Miss Emily Whitney of Charlestown & Mr. Joseph W. Pennel of Malden, int. Apr. 1, 1836. Charlestown
Emily [unm. int.], and Oliver Stanley, both of Attleborough, Feb. 24, 1842. Attleborough
Emily of Waltham and Henry Richardson, int. Nov. 27, 1847. Milford
Emily, 27, d. of Levi and Aurelia, and Christopher Ferry, 18, s. of John and Bertha, laborer, m. 28 Nov 1864. Sheffield
Emily F. [int. Whetney] and Lorenzo W. Green, June 14, 1836. Medway
Enoch and Hannah Davis of Ashby, Sept. 2, 1780. [1779, C.R.] Ashburnham
Ephraim and Esther Woods, Dec. 18, 1744. Groton
Ephraim and Jane Bancroft, both of Lunenburg, January 16,1745/6, by Rev. David Stearns minister of Lunenburg. Lunenburg
Ephraim and Thankful Harrington of Westborough, int. Oct. 15, 1749. Upton
Ephraim of Upton and Thankfull Harrington, Dec. 6, 1749. C.R. Westborough
Ephriam [Doct. in int.] and Marcy Winslow, Jan. 11, 1759. Petersham
Ephraim, Mr., and Mrs. Mary Reed, b. of Dedham, int. June 15, 1765, m. July 4, 1765. [VR] Dedham
Ephraim and Sarah Wood, July 11, 1771. Natick
Ephriam 3d. and Rhoda Winslow, int. July 4, 1772. Petersham
Ephraim and Anna Fuller, May 13, 1774. Newton
Ephraim Jr. and Jemima Whipple of Grafton, int. July 25, 1778. Upton
Ephraim Jr. of Upton and Jamima Whipple, Oct. 1, 1778. Grafton
Ephraim of Stow, and Sarah Burgess, in Stow, Dec. 7, 1780. Harvard
Ephraim and Sarah Burges of Harvard, Dec. 7, 1780. Stow
Ephraim of Guilford VT and Eliza[beth] Clarke, Feb. 28, 1787. T.R.1, p. 128. Lancaster
Ephraim Jr. and Mrs. Joanna Sadler, int. Apr. 25, 1795. Upton
Ephraim and Sophia Tanter [int. reads (Joiner)], Mar. 26, 1798. [p. 171] Boston
Ephraim and Anna Bacon, Oct. 30, 1800. Dover
Ephriam and Eunice Haden [int. reads (Hayden)], May. 19, 1808. [p. 279] Boston
Ephraim, Mr., to Mrs. Mary Nurse of Marlborough, June 7, 1821. T.R.3, p. 233. Lancaster
Esther, and John White, Mar. 8, 1745. Roxbury
Esther of Natick, and James Wadkins [int. Watkins], Aug. 30, 1764 in Natick. Hopkinton
Esther and James Wodkins (Watkins, M.R.) of Hopkinton, Aug. 30, 1764. Natick
Esther and William Thomas, both of Sterling, Sept. 10, 1781. Princeton
Esther and Edmund Wentworth, int. Feb. 25, 1786. Harvard
Esther and Solomon Gates, int. Aug. 31, 1789. Conway
Esther, and Zaccheus Pond, b. of Watertown, int. 23 Aug 1805. Watertown
Esther, and Zaccheus Pond, b. of Watertown, m. 9 Oct 1806. Watertown
Esther and Dr. Henry Morse of Paxton, Dec. 2, 1813. Upton
Esther L. and Theodore T. Parker, int. Oct. 24, 1847. Natick
Esther M. and Emerson Eddy, Oct. 23, 1844. Millbury
Ethan and Betsey Mellen Green, Jan. 7, 1810. Milford
Ethan and Julia A. L. Bosworth, Nov. 24, 1842. Bellingham
Etta J., a. 21y., d. Edward C. and Jane, and Fred G. Bugbee, a. 21y., carpenter, of Fitchburg, s. Oliver L. and Melvina R., Sep. 8, 1886. Ashby
Eunice (see Uunice). Stow
Eunice and David Thurston, April 16, 1766. Templeton
Eunice of Cambridge and John Woods, int. Aug. 17, 1826. Ashburnham
Eunice, Mrs., and John Woods of Ashburnham, Sept. 5, 1826. Cambridge
Eunice and Eliakim Hutchins Jr. of Westford, int. Oct. 24, 1828. [Hutchens of Westfon, m. Dec. 6, C.R.] Stow
[Eunice, of Stow, int.] and Eliakim Hutchins [Jr int.], Dec. 16, 1828.P.R.6* Westford
Miss Eunice Whitney of Charlestown & Mr Thomas Hart [meaning Mr.Thomas Hartwell added above and in margin] of Shirley, int. May 25, 1833. Charlestown
Eunice and Franklin Lumbard, Aug. 13, 1840. Westminster
Eunice S. of Peru, Vt., and George E. Smith, int. Aug. 28, 1841. Winchendon
Evrett, of Sheffield, 57, farmer, s. Cornelius and Hannah, and Adelia Dean, of Canaan, Ct., d. of unknown, both b. Canaan, second mar. of each, m. 24 Nov 1857. Sheffield
Experience and Immor [int Immer] Crittenden, both of C., Sept. 17, 1789. Conway
Ezekiel and Jenet Patterson of Mendon, int. Mar. 31, 1743 Uxbridge
Ezekiel, of Watertown, and Katherine Draper, at Watertown, Dec. 6, 1763. Roxbury
Ezekiel of Watertown and Katharine Draper of Roxbury, m. 6 Dec 1763 Watertown
Ezekiel Jun. of Watertown and Ruth Gilbert, Sept. 12, 1790. [p. 113] Boston
Ezekiel, Jr. and Catharine Anson, b. of Watertown, int. 26 Apr 1799 Watertown
Ezekiel and Catharine Anson, b. of Watertown, m. 16 May 1799 Watertown
Ezra and Mercy Morse, Feb. 14, 1754. Sherborn
Ezra and Betsey Marshall, Mar. 5, 1788. In Brookline. [p. 459] Boston
Ezra Esq. and Ruth Knop of Douglas, int. Nov. 8, 1795 Uxbridge
Ezra Esq. of Uxbridge and Ruth Knap, Nov. 29, 1795. Douglas
Ezra of Upton, and Olive Bullard, June 1, 1801. Holliston
Ezra and Miss _____ ______, int.March 20, 1801. Upton
Ezra, Jr. of Boston and Sarah Fuller Slack, int. Oct. 26, 1807. [p. 184] Weston
Ezra Jun. and Sarah F. Slack of Weston, Oct. 29, 1807. In Brookline. [p. 497] Boston
Ezra, Jr. of Boston and Sarah Fuller Slack, Dec. 13, 1807, by Rev. Samuel Kendal. [p. 189] Weston


Ebenezer, s. of Eb[e]n[eze]r and Mary, Dec. 16, 1821, a. 7y. G.R.5. (1820. Dropsy, C.R.) Natick
Ebenezer, s. Ebenezer and Mary, Dec. 16, 1821, a. 7y. [GSN] Needham
Ebenezer, June 17, 1836, a. 76. Worcester
Eber, Dec. 15, 1843. Bolton
Ede (Ede Fisk, G.R.3), wid. of Aaron, Sept. 1, 1848, a. 74y. 4m. 7d. Consumption. Sherborn
Edmund C., 61y. 5m. 5d. [Boston], s. of Wm. D. and Harriet (Hawks), m., June 3, 1897. Lexington
Elbridge, July 11, 1847, a. 34y. Dana
Eleanor (Robert), sp. Glen Whitney, b. 1895, Central Cem. 1982 Orange
Eleanor S., ___ __, 1811. G. R. Waltham
Eleazer, Feb., 1697-98. Lexington
Eleazer, Sept. 14, 1758 Westborough
Eleazor [dup. Whitney], June 10, 1738. Waltham
Electa B., b. Marlboro, housework, wid. Elisha and d. Levi and Nancy (Ames) Bigelow, at South B., Apr. 2, 1892, a. 72y. 11m. 15d. Berlin
Eleoner Sabrina, ch. Jonathan and Sarah, Oct. 26, 1812. Waltham
Eli, Aug. 25, 1807, a. 66 "the 5 day of April past." Westborough
Elias, s. of Lieut. Eliab and Rebeckah, Apr. 19, 1755, a. 14 y. 9 m. 21 d. G.R.1. Harvard
Elias, s. Silas and Tryphena, still born, June 2, 1791. Medway
Elias 3d, s. of Elias Jr. and Lucy, June 4, 1797. Milford
Elias, July 29, [1810], a. 94. P.R.1. Bellingham
Elias, July 29, 1810. (a. 93 3/4 y. Old age. C.R.) Milford
Elias, May 22, 1828 (in his 78th y. G.R.3) Milford
Eliazer, s. Eliazer and Dorith, d. 12 Feb 1697/8 Watertown
Elijah, Lieut., Feb. 19, 1755, a. 47 y. 6 m. G.R.1. Harvard
Elijah, h. Mindwell, Aug. 24, 1817, a. 56. Westborough
Elijah, Jan. 5, 1834, at the house of the Widow Stearns. T.R.2, p. 195. Lancaster
Elijah, Jan. 6, 1834, a. 79. G.S.3. Bolton
Elijah, Jan. 6, 1834, a. 79y., lung fever. C.R.1.2, p. 366. Lancaster
Elinor, w. John Senior, d. 11 May 1659 Watertown
Elinor, d. Jonathan and Lidia, d. 23 9mo 1678 Watertown
Elisabeth, d. Sam[ue]ll and Elisabeth, Jan. 6, 1735/6. [p. 46] Weston
Elisabeth, wid., decline, bur. May 1, 1819, a. 60y. C.R.1. Beverly
Elisha, Dr. [dropsy. C.R.1.] Feb. 22, 1807. [a. 60y. C.R.1.] Beverly
Elisha, s. Elisha, jr. and Sally, Mar. 17, 1810. Roxbury
Elisha, Dec. 19, 1812, [a. 65y. C.R.2.] Newburyport
Elisha [Capt. G.R.4.], dropsy, bur. Feb. 25, 1813, a. 35y. C.R.1. [Feb. 23, C.R.4] Beverly
Elisha, May 15, 1815, a. 67 y. Roxbury
Elisha, Capt., Feb. 22, 1823, a. 43 y. C.R.2. Roxbury
Elisha, June 24, 1837, a. 48y. [p. 377] Weston
Elisha Edwin [twin s. Nathan and Marthy], Nov. 20, 1814. [ch. Nathan and Martha, a. 33d., G.R.1.] Lincoln
Elisha M., b. Watertown, m., farmer, s. Israel and Sally (Parker), at South B., Jan. 3, 1879, bur. New Cem., a. 61y. 4m. 10d. Berlin
Elisha Parks, s. of Richard and Mary E. (Parker), 22 Apr 1892. Amherst
Eliza, married, b. Great Falls, NH, d. James Cross, of consumption, Sep. 27, 1867, a. 25y. 4m. 29d. Ashby
Eliza Amanda, d. Orlando and Eliza Ann, Feb. 7, 1835. Lowell
Eliza Ann, Mrs., June 4, 1837. [a. 30 y. GR 1]. Lynn
Eliza-Ann-French, d. Col. John and Eliza-Ann-F., Feb. 18, 1839. [a. 2.11.22, G.R.] Princeton
Eliza C., d. Jonathan W. and Nabby, Feb. 3, 1823. Stow
Eliza C., July 13, 1837, a. 2. G.S.3. Westminster
Eliza (Peabody), sp. Sumner Whitney, b. 1836, Central Cem. 1918 Orange
Elizabeth, w. Richard Jr., Nov. 24, 1723. [Whitney, a. 56, G.R.1] Stow
Elizabeth, 3 May 1730, 8 m, dau. John. [BA] Boston
Elizabeth, 3 May 1730, 8 m, dau. John. [MS] Boston
Elizabeth, d. of Abraham and Sarah, Aug. 11, 1739. (a. abt. 4 m. C.R.1.) Harvard
Elizabeth, w. Thomas, Feb. 8, 1741. Bolton
Elizabeth, w. Jeremiah, Apr. 24, 1754. Stow
Elizabeth, d. Joseph and Hannah, d. 26 Sep 1756. Shutesbury
Elizabeth, w. of Jason, May 22, 1772. Natick
Elizab[eth], Mrs., w. of Lieut[enant] Moses, July 17, 1772, a. 73y. 11m. 15d. G.R. [p. 370] Littleton
Mrs. Elizabeth, of Boston, Nov. 14, 1775. Milton
Elizabeth, w. Eli, Aug. 18, 1777. Westborough
Elizabeth, w. Abner, Apr. 3, 1778. Westminster
Elizabeth, wid. of (Dea. James, G.R.1), Mar. 31, 1782, (in her 86th y., G.R.1). Sherborn
Elizabeth, w. Charles, Sept. 4, 1784, a. 40 C.R. Royalston
Elizabeth, Mar. __, 1785. C.R.4. Newton
Elizebeth, d. [Lt. G.R1.] Elisha and Aba[gail], Mar._, 1793. [Apr. 20, a. 6 w. G.R.1.] Roxbury
Elizabeth, sp. Jabez, ae 46, Jones Cem., Orange, Nov. 5, 1808 Orange
Elizabeth, d. Daniel and Sarah, Jan. 28, 1822. Stow
Elizabeth, Aug. 7, 1822, a. 3y. C.R.1. Cambridge
Elizabeth, Aug. 24, 1824, a. 21y. G.R.3. Sherborn
Elizabeth, d. Eli and Elizabeth, Feb. 8, 1827, a. 60. Westborough
Elizabeth, Miss, Jan. 20, 1830, a. 88 y. C.R. 2. Harvard
Elizabeth, wid. John, Sept. 28, 1830. [a. 86, G.R.1] Wayland
Elizabeth, w. Jason, Sept. 5, 1841, a. 22y. 10m. 3d. G.S.1 Ashburnham
Elizabeth, w. Albert, inflammation of the bowels, [at Nahant PR 1], Apr. 28, 1848, a. 31. y. Lynn
Elizabeth, w. of Benj[amin] D., Apr. 25, 1849, a. 43y. G.R.3. Cambridge
Elizabeth D., d. Charles, Dec. 18, 1820, a. 1, B.R. [ch. Charles and Dolly, G.R.1.] Shirley
Elizabeth E., Sept. 18, [15, G.S.], 1833. [a. 2. G.S.1] Winchendon
Elizabeth Eustis, d. Rev. George [whooping cough. C.R.2.], Apr. 26, 1834, a. 3 y. 7 m. Roxbury
Elizabeth G., d. [?] John, Feb. 9, 1849, a. 23y. 10m. 24d. [w. John M., cons[umption], a. 24, C.R.] [w. John M., a. 23y, 10m. G.R.1] Stow
Elizabeth [Elizabeth P., a. 17. G.S.3], d. Richard and Eunice, Sept. 1, 1847, a. 18. Dysentery. Winchendon
Ellen, b. Ireland, disease of heart, July 11, 1847, a. 24y. Lowell
Ellen Maria, d. Theodore and Betsey, Nov. 26, 1842, a. 1y. 5m. 16d. Westminster
Elmer, sp. Anne Whitney, b. 1859, Central Cem. 1945 Orange
Elmer, sp. Grace (Harding) Whitney, b. 1864, Central Cem. 1961 Orange
Elnathan, d. 8 Mar 1727/8 Watertown
Emerson, s.Levi-T. and Sarah, June 13, 1848, a. 12. Boylston
Emery S., s. Paul and Lucy, Oct. 20, 1846, a. 18y. 7m. 25d. consumption. Shrewsbury
Emily Ann, Oct. 11, 1844, a. 24y., fever. [CRO] Dedham
Emily C., d. Daniel, May 22, 1839, a. 7w., P.R.62. Nantucket
Emily F., only ch. Leonard and Caroline I., Aug. 12, 1849, a. 15m. 8d. G. R. Waltham
Emma A. (Willard), 66y. [Ashby], d. of Alexander T. and Tilo O., m., Nov. 24, 1881. Lexington
Ephraim, s. Moses and Sarah, May 4, 1723. Stow
Ephraim, s. Ephraim and Rhoda, Aug. 30, 1767. Montague
Ephraim, in Cambridge, Sept. 16, 1775. Accidentally shot Framingham
Ephraim, Sept. __, 1776, in the army. P.R.1. Newton
Ephraim, Nov. 17, 1784, a. between 20 and 30 y. C.R. Ashburnham
Dr. Ephraim, July 26, 1801, a. 79y, G.S. Petersham
Eph[rai]m, Jan. 14, 1809, in 30th y. Dover
Ephraim, June 26, 1832, a. 85y. (a. 88y. Old age, C.R.) Natick
Ephraim, Mr., Sept. 6, 1842, a. 62y.. T.R.2, p. 196. Lancaster
Ephraim, Sept. 6, 1842, a. 63y., Consumption. C.R.1.2, p. 370. Lancaster
Ephraim, Sept. 6, 1842, a. 62y. G.R.3, p. 445. Lancaster
Ephriam, July 8, 1797. [July 21, in 76th year, G.S.] Upton
Ephriam, March 25, 1824, a. 70. Royalston
Ephriam, Oct. 1, 1827, a. 71. Upton
Ester, d. [?] Jacob, Dec. 18, 1837, a. 77. [Esther Walcott Whitney, w. Dea. Jacob, P.R.12] [Ester, w. Jacob, P.R.26] Stow
Esther, w. of Capt. George, Mar. 26, 1836. Natick
Esther [wid. Alpheus], Sept. 7, 1846, a. 87y. 7m. "Colera Morbus." Westminster
Eugene, ch. Jacob C. and Abagail, stoppage, Aug. 18, 1848. a. 11y. 6m. in N.B. New Bedford
Eugene G., ___ __, 1848. G. R. Waltham
Eunice, d. James and Marcy, d. 29 Apr 1736 Watertown
Eunice, d. James and Marcy, Nov. 24, 1740. Waltham
Eunice, d. of Mr. Jonathan, Nov. 2, 1777. C.R.1.1, p. 327. Lancaster
Eunice, d. Nathan and Eunice, Feb. 27, 1812, a. 24y. 2m. 15d. Westminster
Eunice, w. Amos, March 7, 1813. [a. 52, G.S.] Upton
Eunice, wid. Dr. Elisha, Apr. 28, 1819. [a. 62y. G.R.4.] Beverly
Eunice, w. Nathan, d. Josiah and Mary Puffer, Feb. 24 [22, C.R.], 1846, a. 78y. 6m. 19d. Influenza. Westminster
Evelina (d. of Levi and Sarah, G.R.1.) , Sept. 9, 1838, a. 25 y. (Sept. 10, 1838. C.R.1.) (a. 26 y. G.R.1.) Harvard
Eveline, Aug. 23, 1826, a. 9y. Cambridge
Experience, d. Lt. Elisha and Abigail, Sept. 17, 1777, a. 8 m. G. R. 3. Roxbury
Ezekiel, s. Gershom, Sept. 2, 1778, a.about 11y. Upton
Ezekiel Maynard, s. Elizabeth, June 7, 1834. Wayland
Ezra, Mar. 10, 1847, a. 84. Upton

Church Membership

Elijah, founder of the church in Harvard, Sept. 9, 1733. C.R.1.1, p. 272. Lancaster
Elizabeth, d. Nathaniel Jun., now Bigelow, c.m. Sept. 3, 1727. Dism. to church in Worcester where she dwells, Oct. 5, 1729. [p. 411] Weston
Elizabeth, adm. full comm. 18 Nov 1733. Watertown
Elizabeth, w. Samuel, c.m. Jan. 22, 1737-8. [p. 428] Weston
Elizabeth, w. Samuel, c.m. July 12, 1741. [p. 430] Weston
Elizabeth, c.m. 1741, w. Samuel, remov'd dism-recom. to Shrewsbury, Aug. 1761. [p. 447] Weston
Elizabeth, w. Isaac, c.m. Oct. 1, 1753. [p. 474] Weston
Elnathan, adm. full comm. 3 Dec 1727. Watertown
Emily Ann, adm. Apr. 16, 1843. [CRO] Dedham

Public Records

Eben[eze]r, resident, 1790. U.S.C. Montague
Ebenezer, occupant, 1798. D.T. Montague
Ebenezer, reputed owner, 1798. D.T. Montague
Eli[phale]t, resident, 1790. U.S.C. Colrain

Transients, Strangers, etc.

Ephraim: Dec. 19, 1765, "the Selectmen ... by warrant ... warn Ephraim Whitney to depart in fourteen days, or give security to indemnify the Town." Dedham

School Records


Gleanings, Chiefly from the Town Files

Elisha, and 2 children, from Watertown in 1816, supported by Weston. [p. 565] Weston

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