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Whitney surname and variants.


Laban, s. Laban and Olive, Jan. 6, 1815. Bellingham
Lambert, s. Levi and Rebeckah, July 28, 1812. Boylston
Lambert-Lincoln, s. Thomas-Lambert and Mary, June 10, 1796. Northborough
Laura A. [_____], w. of Nathaniel D., Oct. 11, 1819. G.R.3. Cambridge
Laura E., June 26, 1840. G.R.3. Cambridge
Laura J., d. Joshua A. and Mehitable, May 22, 1844. Gardner
Laura Leffingwell, d. of Hammond and L. L., June __, 1843. Cambridge
Laura M., w. Orange, Dec. 17, 1819. G.S.2. Gardner
Laura Roby, w. Grover S., ___ __, 1828. G.S.3. Winchendon
Lauretta, d. of Cyrus and Polly, Oct. 25, 1810. Harvard
Lauria Ann, d. Nelson and Ruth M., June 18, 1849. Bellingham
Laurilla, d. of Aaron and Sally (Aaron and Susanna, C.R.1.) Mar. 25, 1808. Harvard
Lavina, d. Israel and Mary, Feb. 11, 1804. Needham
Lawrietta, d. Isaiah and Henrietta Whitney, b. April 1, 1835. Provincetown
Leander Robinson, s. William & Anna, b. Mar. 22, 1812. Pepperell
Lemuel, s. Lemuel and Sibel, June 16, 1735. Stow
Lemuel, s. Joshua and Mehitable, Jan. 5, 1742. Spencer
Lemuel, s. Abraham and Tabitha, bap. Aug. 17, 1755. [p. 464] Weston
Lemuel, s. Dr. Ephriam and Marcey, Oct. 18, 1764. Petersham
Lemuel, s. Lemuel and Elizabeth, Jan. 25, 1767. Stow
Lemuel, ___ __, 1784. G.S.1. Ashburnham
Lemuel, s. Joseph and Anna, 15 Aug 1784. [1:51] Warwick
Lemuel, s. of (Col. C.R.1.) Josiah and Sarah, Sept. 19, 1784. Harvard
Lemuel, s. Lemuel and Mary, May 7, 1796. In Orange. Royalston
Lemuel, ___ __, 1840. G.S.4. Ashburnham
Lemuel, s. of Laban and Mary, in Bellingham, Aug. 19, 1846. Milford
Lemuel G., s. Laban and Olive, Jan. 4, 1817. Bellingham
Lenluel, s. Jacob and Rachel, bp. May 19, 1765. C.R.2. Roxbury
Leonard, s. Solomon Jr. and Mary, bp. Aug. 7, 1763. C.R.I. Lincoln
Leonard, s. of Ezekiel Whitney, Junr, bapt. 2 Jun 1793. Watertown
Leonard, s. Lemuel and Mary, Mar. 12, 1794. In Orange. Royalston
Leonard, s. Nathan and Eunice, Sept. 18, 1800. Westminster
Leonard, s. Amasa and Abigail, Mar. 20, 1808. Newton
Leonard, s. Nathan and Eunice, Nov. 25, 1808. Westminster
Leonard, s. Jacob, bp. June 26, 1814. C.R. New Salem
Leonard [dup. Lenard], s. Leonard and Ruth [dup. Lenard and Ruthe], June 15 [dup. Sept. 15], 1819. Sudbury
Leonard, s. Joel and Abial, Dec. 5, 1832 Sutton
Levi, s. Daniel and Thankful, Dec. 5, 1739. Shrewsbury
Levi, s. Abraham and Tabathy, May 16, 1750. [p. 80] Weston
Levi, s. Abraham and Tabitha, bap. May 20, 1750. [p. 460] Weston
Levi, s. of Jonas Jr. and Zabudah, June 12, 1751. Harvard
Levi, s. Abraham and Marcy [Mary, P.R.26], July 30, 1759. Stow
Levi, s. of Jesse and Mary, Oct. 21, 1763. Mendon
Levi, s. Abraham Jr. and Marcy [Mary, P.R.26], June 6, 1770. Stow
Levi, s. Timothy and Catherine, Aug. 9, 1772. Shrewsbury
Levi, s. Abner and Elizabeth, Jan. 1, 1777. Westminster
Levi Jr., s. Levi and Sarah, May 12, 1778. Ashburnham
Levi, s. [Dea. P.R.12] Jacob and Ester, Nov. 11, 178[torn, 1780, T.C.] Stow
Levi, s. of Richard Jr. and Mercy, Apr. 26, 1781. Harvard
Levi, s. of Hezekiah and Lucy, Aug. 30, 1786. Harvard
Levi, s. of Levi and Rhoda, May 23, 1787. Milford
Levi, s. Amos and Eunice, Mar. 26, 1788. Upton
Levi, s. Lemuel and Mary, Feb. 5, 1792. In Orange. Royalston
Levi, s. of Jonas and Relief, Aug. 23, 1793. Harvard
Levi, Aub. 23, 1795. G.R.3. Cambridge
Levi, s. Jonathan and Lucy, Dec. 3, 1795. Sterling
Levi, s. Elijah and Mindwell, March 26, 1797. Westborough
Levi, s. of Levi and Sarah, Apr. 25, 1818. Harvard
Levi, s. Amos and Sophia, Nov. 21, 1821. Royalston
Levi, s. Elijah and Sarah Reed, May __, 1827. Upton
Levi Harris, d. Amos and Sophia, Nov. 21 1821. Royalston
Levi Hubbard, s. Levi and wife, bap. May 10, 1818. C.R.1. Bolton
Levi-Lincoln, s. John and Eliza-Ann-F., Jan. 20, 1838. Princeton
Levi Pilsbury, s. Hananiah and Azubah, Aug. 19, 1807 Winchendon
Levi-Thaxter, s. Levi and Rebeckah, June 17, 1809. Boylston
Levi Warren, s. Levi and Rebeccah, June 17, 1810. Gardner
Lewis, s. Timothy and Phebe, Apr. 7, 1788. Marlborough
Lewis, ch. Jabez and Elizabeth, Jan. 3, 1802 Orange
Lewis, s. Simon and Lucy, June 12, 1803. Petersham
Lewis, s. Joel and Abial, April 17, 1818 Sutton
Lewis, ___ __, 1838. G.S.4. Ashburnham
Lewis Edward, s. Dexter and Adliza, Sept. 12, 1844. Bellingham
Lewis Henry, s. Charles Henry, milk merchant, and Eliza (Wyman), [rec. June 1, 1846]. Lincoln
Lewis Herbert, s. Lewis and Permelia V., Oct. 23, 1849. Petersham
Lewis J., _____ __, 1802. G.S.1. Athol
Lewis M., s. David and Charlotte, Mar. 4, 1819. Ashby
Lidia, d. Jonathan and Lidia, b. 3 Jul 1657 Watertown
Lidia [Lydia dup.], d. Moses and Lydia, Apr. 26, 1719. [p. 7] Littleton
Lidia, d. Cornelius and Sarah, Apr. 23, 1729. Groton
Lidia, d. Ephraim & Esther, bp. July 25, 1756.C.R.1. Pepperell
Livonia, d. John and Lucy, April 16, 1813, in Henniker, N.H. Sandisfield
Lizzie [Whitney], w. Samuel S. Riddell, ___ __, 1832. G.R.2. [Elizabeth Whitney, d. Daniel, P.R.38] Nantucket
Loes, d. Elemuell and Elizabeth, June 14, 1761. Stow
Lois, d. Jason and Arrabellah, March 2, 1735. Grafton
Lois, d. Nathaniel and Mary, Feb. 9, 1738-9. Westborough
Lois, d. of Solomon and his wife Martha, 29 Dec 1743. [p. 194] Concord
Lois, d. Solomon and Martha, b. last w., bap. Jan. 1, 1743-4. [p. 442] Weston
Lois, d. of Solomon and his wife Martha, 26 Jun 1749. [p. 194] Concord
Lois, d. Solomon and Martha, bap. July 2, 1749, at N. Precinct [Weston]. [p. 527] Weston
Lois, d. of Simon and Olive, July 28, 1753. Harvard
Lois, d. of Simon and Olive, Mar. 30, 1759. Harvard
Lois, d. Joseph and Mary, Sept. 5, 1761, in Dorchester. Newton
Lois, d. of Jacob and Lois, Aug. 1, 1770. Harvard
Lois, d. Nathaniel and Abigail, Feb. 8, 1775. Grafton
Lois, d. Stephen and Relief, b. 26 Jun 1779 Watertown
Lois, d. of James and Lois, Apr. 16, 1812. Sherborn
Lois M. Stone, w. William B., ___ __, 1802. In Greensboro, VT. G.S.1. Winchendon
Loisa, dau. Nathan and Sina, Sep. 27, 1816 Orange
Loise, d. of Jason and Lois. Oct. 17, 1773. Natick
Loiza, d. of James and Lois, July 6, 1804. Sherborn
Lorana, d. Levi and wife, 28 Dec 1818. [2:243] Warwick
Lorana C., d. Levi and wife, 11 Aug 1826. [2:243] Warwick
Lorenzo, s. Joseph H. and Lucy, May 4, 1817. Shrewsbury
Lorenzo, s. Joel and Abial, March 15, 1820 Sutton
Lorenzo Chamberlin, s. John and Lucy, Sept. 5, 1818. Sandisfield
Lorenzo H., s. Levi and wife, 20 Feb 1824. [2:243] Warwick
Lorinda Carleton, Mar. 12, 1822. G.R.3. Cambridge
Loring, s. Amasa and Abigail, May 11, 1806. Newton
Louis, d. John and wife, 20 Aug 1785. [1:51] Warwick
Louis H., ch. Charles Henry and Eliza (Brigham), July 20, 1845. P.R.15. Lincoln
Louisa, d. Lemuel and Sarah, Jan. 17, 1802. Ashby
Louisa, d. Lemuel and Sarah, May 1, 1808. Ashby
Louisa, d. Jonas W. and Phebee, Sept. 4, 1808. Westminster
Louisa, d. Phinehas and Bethia, May 30, 1812. Winchendon
Louisa, d. Jacob, bp. June 26, 1814. C.R. New Salem
Louisa, d. Levi and wife, 20 Mar 1822. [2:243] Warwick
Louisa Ann, d. Nathan an[d] Martha, July 17, 1816. Lincoln
Louisa-Howe, d. Reuben-P.and Clarasa-C., Mar. 4, 1828. In Westminster. Princeton
Louisa Howe, d. R. P. and Clarissa C., Mar. 4, 1828. Westminster
Louisa Jane, d. of Jacob, bp. July 1, 1827. C.R.1. Harvard
Louisa Lawrence [_____], w. of Benjamin Franklin, May 17, 1808. G.R.1. Harvard
Louisa Monteray, d. Joseph, cordwainer,and Louisa, May 5, 1847. Weymouth
[torn]ove, d. Mark and Tabitha, Nov. 21, 1727. [Love Whittney, C.R.1]. Hopkinton
Love, d. Nathaniel and Mary, Sept. 16, 1736. Westborough
Love, d. Silas and Jane, Dec. 18, 1758. Princeton
Love, d. Silas and Jane, born at Princetown, Dec. 18, 1758. Winchendon
Love, d. Silas, June 10, 1759, bap. C.R. Rutland
Lowis, d. Joshua and Marcy, Jan. 16, 1766. Stow
Luce, d. Daniel and Dorothy, b. 30 Jun 1749 Watertown
Luceba, d. Henry H. and Caroline, Nov. 17, 1845. Ashburnham
Lucey, d. of Daniel Whitney, bapt. 2 Jul 1749. Watertown
Lucey, d. Mr. Aaron and Mrs. Alice, Apr. 9, 1751. [p. 48] Littleton
Lucey, d. of Simon Whitney, bapt. 25 Oct 1767. Watertown
Lucia-Maria, d. Reuben-P.and Clarasa-C., July 10, 1844. Princeton
Lucia Mead (see Lushea Mead Whitney) Stow
Lucina Warren, d. Nathaniel G. and Charlotte, Oct. 2, 1834. Grafton
Lucinda, d. Joseph, Jr., and Abigail, b. 18 Jan 1776. Shutesbury
Lucinda, in Shirley, d. Mellen and Jean, Nov. 15, 1795. Sterling
Lucinda, d. Lemuel and Mary, July 28, 1810. Royalston
Lucinda, d. Smyrna and Ruth, Sept. 14, 1814. Westminster
Lucius, s. of Lewis H. and Susan F., of Milford, ___ __, ____ [prob. 1847]. Wrentham
Lucretia, a nurse child, at Mr. (Joseph) WHITNEY's, bap. Apr. 3, 1766. [p. 483] Weston
Lucretia, d. Levi and Sally, Oct. 19, 1817. Royalston
Lucretia, d. Levi and wife, 19 Oct 1817. [2:243] Warwick
Lucretia, d. William and Maryon, Apr. 29, 1834. Princeton
Lucretia A., d. Silas and Susan M., Nov. 8, 1846. Ashburnham
Lucy, d. Nathaniel and Mary, April 26, 1734. Westborough
Lucy, d. Nath. and Mary, June 9, 1734 C.R . Westborough
Lucy, d. Samuel and Elizabeth, Aug. 27, 1744. Shrewsbury
Lucy, d. Abraham and Marcy [Mary, P.R.26], Sept. 29, 1746. Stow
Lucy, d. of Solomon and his wife Martha, 6 Jan 1752. [p. 194] Concord
Lucy, d. Solomon and Martha, bp. Jan. 12, 1752. C.R.I. Lincoln
Lucy, d. James and Elenor, Jan. 5, 1755. Dunstable
Lucy, d. Joshua and Mary, June 12, 1759. Worcester
Lucy, d. of Moses and Betty, Oct. 10, 1759. Harvard
Lucy, d. Moses and Betty, Oct. 10, 176(0?). Templeton
Lucy, d. Oliver and Darcus, Oct. 18, 1760. Upton
Lucy, March 20, 1762, P. R. 14. [SIC] Shelburne
Lucy, d. Joseph and Hannah, b. 20 Mar 1762. Shutesbury
Lucy, d. Isaac and Abigail, bp. Aug. 8, 1762. C.R.2. Roxbury
Lucy, d. Caleb and Annis, b. 20 Apr 1765. Shutesbury
Lucy, d. of Jesse and Mary, July 17, 1765. [twin]. Mendon
Lucy, d. of Simon and Olivea, Oct. 7, 1765. Harvard
Lucy, d.Timothy and Catherine, March 23, 1769. Shrewsbury
Lucy, d. Aaron and Ha[torn, Hanah, T.C.], Apr. 2, 1770. Stow
Lucy, d. of Caleb and Anes, Sept. 25, 1770. T.R.1, p. 109. Lancaster
Lucy, d. of Caleb, bap. Nov. 24, 1770. C.R.2, p. 388. Lancaster
Lucy, d. Joshua, bp _____ [prob. before 1773]. C.R.1. Newton
Lucy, d. Thomas and Anne, Oct. 9, 1774. C.R. Westborough
Lucy, d. of Stephen Whitney, bapt. 6 Nov 1774. Watertown
Lucy, d. Stephen and Relief, b. 19 Oct 1774 Watertown
Lucy, d. Isaac and Lucy, bp. Mar. 23, 1777. C.R. Stow
Lucy, d. of Hezekiah and Lucy, June 30, 1777. Harvard
Lucy, d. of Mrs.Lucy, bap. Dec. 24, 1780. C.R.1.1, p. 313. Lancaster
Lucy, d. of Reuben and Lucy, Jan. 24, 1782. Harvard
Lucy, d. Andrew and Lucy, Feb. 8, 1790. Princeton
Lucy, d. Abraham Jr. and Hitte [Mehetibel, C.R.], July 23, 1790. Stow
Lucy, d. of Mathias and Dorcas, b. 25 Feb 1791. Hancock
Lucy, d. Simon and Lucy, May 17, 1791. Petersham
Lucy, d. Elisha and Eunice, July 21, 1791. Beverly
Lucy, d. Elisha, Esq., bp. July 31, 1791. CR 5. Ipswich
Lucy, d. Ephriam and Sarah, Apr. 8, 1792. Royalston
Lucy, d. Jonathan and Lucy, May 11, 1794. Sterling
Lucy, d. Hezekiah and Mehetabel, Nov. 22, 1794 (Mehitabel, C.R.2) Otis
Lucy, d. Andrew and Lucy, Jan. 11, 1795. Princeton
Lucy, d. Thomas and Abigail, Sep. 8, 1798. Marlborough
Lucy, d. Phinehas and Bethia, June 4, 1799. Winchendon
Lucy, d. of Moses and Pattee, Sept. 28, 1800. Harvard
Lucy, d. Lt. Daniel and Sarah, Aug. 26, 1801. Stow
Lucy, d. of James and Lucy, July 23, 1804. Harvard
Lucy, d. William and Anna, bap. Oct. 20 1805. C.R. Gardner
Lucy, d. Levi, bp. Oct. 21, 1810. C.R. New Salem
Lucy, d. John and Lucy, May 26, 1811, in Henniker, N.H. Sandisfield
Lucy, d. Asa W. and [Sally], bp. May ___, 1811. C.R. Stow
Lucy, [w. Amasa], Nov. 4, 1814. G.S.1. Gardner
Lucy, d. William and Lucy, Dec. 27, 1818. Ashburnham
Lucy, d. of Rebecah Knight, Oct. 30, 1820. Harvard
Lucy, d. Timothy and Rowena, Dec. 8, 1820. Boylston
Lucy, d. Seth and Sally, June 22, 1821. Gardner
Lucy [?m.], ___, 1825, G.R.1. New Bedford
Lucy, d. Capt. Joseph H. and Betsy, Sept. 14, 1827. Westminster
Lucy, d. of Adam and Mary A., Nov. 13, 1848. Cambridge
Lucy A., Mar. 18, 1814. G.R.3. Cambridge
Lucy A., d. Josiah, Jr., and Rebecca, Sep. 13, 1816. Ashby
Lucy A. Jones [_____], w. of William L., _____, 1812. G.R.3. Cambridge
Lucy Ann, d. of Johnathan and Levina, Mar. 12, 1816. Milford
Lucy Ann, d. of William L. and Rebecca R., Aug. 14, 1841. Cambridge
Lucy Brown, d. Calvin and Huldah, Sept. 23, 1838. Westminster
Lucy Elizabeth, d. J. B., merchant, and Lucinda B., May 29, 1849. Shelburne
Lucy Ellen, d. Webster and Eliza Parks, Oct. 21, 1834. Winchendon
Lucy Emerson, d. of wid. Sally, bp. July 3, 1814. C.R.1. Harvard
Lucy H., ch. Simeon and Sarah, June 7, 1823. Duxbury
Lucy Hammond, d. John and Harriet F., May 27, 1841. Grafton
Lucy Harriet, d. Jonathan and Lorena, Dec. 3, 1847. Templeton
Lucy Holden, d. Joel and Lucy, Nov. 15, 1791. Westminster
Lucy Kendall, d. Charles and Elizabeth, bap. Sept. 9, 1783. C.R. Royalston
Lucy-M., d. Israel and Lucy, June 14, 1809. Worcester
Lucy (Mead) [____], w. _____, Jan 12, 1756. P.R.30. Stow
Lucy Pollard, d. Jonathan and Mehitable, Jan. 27, 1821. Gardner
Lucy Stow, d. of John and Sally, July 12, 1805. Harvard
Luella Francena, d. Joshua B., blacksmith, b. Dexter, Me. and Wealthy Jane F., b. Derry N.H. Aug. 28, 1849. Andover
Luis, s. Dwelly and Emily, July 9, 1838. Ashburnham
Luke, s. of Israel and Abigail, Feb. 8, 1793. Harvard
Luke, s. of Josiah and Sally, Apr. 22, 1803. Harvard
Luke, s. Luke and Cyntha, Feb. 14, 1810. Gardner
Luna, ch. Abel and Sylvia, Sep. 17, 1817 Orange
Luna Edice, d. Charles Erwin, mail carried, b. Natick, and Mabel (Candee), b. Blandford, b. 13 Jul 1922. Blandford
Lusana Carter, d. of Benjamin and Methable, Dec. 27, 1825. (III:343-344) Fitchburg
Lushea Mead, d. Moses and Lucy, Oct. 6, 1810. [Lucia Mead Whitney, C.R.] [Lucia Mead Whitney, P.R.29] Stow
Lusy, twin d. William and Anne, June 19, 1805. Gardner
Luther, s. Daniel and Cate, Feb. 23, 1781. Marlborough
Luther, s. of Israel and Abigail, Feb. 5, 1790. Harvard
Luther Farwell, Mar. 8, 1819. G.R.3. Cambridge
Luther Farwell, s. of Richard 2d and Sally, Mar. 8, 1819. Harvard
Lyddia, d. James and Lyddia, Apr. 8, 1794. Dunstable
Lyddia, d. Mellen and Jean, July 23, 1797. Sterling
Lydea, d. Levi and Sarah, May 20, 1776. Ashburnham
Lydea, d. Phinehas and Elizabeth, Mar. 30, 1788. Westminster
Lydia, d. William and Lydia, Dec. 26, 1710. Groton
Lydia, d. of Jonath[an] and Susanna, Mar. 3, 1711-2. Sherborn
Lydia, d. of Jonathan and Lydia, Nov. 18, 1732. Mendon
Lydia, d. Samuel and Elizabeth, b. 14th, bap. Mar. 22, 1740-1. [p. 436] Weston
Lydia, d. of Daniel Whitney, bapt. 10 Apr 1743. Watertown
Lydia, d. Joseph and Abigail, Aug. 18, 1743. Groton
Lydia, d. Joseph & Abigail, b. Aug. 18, 1743. Pepperell
Lydia, d. Benjamin and Deliverance, b. 15 Sep 1745 Watertown
Lydia, d. of Elijah and Rebaca, May 7, 1746. Harvard
Lydia, d. Samuel and Elizabeth, June 1, 1746. Shrewsbury
Lydia, d. of Benja Whitney, Junr, bapt. 18 Oct 1747. Watertown
Lydia, d. Lemuell and Sibil, Oct. 10, 1749. Stow
Lydia, d. Isaac and Lydia, May 4, 1752. Holliston
Lydia, d. of Jonas Jr. and Zabudah, Oct. 17, 1757. Harvard
Lydia, d. Lias and Rachel, Nov. 3, 1759. Stow
Lydia, d. Nathaniel and Abigail, March 20, 1761. Grafton
Lydia, d. Joshua and Mary, June 26, 1768 Worcester
Lydia, d. of Moses, bip. Oct. 13, 1771. C.R.1. Harvard
Lydia, ch. David and Rachel, Feb. 13, 1773. Conway
Lydia, d. Rev. Phineas and Lydia, Sept. 8, 1773. Shirley
Lydia, d. Elisha, bp. June 29, 1777. C.R.1. Newburyport
Lydia, d. Elisha, bp. Feb. 7, 1779, C.R.1. Newburyport
Lydia, d. of Israel (Jr. C.R.1.) and Hannah, May 25, 1779. Harvard
Lydia, d. Ephrain Jr. and Jemima, Dec. 10, 1783. Upton
Lydia, d. Elnathan (Witney) and Lucy, Aug. 9, 1788. Manchester
Lydia, d. Joseph and Abigail (Barnard), March 13, 1789. P.R. 14. Shelburne
Lydia, d. Abijah and Lydia, d. Oct. 1793, bap. Sept. 11, 1790. [p. 509] Weston
Lydia, d. of Enoch and Hannah, July 27, 1792. Harvard
Lydia, d. Abijah and Lydia, bap. Sept. 11, 1791, d. Oct. 1793. [p. 509] Weston
Lydia, d. Abijah and Lydia, bap. Jan. 5, 1794. [p. 510] Weston
Lydia, d. Jacob and Easter [Jemima C.R.], Aug. 5, 1796. Stow
Lydia, d. Ezekiel and Catharine, b. 25 Apr 1804. Watertown
Lydia, d. of Johnathan and Levina, Sept. 28, 1818. Milford
Lydia, d. John and Eliza-Ann-F., Mar. 19, 1843. Princeton
Lydia A. Davis, w. Giles H., ___ __, 1825. G.S.3. Winchendon
Lydia Ann, d. Ohio and Mary R., Aug. 3, 1846. Ashburnham
Lydia Ann Wyatt, d. Benjamin and Rachel, [?bap.] July 11, 1819. [p. 310] Dorchester
Lydia Bowers, dau. of Nicholas B. and Ann, b. Aug. 27, 1807. Hingham
Lydia Saunders, d. Joseph and Eliza, June 17, 1838. Bolton
Lydya, d. of John and Sarah, Apr. 18, 1695. Sherborn
Lyman, s. Phinehas, bap. April 8, 1781. C.R. Dudley
Lyman, s. of James and Lois, June 1, 1808. Sherborn
Lysander, d. Levi and wife, 13 Nov 1820. [2:243] Warwick
Lysander, s. of Benjamin and Methable, Oct. 31, 1826. (III:343-344) Fitchburg


Laban and Olive Greene, June 27, 1805. Milford
Lambert and Mary A. Searles, Dec. 13, 1842. Westborough
Lauisa [int. Louiza] Ann and Austin Gove of Boston, 1834 [int. Nov. 28,1833]. Lincoln
Laura and Peter Atwood, int. Oct. 29, 1814. Chester
Laura A., and Joseph W. Blake, m. 25 Nov 1868. Springfield
Lavina, and Stephen Utley of Wilbraham, Mar. 20, 1844. Needham
Leavitt N. and Mary Dorell, int. Dec. 17, 1845. Westborough
Ledia and Phenehas Warner of Harvard, Feb. 27, 1769. Bolton
Lemewell and Elisabeth Wheeler of Acton, int. Mar. 15, 1761. Stow
Lemuel of Stow and Elizabeth Wheeler of A., int. Mar. 14, 1761. Acton
Lemuel and Lydia Bryant, Sept. 6, 1787. Petersham
Lemuel [int. Jr. of Acton] and Dorcas Gate [int. Darkes Gates], May 24, 1790. [Lemuel and Dorcas Gates, M.R.] Stow
Lemuel of Watertown and Grace Esty of Newton, int. 2 Jun 1798 Watertown
Lemuel of Watertown, and Gracs [int. Grace] Estey, June 18, 1798. Newton
Lemuel Esq. of Brattleborough, Vt., and Ruth Banister of C., int. Feb. 19, 1802. Conway
Lemuel, of Warwick, and Sally Pratt of Athol, int. 14 Aug 1804. [1:155] Warwick
Lemuel of Warwick and Sally Pratt, int. Aug. 18, 1804. Athol
Lemuel of Ashby and Betsy Hall, Dec. 4, 1804. Ashburnham
Lemuel of Warwick and Sally Pratt of Athol, Dec. 22, 1805. Royalston
Lemuel [Jr. in int.] and Almira G. Pollard, March 22, 1842. Ashburnham
Lemuel of Blackstone, s. of Luther and Olive, a. 29y., and Fanny Darling of Blackstone, d. of Anson and Amey, a. 18y., Feb. 22, 1846. Milford
Leomuel A., and Sarah Tarbox, Feb. 3, 1831. Methuen
Leonard and Cate Wheeler of Concord, int. Dec. 15, 1785. Lincoln
Leonard, and Ruth Larrabee, b. of Watertown, int. 17 Aug 1817. Watertown
Leonard, and Ruth Larrabee, b. of Watertown, m. 31 Aug 1817. Watertown
Leonard Jr. and Caroline J. [int. I.] Russell, Apr. 2, 1843. Waltham
Levi of Concord, and Sarah Lawrence, Sept. 17, 1772. Harvard
Levi and Lydia Rice of Townsed, int. Oct. 16, 1780. Shrewsbury
Levi of Milford, and Rhoda Daniels, int. Aug. 18, 1785. Holliston
Levi and Rhoda Daniell of Holliston, Jan. 5, 1786. Milford
Levi and Rebecca Warren, Oct. 15, 1799. Westminster
Levi and Rebecca Fassett, pub. June 6, 1800. Boylston
Levi and Rebecca Fassett, both of Boylston, July 3,1800. T.R.1, p. 164. Lancaster
Levi and Rebecca Warren, May 10, 1804. Stow
Levi, and Sarah Davis, int. Nov. 25, 1811. Harvard
Levi of Harvard and Sarah Davis, Jan. 6, 1812. Templeton
Levi of Hopkinton and Cynthia Hayward, int. Apr. 12, 1812. Charlton
Levi and Cynthia Hayward of Charlton, int. Apr. 12, 1812. Hopkinton
Levi and Sally Metcalf, Oct. 30, 1816. Royalston
Levi, of Boston and Julia Hosmer of Bedford, by Abel Heywood J. P. 26 May 1825. [p. 373] Concord
Levi and Dorcas Warren, March 2, 1836. Bolton
Levi and Lucy Goddard, May 5, 1842. Webster
Levi, and Susan Sweetser, March 31, 1846. Worcester
Levi F., and Elizabeth L. Clark, m. 15 Mar 1825. Northampton
Levi H., of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and Roxanna W. Gates of L., Apr. 24, 1848. Lowell
Levi S. and Sarah E. Knapp, both of Sutton, Oct. 9, 1836. Int. not recorded. Northbridge
Levi S. and Sarah E. Knapp, Oct. 9, 1836 Sutton
Levi T. and Sarah Tarbell, Nov. 29, 1832. Westborough
Levina and Stephen Cushing Jr. of Marlborough, int. Apr. 2, 1834. Westminster
Levina G. of Westminster and Rev. Stephen Cushing of Marlborough, April 13, 1834. Ashburnham
Levy of Hopkinton and Cynthea Hayward of Charlton, May 24, 1812. [Int. not recorded.] Oxford
Lewis, of C., and Rhoda S. Dodge of Rowe, int. Mar. 1840. Colrain
Lewis and Lucy Goddard of Webster, int. April 7, 1842. Grafton
Lewis and Permelia Vogal Day of Essex, VT., Oct. 17, 1848. In Essex, VT. Petersham
Lewis I. and Ruth Howard, July 18, 1824. Athol
Lewis W., a. 27y., farmer, of Ashburnham, s. Dwell and Emily, and Martha J. Lawrence, a. 21y., of Ashburnham, d. Leonard and Martha, Nov. 29, 1865. Ashby
Lias and Rachel Wheeler of Acton, int. Nov. 20, 1758. Stow
Lidia and Richard Haven, Feb. 4, 1713-4. Framingham
Lilla (Shepard) Whitney and Leon Johnson from Orange, in Orange, May 20, 1905 Orange
Lillian H., 25, of Lexington, b. in Marboro, d. of Edmund C., and Cornelia F. (Shepard), m. Francis Moran Babcock, 29, of Revere, b. in Dartmouth, N.S., s. of Jas. and Mary Agnes (Fowler), Apr. 29, 1894. Lexington
Linda of Hubbardston and Joseph Raymond, int. Sept. 8, 1823. Westminster
Linda and Joseph Raymond of Westminster, Nov. 20, 1823. Hubbardston
Loas and Robert Cooledge [int. Coolidge], Nov. 10, 1779. [Lois and Robert Coolidge, M.R.] [Lois and Robart Cooledge, C.R.] Stow
Loas(___[torn]) [int. Lois Whitney of Wesboro] and Abiahail Chamberlin [int. Abihail Chamberlin], Dec. 4, 1763. [Lois Whitnney of Westborough, and Abihail Chamberlain, C.R.1] Hopkinton
Loice [int. Lois] and Richard Davis, Nov. 19, 1771. [Lois, M.R.] [Louls, C.R.1.] Lincoln
Lois and William Taylor, int. June 30, 1754. Leicester
Lois, of Leicester, and William Taylor of Leicester, Aug. 24, 1754. Worcester
Lois [Lowis in int.] and Abihail Chamberlain, Dec. 4, 1763. Westborough
Lois and David Dudley Jr., Dec. 16, 1773 Sutton
Lois and Eliphalet Mace, both of Boxborough, Mar. 16, 1785, by Jonathan Reed, J.P. Int. not recorded. [p. 230] Littleton
Lois and George Brown Jr. of Shrewsbury, Jan 10, 1791. Grafton
Lois of Grafton and George Brown Jr., Jan. 10, 1791. In Grafton. Shrewsbury
Lois [of] Natick, and Thomas Cummings Jr., June 29, 1791, in Natick. Newton
Lois and Thomas Cummins Jr. of Newton, June 29, 1791. Natick
Lois and Arvin [int.Arven] Fisk, Mar. 30, 1797. Peru
Lois and John Steer of Southwick, int. Mar. 22, 1824. Granville
Lois and Augustus H. Lealand, Feb. 26, 1833. Sherborn
Lois Hill and James Turner, Nov. 14, 1806. Harvard
Loiza and Philander C. Brown, Nov. 30, 1826. Westminster
Lorenzo, and Eliza P. Couch, of Norfolk, m. 27 Nov 1843. Sheffield
Lorenzo and Sarah A. Hall of Grafton, int. March 18, 1848. Westborough
Lorenzo of Westborough and Sarah A. Hall, int. March 18, 1848. Grafton
Lorenzo, butcher, 3d m., of B., a. 38y., b. Sutton, s. Joel and Charlotte A. Peck, 2d m., of Northboro, a. 23y., b. Sutton, d. Joel Peck, Mar. 8, 1866. Berlin
Lorenzo C. and Celestia Fosdick, Sept. 29, 1841. Sandisfield
Lorubamah and Josiah Whetcomb of Lancaster, int. Mar. 20, 1726. Stow
Louis and Francis Wolf [int. reads (Wollf)(Lois)], July 5, 1803. In Brookline. [p. 384] Boston
Louisa of Sherburne, and Cyrus Daniels, int. Sept. 30, 1827. Medway
Louisa and Cyrus Daniels of Medway, Nov. 29, 1827. Sherborn
Louisa, and Sylvester Bangs, both of M., int. Nov. 24, 1832. Montague
Louisa, of L., and Hiram Fiske of Derry, N.H., Mar. 16, 1835. Lowell
Louisa and Rev. Giles Lyman of Jaffrey, N.H., int. Nov. 28, 1835. Winchendon
Louisa of Winchendon and Rev. Giles Lyman of Jaffrey, N.H., Dec. 14, 1835. At Winchendon. C.R. Gardner
Louisa J., d. of Jacob and Hannah, a. 23 y., and George G. Fales of Peterborough, N.H., s. of Ephraim and Olive, b. in Lancaster, a. 27 y., Dec. 20, 1840. Harvard
Louiza Ann (see Lauisa Ann). Lincoln
Love, of Framingham, and Jonathan Battle [Battelle, int.] of Dedham, int. Oct. 20, 175_ [VR], m. Jan. 2, 1754, in Framingham. [Ch84] Dedham
Love and Jonathan Battle of Dedham, Jan. 2, 1754. Framingham
Love and John Taft of Upton, int. March 20, 1772. Westborough
Love and John Taft, Apr. 23, 1772. Upton
Lovina and Ira Hamlin, int. Mar. 12, 1812. [Levina, m. Apr. 8, 1812, C.R.] Hinsdale
Lowis, and Joseph Bellows, b. of Lunenburg, Oct. 3, 1764. Lunenburg
Lucy, of Lunenburg, and Solomon Day of Fitchburg, int. Dec. 24, 1796. Lunenburg
Lucebe, 33, d. Amos, and Silas Newton, widr. [int. omits widr.], 43, blacksmith, of Sudbury, s. Silas, July 24, 1849. Stow
Lucey of Watertown and Benjamin Dana of Cambridge, m. 22 May 1766 Watertown
Lucia, and Jo[h]n H. Blacker [name altered to Blake], both of L., Mar. 1, 1832. Lowell
Lucia M. and Edwin Whitney of New York City, Oct. 25, 1841. [Lucia, d. Moses Esq. C.R.] [Luscia Mead Whitney, Oct. 26, P.R.30] Stow
Lucinda, and Joseph Merrill [both of S., July 3. C. R. 1], 1794. Shelburne
Lucinda and Josiah Page, June 18, 1835. Westminster
Lucinda W. and Zenus M. Larned, Dec. 31, 1834. Millbury
Lucretia, Miss, and Mr. Elias Hastings, int. Oct. 16, 1785. [p. 156] Weston
Lucretia and Elias Hastings, b. of Weston, Feb. 9, 1786, by Rev. Samuel Kendal. [p. 163] Weston
Lucy and Samuel Harrington of Brookfield, int. April 3, 1756. Westborough
Lucy and Samuel Harrington, int. April _____, 1756. Brookfield
Lucy and Asaph Shermon of Grafton, int. June 25, 1762. Shrewsbury
Lucy of Shrewsbury and Asaph Sherman, int. June 26, 1762. Grafton
Lucy of Watertown, and Benjamin Dana, in Watertown, May 22, 1766. Cambridge
Lucy and James Whitcomb Jr. of Harvard, int. Nov. 17, 1768. Stow
Lucy of Stow, and James Whitcombe Jr., int. Nov. 18, 1768. Harvard
Lucy and Joel Adams, Apr. 14, 1772. [Mrs. Lucy, M.R. C.R.1.] Lincoln
Lucy and Samuel Kindell Jr. of New Salem, int. May 4, 1776. Petersham
Lucy, Mrs. [of Petersham, M.R., and Samu[e]ll Kendall [Kindall, jr. M.R.], May 22, 177-, C.R. [1776. M.R.] New Salem
Lucy and Thaddeus Chapin, June 29, 1780. Worcester
Lucy, d. Joseph and Hannah (Chandler), and Martin Severance of S., Nov. 15, 1781. P.R. 14. Shelburne
Lucy of Milford, and Joseph Chamberlain, int. Mar.11, [1786]. Hopkinton
Lucy and Joseph Chamberlain of Hopkinton, Apr. 6, 1786. Milford
Lucy and Obed Hunt, int. Apr. 28, 1787. Pelham
Lucy and Joseph Bigelow, May 8, 1787. Boylston
Lucy and Amos Batchelor, int. Oct. 1, 1792. Upton
Lucy, Miss, of Lunenburg and Mr. Solomon Day of Fitchburg, int. Dec. 25, 1796. (III:50) Fitchburg
Lucy, Miss, of Lunenburg, and Mr. Solomon Day, of Fitchburg, Mar. 5, 1797. (III:239) Fitchburg
Lucy and Jona[than] Buttolph Jr. of Granby, int. Aug. 19, 1798. Granville
Lucy and John Wood of Mendon, int. Mar. 21, 1803. Milford
Lucy of Harvard and John Robins, Feb. 16, 1803. In Brookline. [p. 481] Boston
Lucy and John Robins of Boston, Mar. 24, 1803. Harvard
Lucy of Milford, and John Wood, int. Mar. 26, 1803. Mendon
Lucy of Upton and Abraham Knowlton, int. May 17, 1805. Shrewsbury
Lucy and Abraham Nowlton of Shrewsbury, June 28, 1805. Upton
Lucy and Benjamin Bowman, March 2, 1806. Westborough
Lucy and Jonathan Wood of Gardner, Nov. 27, 1806. Harvard
Lucy and John Knight, Apr. 17, 1811. Harvard
Lucy and Joseph Brown, Oct. 28, 1813. Westminster
Lucy and Calvin Wheeler, both of S., by Reuben Holcomb, Min. of S., Dec. 2, 1813. Sterling
Lucy and Tower Hazard, Oct. 24, 1817. C.R. Boxborough
Lucy, of Bolton, and Joel Brown, int. 4 Nov 1818. [p. 389] Concord
Lucy and Joel Brown of Concord, Dec. 28, 1818. Bolton
Lucy, and Nathaniel Lamson, July 11, 1819. Beverly
Lucy of Princeton and Merril Davis, int. Aug. 7, 1819. Holden
Lucy and Merrill Davis of Holden, Sept. 4, 1819. Princeton
Lucy of Marlborough, and David Ray, int. Jan. 20, 1821. Stow
Lucy and David Ray of Stow, Mar. 21, 1821. Marlborough
Lucy of O. and David I. Chatfield of Windham, N.Y., (Miss Lucy of O. and David J. Chatfield of Windham, N.Y., m. ___ __, 1821, in O., C.R.2), Dec. 2, 1821 Otis
Lucy and Abijah Richardson Jr., Dec. 18, 1821. Royalston
Lucy of Gardner and Oliver Estey, int. Oct. 4, 1824. Westminster
Lucy and Oliver Esty of Westminster, Oct. 12. 1824. Gardner
Lucy [and] Amos Brooks of Franconia, int. Jan. 8, 1825. [m. Jan. 23, C.R.] Stow
Lucy of Winchendon, and Rev. Benjamin Rice, int. Mar. 10, 1825. Deerfield
Lucy and Rev. Benjamin Rice of Deerfield, Mar. 29, 1825. Winchendon
Lucy, Mrs., of New Salem, and Noah Goss of M., int. Oct. 17, 1827. Montague
Lucy, Mrs., and Noah Goss of Montague, Nov. 11, 1827. N.R.1. New Salem
Lucy and Charles C. Parsons of Hartford, Vt., April 3, 1838. Bolton
Lucy of Dover and Francis Day, int. Oct. 31, 1842. Upton
Lucy of Boston and Thomas Livermore, int. Jan. 13, 1843. (III:198) Fitchburg
Lucy of Boston to Thomas Livermore, Feb. 16, 1843. (III:246) Fitchburg
Lucy of Gardner and Ivers Whitney, int. Apr. 27, 1844. Winchendon
Lucy, (d. Seth and Sally, a. 22) and Ivers Whitney of Winchendon, May 23, 1844. Gardner
Miss Lucy A. Whitney of Charlestown & Mr. John S. Jones of Quincy, int. Apr. 25, 1829. Charlestown
Lucy Ann and Benjamin F. Reynolds of Sharon, int. July 9, 1837. Milford
Lucy Ann of Milford and Lieut.Benjamin F. Raynolds,int. July 7,1837. Sharon
Lucy Ann of Milford, and Benjamin F. Reynolds of Sharon, Aug. 3, 1837. Mendon
Lucy Ann M. and Milton Wetherbee, int. Mar. 16, 1843. Westminster
Lucy Atherton, unm., of B., a. 17y., b. Charlestown, d. adopted, E[lisha, int.] and Electa, and James M. Hastings, shoemaker, unm., of B., a. 23y., b. Northboro, s. Henry and Mary [K., int.], Nov. 19, 1862. Berlin
Lucy C. and Alonzo L. Willard, May 7, 1837. Ashburnham
Lucy E. and Sylvanus Wetherbee of Newton, May 6, 1820. Harvard
Lucy E. of Harvard, and Sylvanus Wetherbee, int. Apr. 19, 1829. Newton
Lucy H. and Joseph Brown, int. Oct. 14, 1813. Westminster
Lucy-M., and Asa Thayer, Jr., of Paris, Me., May 28, 1832. Worcester
Lucy N. and John Knight of Dover, N.H., int. Feb. 23, 1834. Bolton
Lucy P. and Elbridge Sufferance, Jan. 31, 1839. Harvard
Luke and Cyntha Partridge, June 30, 1806. Gardner
Luke and Charlotte (Charlotte M., int.) Turner, Apr. 27, 1836. Harvard
Luke and Abby Knight, Mar. 1, 1841. Harvard
Luke, widr., s. _____ and Cynthia, a. 36, chairmaker, and Amanda Wood, both of Gardner, Aug. 20, 1846.* Winchendon
Lurana and George Cannon [int. both of N.B.], Apr. 2, 1840. New Bedford
Luther and Melinda Wetherbee, Jan. 3, 1814. Harvard
Luther F. Whitney of Charlestown, 30, painter, b. Harvard, MA., son of Richard & Sally T., 1st mar., & L. Lorinda Carleton of Charlestown, 27, b. Boston, dau. of William & Lydia, 1st mar., int. Sept. 15, 1849. Charlestown
Luther P. (s. Israel and Sarah, a. 25) and Sophia Howe, Jan. 21, 1846. Marlborough
Lydia and Moses Adams, Apr. 15, 1684. Sherborn
Lydia and Samuel Taylor, Apr. 8, 1741, by Rev. D. Rogers. Int. not recorded. [p. 92] Littleton
Lydia, and Samuel Kinney, both of Dunstable, by Justice Flint, 17 Aug 1744. [p. 161] Concord
Lydia of Holliston, and Isaac Hill of Holliston, May 2, 1745. P.R.3. Hopkinton
Lydia and Joseph Gleason, May 9, 1751. Worcester
Lydia of Mendon, and Sam[uel] Bouker, Dec. 12, 1754, in Mendon. Hopkinton
Lydia and Samuel Bowker of Hopkinton, Dec. 12, 1754. Mendon
Lydia of Mendon, and Samuel Bowker of Hopkinton, Dec. 12, 1754. C.R. Milford
Lydia and Josiah Boyden, both of Worcester, Apr. 16, 1766. Shrewsbury
Lydia and Josiah Boyden, Apr. 16, 1766. In Shrewsbury. Worcester
Lydia, and Stephen Pierce, Sept. 2, 1766. Pepperell
Lydia of Shrewsbury and William Brittain, Nov. 3, 1767. In Shrewsbury. Rutland
Lydia and William Brittan of Rutland, Nov. 3, 1767. Shrewsbury
Lydia of Bolton, and Phineas Warner, in Bolton, Feb. 27, 1769. Harvard
Lydia and Nathan Robbins [int. Robins], Dec. 13, 1785. [Robbins, M.R., C.R.] Stow
Lydia, wid., and Benjamin Scott of Suffield, Apr. 24, 1787. [Apr. 21, C.R.1.] Granville
Lydia and John Elder, Jr., Feb. 15, 1792. Worcester
Lydia, of Conway, and Mark Bangs of M., int. Oct. 19, 1794. Montague
Lydia of C. and Mark [int. Marks] Bangs of Montague, Sept. 18 [sic. int. ent. Sept. 18 and pub. Nov. 4] 1794. Conway
Lydia [Lydda in int.] and Tarrant Cutler, Sept. 28, 1797. Royalston
Lydia and Samuel Sprague, Jan. 18, 1798. Harvard
Lydia of Milford, and Abijah Clark, Sept. 6, 1798. Holliston
Lydia and Abijah Clark of Holliston, Sept. 6, 1798. Milford
Lydia, and Benjamin Appleton, Jr. Sept. 26, 1803. Newburyport
Lydia and John Watson of Amhurst, N.H., Jan. 8, 1804. Shirley
Lydia and John Rockwood, March 20, 1805. Upton
Mrs. Lydia of Harvard and Andrew Bigelow, Oct. 18, 1806. Boylston
Lydia and Andrew Bigelow of Boylston, Oct. 23, 1806. Harvard
Lydia of Lunenburg and Naaman Hastings, int. Aug. 19, 1809. Leominster
Lydia and Samuel Farnsworth, Oct. 22, 1810. (Oct. 23, 1810. C.R.1.) Harvard
Lydia and Samuel Whitney, April 1, 1828. Shrewsbury
Lydia and Charles Whitman, Mar. 26, 1840. Stow
Lydia of Milford, and Joseph H. Welch of Boston, in Milford, Sept. 28, 1840. Mendon
Lydia and Joseph N. (Joseph H., int.) Welsh of Boston, Monday, Sept. 28, 1840. Milford
Lydia F. and Jotham D. Morse, Mar. 30, 1837. Medfield
Lyman and Mary Leland, Mar. 25, 1841. Sherborn


Laban, June 20, 1818, a. 34y. 8m. G.R.3. Milford
Lambert-Lincoln, s. Thomas-Lambert and Mary, Sept. 16, 1796. Northborough
Laura Ann, d. Nelson and Ruth M., consumption, Nov. 21, 1849, a. 5m. 4d. Bellingham
Laura M., d. Richard and Eunice, Feb. 16, 1842. a. 1y. 9m. G.S.3. Winchendon
Lauretta, Nov. 3, 1842. G.R.1. (a. 32 y. C.R.1.) Harvard
Lawrietta, d. Isaiah and Henrietta Whitney, d. August 27, 1836. Provincetown
Leaben, June 20, [1818], P.R.1 Bellingham
Lealand, s. Jabez and Experience, June 23, ____, a. 7. G.R. Hinsdale
Lemuel, s. Lemuel and Sibel, Nov. 14, 1738. Stow
Lemuel, Ens., h. Sibel, Jan. 23, 1755. [a. 48y. 5m. 11d. G.R.1] Stow
Lemuel, s. Lemuel and Mary, Oct. 20, 1797. Royalston
Lemuel, May 6, 1803. Stow
Lemuel, Mar. 14, 1826. Ashby
Leonard, s. Nathan and Eunice, Sept. 26, 1802, a. 2y. 8d.[16d., G.S.1.]. Westminster
Leonard, Dec. 26, 1825, a. 32. Medfield
Lev, Feb. 9, 1796, s. of Jonathan and Lucy. Sterling
Levi, s. Abraham Jr. and Marcy, Nov. 2, 1770. Stow
Levi, s. of Jesse and Mary, June 24, 1788. Milford
Levi, Sept. 18, 1793, a. 16 m. Dysentery. C.R.1. Harvard
Levi, s. Amos and Eunice, March 5, 1796. [a. 7, G.S.] Upton
Levi, s. Elijah and Mindwell, May 1, 1797 Westborough
Levi, Apr. 25, 1818, a. 31 y. 7 m. 26 d. Harvard
Levi, aged 72, single, pauper, parents and birthplace unknown, of consumption, d. 3 Sep 1870. Sheffield
Levina, w. Abner, July 23, 1838, a. 86. Westminster
Levina, w. of Jonathan, June 1, 1843, a. 57y. Lung fever. (a. 58y. G.R.3) Milford
Levinah, d. Abner and Levinah G., Aug. 21, 1837, a. 13m. G.S.4. Ashburnham
Lewis M., b. Ashby, farmer, s. David and Charlotte, of heart disease, June 4, 1885, a. 66y. 3m. Ashby
Lidia, w. of Jonathan Sr., Feb. 3, 1701-2. Sherborn
Lizzie, married, b. Ashby, d. Oliver L. and Mary Wheeler, of tubercular phthisis, July 13, 1887, a. 49y. 11m. 11d. Ashby
Lois, d. of Solomon and Martha, d. 4 Apr 1749. [p. 183] Concord
Lois, d. of Simon and Olive, July 17, 1756. (July 16, 1756, a. abt. 3 y. C.R.1.) Harvard
Lois, d. of Simon, Feb. 26, 1772. C.R.1. Harvard
Lois, May 24, 1793, a. 39 y. Md. Consumption. C.R.1. Harvard
Lois, Miss, 14 Sep 1794, a. 23y. (church record). [p. 421] Concord
Lois, w. of Jason, Nov. 21, 1805. Natick
Lois, d. Mr. John, 6 Nov 1824. [2:260] Warwick
Lorana, d. Levi and wife, 11 Nov 1822. [2:243] Warwick
Louisa, d. of Simeon, Apr. 25, 1836, a. 4y. Natick
Louisa Monteray, d. Joseph H. and Louisa, Aug. 14, 1847, a. 3m. 9d. [Aug. 15, a. 1, "church record, First Church of Christ, North Precinct"] Weymouth
Lucretia, wid. consumption, Aug. 3, 1803, a. 42. Conway
Lucy, d. Caleb and Annis, d. 16 May 1765. Shutesbury
Lucy, d. of Simon and Olivea, Oct. 19, 1765. (Oct. 19, 1764. C.R.1.) Harvard
Lucy, d. of Caleb and Anes, Feb. 7, 1771. T.R.1, p. 109. Lancaster
Lucy, w. Joel, Dec. 1, 1791. [22d year, G.S.1.] Westminster
Lucy, w. of James, Jan. 13, 1810, a. 32 y. G.R.1. Harvard
Lucy, wid. Jonathan Whitney, Oct. 11, 1817. T.R.2, p. 194. Lancaster
Lucy, Mrs., Oct. 11, 1817, a. 74y., old age. C.R.1.2, p. 359. Lancaster
Lucy, Mrs., wid. Mr. Jona., Oct. 11, 1817, a. 74y. G.R.3, p. 445. Lancaster
Lucy, w. of Elias, Oct. 15, 1818, a. 67y. Milford
Lucy, Jan. 6, 1820, a. 68 y. Fits. C.R.1. Harvard
Lucy, ___ __, 1820, Church Record, First Congregational Church of Rochester. Rochester
Lucy, ch. Lemuel, Dec. 14, 1827, a. 8. P.R.6. Granville
Lucy, ___ __, 1827, a. 82 y. (wid. of Dea. Isaac, Dec. 31, 1837, a. 82 y. G.R.1.) Harvard
Lucy, w. William, Dec. 30, 1829. [Dec.4, a. 44, G.S.1]. Ashburnham
Lucy, w. Jonathan, Aug. 19, 1833, a. 32. C.R. Templeton
Lucy, w. Isaac, Dec. 31, 1837. P.R.12. [Lucy, wid, Dec. 30, P.R.30] Stow
(Lucy, C.R.1.), wid. of _____, May 23, 1838, a. 84 y. (a. 87 y. C.R.1.) Harvard
Lucy, d. Chandler and Martha, Aug. 19, 1843, a. 16y. 7m. Consumption. Athol
Lucy, wid. of Dea. Reuben, Nov. 17, 1843, a. 80 y. (Nov. 16, 1843, a. 79 y. C.R. 2.) Harvard
Lucy, suicide, Sept. 23, 1844, a. 74. [w. Jonathan, G.R.1.] Conway
Lucy, d. James and Lucy Ann, lung fever, May 5 1846, a. 3 m. 15 d. Lynn
Lucy, 76y., Aug. 17, 1850. Lexington
Lucy Ann, d. Joseph H. and Lucy, Feb. 4, 1830 Westborough
Lucy Ann (Lucy A. Jones, G.R.3.), w. of W. L. (William L., G.R.3) Aug. 10, 1838, a. 26y. Childbirth. C.R.1. Cambridge
Lucy Arminda, d. Jonathan, Dec. 26, 1840, a. 10. C.R. Templeton
Lucy H., ch. Simeon and Sarah, Sept. 17, 1823. [ch. Simon and Sarah, a. 3m. 5d., G.R.3] Duxbury
Lucy S., d. Samuel R. and Lois, Dec. 13, 1828, a. 9. G.R.2. Granville
Lucy Sawyer, ch. Dea. Abraham and Marcy, Dec. 27, 1834. P.R.12. [ch. Abraham and Mary, Dec. 29, P.R.26] Stow
Luke, s. of (Dea., G.R.1.) Israel and Abigail, May 2, 1795. (a. 2 y. 2 m. 24 d. G.R.1.) Harvard
Luke, h. Cyntha, Sept. 1, 1838 [a. 55. G.S.1]. Gardner
Lura Flavilla,, b Shelburne Falls, d. Sylvester N. and Flavilla, remittent fever, bu. Shelburne Falls, d. Apr. 1, 1846, a. 2 y. 1 m. 5 d. Shelburne
Lydia [w. William, G.R.2], Aug. 22, 1716 [a. 42y., G.R.2]. Groton
Lydia, Mrs., w. of Lieut[enant] Moses, Sept. 7, 1744 in 59th y. G.R. [p. 370] Littleton
Lydia, d. Samuel and Elisabeth, Oct. 3, 1745. Shrewsbury
Lydda, d. Lemuel and Sibbel, Oct. 7, 1753. Stow
Lydia, d. of Jonas Jr. and Zabudah, May 1, 1759. (a. 18 m. 13 d. C.R.1.) Harvard
Lydia, d. Nathaniel and Abigail, Feb. 24, 1776. Grafton
Lydia, widow Ebenezer, Nov. 8, 1776, a. 82, GS 16 Sutton
Lydia, w. of Jonathan, May 4, 1783, a. 77y. G.R.3. Milford
Lydia, d. Abijah and Lydia, Oct. 20, 1793. a. 2y. 1m. 9d. [p. 377, 509] Weston
Lydia, Jan. 18, 1794, a. 28 y. Md. Consumption. C.R.1. Harvard
Mrs. Lydia, w. Abijah, May 5, 1795, a. in her 35th year. [p. 377, see p. 330] Weston
Lydia, Nov. 8, 1796 Sutton
Lydia, w. Lemuel Esq. of Brattleboro, VT. May 27,1800. a. 33 y. 1m. [gravestone record, Old Cemetery, Feeding Hills Centre, Agawam.] West Springfield
Lydia, gr.d. of Elias Jr., Feb. 15, 1804. Milford
Lydia, w. Phin[eha]s, Oct. 11, 1805, in 56th y. [w. Rev. Phinehas, in 57th y., G.R.1] Shirley
Lydia, d. Abijah and Lydia, May 25, 1823, a. 29y. [p. 377, see p. 330] Weston
Lydia, May 25, 1823. [p. 330, see p. 377] Weston
Lydia, May 25, 1825. [p. 330] Weston
Lydia [Lydia A., G.S.1.], w. John, Dec. 19, 1843, a. 41. Westminster
Lydia B. P., housekeeper, consumption, Feb. 28, 1842, a. 26y. 6m. 22d. [w. James P., G.R.1] Shirley
Lydia L., April 21, 1840, a. 21. GS 19 Sutton

Church Membership

Lucy, rec. full comm. Dec. 24, 1780. C.R.1.1, p. 322 Lancaster
Lydia, o.c. May 16, 1784 c.m. Mar. 16, 1788 [p. 503] Weston

Public Records

Leonard, grantor, 1816. FD New Salem

Transients, Strangers, etc.


School Records

Lydia, scholar in the North [East] School, 1808. Weston

Gleanings, Chiefly from the Town Files


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