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Whitney surname and variants.


Madelia Elvira, d. Joshua and Mehitable, June 12, 1846. Gardner
Mahitabel Havens, ch Hezekiah and Mehetabel, Jul. 13, 1804 Otis
Malcom Cowee, s. George and Aldace, Dec. 28, 1846. Westminster
Malvina Leona, d. Joel and Abial, June 10, 1830 Sutton
Manning, s. Lt. Daniel and Sarah, Sept. 8, 1795. Stow
Marah, ch. William and Sarah, Sept. 27, 1791. Lee
Marcus, s. Ivers and Lucy, Sept. 13, 1846. Gardner
Marcus E. M., s. Elies and Fanny, Aug. 19, 1832. Winchendon
Marcy, d. Lemuel and Sibel, Mar. 10, 1742-3. Stow
Marcy, d. Abraham and Marcy [Mary P.R.26], Apr. 27, 1751. Stow
Marcy, d. Joshua and Marcy, Oct. 13, 1767. Stow
Marey, d. Ezra and Marey, Jan. 27, 1768. Douglas
Margaret, d. Ezekiel and Jenet, July 8, 1751 Sutton
Margaret, d. Ezekiel and Jennet, bp. Aug. 18, 1751 C.R.1. Uxbridge
Margeret Ann, d. Jonah and Anna, Feb. 1, 1809. Westborough
Margett, d. Ezekiel and Jennet, bp. Sep. 11, 1748 C.R.1. Uxbridge
Margret, d. Ezekiel and Jenet, July 7, 1748 Sutton
Margaret, d. Rev. Peter and Julia, Feb. 12, 1774. Northborough
Margret, d. Moses and Rebekah [dup. Rebecca], May 8, 1741. Newton
Maria, d. of Josiah and Rhoda, May 15, 1812. Harvard
Maria Bird, d. of Justus and Mary, May 14, 1831. Harvard
Maria Elizabeth, d. Mrs. Charles, June 3, 1842, in the Weston Poor-house. [p. 247] Weston
Maria Hopestill, d. John and Maria (Shed), Nov. 20, 1839. Danvers
Maria P., d. of Joseph and Ann, _____, 1834. G.R.3. Chelsea
Mariam, d. twin, Elisha and Eunice, Feb. 5, 1800. Beverly
Marian, d. of Moses and Patty, Dec. 11, 1808. Harvard
Marietta, d. Joseph 2d and Nancy, July 27, 1821. Gardner
Marietta, d. of John and Mary Ann, Nov. 9, 1844. Harvard
Marilla Lovisa [_____], w. Samuel H., Mar. 11, 1806. G.R.2. Granville
Mark, s. Mark and Tabitha, Apr.11, 1732-3. Hopkinton
Mark, ch. Mark, bp. Aug. 17, 1746. C.R.1 Hopkinton
Mark, s. of Thomas and Methetable, May 18, 1766. Natick
Mark, s. Daniel and Sarah, Jan. 18, 1825. Stow
Marrion-Eugene, d. John and Mary, Oct. 26, 1829. Princeton
Marsa, d. George and Sarah, Dec.22, 1749. Holliston
Marshall, s. of Reuben 2d and Mille, Mar. 9, 1809. Harvard
Martha, d. Thomas and Mary, b. 30 Jan 1673 Watertown
Martha, d. Jofeph and Martha, b. 20 10mo 1677 Watertown
Martha, d. of Joseph Whitney, bapt. 16 Jan 1686/7. Watertown
Martha, d. Josiah and Miriam, b. June 10, 1712. Chelmsford
Martha, d. William and Martha, Apr. 4, 1716. [p. 10] Weston
Martha, d. of James and Martha, Nov. 9, 1721. Sherborn
Martha, adult d. Wm. (dec'd), bap. Dec. 29, 1734. [p. 424] Weston
Martha, d. of James and Patience, Aug. 16, 1747. Sherborn
Martha, d. Joseph and Mary, May 31, 1752. Newton
Martha, d. Solomon and Martha, May 14, 1754. Lincoln
Martha, d. Lieut. Samuel and Abigail, Nov. 26, 1755. Westminster
Martha, d. Samuel and Abigail, Sept. 18, 1764 [dup.]. Westminster
Martha, d. Samuel and Mary, Nov. 18, 1765. Worcester
Martha, d. of Ephraim and Mary, Feb. 9, 1771. Framingham
Martha [ù], w. Nathan, _ [1791]. G.R.2. Lincoln
Martha, d. Ebenezer and Martha, Mar. 5, 1793. Worcester
Martha, d. Nathan and Marthy, Nov. 27, 1809. Lincoln
Martha-Adeline, d. Levi and Rebeckah, Aug. 21, 1816. Boylston
Martha, d. of Charles Whitney, bapt. 22 Jun 1817. Watertown
Martha Ann, d. of Jacob and Mercy, Mar. 22, 1812. Harvard
Martha Ann, d. of Ebenezer and Mary, in Brighton, Feb.9, 1817. Natick
Martha Beaman, d. Capt. Hananiah and Sally, Nov. 8, 1822. Winchendon
Martha Downe, d. Aaron and Polly, Feb. 26, 1828. Westminster
Martha J., w. Lewis, ___ __, 1844. G.S.4. Ashburnham
Martha K. [dup. R.], d. Rev John and Mary, June 6 [dup. Jan. 6, written over June 6], [1845]. Waltham
Martha-Lincoln, d. Thomas-Lambert and Mary, June 16, 1799. Northborough
Martha Lovina, ch. Orlando and Phebe, July 29, 1834. Conway
Martha Maria, d. Joseph H. and Lucy, Apr. 13, 1824. Shrewsbury
Martha Messinger, d. of Eliab and Catharine T., Feb. 3, 1845. Wrentham
Martha Ropes, d. Rev. John and Mary, July 24, 1843. Waltham
Martha Roxana, d. Joseph and Eliza, Sept. 5, 1848. Dup. Bolton
Martha Sheldon, d. Theodore and Marilla, July 3, 1824. Chester
Martha W. [?m], July 25, 1807, [in lot with Susan] G.R.3. New Bedford
Martin, s. of James and Susanna, June 17, 1787. Sherborn
Martin, Aug. 16, 1810. G.R.2 Cambridge
Mary (see Polly) Conway
Mary, d. John & Ruth, b. 23 2m 1650 Watertown
Mary, d. Thomas and Mary, b. 22 10mo 1663 Watertown
Mary, May 1, 1666. Tisbury
Mary, d. Thomas and Mary, b. 6 aug 1668 Watertown
Mary, d. Joshua, 1:5:[16]75. Groton
Mary, d. Thomas and Elizabeth, Jan. 13, [16]85. M.R. Stow
Mary, d. of John and Mary, Mar. 27, 1689. Sherborn
Mary, d. Samuell and Mary, b. 30 Sep 1689 Watertown
Mary, d. of Eliazer and Dorothy his wife, b. 30 Aug 1692. [p. 37] Concord
Mary, d. Joseph and Martha, b. 21 Apr 1694 Watertown
Mary, d. of Jonathan and Susanah, May 28, 1710. Sherborn
Mary, d. Richard and Hannah, Nov. 24, 1715. Stow
Mary, and Jonathan Crouch, both of Stow, July 1, 1718. Concord
Mary, d. of James and Martha, May 12, 1720. Sherborn
Mary, d. Cornelius and Sarah, Aug. 20, 1722. Groton
Mary, d. Nathanil and Mary, Feb. 15, 1727. Westborough
Mary, d. Nathan [and] Mary, June 4, 1727. Stow
Mary, d. of Jonathan and Tryphene, Jan. 8, 1727-8. Wrentham
Mary, d. Moses and Lydia, July 30, 1729. [p. 29] Littleton
Mary, d. Abraham and Mary, Oct. 28, 1729. Stow
Mary, d. Daniel and Dorothy, b. 10 Sep 1731 Watertown
Mary, d. Mark and Tabitha, Oct. 4, 1731. [Whittney, C.R.1] Hopkinton
Mary, d. Joshua and Hannah, Oct. 27, 1732 Uxbridge
Mary, d. Susanna, Dec. 29, 1732. [p. 37] Weston
Mary, d. Benja. and Rebeccah, b. 12 Jul 1733 Watertown
Mary, d. of Benja Whitney, Junr, bapt. 22 Jul 1733. Watertown
Mary, d. Susanna, "she acknowl: her sin Publ." (b. last Dec.), bap. May 13, 1734. [p. 422] Weston
Mary, d. of John and Lydia, b. Sept. 3, 1735. Lexington
Mary, s. of Daniel Whitney, bapt. 19 Sep 1736. Watertown
Mary, d. of Elijah and Rebekah, June 26, 1738. Harvard
Mary, d. Israel and Hannah, July 22, 1741. Oxford
Mary, d. William and Mary, Dec. 12, 1742. [p. 69] Weston
Mary, d. William and Mary, b. last w., bap. Dec. 5, 1742. [p. 439] Weston
Mary, d. Joshua and Zeuiah [dup. Zeruiah], Nov. 29, 1743. Stow
Mary, d. William and Mary, Mar. 6, 1744. [p. 69] Weston
Mary, d. William and Mary, b. w. before last, bap. Mar. 18, 1743-4. [p. 442] Weston
Mary, d. Samuel and Abigail, May 29, 1744 [dup.]. Westminster
Mary, d. of Abraham and Sarah, Sept. 16, 1744. Harvard
Mary, d. Eleazer and Mary, Sept. 18, 1744. Westborough
Mary, d. Moses and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], Feb 1, 1744-5. Newton
Mary, d. of David and Mehetable, Nov. 5, 1745. Natick
Mary, d. of David and Methatable, Nov. 5, 1745. Natick
Mary, d. Daniel and Hannah, May 31, 1747. Chelmsford
Mary, d. of Micha, bp. Sept. 11, 1748. C.R. Natick
Mary, d. Joshua, bap. May 13, 1750. Church Record. Spencer
Mary [Lucy?], d. Rev. Aaron and Alice, April 9, 1751. Petersham
Mary. d. Ephraim & Esther, bp. Aug. 25, 1751. C.R.1. Pepperell
Mary, d. David and Mary, Dec. 22, 1751. Waltham
Mary, d. Zechariah and Sarah, April 8, 1752. Lunenburg
Mary, d. Joseph and Mary, bap. May 3, 1752. [p. 462] Weston
Mary, d. Joseph and Hannah, b. 7 Apr 1755. Shutesbury
Mary, d. of Richard and Mary, July 3, 1755. Harvard
Mary, d. Nathaniel and Abigail, March 19, 1759. Grafton
Mary, d. Joshua and Mary, June 19, 1761. Worcester
Mary, d. Simon and Mary, b. 10 Jan 1762 Watertown
Mary, d. Simon and Mary, b. 10 Jan 1762 Watertown
Mary, d. of Simon Whitney, bapt. 10 Jan 1762. Watertown
Mary, d. Elemuell and Elisabeth, June 4, 1763. Stow
Mary, d. of Jason and Elizabeth, Mar. 24, 1765. Natick
Mary, d. of Phinehas and Kezia, May 15, 1766. Harvard
Mary, d. Jonathan and Sufanna, b. 10 Jan 1767 Watertown
Mary, d. of Jonathan and Mary, Jan. 14, 1767. T.R.1, p. 108. Lancaster
Mary, w. Eli Stearns, Jan. 14, 1767. G.R.2, p. 439. Lancaster
Mary, d. Abraham and Marcy [Mary F.R.26], Feb 3, 1767. Stow
Mary, d. of Jona Whitney, bapt. 17 Jan 1768. Watertown
Mary, d. Daniel and Dorathy, Feb. 9, 1769. Stow
Mary, d. Israel and Jemima, b. 22 Feb 1769 Watertown
Mary, d. of Israel Whitney, bapt. 25 Feb 1770. Watertown
Mary, d. of Daniel and Meriam, May 12, 1770. Sherborn
Mary, d. William and Mary, born at Lincoln, Apr. 11, 1773. Winchendon
Mary, d. W[illia]m and w., bp. Apr. 18, 1773. C.R.I. Lincoln
Mary, d. Ezra and Mary, Jun. 12, 1773. Douglas
Mary, d. Timothy and Catherine, Jan. 2, 1774. Shrewsbury
Mary, d. Ezra and Marey, Jun. 12, 1776. Douglas
Mary, d. John and Mary, 26 Sep 1776. [1:31] Warwick
Mary, d. of Oliver and Hannah, Mar. 3, 1781. Natick
Mary, d. Samuel and Azuba, Dec. 9, 1782. Douglas
Mary, d. of Mathias and Dorcas, b. 24 Oct 1788. Hancock
Mary, ch. William and Sarah, June 26, 1790. Lee
Mary, d. Joshia and w., bp. June 23, 1791. C.R.1 Granville
Mary, d. Judah and Mary, at Ashburnham, June 6, 1794. Ashby
Mary, d. Josiah and Polly, at Waltham, Sep. 14, 1796. Ashby
Mary, ch. Josiah Jr. and Mary, Sept. 14, 1796. Waltham
Mary, d. Amasa and Abigail, Apr. 3, 1798. Newton
Mary, d. Elijah, bp. _____, 1799, C.R.1. Brookline
Mary, d. of Abraham and Rebecca, Jan. 17, 1800. Harvard
Mary, d. Jonas and Mary, Feb. 20, 1801 Otis
Mary, d. of Aaron and Edy, July 24, 1801. Sherborn
Mary, d. Jason Jr. and Hannah, Nov. 26, 1801. Natick
Mary, d. Phinehas and Bethia, Mar. 17, 1803. Winchendon
Mary, d.of Jonas and Mary , Mar. 7, 1804. T.R.2, p. 224. Lancaster
Mary, d. Moses and Rebecca, Apr. 17, 1805. Milton
Mary, d. Joshua and Vashti, Dec. 20, 1807. Gardner
Mary, d. David and Elizabeth, Aug. 19, 1808. Westminster
Mary, d. Ohio and Mary, July 23, 1809. Ashburnham
Mary, d. Timothy and Rowena, Nov. 30, 1809. Boylston
Mary, d. of James and Lucy, Dec. 17, 1809. Harvard
Mary, w. of Jonas, bap. Aug. 5, 1810. C.R.1.2, p. 344. Lancaster
Mary, d. of Jonas, bap. Aug. 5, 1810. C.R.1.2, p. 344. Lancaster
Mary, d. Lemuel and Sarah, Mar. 12, 1812. Ashby
Mary, d. of Isaac and Mary, May 12, 1812. Sherborn
Mary, d. Francis and Polly, July 16, 1812. Needham
Mary, d. of Isaiah 3d and Lydia, Feb. 23, 1813. (Mary, d. of Is[siah] 3d dec. and Lydia, bp. May 15, 1813. C.R.1.) Harvard
Mary Ann, d. of Israel Whitney, bapt. 19 Feb 1814. Watertown
Mary, ch. Asa and Sally, Jan. 22, 1815. P.R.14. Stow
Mary, ch. Abel and Sylvia, Feb. 28, 1815 Orange
Mary, d. of Cyrus and Polly, Feb. 1, 1824. Harvard
Mary, d. Luke and Cynthia, bap. Aug. 12, 1827. C.R. Gardner
Mary, d. Erastus M., Apr. 28, 1828 [Apr. 28 written above Jun. 26 crossed out] Otis
Mary (see Polly) 1833 Otis
Mary, d. Horace and Mary, Dec. 20, 1834. Hubbardston
Mary, w. Charles, May 19, 1836. G.S.2. Gardner
Mary, d. David and Catherine, ?[after 1837]. Westford
Mary, d. Seth and Chloe, Jan. 13, 1838. Gardner
Mary, d. Jonas Jr. and Lucinda, Feb. 6, 1841. Westminster
Mary [? m.], ___ __, 1849. G.R.3 Nantucket
Mary A., June 20, 1800. G.R.3. Cambridge
Mary A. [_____], w. of David M. Oct. 7, 1805. G.R.1. Natick
Mary A., d. Benjamin and Olive, May 29, 1826. Millbury
Mary A., d. William, milk man, and Mary, Feb. 7, 1847. Roxbury
Mary Abby, d. Charles H. and Abby A., July 14, 1853. (8:97) Fitchburg
Mary Alona, d. John and Lydia, Oct. 23, 1829. Westminster
Mary-Ann, d. Thomas-Lambert and Mary, Oct. 23, 1797. Northborough
Mary Ann, d. twin [Dr. C.R.1.] Elisha and Eunice, Feb. 5, 1800. Beverly
Mary Ann, d. Hezekiah and Sarah, May 27, 1800. Stow
Mary Ann, d. Abijah and Anna, bap. Oct. 29, 1809. [p. 521] Weston
Mary Ann, w. Judson Niles Farrar, ____, 1812. G.R.1 Abington
Mary Ann, d. of Stephen and Mary, Mar. 19, 1813. Deerfield
Mary Ann, d. David and Semaria, June 19, 1823. Westborough
Mary Ann, d. Samuel and Fanny, Jan. 23, 1825. Shrewsbury
Mary Ann, d. Richard and Eunice, March 5, 1825. Winchendon
Mary Ann, d. of Benjamin and Methable, Nov. 5, 1829. (III:343-344) Fitchburg
Mary Ann, d. Dwelly and Emily, July 15, 1831. Ashburnham
Mary Ann, d. Abijah & Lydia, b. May 30, 1833. Pepperell
Mary Ann, ch, Abram and Mary Ann, Apr. 12, 1834. Waltham
Mary Ann, ch. James S. and Laurinda C., Sept. 16, 1837. Conway
Mary Ann, ch. Abram and Mary Ann, Mar. 15, 1840. Waltham
Mary Ann, d. William W. and Susannah, Dec. 10, 1844 Rutland
Mary Ann Bird, d. of Justin and Sally, bp. Oct. 23, 1831. C.R.2. Harvard
Mary Ann Keziah, d. Otis and Mary, Oct. 21, 1829. Stow
Mary Antoinette, d. of Jesse and Rebeccah, Aug. 2, 1824. Framingham
Mary Asenath, d. David and Semaria, Nov. 17, 1824. Westborough
Mary Asenath, d. John A. and Asenath, March 30, 1835. In Boston. Bolton
Mary Augusta, ch. Orlando and Phebe, Oct. 18, 1830. Conway
Mary B., d. Jonathan W. and Nabby, July 13, 1820. Stow
Mary B., d. Christopher, carpenter, and Dolly, Jan 2, 1842. Stow
Mary B, d. Nathaniel and Susan, June 21, 1844. Westford
Mary Beal, d. Capt. Hananiah and Sally, July 17, 1821. Winchendon
Mary Caroline, d. N[athan] and L[ydia], Oct. 10, 1840. Lincoln
Mary E., _____, 1837. G.S.3. Chelsea
Mary E., d. Jason and Susan E., Nov. 5, 1847. Ashburnham
Mary E., d. Lorenzo, farmer, and Eliza P., b. 29 May 1848. Sheffield
Mary Eliza, d. John and Mary (Russel), Dec. 31, 1817. P.R.14. Salem
Mary Eliza, d. Luke and Mary D., Sept. 11, 1844. Gardner
Mary Eliza, d. John B., merchant, and Lucinda, at Shelburne Falls, Feb. 7, 1845. Shelburne
Mary Elizabeth, d. Aaron and Polly, May 5, 1825. Westminster
Mary Elizabeth, d. Ebenezer and Anne, Jan. 14, 1833. Millbury
Mary Elizabeth, d. Christopher and Dolly, Mar. 3, 1834. P.R.19. Stow
Mary Elizabeth, d. Amasa Jr. and Mary, June 27, 1835. Winchendon
Mary Elizabeth, d. of William and Elizabeth H., Mar. 2, 1837. Cambridge
Mary Elizabeth, d. of Lyman and Mary, Nov. 7, 1843. Sherborn
Mary Elizabeth, d. George and Eliza Ann, Oct. 11, 1847. Royalston
Mary Elvira, d. Walter and Elvira (Dunn), May 15, 1859. (8:97) Fitchburg
Mary Emerietta, d. Scolley and Mary, May 3, 1833. Lynn
Mary Evelyn Carter, w. Col. George, ___ __, 1849. G.S.3. Winchendon
Mary-Everett, d. Reuben-P.and Clarasa-C., Dec. 23, 1831. Princeton
Mary F., d. Elies and Fanny, Dec. 31, 1824. Winchendon
Mary F. 2d, d. Elies and Fanny, Nov. 28, 1827. Winchendon
Mary Farwell, d. of Nathan and Nancy, Jan. 4, 1832. Harvard
Mary G. Carlton, w. Nelson, Feb. 28, 1837. G.S.4. Ashburnham
Mary Gates, d. Moses and Lucy, Aug. 31, 1807. Stow
Mary Goodridge, d. Amasa and Mary, Aug. 2, 1819. Winchendon
Mary H. [_____], w. of Israel, July 21, 1804. G.R.3. Cambridge
Mary H. [_____], w. of Ephraim, Dec. 6, 1825. G.R. 3. Harvard
Mary Hall, d. Moses and Susanna, Dec. 5, 1822. Upton
Mary Hartwell, d. George W. and Dolly, Dec. 20, 1838. Westminster
Mary Hayward, d. of Isaiah and Mary, Mar. 9, 1777. Harvard
Mary J., d. Moses and Susanna, June 23, 1827. Upton
Mary J., d. John B. and Harriet, Oct. 23, 1833. Ashby
Mary J. [_____], w. of _____, Apr. 6, 1834. G.R.3. Chelsea
Mary J., d. Ohio and Mary R., Aug. 23, 1843. Ashburnham
Mary Jane, d. John and Mary (Russel), June 14, 1813. P.R.14. Salem
Mary Jane, d. Nathan and Martha, May 28, 1818. Lincoln
Mary Jane, d. Joseph 2d and Nancy, Sept. 27, 1819. Gardner
Mary Jane, d. Ebenezer W. and Jane R., Sept. 1, 1849. Royalston
Mary Jones, d. Theodore and Betsey, June 2, 1843. Westminster
Mary Kemball, d. Daniel and Mary, b. 2 Apr 1775 Watertown
Mary Kimbal, d. of Daniel Whitney, bapt. 5 Nov 1780. Watertown
Mary L., d. Dexter O. and Catherine, April 16, 1840. Westborough
Mary L. Beals, w. John M., ___ __, 1827. G.S.3. Winchendon
Mary L. P. [_____] [w. Otis], ___ __, 1796. G.R.1. Stow
Mary Lois, d. Daniel and Sarah, Mar. 9, 1837. Stow
Mary Louisa, d. of Benjamin F. and Louisa, Dec. 25, 1828. Harvard
Mary M., d. Nathaniel P. and Sarah D., Aug. 11, 1847. Shrewsbury
Mary Mansfield, w. William, ___ __, 1745. In Waltham. G.S.1. Winchendon
Mary Margaret, d. Martin L., manufacturer, and Mary R., Feb. 3, 1845. Lowell
Mary Maria, d. Moses and Polly, Aug. 2, 1824. Windsor
Mary Murdock, w. Amasa, Oct. 3, 1811. G.S.3. Winchendon
Mary-Newton, d. John and Mary, Sept. 28, 1831. Princeton
Mary P., d. of Rev. Daniel S. and H. S. P. C., Mar. 12, 1849. Milford
Mary P. [Baker], w. Joseph, b. 1846. G.R.1. Pepperell
Mary Paulena, d. Henry and Mary A., Aug. 25, 1830. Gardner
Mary Perry, d. of Jacob and Mercy, July 25, 1814. Harvard
Mary R., w. Ohio Jr., ___ __, 1818. G.S.4. Ashburnham
Mary R., d. of George and Polly, July 15, 1818. Harvard
Mary R., ch. Rev John and Mary A, Mar. 1, 1839. Waltham
Mary R., d. Elia M., grocer, and Catherine R., Jan. 5, 1848. Roxbury
Mary Reed, d. Nathan and Eunice, Apr. 3, 1806. Westminster
Mary Richards, d. Israel and Mary, June 11, 1802, bap. July 4, 1802. Needham
Mary Sawyer, d. Joseph 2d and Nancy, Feb. 20, 1831. Gardner
Mary (Titus), ___ __, 1828. G.S.1. Westminster
Mary W., d. William K.and Deborah, March 16, 1830. Athol
Mary W., d. Samuel B. and Mary W., Sept. 10, 1847. Waltham
Mary Walker [_____], w. of Simon, Aug. 25, 1802. [G.R.2] Framingham
Maryan, d. Ezra and Lucy, 30 Apr 1819. [p. 248] Southbridge
Mason, s. of (Dea., C.R.) Micah and Lydia, Dec. 16, 1765. Natick
Mathias, s. of Mathias and Olive, b. 30 Oct 1794. Hancock
Matilda, ch. Abel and Sylvia, July 15, 1811 Orange
Matthias, s. Cornelies and Sarah, May 26, 1720. Groton
Maud Lillian, d. of William L., farmer, (b. in Westford), and Hannah M., (b. in Hinsdale), June 2, 1882. Cummington
Mayron, s. William and Fanny, Jan. 11, 1825. Ashby
Medora [_____], w. of Otis, _____, 1832. G.R.5. Milford
Mehetabel (twin), d. Hezekiah and Mehetabel, Mar. 20, 1802 Otis
Mehetable, d. of Jonathan and Susanna, Dec. 27, 1718. Sherborn
Mehitable, d. Joshua and Mehitable, July 17, 1756. Spencer
Mehetable, d. of Thomas and Mehetable, Aug. 8, 1762. Natick
Meheteble, d. of Ephraim and Sarah, Aug. 22, 1773. Natick
Mehitable [_____], w. of Jonathan, Aug. 12, 1795. G.R.1. Harvard
Mehitable Havens (see Mahitable Havens Whitney) Otis
Melinda, d. Moses and Nabby, Nov. 17, 1793. Phillipston
Melinda L., w. Gilbert H., _____ __, 1826. G.S.1. Athol
Melissa Alvira, d. of Nathan and Nancy, Mar. 10, 1829. Harvard
Melissa R., d. Nelson and Ruth M., Jan. 28, 1847. Bellingham
Melissa Ruth, d. of Nelson and Ruth M., Mar. 12, 1839. Milford
Mellen, s. of Elias Jr. and Lucy, Dec. 9, 1774. Mendon
Mercy, d. James and Mercy, b. 5 Sep 1723 Watertown
Mercy, d. of Abraham and Sarah, bp. Sept. 23, 1744. C.R.1. Harvard
Mercy, d.of David and Mehetable, Jan. 8, 1751. Natick
Mercy, ch. David and Rachel, Sept. 10, 1771. Conway
Mercy, d. of Jacob and Lois, Feb. 20, 1774. Harvard
Mercy, d. Samuel and Azubah, Sep. 30, 1786. Douglas
Mercy, d. of Abraham 2d and Alice, July 16, 1802. Harvard
Mercy, d. of Oliver and Mercy, Jan. 10, 1815. Harvard
Mercy (see Marcy). Stow
Mercy Fairbank, d. of Reuben and Lucy, July 15, 1786. Harvard
Mercy Maria, d. Nathan and Marthy, May 16, 1813. Nathan, s. Nathan [and] Marthy, Mar. 1, 1808. Lincoln
Merell, s. Charles and Sally, Dec. 24, 1831. Westminster
Meria, d. Joseph & Abigail, b. May 30, 1746. Pepperell
Meriam, d. Josiah and Meriam, Aug. 9, 1721. Chelmsford
Meriam [Miriam C.R.], d. Solomon and Elizabeth, Jul. 31, 1751. Marlborough
Meriam, d. Amos and Sophia, Aug. 30, 1812. Royalston
Merrick, s. Samuel and Abigail, Dec. 31, 1804. Ashburnham
Merrick, s. Merrick and Harriet, Dec. 24, 1831. Ashburnham
Micah, s. of James and Martha, June 4, 1725. Sherborn
Micah, s. Jason and Arabela, Nov. 8, 1730. Sudbury
Micah, s. Jason and Arrabellah, Nov. 9, 1730. Grafton
Micah, s. Micah and Lydia, June 20, 1753. Natick
Micah, s. Ezra and Marey, May 26, 1778. Douglas
Michael, s. Elisha and Eunice, Nov. 11, 1779. Beverly
Michael, s. Dr. Elisha and Eunice, bp. Nov. 14, 1779. CR 5. Ipswich
Michael, s. Elisha and Eunice, July 10, 1787. Beverly
Michel, s. Elisha and Eunice, bp. Aug. 5, 1787. CR 5. Ipswich
Miles F., s. Erastus M., Mar. 25, 1838 Otis
Milla, d. John and Sarah, Dec. 26, 1777. Bolton
Milly Pollard, d. of Richard 2d and Sally, Oct. 16, 1822. Harvard
Milo Lakin, s. William & Anna, b. Jan. 6, 1810. Pepperell
Milo Leander, s. Milo S. and Mary W. (Trumbull), Apr. 30, 1833. Lowell
Milton, s. Jonas and Mary, Apr. 17, 1807 Otis
Milton, s. Silas and Hannah, Oct. 9, 1823. Ashburnham
Mime, d. of Simeon and Achsah, Feb. 3, 1797. Sherborn
Mindwell Clarindra, d. Elijah and Mindwell, Feb. 1l, 1801. Westborough
Minerva[?] Elizabeth, [ch.] _____ [and] Laura (Anable), bp. Sept. 4, 1819. Church Record, Church of Christ, Worthington. Worthington
Minerva P., d. Benjamin and Olive, July 18, 1829. Millbury
Miraam Leland, d. of Aaron and Ede, Nov. 8, 1811. Sherborn
Miriam, d. of Jonas Jr. and Zebudah, Aug. 8, 1752. Harvard
Miriam, d. Nathan and Tabitha, Aug 25, 1755. Stow
Molley, d. Ephraim and Jane, Sept. 25, 1755. Lunenburg
Molley, d. Abraham and Marcy, Dec. 15, 1764. [Mollie, ch. Abraham and Mary, P.R.26] Stow
Molley, d. Abner, bap. Sep. 25, 1774. Groton
Molley Everett, d. Jonas and Elizabeth, Oct. 25, 1792. Westminster
Molly, d. Aaron and Margaret, Dec. 21, 1757. Roxbury
Molly, d. Ebenezer and Anna, Apr. 3, 1768. Medford
Molly, d. Ebenezer and Anna, Aug. 5, 1769. Medford
Molly, d. Samuel and Molly, Apr. 14, 1772. Worcester
Molly, d. Joshua, bap. May 17, 1772. Church Record. Spencer
Molly, d. of Eliphalet and Sarah, bp. May 14, 1786. C.R. Boxborough
Moriah, d. of Abraham 2d and Alice, Nov. 15, 1807. Harvard
Moses, s. Timothy and Margarett, June 20, 1714. Roxbury
Moses, s. of Jonas and Margaret, Oct. 17, 1733. Harvard
Moses, s. of John Whitney, bapt. 3 Sep 1738. Watertown
Moses, s. Moses and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], Apr. 9, 1743. Newton
Moses, s. Joseph and Hannah, b. 19 Apr 1746. Shutesbury
Moses, s. Ephraim and Jane, Jan. 11, 1747. Lunenburg
Moses, s. Ezra and Maray, Mar. 7, 1757. Douglas
Moses, s. of Moses and Betty, Mar. 18, 1761. Harvard
Moses, s. Moses and Betty, March 28, 1762. Templeton
Moses, s. Samuel and Mary, Aug. 22, 1763. Worcester
Moses, s. Samuel and Mary, Jul. 2, 1764. Worcester
Moses, s. Samuell J. and Phebe, Oct. 20, 1765. Shrewsbury
Moses, s. Samuell J. and Phebe, Jan. 26, 1767. Shrewsbury
Moses, s. Jabez and Experience, Feb. 22, 1772. Medway
Moses, s. of A[a]ron and Anna, May 3, 1772. Harvard
Moses, s. Joseph, Jr., and Abigail, b. 24 Sep 1772. Shutesbury
Moses, s. Moses and Betty, July 15, 1773. Templeton
Moses, s. of Aaron and Sarah, Oct. 5, 1775. Harvard
Moses, s. of Isaac and Lucy, Feb. 14, 1782. Harvard
Moses, s. Isaac and Lucy, bp. Apr. 7, [17]82. C.R. [b. Feb. 14, P.R.30] Stow
Moses, s. Ephrain Jr. and Jemima, Aug. 31, 1786. Upton
Moses, s. Samuel and Thankful, May 19, 1789. Westminster
Moses, s. Hananiah and Azubah, Nov. 28, 1789. Winchendon
Moses, s. Moses and Rebecca, Oct. 7, 1802. Milton
Moses, s. Thomas bap. (C.R.1), Jun. 3, 1804. Marlborough
Moses, ch. Moses and Polly, Aug. 14, 1814. Hinsdale
Moses, ch. Jabez and Sarah, May 6, 1816 Orange
Moses, s. Jonathan W. and Mabby, Nov. 15, 1823. Stow
Moses Gill, s. of Josiah and Sarah, Feb. 4, 1791. Harvard
Moses Gill, ch. Josiah, bp. Oct. 2, 1791, C.R.1. Acton
Moyfes, s. Richard and Marrtha, b. 1 6mo 1655 Watertown
Myra, d. Jonas and Elizabeth, Jul. 16, 1799. Westminster
Myron W., s. William and Fanny, Jan. 11, 1825. Ashby
Myron W., s. William and Fanny, Sep. 6, 1835. Ashby


Mahitable H., Miss of O., and Nathan Smith of Sandisfield, Oct. 6, 1831 Otis
Marcus and Susan A Tryon, Apr. 16, 1834. P.R.6. Granville
Marcy and Abraham Furrabush of Acton, int. Nov. 24, 1769. [m. Nov. 24, 1769, P.R.24] Stow
Marcy, [int. adds wid.] and Oliver Wimon [int. Wiman], Feb. 11, 1775. [Mercy, wid., and Oliver Wiman, C.R.] Stow
Marcy of Stow, and Peter Houghton, in Stow, July 27, 1782. Harvard
Marcy and Peter Houghton [int. Hougton] of Harvard, July 27, 1782. [Mercy and Peter Houghton of Harvard, M.R.] [Mercy and Peter Hougton of Harvard, July 11, C.R.] Stow
Marcy of Douglas, and Samuel Read Jr., int. Jun. 10, 1792 Uxbridge
Marcy and Zachariah Partridge, Aug. 4, 1799. Holden
Marcy F. (Mercy Fairbank, int.) and Jacob Whitney, Feb. 20, 1806. Harvard
Margaret and Jonas Wheeler, Jan. 22, 1756. Petersham
Margaret and Robert Barnard, Dec. 18, 1766 [Margaret d. Dr. John and Margaret and Robert Barnard, s. Robert and Hepsibeth (Coffin), P.R.38.] Nantucket
Margaret, of Newton, and Elijah Whitney of B., at Newton, Mar. 25, 1798. Brookline
Margaret and Elijah Whitney, Mar. 25, 1798. Newton
Margaret and Josiah Adams of Quincy, Oct. 8, 1804. Northborough
Margaret A. of Boston, and Asael Gould, int. June 22, 1823. Newton
Maria, and Joel Smith, Junr., b. of Watertown, int. 10 Jan 1807. Watertown
Maria, and Joel Smith, Jr., b. of Watertown, m. 11 May 1807. Watertown
Maria and Daniel Willis, Apr. 19, 1828. Harvard
Miss Maria of Marlborough and Hiel J. Nelson, of Woburn, int. Apr. 30, 1837. Woburn
Maria and Hiel J. Nelson of Woburn, May 31, 1837. Marlborough
Maria A., 19, and Francis P. Pratt, 26, of Southbridge, Dec. 2, 1846. T.R.4, p. 255. Lancaster
Maria C., of Boston, and L. Sumner Morgan of Salem, Apr. 11, 1847. Andover
Maria H., 25, of Lexington, b. in Acton, d. of John and Elizabeth, m., in Waltham, John C. Hildreth, 27, of Lexington, b. in Dorchester, s. of Sam'l and Sophia, Oct. 28, 1867. Lexington
Mariah, and Ebenezer Davis of Rindge, N.H., at Townsend, Nov. 26, 1777.[int. not recorded] Pepperell
Mariah, and John Baker, ___ __, 1829. [Jan. 12. int.] Lowell
Marietter (d. Joseph and Nancy, a. 24) and William H. Learned, Aug. 5, 1845. Gardner
Marilla A., unm., and Alpheus Moon [], unm., Dec. 31, 1844. Montague
Marinda and Pardan Derby, int. June 15, 1822. Waltham
Mark of Hopkinton, and Tabitha Mellen, Jan. 4, 1726-7. Framingham
Mark and Tabitha Mellon of Framingham, Jan. 4, 1726-7, in Framingham. Hopkinton
Marshall and Caroline W. Baker of Worcester, int. Sept. 21, 1839. Hopkinton
Marshall, of Hopkinton, and Caroline-W. Baker, Oct. 15, 1839. Worcester
Martha and Isaac Williams of Newton, Feb. 1, 1708/9. Groton
Martha, of Weston, and Timothy Mosman of Sudbury, int. Jan. 26, 1734. [p. 34] Weston
Martha, of Weston, and Timothy Mosseman of Sudbury, Feb. 26, 1734/5, in Sudbury, by Israel Loring. [p. 264] Weston
Martha of Weston and Timothy Morsman, Feb. 26, 1734-5. Sudbury
Martha and Ezekeil Wood of Uxbridge, Oct. 30, 1765. Sherborn
Martha of Sherborn, and Ezekiel Wood, in Sherborn, Oct. 30, 1765 Uxbridge
Martha and Benjamin Sever both of Westminster, Aug. 19, 1783. Leominster
[Whiting?] Martha and Benjamin Sever, Aug. 19, 1783. In Leominster. Westminster
Martha and Benjamin F. Cheeney, int. May 7, 1832. Lincoln
Martha of Sherborn, and Moses Stratton, int. Aug. 11, 1833. Natick
Martha and Moses Stratton of Natick, Sept. 12, 1833. Sherborn
Martha, and William J. Knowles of Roxbury, June 19, 1836. Needham
Mrs. Martha and Charles May, Nov. 26, 1840. Leominster
Martha A. and David E. Allen, Nov. 6, 1834. Natick
Martha A. of Westborough and Samuel Hobbs, int. Feb. 19, 1835. Shrewsbury
Martha A. and Samuel Hobbs of Shrewsbury, int. Feb. 20,1835. Westborough
Martha-A. and Samuel Hobbs, May 17, 1835. Princeton
Martha A., d. of Alpheus and Abigail, a. 17y., and James W. Stevens, s. of James and Mary, a. 22y., Aug. 8, 1846. Dana
Martha Ann, 20, of Waltham, and Richard Dickson [int. Dixon], 25, carpenter, s. Margaret and Samuel, Apr. 8, 1847. Medford
Martha G. and John A. McDougall, Oct. 17, 1832. Millbury
Martha M. of Westboro' and William D. Pierce, int. Nov. [10, 1849]. Shrewsbury
Martha M. (d. Joseph H., a. 25) and William D. Pierce o f Shrewsbury, Nov. 29, 1849. Westborough
Martha S. and Hezekiah R. Nooney, int. Oct. 15, 1842. Chester
Martha W. and Harvey Lacey of Jeffrey, N.H., Oct. 21, 1828. Hubbardston
Martin L., unm., of L., a. 19y., manufacturer, s. John, and Mary R. Pollard, unm., of L., a. 17y., manufacturer, d. John, Aug. 22, 1844. Lowell
Marting, of Bristol [R.I. int.], and Nancy Orne [unm. int.] of A., Dec. 10, 1810. Attleborough
Mary (see Polly) Conway
Mary and Beniamin Manter, Apr. 4, 1695. [Int. not recorded.] Tisbury
Mary and Danil Moor, Feb. 1, 1708-9. Sudbury
Mary and John Fiske, b. of Watertown, m. 7 Jun 1711 Watertown
Mary of Watertown, and John Knapp, July 13, 1715, in Watertown. [Knap, July 14, P.R.1] Newton
Mary of Watertown and John Knap of Newtown, m. 13 Jul 1715 Watertown
Mary, of Watertown, and Abraham Chamberlin, at Watertown, Oct. 26, 1716 Roxbury
Mary of Watertown and Abraham Chamberlin of Roxbury, m. 26 Oct 1716 Watertown
Mary and Jonathan Cronch [Crouch], July 1, 1718, in Concord. Stow
Mary of Holliston, and John Jones of Mendon, May ___, 1735. P.R.3. Hopkinton
Mary, and Richard Flanders, int. Aug. 2, 1740. Newbury
Mary and William Grimes, Jan. 1, 1740-1 [Whitney, C.R.]. Bedford
Mary, Mrs., of Dedham, and Sam[ue]l Miller, Jan. 30, 1740-1, in Dedham. Newton
Mary of Stow, and Jeremiah Preist, int. Dec. 17, 1743. Harvard
Mary and Jeremiah Preist of Harvard, int. Dec. 17, 1743. Stow
Mary and James Bradish Jr., April 14, 1748. Westborough
Mary and Joseph Cody [int. Coady Jr.] Nov. 3, 1748 [Cody C.R.1]. Hopkinton
Mary and Silas Jewell, int. Nov. 22, 1748. Stow
Mary and John White, both of Lunenburg, Feb.22, 1753, by the Rev. David Stearns minister of Lunenburg. Lunenburg
Mary and John Swain, Feb. 15, 1759. Worcester
Mary and Micah Stone, Mar. 17, 1759. (int. Mar. 25, 1759.) Harvard
Mary of Watertown and John Woodbridge of So. Hadley, m. 10 Jun 1762 Watertown
Mary and Silas Farr, int. June 21, 1762. Stow
Mary and Thomas Bodkin, Aug. 5, 1762. In Brookline. [p. 420] Boston
Mary, Mrs., and John Smith of Lexington, Oct. 26, 1763. Brookline
Mary, Mrs., m., in Brookline, John Smith, of Lexington, Oct. 26, 1763. Lexington
Mary and Edward Richards, in Newton, Mar. 20, 1766. Cambridge
Mary of Cambridge, and Edward Richards, Mar. 20, 1766. Newton
Mary and John Harrington of Waltham, int. Dec. 20, 1766. Westborough
Mary, Mrs., and Abraham Bemis, Mar. 17, 1768.* Waltham
Mary and William Wellington, Apr. 17, 1769. * [Aug. 17, M. R.] Waltham
Mary and Elijah Gibbs, Nov. 9, 1769. Westminster
Mary and Joseph Whettecor, b. of Lancaster, int. Jan. 17, 1771. T.R.1, p. 44. Lancaster
Mary and Joseph Whitaker, Apr.25,1771. T.R.1, p. 103. Lancaster
Mrs. Mary Whitney and The Rev. Mr. Jacob Bacon of Plymouth, Oct. 25, 1774. [p. 232] Dorchester
Mrs. Mary Whitney of Dorchester and Rev. Mr. Jacob Bacon of Plimo[uth], 8 [or 5?] Oct 1774. Plymouth
Mary and Aaron Hill, May 25, 1775. Douglas
Mary, of Weston, and Amos Fisk of Waltham, int. Mar. 4, 1777. [p. 139] Weston
Mary, of Weston, and Amos Fisk of Waltham, May 29, 1777, by Rev. Samuel Woodward. [p. 147] Weston
Mary of Weston, and Amos Fisk, May 29, 1777, in Weston.* Waltham
Mary and Joshua Bowers, Sept. 14, 1777. Harvard
Mary and Samuel Whitney, June 24, 1778. Worcester
Mary and Richard Briant, int. Mar. 30, 1780. Harvard
Mary and Jonas Southgate of Leicester, int. June 8, 1782. Grafton
Mary of Grafton and Jonas Southgate, int. June 15, 1782. Leicester
Mary [int. Molly] and Nathan Brooks, Aub. 26, 1784. [Mary, M.R.] [Molly, C.R.] [Mary, P.R.26] Stow
Mary and Eli Stearns, b. of Lancaster, Jan. 24, 1786. T.R.1, p. 128. Lancaster
Mary of Stowe and Peter Chaffin of A., Mar. 20, 1787, in Stowe. Acton
Mary and Peter Chafen [int. Chafan] of Acton, Mar. 20, 1787. [Chafin of Acton, M.R.] [Chaffin of Acton, C.R.] Stow
Mary and Richard Briant, Apr. 16, 1789. Groton
Mary and Solomon Parker of Medfield, int. Apr. 22, 1792. Natick
Mary and John Bullard, May 6, 1792. Sherborn
Mary of Natick and Solomon Parker, May 10, 1792. Medfield
Mary, [int. adds wid.] of Harvard, and William Walcott [int. Walcutt], Dec. 24, 1792, in Harvard. Stow
Mary and William Wollcott (Walcutt, int.) of Stow, Dec. 26, 1792. Harvard
Mrs. Mary of Mendon and Capt. Robert Taft, int. May 10, 1795. Upton
Mary and (Capt., C.R.1) Robert Taft of Upton, June 11, 1795. Mendon
Mary, and Ebenezer Shaw, b. of Shutesbury, m. 31 [sic] Sep 1797. Shutesbury
Mary and Nathan Hastings, Jan. 9, 1798. Boylston
Mary of Lenox and Zenas Root, Apr. 14, 1799, in Lenox. [Int. not Recorded.] Washington
Mary and James Pike, Sept. 12, 1802. Newton
Mary and Benjamin Marsh, Sept. 26, 1802. Deerfield
Mary of Dedham and Eli Smith, int. May 4, 1805. Medfield
Mary, of Dedham, and [Mr., int.] Eli Smith, of Walpole [Medfield, int.], int. May 16, 1805, m. June 25, 1805. [VR] Dedham
Mary and James Whiting, Nov. 28, 1805. Wrentham
Mary, and John Bell, b. of Watertown, int. 29 Jun 1817. Watertown
Mary, and Oliver L. Wheeler, July 17, 1817. Ashby
Mary, and John Bell, b. of Watertown, m. 20 Jul 1817. Watertown
Mary, Miss, of Dover, and Mr. Jonathan Prescott, of Dedham, int. June 6, 1818, m. Oct. 18, 1818. [VR] Dedham
Mary, Miss, of O., and Eli Gibbs of Chester, (Levi of Chester, m. Feb 6, 1823, in O., C.R.2) int. Dec. 11, 1822 Otis
Mary of Otis, and Eli Gibbs, int. Jan. 5, 1823. Chester
Mary and Adison (Addison S., int.) Edgely, Apr. 1, 1824. Harvard
Mary of Westminster and Stilman Everett, int. Dec. 30, 1826. Princeton
Mary of Sterling and John Sawyer Jr., int. Nov. 26, 1827. Templeton
Mary and William S. Everett of Princeton, Feb. 15, 1827. Westminster
Mary and Dr. Alva Godding, Jan. 22, 1828. Winchendon
Mary of Northborough and Timothy Hastings, Feb. 24, 1829. Boylston
Mary and Oliver Nurse Jr.,March 19, 1829. Shrewsbury
Mary and Moses Stratton, Dec. 7, 1831. Sherborn
Mary and Ebenezer Babcock, July 4, 1833. Sherborn
Mary, of L., and William Green of Westford, int. Oct. 6, 1833. Lowell
Mary of Shrewsbury and Edwards W. Green, int. Nov. 2, 1833. Westborough
Mary and Edward W. Green of Westborough, Dec. 10, 1833. Shrewsbury
Mary of Worcester and Calvin Flagg, int. April 5, 1834. West Boylston
Mary, and Calvin Flagg of West Boylston, April 22, 1834. Worcester
Mary and Reuben B. Fuller, Sept. 4, 1836. Grafton
Mary and Cornelius (Cornelius C., int.) Felton, July 19, 1838. Cambridge
Mary and Arthur McConn, int. June 3, 1840. Medway
Mary of Milton and George B. Jones of Philadelphia, July 6, 1841. [p. 210] Dorchester
Mary, and James A. Mansfield, of Marlboro, Apr. 29, 1843. Ashby
Mary, and Joseph Libbey, Dec. 14, 1843. Roxbury
Mary and Shepherd Carpenter, Feb. 13, 1844. Milford
Mary, Mrs., 60, and Daniel Sawyer, 60, of Bolton, June 19, 1845. T.R.4, p. 254. Lancaster
Mrs. Mary of Lancaster and Daniel Sawyer, int. May __, 1845. Bolton
Mary [Mercy. int.], unm., of L., a. 21y., operative, d. David and Betsey, and Dariub Eastman, unm., of L., a. 20y., operative, s. Ezekiel and Abigail, Dec. 9, 1845. Lowell
Mary, d. of Cyrus and Mary, a. 22 y., and William S. Locke of Lancaster, s. of Jona[than] of Lancaster, and Mary, b. in Lancaster, a. 32 y., Nov. 19, 1846. Harvard
Mary of Harvard and William S. Locke, Nov. 19, 1846. T.R.4, p. 255. Lancaster
Mary, and L. Clarke, of Otis, m. 10 Nov 1851 (4:447). Blandford
Mary A. and Theodore D. Billings of Buffalo, N.Y., int. Aug. 22, 1835. Deerfield
Mary A., 18, d. Charles and Mary, and Abel H Seley, 23, Miller, s. Samuel and Charlotte, Jan. 1, 1845. Holliston
Mary A. of Shrewsbury and Sullivan F. Flagg, int. May 12, 1849. Southborough
Mary A. and Sullivan F. Flagg of Southborough, int. May 13, 1849. Shrewsbury
Mary A. of Shrewsbury (d. Samuel and Lydia S., a. 24) and Sullivan E. Flagg of Southborough, May 30, 1849.* Westborough
Miss Mary Ann Whitney & Mr. Evans Anderson, both of Charlestown, int. Mar. 3, 1832. Charlestown
Mary Ann and Emerson Stow, Apr. 5, 1838. Marlborough
Mary Ann of Royalston and Benjamin Wheeler, int. Feb. 7, 1847. Bolton
Mary Ann (d. Amos and Sophia, a. 34) and Benjamin Wheeler of Bolton, Feb. 23, 1847. Royalston
Mary Ann and Richard Dixon, int. Mar. 6, 1847. Waltham
Mary B. of Cayuga, N.Y., and Cutler Laflin, int. Feb. 4, 1827. Lee
Mary B. and James Adams, Sept. 20, 1827. Ashburnham
Mary B. and Abraham Bigelow 2d, Mar. 6, 1831. Natick
Mary B. and John Smith, Sept. 6, 1841. Stow
Mary C. and William Brown of Fitchburg, July 15, 1841. Ashburnham
Mary C. of Ashburnham and William Brown, int. July 27, 1841. (III:193) Fitchburg
Mary E., and Perley Z. M. P. Putnam, int. July 5, 1840. Salem
Mary-E. and Clark-R. Watson, March 5, 1846. Northborough
Mary E., of Otis, and Elihu Brown, of Blandford, m. 28 Oct 1853 (4:435). Blandford
Mary Elisabeth, and William Stone, m. 13 Dec 1853. Greenwich
Mary F., unm., of L., a. 24y., operative, d. Levi, and R. B. Caswell, unm., of Andover, a. 25y., blacksmith, s. Moody, Oct. 7, 1847. Lowell
Mary G. of Stow and James F. Whitney of Albany, N.Y., Sept. 18, 1834. Bolton
Mary G. and James F. Whitney of Albany, N.Y., Sept. 18, 1834. [Mary Gates Whitney and James Fordyce Whitney, P.R.30] Stow
Mary G. and Col. William Murdock, July 8, 1841. Winchendon
Mary G. of Brunswick, Me., and Emerson Walcott Jr., int. Jan. 2, 1848. Newton
Mary H. (Mary Hayward, int.) and Jonathan Worster of Henniker, Feb. 5, 1798. Harvard
Mary J. of Grafton and Joel Whitney, int. Oct. 28, 1828. Upton
Mary J. and Joel Whitney of Upton, Nov. 27, 1828. Grafton
Mary J., and Augustus Wellington, May 14, 1856. Ashby
Mary Jane and Aaron Richards Gay of Boston, Oct. 4, 1840. Lincoln
Mary Jane, first, 19, Lowell, (John and Jane) and William A. Short, married in Mason, N.H., June 5, 1851. (8:136) Fitchburg
Mary-N. [d. Capt. John and Mary, a. 18] and Samuel-C. Nash, Nov. 22, 1849. Princeton
Mary [P., int.], Miss, and Mr. Jarvis Leonard, b. of Dedham, int. June 22, 1811 [VR], m. Aug. 7, 1811. [VR, CR1] Dedham
Mary P. and Perley Howe Jr. of Gardner, Nov. 28, 1833. Westminster
Mary P. of Harvard, and Dexter Sherman, int. Mar. 26, 1842. Wayland
Mary P. and Dexter Sherman of Wayland, Apr. 26, 1842. Harvard
Mary R. and Nathan H. Cutting of Providence, Feb. 11, 1830. Westminster
Mary W., a. 42 y., and Luther C. Bailey, a. 24 y., s. Phineas and Dorcas, Dec. 31, 1848. Roxbury
Marya [Mary Anne in int.] (d. Benjamin and Olive, a. 23) and Stillman Towne of Dana or Endfield, Dec. 4, 1849. Millbury
Maryann and William Easterbrooks of Worcester, int. Apr. 17, 1826. [Estabrook of Worcester, m. May 23, C.R.] Stow
Maryann [int. Mary Ann] and Dana Stone, [Sept.] 30, 1830. [Mary Ann, C.R.1] Wayland
Mason and Dol[l]y Rawson, both of Uxbridge, Mar. 29, 1792. Mendon
Mason and Dolly (Polley, int.) Rawson, in Mendon, Mar. 29, 1792 Uxbridge
Mathaw and Isaac Williams, Feb. 1, 1708-9. P.R.1. Newton
Mehetabel and David Cutler, June 26, 1746. [Mehitabel, M.R.] Holliston
Mehitabel[Martha M. int.], a. 17y., b. Harvard, d. Jonathan and Mehitabel, and Phinehas L. Nutting, unm., a. 22y., farmer, s. Phinehas and Mary E., Nov.24,1846. Int.also recorded. Groton
Mehitable, and Josiah Ware, Oct. 27, 1757. Needham
Mehitable and Obadiah Newton, Feb. 23, 1775. Leicester
Mehitable (Whiting, int.) and Artemas Woodward (Woodard, int) of Newton, Mar. 27, 1787. In Newton. Natick
Mehitable H. (see Mahitable H.) Otis
Melissa, and Hiram H. Goff, m. 17 Oct 1847. Springfield
Mellen of S., and Jane Richardson of Shirley, Jan. 7, 1796, in Shirley, by Rev. Phineas Whitney. Sterling
Mellen [int. Mellens] of Sterling and Jane Richardson, Jan. 7, 1796. [Mellen of Sterling, B.R.] Shirley
Melvin and Laura Spear from Orange, in Orange, Aug. 25, 1900 Orange
Mercy (see Marcy) Stow
Mercy of Sherburn [Sherborn, M.R.] and Thomas Frink, July 16, 1719. Sudbury
Mercy and Thomas Frink of Sudbury, July 16, 1719. In Sudbury. Sherborn
Mercy and Joseph Wooly, Mar. 1, 1738-9 [Wooley, M.R.]. Sudbury
Mercy and Elijah Houghton, Jan. 9, 1766. Harvard
Mercy of Stow and Abraham Furbush of A., int. Nov. 18, 1769. Acton
Mercy and Philemon Woodward, [Sept.] 22, 1772. Newton
Mercy and Ephraim Hosmer, both of Boxborough, Nov. 6, 1783. Acton
Mercy and Ephraim Hosmers, in Acton, Nov. 6, 1783. Boxborough
Mercy and Samuel Reed Jr. of Uxbridge, Jan. 10, 1793. Douglas
Mercy and Ezra Bond, both [of] C., int. Oct. 14, 1796. Conway
Mercy and William Keyes[of New Marlborough], Mar. 19, 1799. Winchendon
Mercy of Harvard and Lysander S. Upham. int. Apr. 30, 1847. (III:218) Fitchburg
Mercy F. and Lysander S. Upham of Fitchburg, int. May 1, 1847. Harvard
Mercy Maria and Samuel Parks Whitman, May 29, 1831. Waltham
Meriah [Maria], Mrs., of Littleton, and Ebenezer Davis [s. Simon of Littleton] of Ringe [N.H.], June 6, 1777. Int. not recorded. [p. 272] Littleton
Merrick and Harriet Adams, April 6, 1830. Ashburnham
Merrill, and Zebia A. Hollock, both of L., Apr. 16, 1843. Lowell
Micah and Lydia Mason of Watertown, Nov. 11, 1747. In Watertown. Natick
Micah of Natick and Lydia Mafon of Watertown, m. 11 Nov 1747 Watertown
Micah of Leicester, and Mellicent Maynard, Apr. 16, 1755 in Leicester. Sudbury
Micah of Leicester, and Meliscent Maynard of Sudbury, Apr. 16, 1755, in Leicester. [Int. not recorded.] Wayland
Micah and Mellisent Maynard of Sudbury, July 26, 1764. Leicester
Michael [Capt. int.], and Elizabeth Leech, Feb. 11, 1828. Beverly
Michah of Naragansat No. 6 and Hannah Harwood, Feb. 22, 1759. Leicester
Milo L. and Mary W. Trumbul, both of L., int. Nov. 11, 1832. Lowell
Milton of O. and Charlot C. Crain of Sandisfield, int. Sep. 4, 1831 Otis
Milton of Otis and Charlotte E. Crane, Nov. 25, 1831. Sandisfield
Mindwell C. (d. Elijah and Mindwell; a. 45) and James Searl, Oct. 6, 1847. Westborough
Minerva S., and P. H. White, int. Mar. 18, 1846. Amesbury
Minerva T., of Amesbury, a. 24 y., d. David and Martha, and P. H. White, widr. of Amesbury, a. 40 y., manufacturer, Apr. 11, 1846. Salisbury
Minnie May, 22, of Cumm., b. in Bernardston, d. of Elliot and Lydia, Feb.24,1886 in Conway, and Charles A. Wells, 29, laborer of Cumm., b. in Chesterfield, s.of Alexius and Lydia. Cummington
Minnie B., and Robert C. Dean, mar. 23 May 1888. Westfield
Miriam and William Bullock of Gilford [province of New York], int. Sept. 29, 1769. Petersham
Miriam, and Sturges F. Upson, mar. 18 Nov 1845. Westfield
Molla of Sterling and Samuel King, int. April 22, 1773. Templeton
Molly and Samuel King of Templeton, int. March 20, 1773. Petersham
Molly and John Morris of Northbridge, June 27, 1776. Upton
Molly [Molley in int.] and Jonathan Upham of Thompson, May 10, 1789. Dudley
Molly and Luther Follet of Cumberland, Oct. 4, 1796. Wrentham
Moses [dup. Whiting] and Sarah Knight [dup. of Cambridge], Sept. 30, 1686. M.R. Stow
Moses and Rebeckah Hide [dup. Rebecca Hyde], Oct. 2, 1740. Newton
Moses and Betty (Elizabeth, C.R.1.) Hutchins, July 7, 1756. Harvard
Moses and Sarah Gearay of Luninburgh, int. Aug. 16, 1766. Petersham
Moses of Littleton and Mrs. Sarah Huchens of Lunenburg, Apr. 13, 1773, by Rev. D. Rogers. [p. 227] Littleton
Moses and Hannah Palmer of Boxford, int. (1780 ?). Douglas
Moses, of Douglas, and Hannah Palmer, Dec. 31, 1780. Boxford
Moses and Martha Cunningham of Barre, Dec. 17, 1782 [1783, Barre C.R.]. In Barre. Templeton
Moses of Templeton and Martha Cunningham, Dec. 17, 1783. C.R. Barre
Moses and Jane Polley, b. of Watertown, int. 27 Aug 1795 Watertown
Moses, and Lydia Allen, both of S.,Nov. 19, 1795. Shelburne
Moses of Watertown and Jane Polley of Watertown, m. 11 Sep 1796 Watertown
Moses, Capt., and Nancy Tyler, Apr. 3, 1796 Uxbridge
Moses and Pattee Baker of Littleton, int. Mar. 27, 1797. Harvard
Moses of Harvard and Miss Polley Baker [int. Patty Baker of Littleton], Apr. 18, 1797, by Rev. E. Foster. [p. 240] Littleton
Moses and Tabitha Keyes of Gerry, int. June 23, 1798. Templeton
Moses of Templeton and Tabitha Keyes, July 15, 1798. Church Record. Phillipston
Moses and Lucy Gates, Apr. 17, 1806. Stow
Moses and Susannah Hall, March 3, 1812. Upton
Moses of Boston, and Sophia Cutter, Oct. 27, 1816. Medford
Moses, Jr., and Hannah Eustis, b. of Watertown, int. 3 Dec 1820. Watertown
Moses, Jr. and Hannah Eustis, b. of Watertown, m. 29 Jan 1821. Watertown
Moses, Gen., of Milton, and Mrs. Mary Kitteredge, Nov. 16, 1825. Andover
Moses and Olive J. Bruce, Jan. 21, 1830. Marlborough
Moses of Boston, and Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.] Lydia Russell, Oct. __, 1833. Arlington
Moses, and J. C. Ferry or Gowtry, mar. 11 Aug 1854. Westfield
Mosess [int. Moses Whitny] and Polly Ferry, Mar. 13, 1811. Hinsdale
Myra and Leonard Minot, March 28, 1822. Westminster


Malcolm C. [Cowee, G.S.2.], s. George and Aldice A., Aug. 12, 1849, a. 2y. 7m. 15d. Dysentery. Westminster
Maragaret, w. William, Oct. 15, 1761. a. 54y. [p. 303] Weston
Marcy, d. Lemuel and Sibbel, Sept. 30, 1753. Stow
Marcy, wid., Dec. 10, 1828. [w. Abraham, P.R.12] [Mercy, w. Abraham, a. 102y. 3m. P.R.26] Stow
Margreat, Dec. 25, 1769, a. 29. P.R.1. Newton
Mariam, w. Rev.Ph[i]n[eha]s, Mar. 20, 1769, in 29th y. [Miriam, G.R.1] Shirley
Mariam [Mary Ann. G.R.4.], d. Elisha and Eunice, May 25, 1802, a. 2y. 3m. Beverly
Marie Elalie, w. of Aaron, June 3, 1849, a. 37y. Born in Seychelles Islands. Cholera morbus. Sherborn
Mark, June 23, 1760. Natick
Mark, s. Daniel and Saray, Mar. 12, 1825. Stow
Martha, d. Jofeph and Martha, d. 30 Oct 1702 Watertown
Martha, w. of John, Nov. 14, 1721. Framingham
Martha, d. of James and Martha, Dec. 17, 1721. Sherborn
Martha, w. of James, July 1, 1731. Sherborn
Martha, d. Lieut. Samuel and Abigail, Nov. 26, 1755, a. 1d. Westminster
Martha, widow, Sept. 15, 1759. [p. 301] Weston
Martha, dropsy, May 22, 1781. C.R.1. Brookline
Martha, d. of James and Susanna, Dec. 10, 1809, a. 18y. G.R.5. Sherborn
Martha, wid. Uriah, Mar. 5, 1819, a. 79. P.R.6. Granville
Martha (Martha Ann, G.R.1.) eldest d. of Jacob, ___ __, 1829. C.R.1. (Dec. 7, 1829, a. 18 y. G.R.1.) Harvard
Martha, w. of William, in Boston, Jan. 23, 1837, a. 45y. G.R.3. Cambridge
Martha, b. N., d. Dan(ie)l and Eliza, pleurasy, Dec. 21, 1843, a. 18y. 6m., in N. [Martha S., Dec. 4, C.R.1 Martha S., Dec. 4, a. 18y. 4m. G.R.2]. Nantucket
Martha, w. Ebenezer, and d. John and Violetta Gates, Sep. 18, 1847, a. 87. Worcester
Martha, w. Chandler, Jan. 8, 1848, a. 52. G.S.2. Athol
Martha, w. Benjamin Cheney, (1809-1850). [p. 342] Weston
Martha D., d. Capt. Aaron and Mary, Sept. 3, 1847, a. 19. G.S.1. Westminster
Martin L., s. John and Jane, Nov. 10, 1849. GR-5 Lowell
Mary (see _____ Whitney). Newton
Mary, d. Thomas and Mary, d. 6 Sep 1669 Watertown
Mary, w. Jofhuah, d. 17 Mar 1671 Watertown
Mary, w. of John, Jan. 13, 1692. Sherborn
Mary, w. of Josiah, July 18, 1710. Wrentham
Mary, d. of James and Martha, May 24, 1720. Sherborn
Mary, d. William and Mary, Mar. 30, 1743. [p. 69] Weston
Mary, d. Israel and Hannah, Feb. 4, 1754. Dunstable
Mary, Mrs., w. Mr. William, Feb. 23, 1756. [p. 92, 299] Weston
Mary, w. Eleazer, Sept. 4, 1761. Westborough
Mary, wf. of Samuel, d. 17 Aug 1763 Watertown
Mary, d. Simon and Mary, d. 26 Jun 1765 Watertown
Mary, w. Abraham, Oct. 7, 1766, in 78th y. G.R.1. Stow
Mary, wf. Simon, d. 12 Mar 1773 Watertown
Mary, w. of Lieut. Jesse, June 4, 1777, a. 40y. G.R.3. Milford
Mary, w. of Jonathan, Jan. 12, 1778. C.R.1.1, p. 327. Lancaster
Mary, w. of Mr. Jonathan, 12 Jan 1778, in 34th y. G.R.1, p. 399. Lancaster
Mary, Mrs., 26 Dec 1780, 72 y, wid.; bur. [C11] Boston
Mary, d. Nathaniel and Abigail, July 18, 1782. Grafton
Mary, w. of _____, Feb. 27, 1788, a. 89y., "or 94y. as some say." C.R. Boxborough
Mary, ch. William and Sarah, July 27, 1790. [a. 1m. G.R.] Lee
Mary, d. of Jason Jr. and Hannah, Dec.9, 1801. Natick
Mary, d. Silas and Abigail of Ashby, Apr. 3, 1803. Waltham
Mary, Mrs., w. Mr. Joseph, June 3, 1803. in 82nd y. [p. 342] Weston
Mary, wid. of Richard, Feb. 18, 1804, a. 81 y. 1 m. G.R.1. Harvard
Mary, w. of Capt. Simon, May 26, 1810, a. 68 y. G.R.1. Harvard
Mary, w. of Isaac, Oct. 21, 1813. a. 26y. G.R.5. Sherborn
Mary, Mar. 1, 1815. P.R.14. Stow
Mary, w. Lemuel, Feb. 27, 1816. Royalston
Mary, dau. Abel and Sylvia, 3 yrs 4 mo. 26 days, July 26, 1818 Orange
Mary, d. John, 1 May 1821. [2:260] Warwick
Mary, w. of Ebenezar, July 22, 1822. (a. 37y., G.R.5) Natick
Mary, w. Ebenezer, July 22, 1822, a. 37y. [GSN] Needham
Mary [w. John. P.R.14], consumption, Oct. 1, 1825, a. 34y. Salem
Mary, w. of Col. John, Oct. 6, 1831. a. 31. Princeton
Mrs. Mary, June 9, 1832, a. 28. GS 19 Sutton
Mary, May 16, 1837. C.R. Hubbardston
Mary, d. Seth and Chloe, Aug. 13, 1838 [a. 7m. G.S.1]. Gardner
Mary, w. of _____, Aug. 29, 1838 a. 81 y. Harvard
Mary, d. Luke and Cyntha, Oct. 1, 1838 [a. 15 G.S.1]. Gardner
Mary, May 27, 1840, a. 68 y. Harvard
Mary, w. Ohio, Aug. 30, 1843, a. 52. Bowel complaint. Born in Westminster. Ashburnham
Mary, wid. of Isaiah, Dec. 5, 1843, in her 88th y. G.R.1. Harvard
Mary, wid. of Asa, Aug. 29, 1849, a. 62y. Dysentery. Cambridge
Mary, wid. _____, d. Henry and Sarah Donnelly (b. on Ireland), of dysentery, July 28, 1878, a. 55y. Woburn
Mary A., d. Martin L. and Mary R., whooping cougb, Mar. 7, 1842, a. 1m. 3d. Lowell
Mary Abby, d. 5 May 1856, a. 1y. 4m. 5d., of dropsey, b. ----field, d. of S. A. and Sarah. (4:12) Ware
Mary A[deline, G.R.1] b. Boston, d. Lewis and L. W., convulsions, Jan. 30, 1848 a. 1y. 5m. 6d. Lawrence
Mary Ann, Apr. __, 1815, a. 6 y. Fever. C.R.1. Harvard
Mary Ann, d. David and Semaria, May 17, 1827, a. 3 y. 1l m. Westborough
Mary Ann, ch. Abram and Mary Ann, Apr. 22, 1838. Waltham
Mary Ann, d. D. and C., June 15, 1843, a. 9m. GR- Lowell
Mary Ann, w. of David M., Dec. 7, 1843, a. 38y. (Dec. 27, G.R.) Pulmonary consumption. Natick
Mary Ann, w. Lambert, Jan. 13, 1847, a. 25. Consumption. Westborough
Mary Asenath, d. David and Semaria, Sept. 28, 1825. Westborough
Mary Caroline, w. Lincoln, Dec, 1837. G.S.4 Ashburnham
Mary D., w. Luke, March 22, 1846, a. 33y. 7d. Inflamatory fever. Gardner
Mary E., w. Benjamin, Oct. __, 1839. C.R. Westminster
Mary E., d. of W[illia]m, dec., Apr. 15, 1849, a. 12y. Scarlet fever. C.R.10. Cambridge
Mary F., d. Elies and Fanny, Aug. 25, 1826. [a. 7m] [Mary Patch, Aug. 26, a. 19m. 25d. G.S.1]. Winchendon
Mary Hall, d. Moses and Susannah, Nov. 24, 1825. [a. 2y. 11m. 20d.]. Upton
Mary Hill, w. of Isaac, Aug. 31, 1828, a. 53 y. G.R.1. Harvard
Mary Jane, d. Joseph 2d and Nancy, Nov. 3, 1820. Gardner
Mary Jane, d. John and Mary, Sept. 14, 1814, a. 15m. P.R.14. Salem
Mary L., w. Capt. Hananiah, July 10, 1819, a. 22. G.S.1. Winchendon
Mary Louisa (d. of Benjamin Franklin and Louisa Lawrence, G.R.1.) Oct. 6, 1829, a. 10 m. (a. 9 m. G.R.1.) Harvard
Mary Louisa Hayward [_____], w. Newton, July 12, 1845. G.R.4 West Springfield
Mary Louise, d. Abel and Pamelia B., Aug. 29, 1846, a. 14m. GR- Lowell
Mary M., d. William W. and Susannah, Sept. 11, 1849, a. 4 y. 9 m. 1 d. Dysentery. Rutland
Mary Mansfield, w. William, Dec. 17, 1815, a. 70. G.S.1. Winchendon
Mary R., d. Jason and Susan E., Oct. 3, 1848, a. 11m. G.S.1. Ashburnham
Mary W., w. Samuel, Nov. 20, 1825, a. 28y. G.S. Townsend
Mary [W.] d.William K., [and Deborah], Sept. 6, 1846, a.16. Typhus fever. Athol
Mary White [_____] w. Newton, July 2, 1829. G.R.4 West Springfield
Mary White, w. Newton, Aug. 8, 1849. G.R.4. West Springfield
Maud L., (F.S.), b. in Cumm., dau. of W[illia]m L. and Hannah, d. entuitis, Aug. 29, 1884, age 1y. 2m. 27d. Cummington
Mehitable, wid. Hezekiah, Aug ___ 1849, a. 79, C.R.2 Otis
Melinda (Malinda Wetherbee, G.R.1.) w. of Luther, May 4, 1847, a. 50 y. Consumption. (May 3, 1847, a. 53 y. G.R.1.) Harvard
Melissa Ruth, d. of Nelson and Ruth M., Dec. 25, 1843, a. 5y. Canker rash. (Dec. 26, 1843. C.R.) Milford
Mercy, (see Marcy) Stow
Mercy, wife Nathaniel Jr., Dec. 31, 1740 [p. 387] Weston
Mercy, w. of Ezra, in her 59th y., Sep. 23, 1794 Uxbridge
Mercy, w. of Richard, Aug. 15, 1836, a. 81 y. 6 m. G.R.1.) Harvard
Mercy F., July 9, 1822, a. 36 y. G.R.1. Harvard
Micah, Nov. 29, 1791. Douglas
Micah, s. Ezra Esq., Feb. 12, 1795 Uxbridge
Michael, s. Elisha and Eunice, May 7, 1782. Beverly
Michael, s. Dr. [E]lisha, scrofulous, May 29, 1782 a. 3 y. CR 5. Ipswich
Milo, s. Jothan and Angaline, Sept. 15, 1838. a. 4y. G.R.2. Buckland
Miriam, d. of Jonus and Zebudah, Apr. 30, 1775. (a. 22 y. 8 m. 11 d. G.R.1.) Harvard
Miriam, wid. of Daniel Esq., Dec. 31, 1817, a. 77y. G.R.3. Sherborn
Moses, s. Joseph and Hannah, d. 25 Oct 1756. Shutesbury
Moses, s. Samuell Jr. and Phebe, Dec. 4, 1765. Shrewsbury
Moses, s. (only s. G.R.1.) of Aaron and Annah, Apr. 25, 1773. (a. 11 m. 21 d. G.R.1.) Harvard
Moses, Sept. __, 1776, in the army. P.R.1. Newton
Moses, Lt., May 7, 1778. [p. 120] Littleton
Moses, Feb. 22, 1804. Newton
Moses, June 26 [28, C.R.], 1810, a. 76. G.S.1. Templeton
Moses, Jan. 11, 1816, a. 40 y. Md. C.R.1. Harvard
Moses 2d, Jan. 12, 1824. Stow
Moses, hip complaint, Aug. 30, 1825, a. 20 y. C.R.3. Roxbury
Moses, Col., Apr. 10, 1826, a. 70y. Wrentham
Moses, s. Samuel, Aug 26, 1837 [a. 73, C.R.]. Templeton
Myron W., s. William and Fanny, Oct. 29, 1826. Ashby

Church Membership

Martha, adm. full comm. 4 Feb 1699. Watertown
Martha, recd. 20sh. from the church 13 May 1730. Watertown
Martha, recd. 20sh. from the church 13 Dec 1730. Watertown
Martha, recd. 20sh. from the church 26 Jul 1731. Watertown
Martha, recd. 20sh. from the church 5 Mar 1731/2. Watertown
Martha, d. William, c.m. Dec. 29, 1734. [p. 417] Weston
Martha, w. Solomon, c.m. Oct. 3, 1742. [p. 441] Weston
Martha, c.m. Oct. 3, 1742, w. Solomon, remov'd dism. to N. Precint[Weston], 1750. [p. 449] Weston
Mary [dau. Eb.] now w. W., c.m. 1732. [p. 446] Weston
Mary, w. Joseph, c.m. Apr. 14, 1745. [p. 450] Weston
Mary, o. c. 6 Jun 1756. Watertown
Mary, w. William, o.c. July 22, 1764. [p. 478] Weston
Mary, rec. full comm. Dec. 18, 1768. C.R.1.1, p. 321. Lancaster
Mary, mem. chh. Aug. 5, 1810. C.R.1.2. Lancaster
Mary, w. Eli Stearns, May 24, 1828. G.R.2, p. 439. Lancaster

Public Records

Moses, grantor, 1771. FD New Salem

Transients, Strangers, etc.

Mary: ca. Nov. 1781, "John Reed informs ... that he has taken into his family Mary Whitney about the 19th day of June 1781, last from Medfield." Dedham
Molly: Dec. 24, 1790, the Selectmen issue a warrant "to warn and give notice unto Molly Whitney, single person, who has lately come into this Town with the purpose of abiding therein, not having obtained the Town's consent thereto, that she depart ... within fifteen days..." Dedham

School Records


Gleanings, Chiefly from the Town Files

Mary, w. of Charles, had illegitimate dau. Elizabeth M., b. June 3, 1842. [p. 565] Weston

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