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Whitney surname and variants.


S. Albert, of Ware, merchant, and Sarah Ellen Clark, 2 Sep 1845. (3:74) Ware
Sabra, d. Jacob and Patty, Sept. 23, 1801. Upton
Salla, d. Abraham and Hitty, Dec. 10, 17[worn, 1783, T.C.] [Sally, d. Ab[raha]m and Mehitable Jr., bp. Dec. 21, [17]83, C.R.] Stow
Salla, d. of Joseph and Sarah, Dec. 4, 1794. Sherborn
Salle, d. Daniel Jr. and Kata, July 21, 1776. Shrewsbury
Salley, d. John and Mary, 1 Feb 1779. [1:31] Warwick
Salley, d. of Enoch and Hannah, Feb. 21, 1780. Harvard
Salley, d. of Mr. Jonathan and wife, bap. Apr. 7, 1782. C.R.1.1, p. 314. Lancaster
Salley, d. of Jonas and Relief, Oct. 26, 1789. Harvard
Sally, d. John and Mary, July 11, 1773, in Deadham. Peru
Sally [Sarah in C.R.] d. Moses and Betty, July 11, 1775* Templeton
Sally, d. Caleb and Sarah, Apr. 2, 1780. Bradford
Sally, d. Rev. Peter and Julia, Nov. 3, 1781. Northborough
Sally [_____], w. of Isaac Esq., Dec. 16, 1785. G.R.2. Sherborn
Sally, d. of Jona. and Lucy, Oct. 19, 1786. T.R.1, p. 108. Lancaster
Sally, d. of Mr. Jonathan and wife, bap. Oct. 22, 1786. C.R.1.1, p. 316. Lancaster
Sally, d. Lt. Daniel and Sarah, June 13, 1787. Stow
Sally, d. of Elisha and Esther, b. 12 Oct 1788. Stockbridge
Sally, d. Josiah and Polly, at Waltham, Mar. 19, 1792. Ashby
Sally, ch. Josiah Jr. and Mary, Mar. 19, 1792. Waltham
Sally, ch. Jabez and Elizabeth, Sep. 16, 1794 Orange
Sally, d. Hezekiah and Mehetabel, Nov. 11, 1796 (Mehitabel, C.R.2) Otis
Sally, d. of Moses and Patty, Aug. 12, 1798. Harvard
Sally, d. of George and Esther, Dec. 25, 1799. Natick
Sally, d. of Isarel and Lucy, June 13, 1800. Worcester
Sally, d. Amos and Eunice, Aug. 11, 1801. Upton
Sally, d, Andrew and Lucy, June 4, 1803. Princeton
Sally, d. Stephen and Sally, Feb. 10, 1807. At Lunenburg. Westminster
Sally, d. Lemuel and Mary, July 14, 1807. Royalston
Sally, ___ __, 1807. G.S. Leominster
Sally, d. David and Elizabeth, June 17, 1810. Westminster
Sally, ch. Asa and Sally, Nov. 27, 1812. P.R.14. Stow
Sally, ch. Jabez and Sarah, 13 Sep 1818 Orange
Sally, d. of Aaron and Susan, July 8, 1823. (Sally Fairbank, d. of Capt. Aaron, bp. Nov. 9, 1823. C.R.1.) Harvard
Sally, d. Seth and Chloe, Nov. 6, 1830. Gardner
Sally Baker, d. of Aaron and Hannah, b. 28 Feb 1775. Northfield
Sally Coffin, ch. Daniel and Sally, bp. Dec. 6, 1789. G.R.3 Nantucket
Sally Cummings, d. of Ebenezar and Joann, July 6, 1824. Natick
Sally Cummings, d. of Ebenezer and Joann, Apr. 3, 1828. Natick
Sally Fairbank, d. of George and Polly, Feb. 15, 1815. Harvard
Sally Flagg, d. of Aaron and Sally, May 28, 1814. Twin. Harvard
Sally Turner, d. of Richard 2d and Sally, Oct. 2, 1810. Harvard
Salmon [Solomon, T.C.], s. John Jr. and Hannah, June 28, 1759. Shirley
Salmon, s. of Jonas Jr. and Zabudah, Feb. 16, 1760. Harvard
Salmon, s. of Salmon and Hephsebeth, Jan. 31, 1788. Harvard
Salmon, s. of Justin and Mary (Justin and Sally, C.R.2), Mar. 24, 1833. Harvard
Saloma, d. Samuel and Thankful, Jan. 10, 1792. Westminster
Samuel, s. John & Ruth, b. 28 5m 1648 Watertown
Samuel, s. Nathaniel Jr. and Mercy, bap. June 17, 1711, a. 6m. [p. 390] Weston
Samuel, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth, b. 22 Nov 1715 Watertown
Samuel, s. William and Martha, May 23, 1719. [p. 10] Weston
Samuel, s. Benjamin and Abigail, Sep. 5, 1734. Marlborough
Samuel, s. Elnathan and Sarah, b. 16 Jun 1736 Watertown
Samuel, adult, s. William (dec'd) and Martha, bap. June 25, 1738. [p. 431] Weston
Samuel, s. Samuel and Elisabeth, Sept. 23, 1739. [p. 46] Weston
Samuel, s. Samuel and Elizabeth, bap. Oct. 28, 1739, a. 1m. or 5w. [p. 433] Weston
Samuel, d. Benjn. and Rebecca, b. 17 Apr 1742 Watertown
Samuel, s. of Benja Whitney, bapt. 25 Apr 1742. Watertown
Samuel, s. Samuel and Grace, Sept. 10, 1745. Stow
Samuel, s. Samuel and Abigail, Feb. 11, 1746 [dup.]. Westminster
Samuel, s. Eleazer and Mary, Dec. 2, 1746. Westborough
Samuel, s. of John Whitney, Junr, bapt. 6 Jun 1756. Watertown
Samuel, s. Joseph and Mary, Aug. 7, 1758. Newton
Samuel, s. Ezra and Marey, Oct. 12, 1760. Douglas
Samuel, s. Aaron and Margret, May 23, 1764 Uxbridge
Samuel, s. Benjamin bap. (C.R.1), Sep. 15, 1764. Marlborough
Samuel, s. Jonathan and Sufanna, b. 6 May 1776 Watertown
Samuel, s. Elijah and Sarah, Sept. 20, 1778. Bolton
Samuel, s. Ebenezer and Anna, Apr. 6, 1779. Palmer
Samuel, s. Samuel and Mary, Jan. 27, 1782. Worcester
Samuel, ___ __, 1783. G.S.4. Ashburnham
Samuel, s. Caleb and Sarah, Apr. 27, 1784. Bradford
Samuel, s. of Abraham and Rebekah, May 28, 1785. Harvard
Samuel, s. Silas and Patience, at Stow, Feb. 9, 1789. Ashby
Sam[ue]l, s. Silas and Patience, bp. Apr. 5, [17]89. C.R. Stow
Samuel, s. Samuel and Azubah, Jul. 30, 1789. Douglas
Samuel, s. of Jonan Whitney, bapt. 31 Jun 1791. Watertown
Samuel s. Moses and Hannah, Dec. 18, 1791 Uxbridge
Samuel, s. Samuel and Abigail, Oct. 28, 1802. Ashburnham
Sam[ue]l, s. of Joseph and Sarah, June 26, 1806. Sherborn
Samuel, s. twin, Isaac and Susanna, July 2, 1807. Ashby
Samuel 2nd, s. Samuel and Abigail, Feb. 25, 1810. Ashburnham
Samuel, s. Smyrna and Ruth, Mar. 7, 1821. Westminster
Sam[uel] Austin, s. of Samuel and Abigail his wife, b. 19 Sep 1769. [p. 246] Concord
Samuel Austin, s. Hananiah and Azubah, Nov. 10, 1809 Winchendon
Samuel Curtis, s. David and Semaria, Feb 10, 1822. Westborough
Samuel Edgar, s. Samuel C. and Harriet, Nov. 4, 1848. Grafton
Samuel Edward, s. Lemuel A., Labourer, and Sarah, Mar. 1, 1845. Methuen
Samuel F., s. of Aaron and Susan, Oct. 20, 1821. Harvard
Samuel Frost, s. of Richard and Mary E. (Parker), 18 Jul 1819. Amherst
Samuel H., Sept. 14, 1800. G.R.2. Granville
Samuel Homer, s. of David M. and Mary Ann, Oct. 11, 1832. Natick
Samuel Ivory, s. Samuel and Lucy, March 13, 1809. Bolton
Samuel-Manson, s. Timothy and Rowena, June 19, 1836. Northborough
Samuel S., s. Ebenezer, cordwainer, and Sara F., Aug. 21, 1843. [VR] Dedham
Samuel Stilman, s. of George and Ester, Jan. 6, 1815. Natick
Samuel Vincent, s. Samuel and Abigail, May 25, 1820. Ashburnham
Samuel Winslow, s. Dr. Ephriam and Marcey, Dec. 17, 1769. Petersham
Samuell, s. of Nathanaell Whitney, bapt. 17 Jul 1687. Watertown
Sam[ue]ll, s. Thomas and Mary, July 22, 1714. Stow
Sarah, d. John and Ruth, b. 17 Mar 1653 Watertown
Sarah, d. Joshua, Oct. 10, 1668. Groton
Sarah, d. John and Elizabeth, Aug. 7, l684. Roxbury
Sarah, d. Moses and Sarah, July 2, [16]87. M.R. Stow
Sarah, d. Eleazer and Dorothy, May 29, [16]88, M.R. Sudbury
Sarah, d. of Jonathan and Sarah, Mar. 2, 1693. Sherborn
farah, d. Nathaniel and Mercy, b. 3 Mar 1698/9 Watertown
Sarah, d. of Isaiah and Sarah, Nov. 9, 1705. Cambridge
Sarah, d. of Isaiah and Sarah, b. Apr. 9, 1705, bp. Apr. 22, 1705. Lexington
Sarah, d. Timothy and Margaret, Feb. 28, 1707. Roxbury
Sarah, d. Nathaniel Jr. and Mercy, bap. June 17, 1711, a. 12y. [p. 390] Weston
Sarah, d. Curnellus and Sarah, Apr. 17, 1715. Groton
Sarah, d. Moses and Lydia, Sept. 29, 1716. [p. 5] Littleton
Sarah, d. John (Whetny) and Elizabeth, Oct. 2, 171[6] Stow
Sarah [Whitney, C.R.], d. Benjamin and Sarah, Jul. 13, 1723. Marlborough
Sarah, d. of John and Rebecca, Feb. 5, 1727. Harvard
Sarah, d. of John and Rebekah, Feb. 5, 1726-7. T.R.1, p. 56. Lancaster
Sarah, d. John and Elizabeth, Aug. 14, 1728. [p. 189] Boston
Sarah, d. Cornelius and Sarah, Jan. 8, 1731/2. Groton
Sarah, d. John and Elizabeth, Jan. 7, 1733. [p. 214] Boston
Sarah, d. Joshua and Zerviah, Nov. 26, 1733. [[Archive:Stow, Massachusetts, Vital Records|Stow</a> Nantucket
Sarah, d. of Jonathan and Lydia, Mar. 14, 1735-6. Mendon
Sarah, _____, 1736. G. R. Waltham
Sarah [Whiting], d. Josiah and Elizabeth, bap. Aug. 21, 1737. [p. 427] Weston
Sarah, d. of Solomon and his wife Martha, 26 Oct 1738. [p. 194] Concord
Sarah, d. Solomon and Martha, bap. Nov. 5, 1738, a. 10d. [p. 432] Weston
Sarah, d. Mark and Tabatha, June 12, 1739.[Whitney, C.R.1] Hopkinton
Sarah, d. Zechariah and Sarah, Feb. 27, 1739/40. Lunenburg
Sarah, d. of Abraham and Sarah, May 16, 1740. Harvard
Sarah, d. of (Capt. C.R.I) Jon[a]th[an] and Alice, June 1, 1740. Harvard
Sarah, d. Jonas and Sarah, Feb. 26, 1741-2. Roxbury
Sarah, d. Jonas and Sarah, bp. Feb. 28, 1741/2. [CR1] Dedham
Sarah, d. Jason and Arrabellah, June 8, 1741. Grafton
Sarah, d. Jason and Arabellah, June 8, 1743. Stow
Sarah, d. Caleb and Hannah, Oct. 23, 1743. Newton
Sarah, d. Silvanus and Hannah, Jan 31, 1745. N.R. Dunstable
Sarah, d. Elnathan and Sarah, Feb. 13, 1745-6. Waltham
Sarah, d. William and Mary, Sept. 6, 1746. [p. 69] Weston
Sarah, d. William and Mary, b. ye 7. d., bap. Sept. 21, 1746. [p. 453] Weston
Sarah, d. Benjamin and Deliverance, b. 1 Sep 1749 Watertown
Sarah, d. Daniel and Thankfull, Sept. 9, 1749. Shrewsbury
Sarah, d. of Benja Whitney, Junr, bapt. 10 Sep 1749. Watertown
Sarah, d. of Simon and Olive, Feb. 5, 1749-50. Harvard
Sarah, d. of Jonathan Jr. and Sarah, Aug. 5, 1751. Harvard
Sarah, d. Jeremiah and Elizabeth, Apr. 3, 1752. Stow
Sarah, d. Abraham and Tabathy, May 18, 1752. [p. 80] Weston
Sarah, d. Abraham and Tabitha, bap. May 24, 1752 [p. 462] Weston
Sarah, d. George and Sarah, Nov. 30, 1752. Holliston
Sarah [_____], w. William, Aug. 13, 1754. Lee
Sarah, d. Jonas, bp. Nov. 10, 1754. C.R.2. Roxbury
Sarah, d. David and Mary, Feb. 8, 1756. Waltham
Sarah, d. Thomas and Ann, Nov. 21, 1756. Shrewsbury
Sarah, d. Solomon and Elizabeth, Aug. 11, 1757. Petersham
Sarah, d. Jonathan and Eunice, June 12, 1759, bap. Sep. 20, 1761. Needham
Sarah, d. Josiah and Sarah, Apr. 18, 1763. Waltham
Sarah, d. of Jason and Eliz[abeth], Apr. 29, 1763. Natick
Sarah, d. Elias and Rachel, July 10, 1763. Stow
Sarah, d. of Richard and Mary, Feb. 9, 1767. Harvard
Sarah, d. James and Sarah, May 27, 1767. Dunstable
Sarah, d. Levy and Rebeckah, b. Dec. 18, 1768. Townsend
Sarah, d. of Aaron and Anna, May 23, 1769. Harvard
Sarah, d. Daniel and Sarah, 5 Sep 1769, at Boston. [1:18] Warwick
Sarah, d. Daniel, bp. Oct. 8, 1769. C.R.1. Brookline
Sarah, d. of Phinehas, bp. July 8, 1770. C.R.1. Harvard
Sarah, d. Isaac and Mary, Sept. 12, 1773. Holliston
Sarah, d. Caleb and Elizabeth, June 4, 1774. Newton
Sarah, d. of Levi and Sarah his wife, b. 12 Jun 1774. [p. 238] Concord
Sarah, d. Elijah and Sarah, July 13, 1774. Bolton
Sarah, d. of Col. Josiah and Sarah, Apr. 11, 1775. Harvard
Sarah, d. Elisha and Abigail, bap. May 14, 1775. C.R.2 Marblehead
Sarah, d. Simon and Sarah, b. 25 Jun 1775 Watertown
Sarah, d. of Samuel and Abigail his wife, b. 2 Feb 1776. [p. 246] Concord
Sarah, ch. William and Sarah, Apr. 23, 1776. Lee
Sarah, d. William and Mary, Sept. 3, 1779. Winchendon
Sarah, d. of Jason and Lowis, May 15, 1782. Natick
Sarah, d. John and Mary, July 28, 1782. Stow
Sarah, d. of Ephraim and Sarah, Dec. 24, 1783. Natick
Sarah, d. of Eliphelet and Sarah, Feb. 5, 1784. Boxborough
Sarah, d. of Mathias and Dorcas, b. 24 Jun 1787. Hancock
Sarah, d. Elisha and Eunice, Nov. 26, 1787. Westminster
Sarah, d. Rev. Phinehas and Lydia, Dec. 19, 1787. Shirley
Sarah, d. John and wife, bap. Sept. 5, 1790. C.R.1. Bolton
Sarah, d. Jacob and Mary, Oct. 27, 1794. Winchendon
Sarah, dau. of Abel and Clarissa (Dwight), b. July 8, 1796. Westfield
Sarah, d. Abel and Clarissa, bap. 18 Jul 1796. Westfield
Sarah, d. of Abraham and Rebecca, Feb. 11, 1797. Harvard
Sarah, d. Hezekiah and Sarah, Aug. 19, 179[torn, 1797, T.C.] Stow
Sarah, d. Ephriam and Sarah, Aug. 18, 1798. Royalston
Sarah, d. Isaiah and Susanna, Oct. 8 1799. Lynn
Sarah, d. Thomas, bap. (C.R.1), Oct. 10, 1802. Marlborough
Sarah, d. of Moses and Patty, bp. Sept. 4, 1803. C.R.1. Harvard
Sarah [_____], w. Simeon, w. Henry Dyer, Aug. 28, 1805, G.R.3. Duxbury
Sarah, d. Daniel and Elizabeth, Oct. 25, 1805. Roxbury
Sarah, d. Elisha, jr. and Sally, Dec. 25, 1811. Roxbury
Sarah [w. Benjamin?], Mar. __, 1812. G.S. Leominster
Sarah, d. Lemuel and Sarah, Dec. 10, 1814. Ashby
Sarah, d. Ohio and Mary, April 5, 1815. Ashburnham
Sarah, w. John, July 9, 1817. Arlington
Sarah, in Wiscasset, Me., Nov. 24, 1817. C.R.11. Cambridge
Sarah, d. of Isaac and Sally, Dec. 17, 1817. Sherborn
Sarah, d. Silas and Hannah, June 22, 1820. Ashburnham
Sarah, d. Timothy and Rowena, Oct. 22, 1827. Northborough
Sarah, d. Dwelly and Emily, Sept. 8, 1834. Ashburnham
Sarah, d. Horace and Sarah, Nov. 17, 1844. [p. 80] Dorchester
Sarah, dau. of William and Lydia, b. 9 Mar 1845. Springfield
Sarah, d. Daniel and Sarah S. F., Jan 11, 1849. Grafton
Sarah, w. Matthew Crosby Jr., (s. Matthew and Elizabeth), d. Daniel and Eliza, ___ __, P.R.38. Nantucket
Sarah A. Taber [_____], w. Joel, ____, 1827. G.R.5. New Bedford
Sarah Abba, d. George, Dec. 20, 1836. Lynn
Sarah Adeline, d. Joseph H. and Lucy, May 3, 1843. Westborough
Sarah Ann, d. Phinehas and Bethia, Jan. 30, 18__. [bap. Apr. 30, 1809.] Winchendon
Sarah Ann, d. Abijah and Nancy, Sept. 30, 1816. Waltham
Sarah Ann, d. Scolley and Mary, Aug. 9, 1828. Lynn
Sarah Ann, d. of Isaac and Sally, Apr. 17, 1829. Sherborn
Sarah Ann, d. William and Mercy, his second w., April 30, 1831. Ashburnham
Sarah Ann, d. Joseph H. and Davaris H., Jan 8, 1833. Grafton
Sarah Ann, d. Capt. Joseph H. and Betsy, June 7, 1836. Westminster
Sarah Ann Estella, d. Charles H. and Abby Ann, Aug. 26, 1849. (8:97) Fitchburg
Sarah Ann Mary, d. of Richard and Mary E. (Parker), 24 Jun 1821. Amherst
Sarah Ann Mary, d. of Richard and Mary E. (Parker), 14 Oct 1826. Amherst
Sarah Antoinette, d. Franklin and Nancy Mariah, 25 Aug 1852. [2:246] Warwick
Sarah B., _____, 1784. G. R. Waltham
Sarah Barnard, d. of Israel Whitney, bapt. 19 Feb 1814. Watertown
Sarah Booth, d. Calvin and Huldah, Jan. 15, 1843. Westminster
Sarah Caroline, d. Elisha Parks and Frances A. M. (Stanley), 3 Oct 1849. Amherst
Sarah Elizabeth, d. Ezra and Sarah F., bap. Oct. 16, 1814. [p. 522] Weston
Sarah Elizabeth, d. Samuel and Lydia, Apr. 8, 1832. Shrewsbury
Sarah Elizabeth, d. Lemuel A. and Sarah, Feb. 4, 1843. Methuen
Sarah Ellen, d. Michael and Elizabeth, Nov. 23, 1828. Beverly
Sarah F., w. Ezra, bap. Apr. 26, 1812. [p. 522] Weston
Sarah F, d. Nathaniel, laborer, and Susan, Feb. 21, 1847 [1846 dup.]. Westford
Sarah Foster, d. John, Jr., and Abigail, 18 May 1822. [2:239] Warwick
Sarah Frances, d. of Edward and Lydia L., Oct. 25, 1835. Cambridge
Sarah Georgianna, d. Ohio and Mary R., Aug. 26, 1845. Ashburnham
Sarah Hartwell, d. of Aaron and Susanna, bp. Dec. 14, 1817. C.R.1. Harvard
Sarah Hill, d. of Aaron and Ede, July 9, 1813. Sherborn
Sarah Howard, d. Charles and Sally, June 23, 1836. Westminster
Sarah Ingraham, w. Francis A., ___ __, 1840. G.S.4. Ashburnham
Sarah J. Garfield [_____], w. George D., ___ __, 1831. G.R.4. Hopkinton
Sarah J. Kidder, ___ __, 1834. G.S. Leominster
Sarah J. Stetson [_____], w. Eleazer, Oct. 4, 1849, Gravestone Record, East Charlemont Cemetery. Charlemont
Sarah Jane, d. Richard and Eunice, July 14, 1827. Winchendon
Sarah Jane, d. John M., carpenter, and Emma A., July 18, 1844. Groton
Sarah Jemima, d. David and Semaria, Jan. 9, 1835. Westborough
Sarah Josephine, Jan. 18, 1837. G.R.3. Cambridge
Sarah K., apr. 8, 1827. G.R.3. Cambridge
Sarah Louisa, d. of Benjamin F. and Louisa, Nov. 25, 1833. Harvard
Sarah Louisa, d. of William and his wife Sarah, b. 6 Jul 1838. [p. 321] Concord
Sarah M., d. of Jeremiah and Sarah, Jan., 1843 (?). Lexington
Sarah Marble, d. Daniel and Sarah, Nov. 3, 1819. Stow
Sarah Margaret, d. of Jacob, bp. Sept. 4, 1825. C.R.1. Harvard
Sarah Maria, d. of Justin and Mary C., bp. Sept. 2, 1841. C.R. 2 Harvard
Sarah Park, d. Henry and Mary A., June 12, 1832. Gardner
Sarah R., d. William F. and Harriet, July 26. 1844. Upton
Sarah Rebecca, d. Levi T. and Sarah, May 28, 1834. Westborough
Sarah-Rebecca, d. Levi-T. and Sarah, May 28, 1834. In Westborough. Boylston
Sarah Taft, d. Moses and Susanna, Apr. 28, 1819. Upton
Sarah Watson, d. Nathaniel Ruggles, Junr., and Sally, b. 18 Jun 1817. Watertown
Sarah Watson, d. of Nath. R. Whitney, Junr, bapt. 7 Sep 1817. Watertown
Sary, d. Richard and Marrthy, b. __ 8mo 1653 Watertown
Sary, d. Thomas and Mary, b. 23 Mar 1665 Watertown
Sary, d. Nathanell and Sary, b. 13 Feb 1678 Watertown
Sary, d. Daniel and Hannah, Apr. 15,1762. Chelmsford
Seabill, d. Timothy and Submet, Mar. 31, 1739. Groton
Seba, s. Joseph and Hannah, Feb. 21, 1805. Winchendon
Sebbel, d. Levy and Rebecah, b. Oct. 27, 1770. Townsend
Seneca, s. Daniel and Sarah, 27 Jul 1776. [1:31] Warwick
Seneca Franklin, s. Franklin and Nancy Mariah, 24 Nov 1846. [2:246] Warwick
Seraph, d. Jonah .and Anna, April 4, 1802. Westborough
Seraphina Homer, d. of B. L. and Caroline St. A., bp. Apr. 25, 1842. C.R.9. Cambridge
Seth, s. Dr. John, Feb. 5, 1742/3. Eastham
Seth, s. William and Anne, Dec. 8, 1792. Gardner
Seth, s. Seth and Sally, May 25, 1817. Gardner
Seth, s. Seth and Chloe, Jan. 30, 1833. Gardner
Seth Dunbar, s. Moses and Rebecca, Sept. 13, 1807. Milton
Sewel, s. Levy and Rebeckah, b. June 16, 1774. Townsend
Shadrach, s. of Jonathan Whitney, bapt. 22 Sep 1700. Watertown
Shadrach, s. Zacheus.(Whetney).and Mary, May 17, 1739. Bedford
Shadrich, s. Timothy and Catherine, Oct. 6, 1770. Shrewsbury
fhedrick, s. Jonathan and Sarah, b. 12 Oct 1698 Watertown
Sibbel, [twin] d. Dan[ie]l Hobbs and Irene, Jan. 22, 1802. Medway
Sibbell [Sybil. dup.], d. Joseph & Abigail, b. Dec. 25, 1748. Pepperell
Sibbileh, d. Joshua and Mehitable, Jan. 26, 1754. Spencer
Sibel, d. Lemuel and Sibel, Jan. 14, 1736-7. Stow
Sibil Chenery, d. of Charles Whitney, bapt. 8 Oct 1808. Watertown
Sibila, d. Israel and Hannah, Feb. 4, 1733. Oxford
Sidney, [Sidney Stearns in C.R.1], s. Samuel and Lucy, Feb. 25, 1815 Bolton
Sidney D., s. Nathaniel, farmer, b Watertown and Susan, b.Dorchester, May 12, 1849. Westford
Silas, s. of Simon and Olive, Oct. 16, 1751. Harvard
Silas, s. Samuel and Abigail, Oct. 20, 1752 [dup.]. Westminster
Silas, s. Daniel and Dorathy, Feb. 26, 1758. Stow
Silas, s. Silas and Jane, June 12, 1762. Princeton
Silas, s. Silas and Jane, born at Princetown, June 12, 1762. Winchendon
Silas, s. Silas, Aug. 15, 1762, bap. C.R. Rutland
Silas, s. Solomon Jr. and w., bp. July 13, 1766. C.R.I. Lincoln
Silas, s. Joshua and Jemima, Mar. 20, 1771. Medway
Silas, s. Silas and Patience, at Stow, Jan. 15, 1781. Ashby
Silas, s. Silas and Pashance [Patience C.R.], Jan. 26, 1781. Stow
Silas, s. of Mathias and Olive, b. 5 Apr 1798. Hancock
Silas, s. Joshua and Vashti, bap. Oct. 24, 1802. C.R. Gardner
Silas, s. Silas and Hannah, April 28, 1803. Ashburnham
Silas, s. Joshua and Vashti, Nov. 11, 1804. Gardner
Silas, s. Daniel Hobbs and Irene, Nov. 18, 1810. Medway
Silas, s. William and Lucy, May 26, 1811. Ashburnham
Silas B., s. Christopher, carpenter, and Dolly, Nov. 9, 1839. Stow
Silas Brooks, s. Christopher and Dolly, Nov. 9, 1839. Waltham
Silas Eddy, s. Silas and Susan, Nov. 1, 1850. (8:97) Fitchburg
Silas Jefferson, s. of Silas and Ann Hardy, May 25, 1843. Wrentham
Silas Noble, s. Jonas and Mary, Apr. 4, 1805 Otis
Silas Stacy, s. Hananiah and Azubah, June 27, 1805. Winchendon
Silos, s. Daniell and Dorathy, Jan. 13, 1754. Stow
Silvanus, s. of Joseph and Rebeckah, Feb. 22, 1711-2. Sherborn
Simeon, s. Abraham and Tabytha, Nov. 21, 1745. [p. 58] Weston
Simeon, s. Abraham and Tabitha, b. last ni:, bap. Dec 15 or 22, 1745. [p. 452] Weston
Simeon, s. Joshua and Jemima, Aug. 29, 1766. Medway
Simeon, s. of Abraham and Rebekah, Mar. 20, 1787. Harvard
Simeon [twin] s. Dan[ie]l Hobbs and Irene, Jan. 22, 1802. Medway
Simeon Freyes, s. Moses and Tabitha, April 18, 1799. Templeton
Simon, s. Jonathan and Alles, Mar. 20, 1719-20. Stow
Simon, s. Daniel and Dorothy, b. 20 May 1727 Watertown
Simon, s. of Daniel Whitney, bapt. 19 Sep 1736. Watertown
Simon, s. Salmon and Sarah, Sept. 5, 1746. [p. 61] Littleton
Simon, s. of Timothy and Alice, June 28, 1756. Harvard
Simon, s. Timothy and Alice, June 28, 175[torn][1757?]. Petersham
Simon, s. Simon and Mary, b. 22 Jul 1760 Watertown
Simon, s. of Simon and Olivea, Jan. 17, 1767. Harvard
Simon, s. of Simon and Patience, Mar. 17, 1770. Harvard
Simon, s. Simon and Sarah, b. 18 Apr 1778 Watertown
Simon, s. Simon and Lucy, Nov. 25, 1795. Petersham
Simon, s. Judah and Mary, at Ashburnham, July 2, 1792. Ashby
Simon, s. Nathaniel Ruggles and Abigail, b. 30 Oct 1797 Watertown
Simon, s. of Nathl R. Whitney, bapt. 5 Nov 1797. Watertown
Simon, Dr., Oct. 30, 1798. [G.R.2.] Framingham
Simon, s. Joshua Jr. and Caroline, Oct. 8, 1809. Medway
Simon Woodbridge, s. of Richard and Mary E. (Parker), 21 Nov 1816. Amherst
Simry, s. of Reuben and Lucy, May 29, 1795. Harvard
Smerney, s. Samuel and Thankful, Mar.5, 1786. Westminster
Solan Franklin, s. of Benjamin F. and Louisa, Aug. 22, 1831. Harvard
Soloman [Whitney, C.R.], s. Benjamin and Sarah, Dec. 20, 1721. Marlborough
Solomon (see Salmon) Shirley
Solomon, s. Nathaniel Jr. and Mercy, bap. June 17, 1711, a. 3y. [p. 390] Weston
Solomon [Salmon dup.], s. Moses and Lydia, Jan. 8, 1711/2. [p. 5] Littleton
Solomon, s. of Solomon and his wife Martha, 5 Dec 1735. [p. 193] Concord
Solomon, s. Solomon and Martha, bap. Dec. 14, 1735. [p. 425] Weston
Solomon, s. Isaac and Lydia, Nov. 25, 1776. Stow
Solomon Weeks, s. Leonard and Ruth, Sept. 4, 1826. Sudbury
Sophia, d. Daniel and Sarah, 12 Jul 1778. [1:31] Warwick
Sophia, d. Ephrain Jr. and Jemima, Aug. 25, 1789. Upton
Sophia, Aug. ___, 1789. P.R.35. Holliston
Sophia, d. Elijah and Sarah, Nov. 20, 1789. Bolton
Sophia, ch. Daniel and Sally, bp. Sept. 2, 1792. G.R.3 Nantucket
Sophia, d. Eben[eze]r and Parney, Dec. 13, 1796. Montague
Sophia, d. Timothy and Phebe, Dec. 25, 1799. Marlborough
Sophia, d. Amos and Sophia, Feb. 19, 1815. Royalston
Sophia, d. Henry H. and Caroline C., Nov. 29, 1842. Ashburnham
Sophia A., w. E.W., _____ __.1823. G.S.2. Athol
Sophia Dorinda, d. Nahum and Susanna, May 28, 1813. Westborough
Sophia Elizabeth, d. George and Eliza Jane, May 2, 1844. Royalston
Sophia Paine, Oct. 31, 1834. G.R.3. Cambridge
Sophia Relief, d. Nathan and Lydia, May 25, 1835. Lincoln
Sophronia, d. of Jonas and Relief, Sept. 3, 1802. (Sophronia, d. of wid. Relief, bp. Oct. 11, 1812. C.R.1. Harvard
Stanton, Sept. 21, 1836. G.R.3. Cambridge
Stephen, s. of John and Susanna, b. 14 Aug 1743 Watertown
Stephen, s. of John Whitney, bapt. 7 Aug 1743. Watertown
Stephen, [twin] s. Moses and Rebeccah [dup. Rebecca], Feb. 12, 1746-7. Newton
Stephen, s. of Josiah and Sarah, May 1, 1757. Harvard
Stephen, s. Samuel and Mehetable, Oct. 31, 1768. Yarmouth
Stephen, s. Stephen and Relief, b. 25 Jan 1771 Watertown
Stephen, s. of Stephen and Persis, Aug. 6, 1797. Deerfield
Stephen Cushing, s. John 2d and Eliza, July 4, 1833. Westminster
Stephine, d. William and Anna, bap. Oct. 20, 1805. C.R. Gardner
Stillman, s. Aaron and Polly, Apr. 11, 1833. Westminster
Stilman, s. Edward and Rhoda, Mar. 14, 1815. Royalston
Sukey, d. Lemuel and Lydia, Nov. 22, 1787. Petersham
Suky, d.of Stephen and Persis, June 11, 1795. Deerfield
Sukey, d. Abijah and Anna, bap. Sept. 15, 1799. [p. 513] Weston
Sulliven, s. of John and Sally, jDec. 22, 1808. (Sullivan, s. of wid. Sally, bp. July 3, 1814. C.R.1.) Harvard
Sumner, s. of Reuben 2d and Mille, Jan. 3, 1811. Harvard
Summer Allan, s. John and Lydia, June 27, 1824. Westminster
Susa, d. Moses and Betty, March 7, 1764. Templeton
Susa, d. of Isaac and Lucy, mar. 26, 1785. Harvard
Susan [_____], w. of Joseph, _____, 1793. G.R.2. Cambridge
Susan, d. Silas and Patience, July 1, 1793. Ashby
Susan [?m], Nov. 18, 1800, [in lot with Martha W.] G.R.3. New Bedford
Susan, d. of Richard 2d and Sally, Dec. 29, 1808. Harvard
Susan, d. of Oliver and Mercy, Jan. 23, 1811. Harvard
Susan, d. Silas and Hannah, born in Walpole N.H., Aug. 21, 1812. Ashburnham
Susan, in Wiscasset, Me., Nov. 24, 1817. C.R.11. Cambridge
Susan, d. of Aaron and Susan, Oct. 20, 1818. Harvard
Susan, w. John M., ___ __, 1821. G.S.2. Westminster
Susan A., Mar. 5, 1845. G.S.1. Westminster
Susan Abiel, d. of Leonard and Abigail E., in Paxton, July 24, 1844. Cambridge
Susan Almira, d. Leonard and Abigail, b. 24 Jul 1844. Paxton
Susan Caroline, d. Orlando and Susan M., Nov. 4, 1834. Grafton
Susan Clarinda, d. David and Semaria, July 25, 1839. Westborough
Susan Cordelia, d.of Stephen and Mary, Jan. 18, 1815. Deerfield
Susan E., d. Nathaniel and Susan, Feb. 11, 1833. Westford
Susan Elizabeth, d. of Abel and Susanna, bp. Mar. __, 1817. C.R.1. Cambridge
Susan Elizabeth, d. Joseph and Sally, Oct. 25, 1826. Westminster
Susan Emily, d. Silas and Susan E., May 24, 1856. (8:97) Fitchburg
Susan M., d. Jason and Susan A., May 20, 1843. Ashburnham
Susan Ruth, d. John, stewart in Har[vard] College, and Mary B., Mar. 31, [18]45. Wayland
Susana, d. William and Mary, Dec. 23, 1751. [p. 79] Weston
Susanah, d. of Jason and Elizabeth, Dec.9, 1766. Natick
Susanah, d. Samuel and Abigail, Feb. 9, 1767 [dup.]. Westminster
Susanna, d. of Jonathan and Susanna, Jan. 20, 1702-3. Sherborn
Sufanna, reputed dau. of Benjamin and Sarah Phillips, b. 28 Sep 1705 Watertown
Susanna, d. Daniel and Susanna, Feb. 21, 1708. Roxbury
Susanna, d. Nathaniel Jr. and Mercy, bap. June 17, 1711, a. 4y. [p. 390] Weston
Sufanna, d. Thomas and Sufanna, b. 17 May 1729 Watertown
Susanna, d. of John Whitney, bapt. 31 May 1730. Watertown
Susanna, d. Cornelius and Sarah, bap. May 12, 1734. Groton
Susanna, d. John and Elizabeth, Jun. 7, 1741. [p. 244] Boston
Susanna, d. Ezekiel and Jane, bp. Oct. 13, 1745 C.R.1. Uxbridge
Susanna, d. Samuel and Elisabeth, Feb. 26, 1747-8. Shrewsbury
Susanna, d. William and Mary, bap. Feb. 19, 1752. [p. 462] Weston
Susanna, d. of Jesse and Mary, July 12, 1759. Mendon
Susanna, d. Dr. Ephriam and Marcey, Aug. 25, 1762. Petersham
Sufanna, d. Jonathan and Sufanna, b. 23 May 1766 Watertown
Susanna, d. Joshua and Marcy, Apr. 14, 1770. Stow
Susanna, d. Phinehas and Susannah, Mar. 9, 1781. N.R. Dunstable
Susanna, d. Timothy and Phebe, Feb. 26, 1782. Marlborough
Susanna, d. John and Rachel, July 27, 1784. Spencer
Susanna, d. Elisha and Eunice, Jan. 5, 1785. Beverly
Susanna, d. Dr. Elisha, bp. Jan. 8, 1785. CR 5. Ipswich
Susanna, d. Isaac and Susanna, at Ashburnham, Mar. 14, 1791. Ashby
Susanna, d. of Mathias and Olive, b. 23 Oct 1800. Hancock
Susanna, d. of Isaac and Mary, July 21, 1807. Sherborn
Susanna Elizabeth, d. William W., bp. Feb. 25, 1838. C.R.1. Berlin
Susanna Hartwell, d. of Aaron and Susanna, bp. July 18, 1819. C.R.1. Harvard
Susanna Loiza, d. Nahum and Susanna, Oct. 13, 1815. Westborough
Susanna Willard, d. of Aaron and Hannah, b. 17 Sep 1785. Northfield
Susan[n]ah, d. of Jonathan and Lidiah, Feb. 12, 1727-8. Mendon
Susannah, d. Cornelius and Sarah, bp. May 12, 1734, B.R. Shirley
Susannah, d. Ezekiel and Jenet, July 24, 1745 Sutton
Susannah, d. Salmon and Sarah, Dec. 20, 1748. [p. 61] Littleton
Susannah, d. Joshua and Mehetabel, Aug. 15, 1762. Spencer
Susannah, d. Daniel and Dorathy, Oct. 11, 1766. Stow
Susannah, d. of Joshua Jr. and Marcy, Apr. 14, 1771. Boxborough
Susannah, d. Daniel and Sarah, 31 Jan 1773, at Warwick. [1:18] Warwick
Susannah, d. of Josiah and Sarah, Oct. 2, 1780. Harvard
Susannah [_____], w. of Abel, in Brookline, July 7, 1786. G.R.3. Cambridge
Susannah, d. John and Clarissa, Nov. 18, 1800. [p. 349] Boston
Susannah, d. Stephen and Sally, Aug. 20, 1809. Westminster
Susannah H., d. Moses and Susanna, Dec. 10, 1830. Upton
Susannah K., d. William K. and Deborah, Nov. 1, 1820. Athol
Sybil (see Sibel) Stow
Sybil B1ake, d. Benjamin and Sybil, Jan. 7, 1809. Westborough
Sybil C., a. 36, b. Fitzwilliam, N.H., d. Samuel A. and Sarah, and Edwin W. Rice, both of Winchendon, 14 Jul 1885. (4:153) Ware
Sybil K., d. of Sarah C., bp. Oct. 8, 1837. Church record, Congregational Church, Northbridge Center. Northbridge
Sydney, s. of Benjamin and Methable, Dec. 8, 1840. (III:343-344) Fitchburg
Sylvester, s. of Mathias and Dorcas, b. 14 Aug 1785. Hancock
Sylvester, s. of James and Louis, Apr. 12, 1810. Sherborn
Sylvester, Feb. 29, 1816. G.R.3. Chelsea
Sylvia, ch. Abel and Sylvia, Jan. 9, 1820 Orange
Syrena Adelia, d. of Nathan and Nancy, Aug. 22, 1834. Harvard


Sabama [Whiting. int], unm., of A., and Joel H. Slack of Wretham, bet. June ___ and Nov. 12, 1825. [Oct. 20, 1828 int.] Attleborough
Sabra of Upton and Samuel King, int. Ot. 22, 1825. Grafton
Sabrina [Sabra in int.] and Mr. _____ [Samuel in int.] King, Nov. 16, 1825. Upton
Salama of Attleborough, and Joel H. Slack, int. Oct. 1, 1828. Wrentham
Salla of Shrewsbury and John F. Lyon, int. Feb. 6, 1777. Grafton
Salle and John Fisher Lyon of Grafton, int. Jan. 17, 1777. Shrewsbury
Salley and Loammi Burges, Dec. 13, 1791. Boxborough
Sally and Elezer Flint, Jr., May 3, 1792. Reading
Sally and Phinehas Jennison, Jr., b. of Watertown, m. 22 Jul 1792 Watertown
Sally and Ebenezer Tilesten, Dec. 24, 1793. [p. 154] Boston
Sally and James Simmons, b. of Watertown, int. 25 Mar 1797 Watertown
Sally Whitney of Chelmsford & Thomas Conn of Charlestown, int. Dec. 28, 1800. Charlestown
Sally and Reuben Wheeler both of Lancaster, int. Nov. 16, 1801. T.R.1, p. 155. Lancaster
Sally of Winchendon and Semyrna Bancroft, int. Nov. 23, 1801. Gardner
Sally and Smyrna Bancroft of Gardner, Jan 12, 1802. Winchendon
Sally and Dr. Joel Dresser, Sept. 5, 1802. Lee
Sally and Lemuel Brackett of Quincy, Jan. 6, 1806. Northborough
Sally, and John Hunting, b. of Watertown, int. 10 Jan 1807. Watertown
Sally, and John Hunting, b. of Watertown, m. 19 Apr 1807. Watertown
Sally and Reuben Wheeler, Dec.17,1807. T.R.1, p. 166. Lancaster
Sally and Elijah Dwinel, Nov. 1, 1808. Harvard
Sally and Ezra Wetherbee, Apr. 17, 1814. Harvard
Wid. Sally and Capt. Calvin Hale, July 10, 1814. Leominster
Sally and Willard Atherton of Goffstown, N.H., March 22, 1816. Bolton
Sally of Otis, and John Bowen, int. Nov. 18, 1816. Becket
Sally (int. Miss) of O. and John Bowen of Becket, (in O., C.R.2) int., Dec. 4, 1816 Otis
Sally of Boston, and Peter Sanborn, int. Aug. 28, 1818. Waltham
Sally of Gardner and Luther Alden, int. May 14, 1819. Templeton
Sally and Luther Alden of Templeton, June 15, 1819. Gardner
Sally and Ethan Wetherbee, Oct. 5, 1819. Harvard
Sally and Eran Fisk, Apr. 1, 1829. Upton
Sally and Luther F. Woodbury, May 6, 1834 Sutton
Sally of Worcester, and Rev. David A. Grovesnor, int. Apr. 5, 1835 Uxbridge
Sally, and Rev. David-A. Grosvenor of Uxbridge, May 5, 1835. Worcester
Sally B. of Keene, N.H., and Lieut. Erastus Barnard, int. Dec. 9, 1798. Deerfield
Sally D. and Christopher Wilder, Dec. 1, 1836. Stow
Sally Morse, and Abradatus Farrow, b. of Watertown, int. 4 Oct 1818. Watertown
Sally Morse of Watertown, and Abradatus Farrow, Oct. 25, 1818. Newton
Sally P. and Jacob F. Taylor of Watertown, Mar. 31, 1836. Harvard
Salmon and Hepzibah Raymond, April 22, 1784. Templeton
Saloma and Lieut. Samuel Hale of Fitchburg, Feb. 4, 1819. Westminster
Salomona of Westminster and Samuel Hale, int. Dec. 26, 1818. (III:133) Fitchburg
Sampson and Betsey Upton of Wilmington, in Wilmington, Oct. 9, 1796. Cambridge
Samuel and Elisabeth Hastings of Watertown, int. Oct. 13, 1734. [p. 33] Weston
Samuel and Elizabeth Hastings, Apr. 8, 1735, by Rev. Wareham Williams. [p. 268] Weston
Samuel, of Weston, and Elisabeth Hastings of Watertown, Apr. 8, 1735, in Watertown, by Rev. Wareham Williams. [p. 268] Weston
Samuel of Weston and Elizebeth Haftings of Watertown, m. 8 Apr 1735 Watertown
Samuel Jr. and Abigail Fletcher, b. of Weston, Oct. 20, 1741, by Rev. Wm. Williams. [p. 55] Weston
Sam[ue]l, and Mary Clark, b. of Watertown, m. 1 Mar 1742/3 Watertown
Samuel and Abigail Cutler [or Cutter][?], int. Sept. 22, 1757. [p. 26] Boston
Samuel and Abigail Cutler (Brattle Street Church), Oct. 20, 1757. In Brookline. [p. 325] Boston
Samuel Jr. and Phebe Harrington of Grafton, int.Aug. 14, 1762. Shrewsbury
Samuel of Shrewsbury and Phebe Harrington, Sept. 2, 1762. C.R. Grafton
Samuel of Worcester, and Mary White, Nov. 24, 1762. Newton
Samuel and Mary White of Newton, Nov. 24, 1762. Worcester
Samuel and Lydia Prentice, b. of Watertown, m. 15 Jan 1765 Watertown
Samuel, and Mary St. John, m. 5 Jan 1775. Stockbridge
Samuel and Lavinia Biglow, Nov. 5, 1776. Westborough
Samuel and Mary Whitney, June 24, 1778. Worcester
Samuel, and Asenath Baker, Sep. 28, 1780. Needham
Samuel and Azubah Hill, Dec. 13, 1781. Douglas
Samuel and Mrs. Thankfull Wilder, int. June 1, 1784. Westminster
Samuel and Abigail Wilder, Aug. 12, 1802. Ashburnham
Samuel and Sarah Smith of Barre, int. May 12, 1804. Templeton
Samuel of Templeton and Sarah Smith, June 6, 1804. Barre
Samuel and [int. Mrs.] Lucy Handley, both of A., Sept. 1, 1808. [Lucy, both of A., C.R.1.] Acton
Mr. Samuel Whitney of Boston & Miss Frances Goodenow of Charlestown, int. Nov. 8, 1808. Charlestown
Samuel and Frances Goodenow, Nov. 28, 1808. [p. 277] Boston
Samuel of Bolton and Fanny Hudson, Mar.25,1811. T.R.1, p. 168. Lancaster
Samuel, Mr., of Bolton and Miss Fanny Hudson of Lancaster, int. Mar. 4, 1812. T.R.1, p. 171. Lancaster
Samuel 2d and Fanny Hudson of Lancaster, int. March 8, 1812. Bolton
Samuel and Hannah Wetherbee of Westminster, int. Oct. 1, 1812. Templeton
Sam[ue]l and Mary Willard, int. Oct. 11, 1812. Walpole
Samuel of Templeton and Mrs. Hannah Wetherby, int. Oct. 27, 1812. Westminster
Samuel and Sarah Holmes, Aug. 7, 1822. [Simon, C.R.1.] Duxbury
Samuel of Boston and Rebecca Perry, Sept. 2, 1824. Arlington
Samuel and Lydia Whitney, Apr. 1, 1828. Shrewsbury
Samuel and Mrs. Anna L. Amsdin of Petersham, int. May 15, 1837. Brimfield
Samuel of Brimfield and Anna L. Minsden of Petersham, in Petersham, June 13, 1837. Hardwick
Samuel Jr. of Brimfield and Mrs. Anna L. Amsden, June 13, 1837. Petersham
Samuel (papermaker, s. Smyrna and Ruth, a. 27) and Caroline A. Puffer, Nov. 29, 1848. Westminster
Samuel A. and Betsy Croxford of Millbury, int. Jan. 28, 1832. Winchendon
Samuel A. of Winchendon and Betsey Croxford, int. Jan. 28, 1832. Millbury
Samuel A. and Sarah S. Foster of Fitzwilliam, int. Nov. 17, 1832. Winchendon
Samuel B., 30, s. Abijah of Weston, and Mary W. Crehore, June 5, 1845. Waltham
Samuel C. and Sally Evens, June 25, 1807. In Brookline. [p. 496] Boston
Samuel C. (s. David and Samaria, a. 23) and Harriet S. Prentice, Nov. 25, 1847. Grafton
Samuel F., s. of Aaron and Susan, a 27 y., and Sarah T. Gardner, d. of Jerome and Sally, a. 23y., Oct. 26, 1848. Harvard
Samuel Frost, and Favilla Belding, d. of Chester and Polly (_____) Belding, 30 Mar 1848. Amherst
Samuel H. and Marilla L. Dickinson, int. Mar. 13, 1825. Granville
Samuel N. of Worcester and Frances Rice, July 10, 1838. Shrewsbury
Samuel-N., and Mrs. Elvira Lewis, Jan. 13, 1841. Worcester
Samuel S., Dr., and Sarah W. Spaulding, int. Sept. 2, 1838. Newton
Samuel S., Dr., of Newton, and Sarah W. Spalding, Sept. 29, 1838. Natick
Samuel V. and Sarah Ann Russell, Jan. 31, 1843. Ashburnham
Samll. [Samuell Whitne, int.], and Mehtiable Robin [Mehitable Roben, int.], int. 5 May 1754, m. 10 Oct 1754, by John Thatcher, J. P. Barnstable
Sarah and Charls Chadwick, b. of Watertown, m. 11 Apr 1699 Watertown
Sarah, and Charles Chadwick, both of Watertown, 11 Apr 1699, by Rev. Henry Gibbs. Watertown
Sarah and Jonathan Ball, b. of Watertown, m. 5 Jan 1709/10 Watertown
Sarah and Jonathan Warrin, m. 4 Nov 1712 Watertown
Sarah, m. Andrew Parker, Aug. 2, 1720. Lexington
Sarah and Hezakiah Hapgood, int. Mar. 28, 1724. Stow
Sarah, of Weston, and Ephraim Rice of Worcester, int. Aug. 3, 1726. [p. 18] Weston
Sarah and William Perce, Apr. 18, 1729. [Whitteny, and William Pierce, C.R.1] Hopkinton
Sarah and Abraham Whitney, b. of Harvard, int. Jan. 18, 1737. T.R.1, p. 28. Lancaster
Sarah and Abraham Whitney, Apr. 20, 1738. C.R.1. Harvard
Sarah of Stow, and John Preist, int. Dec. 19, 1741. Harvard
Sarah and Benja[min] Wilson, Nov. 26, 1747. Groton
Sarah and Simon Maynor of Sudbury, int. Jan. 18, 1754. Stow
Sarah and James Manson, int. June 30, 1754. [p. 11] Boston
Sarah and Oliver Whitcomb of Bolton, int. Dec. 17, 1754 Stow
Sarah and Wales Cheeney, Nov. 10, 1756. Mendon
Sarah and Wales Cheeney, both of Mendon, Nov. 20, 1756. C.R. Milford
Sarah and Ithamar Gooddenow, Sep. 18, 1760. Marlborough
Sarah of Natick and Nathan Watkins, int. Apr. 17, 1761. Hopkinton
Sarah and Nathan Wodkins (Watkins, M.R.) (of Hopkinton, int.) June 11, 1761. Natick
Sarah, Mrs., of Littleton, and Deacon Benj[amin] Foster of Lunenburg, Dec. 3, 1761, by Rev. Daniel Rogers. [p. 84] Littleton
Sarah, Mrs., of Littleton, and Dea. Benj[ami]n Foster of Lunenburg, Dec. 3, 1761. Lunenburg
Sarah and David Pain, both of Braintree, int. Sep. 16, 1762. Braintree
Sarah and Silas Dutton, b. of Lunenburg, Mar. 3, 1763. Lunenburg
Sarah, Mrs., and Amasa Davis, both of B., Nov. 3, 1764. Brookline
Sarah and James Coffin, Feb. 27, 1766. [Sarah, d. Dr. John and Peggy, and James Coffin, s. Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield) P.R.38] Nantucket
Sarah of Braintree and Micajah Pope of Stoughton, int. Apr. 4, 1766. Braintree
Sarah, of Braintree, and Micajah Pope of Stoughton, int. Apr. 1, 1767. Stoughton
Sarah and Samuel Whetherbee of Stow, int. Apr. 3, 1767. Harvard
Sarah of Harvard, and Samuel Wetherbee, int. Apr. 4, 1767. Stow
Sarah and Jeremiah Shachell [Tackles], int. Mar. 3, 1769. Palmer
Sarah and James Richards Jr., Apr. 26, 1769. [Richardson, M.R.] Newton
Sarah and James Watkins, Nov. 16, 1769. Upton
Sarah of Shrewsbury and Nathan Bannister, Dec. 17, 1769. In Shrewsbury. Brookfield
Sarah and Nathan Banister of Brookfield, Dec. 17, 1769. Shrewsbury
Sarah of Stow, and Abel Whitcombe, Dec. 23, 1769. Harvard
Sarah and Abel Whitcomb [int. Whitcom] of Harvard, Dec. 23, 1769, in Harvard. Stow
Sarah and John Mead, Aug. 26, 1771. Harvard
Sarah, of Lancaster, and Samuel Mason of Winchendon, int. May 20, 1772. T.R.1, p. 46. Lancaster
Sarah and Jonathan Flagg, May 15, 1772. Upton
Sarah of Lancaster and Samuel Mason, int. May 26, 1772. Winchendon
Sarah and Nehemiah Ward, Oct. 4, 1773. Newton
Sarah of Waltham, and Bazaleel Wright, int. July 14, 1776. Chester
Sarah and Bezaleel Wright, Aug. 29, 1776.* Waltham
Sarah and Jonas Hemenway, int. Feb. 5, 1780. Shrewsbury
Sarah, Mrs., of Dunstable, N.H., and Isaac Pike, Mar. 29, 1780. Dunstable
Sarah and Daniel Brown, Feb. 19, 1783. Stow
Sarah and [int. adds Col.] Jonathan Hapgood, Oct. 5, 1784. [Col. Jonathan Esq., C.R.] Stow
Sarah of Harvard and Levi Worster, June 4, 1785. Int. not recorded. [p. 275] Littleton
Sarah and Levi Worster of Littleton, July 7, 1785. Harvard
Sarah and Eleazer Davis, Apr. 10, 1787. Harvard
Sarah, and Abraham Parker, Oct. 29, 1787. Dunstable
Sarah and Abraham Foster, int. May 5, 1787. Ashburnham
Sarah and Samuel Skillin [int. reads Skillen], July 23, 1791. [p. 105] Boston
Sarah of A. and Loami Burges of Tingsborough, int. Nov. 18, 1791. Acton
Sarah and Moses Wheeler, int. Jan. 18, 1792. Petersham
Sarah and Moses Wheeler, both of Petersham, Feb. 6, 1792. int. not recorded Phillipston
Sarah and Henry Bass, int. Dec. 29, 1794. Peru
Sarah of Littleton and Moses Nichols, int. Oct 21, 1795. Royalston
Sarah, Miss [C.R, Int.][Whitcomb], and Mr. Moses Nichols of Royalston, 17 Jan 1796. Littleton
Sarah 3d and James Townshend Jr., Dec. 15, 1797. Bolton
Sarah, and John Trull, Mar. [17. int.; Apr._, C.R.3.], 1799. Roxbury
Sarah and Joshua Bowers, Nov. 27, 1800. Stow
Sarah and Caleb Wilder Jr., Nov. 27, 1800. Ashburnham
Mrs. Sarah and Thomas Earle of Leicester, int. Aug. 1, 1802. Ashburnham
Sarah and Isaac Hastings, Dec. 6, 1803. Waltham
[Mrs. in int.] Sarah and Peter Bender of Marlborough, Nov. 21, 1805. Bolton
Sarah, Mrs., and Phinehas Wetherbee of Boxborough, int. Nov. 4, 1816. [Phinehas of Boxboro, m. Dec. 10, C.R.] Stow
Sarah of Stow, and Phineas Wetherbee, int. Nov. 9, 1816. Boxborough
Sarah and Cephas Houghton, June 24, 1819. Harvard
Sarah Jr. {sic} and George Sawyer, May 25, 1823. Bolton
Sarah of Bolton and William Bently Sanger, int. May 31, 1823. Templeton
Sarah and William B. Sanger of Templeton, July 1, 1823. Bolton
Sarah, and Jacob Puffer, Jan. 4, 1827. Ashby
Sarah and Abel F. Stow, April 2, 1834. Grafton
Sarah and Walter Adams, ___ __, 1834. Ashburnham
Sarah and David Eames, Oct. 3, 1836.* [see next] Upton
Sarah, 21, and Charles H. Arnold, 27, Apr. 6, 1848. T.R.4, p. 257. Lancaster
Sarah of Fall River and George W. Backus, s. Herman and Mehitable (Crocker), __ ___, ____ [? before 1850], P.R.38 Nantucket
Sarah A., m. Henry Phelps, Oct. 26, 1834. Lexington
Sarah A. (d. William and Mercy, a. 17) and Newton Hayden, April 5, 1849. Ashburnham
Sarah A. M., of Amherst, a. 21, single, d. of Richard and Mary, and Merrick N. Spear, of Amherst, a. 22, single, mechanic, s. of Eliphalet and Martha, 27 May 1847, by Rev. Pomeroy Belden, pastor of the 2nd Church of Amherst. Amherst
Sarah Ann Mary, and M. N. Spear, __ ___ 1849. Amherst
Sarah Ann and Joshua W. Lawrence of Concord, int. Nov. 13, 1835. [p. 221] Weston
Sarah Ann, of Weston, and Joshua W. Lawrence of Concord, int. 14 Nov 1835. [p. 393] Concord
Sarah Ann and Joseph W. Lawrence, Jan. 14, 1836, by Rev. Joseph Field. [p. 233] Weston
Sarah Ann, a. 20y., b. Manchester, d. S.C., and Sarah B. of Manchester and George T. Rowe, a. 21y., mariner, s. Robert and Mary, Jan. 12, 1847. Gloucester
Sarah Anne and Josiah Brown, Aug. 28, 1832[dup.]. Winchendon
Sarah C. (d. Silas and Hannah, a. 24) and James W. Gardner, Oct. 31, 1844. Ashburnham
Sarah C. and Matthew Crosby, Jr., Nov. 14, 1849 Nantucket
Sarah Coffin of Nantucket and Zebedee Cook Jun., Nov. 7, 1809. In Brookline. [p. 504] Boston
Sarah Coffin and Zebedee Cook Jr., int. Nov. 30, 1809 Nantucket
Sarah Elizabeth, 23, d. of Wm. and Elizabeth, of Farmington, ME., m., in ME., John R. True, 25, of Lexington, b. in Stronge, ME., s. of Amos C. and Betsey C., Sept. 17, 1874. Lexington
Sarah F., of Westborough, and Joshua Hall, Jr., int. June 15, 1839. Pepperell
Sarah F. and Joshua Hall Jr., July 4, 1839. Westborough
Sarah F., d. of Aaron and Susan, a. 23 y., and Charles Whitcomb of Worcester, s. of Abel of Bolton, and Sophia, b. in Bolton, a. 25 y., Jan. 7, 1847. Harvard
Sarah F. T. (Sarah Frances Tucker, int.) and Joseph P. Howlett, Aug. 23, 1832. Cambridge
Sarah J., d. Richard and Eunice, a. 18, and Baxter D. Whitney, Mar. 1, 1846 Winchendon
Sarah M. 28, d. Daniel, and Rufus R. Fletcher, 25, of Groton, s. Calvin of Groton, Feb. 29, 1848. Stow
Sarah R. [Whiting?] and Charles Woods, May 2, 1839. Leominster
Sarah T. and David F. Eames, int. Sept. 10, 1836.* [see previous] Upton
Sarahann and Charles Brigham, int. Nov. 16, 1844. "Forbid by Charles Brigham, November 23d 1844." Stow
Sary and Daniel Herrington, m. 18 Oct 1681 Watertown
Schuyler and Sally Litchfield of Charlton, int. Sept. 7, 1828. Oxford
Schuyler, of Oxford and Sally Litchfield, Oct. 23, 1828. Charlton
Scolley [resident of Lynn. int.], and Mary Doak, June 14, 1827. Lynn
Seba and George Cummings, Nov. 28, 1833. Winchendon
Seneca, and Hannah Moore, b. of Warwick, int. 3 Apr 1803. [1:151] Warwick
Senith and William Bacon, both of C., int. July 30, 1808. Conway
Seth and Sally Wood, April 23, 1816. Gardner
Seth and Chloe Lincoln, Dec. 28, 1825. Gardner
Seth D. of Milton and Adeline D. Frain, int. Oct. 14, 1843. [p. 210] Dorchester
Shadrach, of North Town [Townsend] and Prudence Lawrence [wid.], 5 Jan 1731/2. Groton
Shadrach and Sophia Martin, Nov. 5, 1801. Boylston
Sibble, of Pepperell, and Stephen Lunn, of New Ipswich, 14 Aug 1771. Groton
Sibel (d. William and Dulcena, a. 21) and Lisander Warren Benton of Buckland, Dec. 31, 1846. Templeton
Sidney A., a. 28, farmer, b. Holliston, s. of Honiorus and Debora, and Roxanna Tucker, a. 25, b. North Brookfield, both of North Brookfield, 15 Jun 1864. (4:72). Ware
Sidney S. and Margaret P. Billings, July 4, 1831. Grafton
Silas["of No town but near Lancaster" in int.] and Jane Pearson, Apr. 15, 1758. Shrewsbury
Silas and Sarah Withington, Jan. 27, 1774. Westminster
Silas and Pashance Goodenow, Oct. 12, 1780. [Patience, M.R.] [Patience Goodenough, Stow
Silas, and Mamre Bradley, m. 4 Oct 1789. Stockbridge
Silas and Tryphena Lane, Mar. 16, 1791. Medway
Silas Jr. of Ashby, and Naby Shed, Jan. 1, 1801.* Waltham
[Ensign in int.] Silas and Hannah Cushing, Dec. 31, 1801. Ashburnham
Silas Jr. of Marlboro and Olive Knight, int. March 21, 1826. West Boylston
Silas and Ann Fay, both of O., int. Jan. 22, 1827 Otis
Silas, and Wealthy Haskins, m. 31 Jan 1835. Springfield
Silas and Anna Hardy, Nov. 9, 1835. [Int. not recorded.] Wrentham
Silas, and Laura Dunakin, m. 7 Mar 1836. Springfield
Silence and Benjamin Houghton, pub. Feb. 12, 1835. Boylston
Mrs. Silence and Benjamin Houghton of Boylston, March 5, 1835. Northborough
Simeon and Axey Leland [int. reads (Simion)(Lealand)], Aug. 13, 1792. [p. 133] Boston
Simeon and Nancy Barnard, Aug. 11, 1811. Harvard
Simeon and Eliza Newell, Jan. 16, 1825. Dover
Simon of Harvard, and Ollef Wetherbe, int. June 9, 1744. Stow
Simon and Olivea Witherbee of Stow, int. June 10, 1744. Harvard
Simon and Mary Ruggles, b. of Watertown, m. 26 May 1757 Watertown
Simon and Patience Haseltine, May 5, 1768. Harvard
Simon and Lucy Hammond, Mar. 20, 1783. Petersham
Simon of Harvard and Mary Welsh, int. April 28, 1792. Bolton
Simon and Polley Welch (of Bolton, int.), May 22, 1792. Harvard
Simon, Dr., and Mary Walker of Charlestown, int. Apr. 1, 1824. Framingham
Simon Whitney, M.D. of Framingham & Miss Mary Walker of Charlestown, int. Apr. 4, 1824. Charlestown
Simon and Sarah Johnson of Bellingham, int. Dec. 2, 1832. Mendon
Simon of Amherst and Emeline L. Belding of Whately, Sept. 11, 1839, in Ashfield. Ashfield
Simon H. and Sarah S. Johnson, int. Aug. 3, 1833. Medway
Simon Woodbridge, and Emeline Belding, d. of Chester and Polly (_____) Belding, 11 Sep 1839, Ashfield, MA, by Esq. Paine. Amherst
Simri and Nancy Lawrence, ___ __, 1834 or 1835. Ashburnham
Simri and Adaline Conant of Littleton, int. Mar. 15, 1840. Harvard
Sinthy, and Jonathan Currier [Jr. CR 5] of Concord, Jan. 1, 1814. Lynn
Smyrna and Ruth Whitney, int. Oct. 27, 1812. Westminster
Solomon and Martha Fletcher of Concord, int. Feb. 13, 1731/2. [p. 28] Weston
Solomon and Martha Fletcher of Concord, Mar. 7, 1731/2, by Rev. Wm. Williams. [p. 28] Weston
Solomon and Elizabeth Smith, Oct. 5, 1749. Marlborough
Solomon [int. Jr.] and Mary Fay, Jan. 14, I76[Worn] [int. 1762]. [Solomon Jr., Jan. 14, 1762, M.R ] Lincoln
Solomon W., 21, s. Leonard and Ruthy, and Mary J. Mansir, Feb. 14, 1848. Waltham
Miss Sopeia Whitney & Mr. William Hurd, both of Charlestown, int. Dec. 12, 1835. Charlestown
Sophia of Upton, and Elias Warfield, int. May 16, 1816. Milford
Sophia and Elias Warfield of Milford, June 17, 1816. Upton
Sophia and Jesse Flemings, Dec. 1, 1817. (Congregational Church Record). Tewksbury
Sophia of Troy, N.H., and Esek Dexter, int. Jan. 20, 1823. Royalston
Sophia, Miss, and Mr. Charles Bridge, Jan. 17, 1826. T.R.3, p. 235. Lancaster
Sophia [of] Cambridge, and Edward Mellen Esq., int. Mar. 15, 1831. Wayland
Sophia and Edward Mellen (Esq. of East Sudbury, int.), May 17, 1831. Cambridge
Sophia, of Lunenburg, and Eleazer Brooks Wheeler of Concord, int. 25 Feb 1832. [p. 392] Concord
Sophia of Royalston and Reuben Browning, int. Sept. 18, 1836. Holden
Sophia and Ruben Browning of Holden, Oct. 12, 1836. Royalston
Sophia D. and Alvah S. Davis, Sept. 28, 1831. Grafton
Stephen and Relief Stearns, b. of Watertown, m. 10 May 1770 Watertown
Stephen [jr. in int.] of Lunenburg and Sally Dexter, Nov. 7, 1802. Leominster
Stephen, and Ruth Whittemore, May 15, 1803. C.R.2. Roxbury
Stephen of Hadley, and Cathy Brown of S., March 24, 1809. Sterling
Stephen and wid. Mary Williams of Goshen, int. Jan. 13, 1810. Deerfield
Stephen of Roxbury, and Catharine Winch, int. May 22, 1831. Newton
Stephen and Abigail Stone of Gardner, int. Nov. 27, 1841. Westminster
Stephen P. of Westminster and Abigail Stone of Gardner, Dec. 22, 1841. In Gardner. Hubbardston
Stephen W. of Albany, N.Y., and Eveline Platner, Oct. 7, 1844. Lee
Submit and Reuben Woods, June 11, 1740 or 1741. Groton
Sukey Whitiny [Whitney] and Mr. Meeds, May 14, 1778. [p. 325] Weston
Sukey and Jeremiah Knowlton, b. of Watertown, int. 20 Apr 1799 Watertown
Sukey and Jeremiah Knowlton, b. of Watertown, m. 13 Apr 1800 Watertown
Sukey and Joseph Gleason, Oct. 24, 1802. Petersham
Sukey, and John Adams, Oct. 6, 1803. Ashby
Sumner-A., and Sarah-L. Chapin, Jan. 5, 1848. Worcester
Susa and Luis Turner, June 5, 1788. Templeton
Susan of Harvard, and Phinias Conant, int. Mar. 7, 1807. Stow
Susan and Phineas Conant of Stow, Apr. 16, 1807. Harvard
Susan and Joseph Bigelow, int. Sept. 16, 1809. Harvard
Susan and James Whitney, Dec. 8, 1811. Harvard
Susan, and James Fosdick, both of Dunstable, N.H., Dec. 27, 1815. N.R. Dunstable
Susan and Alexander Eustice, int. Feb. 1, 1821. Harvard
Susan, and Henry Marsh, m. 5 Sep 1821. Northampton
Susan [of] Weston, and Henry Parmenter, int. Feb. 11, 1826. Wayland
Susan and Henry Parmenter of East Sudbury, int. Feb. 11, 1826. [p. 211] Weston
Susan and Emerson Hills, Apr. 19, 1829. Leominster
Susan of Sherburne and Charles Bonney, int. Sept. 11, 1831. Walpole
Susan and Charles Bonney of Walpole, Oct. 20, 1831. Sherborn
Susan and Philip A. Smith, Mar. 29, 1835. Cambridge
Susan and Phillip Lothrop of Shrewsbury, int. Dec. 9, 1849. Westminster
Susan A., 22, born in Newton, d. Jona. and Abigail of Watertown, and Robert Fiske of Lincoln, yeoman, age 32, born in Weston, May 26, 1847, by Joseph Field D.D. of Weston. [p. 286] Weston
Susan Ann and Robert Fiske of Lincoln, int. May 1, 1847 [p. 259]. Weston
Susan B. and George W. Whitney, Oct. 2, 1834. Marlborough
Susan C., and James J. Wakefield, m. 3 Sep 1846. Springfield
Susan H. and Allen B. Wood, Oct. 20, 1839. Harvard
Susan L., and William H. Brewer, m. __ Feb 1839. Springfield
Susan L., and William M. Brewer, m. 26 Mar 1839. Springfield
Susan Louisa of Springfield and William Moore Brewster, int. Mar. 2, 1839. Leominster
Susan P., of Sheffield, and Walter R. Holmes, of Salisbury, Ct., m. 25 Sep 1839 Sheffield
Susan W., and Theodore Lyman, m. 2 Oct 1806. Northampton
Susanah, of Lunenburg, and Edmond Stone of Fitchburg, int. Apr. 9, 176[8]. (II:247) Fitchburg
Susanna and James Adlington, int. Oct. 12, 1727. [p. 164] Boston
Susanna and Abraham Grigory, b. of Weston, int. May 16, 1736. [p. 37] Weston
Susanna and Abraham Grigory, May 31, 1736, by Frainces Fullum J.P. [p. 37] Weston
Sufanna and John Warrin, b. of Watertown, m. 27 Jul 1749 Watertown
Susanna, of Shrewsbury, and John Gilford, int. 25 Feb 1749/50. Leicester
Susanna and Isaac Tenney, June 25, 1752. Mendon
Susanna and Isaac Tenney, both of Mendon, June 25, 1752. C.R. Milford
Susanna [Wittmore, int.], and Abraham Gates of Townsend, at Townsend, Nov. 13, 1766. Dunstable
Susanna, of Littleton, and Edmond Stone of Fitchburg, int. Apr. 8, 1768. Lunenburg
Susanna and John Bellows of Southborough, Oct. 4, 1768. Shrewsbury
Susanna, and William Hiscock, mar. 12 Oct 1783. Westfield
Susanna of Stow, and Stephan Weston Jr., int. Nov. 30, 1783. Lincoln
Susanna and William Hiscock of Westfield, Feb. 5, 1784. [Int. not recorded.] Spencer
Susanna [int. Susannah] and Stephen Wisson [int. Weston] of Lincaln, [int. Lincoln], Mar. 31, 1784. [Susanna and Stephen Willson of Lincoln, M.R.] [Sukey and Stephen Wesson [of] Lincoln, C.R.] Stow
Susanna and Josiah Brown, int. April 14, 1797. Ashburnham
Susanna, and [Capt. C.R.2.] Benjamin Lovett, Nov. 27, 1808. Beverly
Susanna K. and Silas Fry, May 16, 1840. Athol
Susannah [Wittney] and Robert Foskitt, both of this town, m. by Simon Bradstreet, Min., Nov. 1, 1715. Charlestown
Susannah, of Dunstable and Abrah[a]m Gates of Townshend, m. Nov. 13, 1766, by Rev.Samuel Dix. Daniel Adams, Town Clerk. Townsend
Susannah and John Love, Mar. 3, 1768. Palmer
Susannah, of Weston, and Israiel Mead Jr. of Medford, int. Mar. 7, 1778. [p. 141] Weston
Susannah of Weston, and Israel Mead, May 14, 1778, in Weston. Medford
Susannah, of Weston, and Israel Mead of Medford, May 14, 1778, by Rev. Samuel Woodward. [p. 148] Weston
Susannah and Samuel Dickson, int. Aug. 26, 1783. Petersham
Susannah and Thomas Godfrey, Mar. 25, 1785. In Brookline. [p. 454] Boston
Susannah and William Alden of Needham, May 1, 1788, in Needham. [Int. not recorded.] Wayland
Miss Susannah Whitney and Capt. Elisha Harrington, Aug. 24, 1823. [p. 347] Dorchester
Susannah, (wid. int.), and Barnabus Rich of Enfield, Dec. 27, 1827. Dana
Susen, and Richard Richards, Aug. 8, 1816. Lynn
Sybel, and Steven Lund of New Ipswich, int. Aug. __, 1771 [m. at Groton, Aug. 14. V.R.1]. Pepperell
Sybil and Peter Gilson, May 27, 1756. Groton
Sylvester and Fanny Sanger, May 2, 1833. Sherborn
Sylvester, and Ann M. Palmer, both of L., Sept. 21, 1842. Lowell
Sylvester and Ann M. Fisk, Oct. 12, 1843. Upton
Sylvester N., and Flavilla Alden of S., Dec. 22, 1840. Shelburne
Syrena of New Marlboro, N.H., and Lewis McIntire, int. April 11, [1846]. Ashburnham


S., Mrs., Oct. 28, 1811, a. 40, C.R.2. [Sarah, w. Daniel of Boston, d. Timothy Cotton and Priscilla (Cook), Oct. 16, P.R.38, Sally, w. Daniel, 16th, 10 mo., a. 41, P.R.63). Nantucket
S. W., d. Jason and Susan, Oct. 1848, a. 10m. 20d. Dysentary. Ashburnham
Sally, d. of Mr, Jonathan &c., July 17, 1785. C.R.1.1, p. 329. Lancaster
Sally, d. Benjamin, scalt, Sept. 11, 1791, a. 2y. C.R.1. Pepperell
Sally, d. of George and Esther, Apr. 10, 1802. Natick
Sally, d. Lt. Daniel and Sarah, Nov. 6, 1803. Stow
Sally, w. of Capt. Aaron Jr., June 9, 1814. (a. 32 y. G.R.1.) Harvard
Sally, dau. Jabez and Elizabeth, Mar. 25, 1815 Orange
Sally, w. Seth, Jan. 6, 1825 [a. 29 G.S.1]. Gardner
Sally, Jan. 3, 1827. Stow
Sally, d. Artemas and Rebeccah, July 11, 1827, B.R. Shirley
Sally, sp Jabez, ae 64, of dysentary, Oct. 27, 1847 Orange
Sally, wf. of Eli, 62y., Sept. 29, 1848. Lexington
Sally Cummings, d. of Eb[e]n[eze]r and Joann, Dec. 7, 1825. (a. 17m., C.R.) Natick
Salmon, Capt., Mar. 16, 1759, a. 47y. 2m. 8d. G.R. [p. 370] Littleton
Salmon, Aug. 11, 1844, a. 84 y. Md. Comsumption. Harvard
Samuel, Nov. 27, 1751. Lexington
Samuel, s. Elnathan and Sarah, Dec. 28, 1751. Waltham
Samuel, Lieut., h. Abigail, Jan. 1, 1782. Westminster
Samuel, Aug. 2, 1788, in his 77th year. G.S. Shrewsbury
Samuel, s. Samuel and Azubah, Jun. 21, 1789. Douglas
Samuel, s. Silas and Patience, Mar. 9, 1795. Ashby
Samuel, Aug. 15, 1805, a. 22 y. Roxbury
Samuel, s. Samuel and Abigail, Sept. 3, 1805. Ashburnham
Samuel, s. Isaac and Susanna, July 3, 1807. Ashby
Samuel 2nd, s. Samuel and Abigail, Dec. 7, 1810. Ashburnham
Samuel, Sept. 8, 1818, a. 30y. Newburyport
Samuel, s. Joseph, April 4, 1826 [a. 26 C.R.; in 20th y. G.S.1]. Gardner
Samuel (formerly of Worcester), June 29, 1834, a. 91y. 2m. Westminster
Samuel, h. Thankful, June 8 [7, G.S.1.], 1812, a. 66. Westminster
Samuel, Jan. 27, 1840, a. 55 y. Harvard
Samuel, Mr., Apr. 12, 1842, a. 95y.. T.R.2, p. 196. Lancaster
Samuel, of W. Cambrdige, 47, Jan. 27, 1844. Worcester
Samuel, d. 24 Apr 1848, a. 58y. 10m., of typhus fever, gentleman, married, b. Douglass, MA, s. of Samuel and Azubah. "Father died before he was born and his mother whilst he was very young." (3:92) Ware
Samuel, Dec. 16, 1870, a. 76y. G.S. Townsend
Samuel, sp. Harriet Whitney, b. 1822, Central Cem. 1906 Orange
Samuel Edgar, s. Samuel C. and Harriet S., Sept. 9, 1849, a. 10m. 5d. Disease of bowels. Grafton
Samuel-Manson, s. Timothy and Rowena, July 24, 1836, a. 35d. Northborough
Samuel S., M.D., June 30, 1855, a. 40y. [VR2 p. 292] Dedham
Samuel Stillman, s. of Eben[eze]r and Sarah F., July 15, 1844, a. 10m. 21d. G.R.1. Natick
Sapphira, bur. Aug. 26, 1843, a. 3/4m. Bowel complaint. Cambridge
Sarah, July 4, 1689. Roxbury
Sarah, w. of John, Apr. 23, 1718. Framingham
Sarah, wf. of Nathll., d. Jul. 29, 1722. [p. 10] Weston
Sarah, w. Nathaniel, Sen., ___. __, 1722. [p. 386] Weston
Sarah, 22 Sep 1728, 6 w, dau. John & Elizabeth. [MS] Boston
Sarah, 22 Sep 1728, 6 w, dau. John & Elizabeth. [BA] Boston
Sarah, w. Benjamin, Feb. 15, 1730. Marlborough
Sarah, Mrs., wid. Mr. Nath[anie]ll, May 7, 1746, a. 88y. [p. 80] Weston
Sarah, relict John, "late of Concord", July 26, 1746, in her 75y. Townsend
Sarah, d. of Jonathan and Alice, Dec. 26, 1746, a. 6 y. 6 m. 6 d. G.R.1. Harvard
Sarah, d. George and Sarah, Dec. 14, 1752. Holliston
Sarah, Mrs., w. Mr. John, July 10, 1753. [p. 85, 298] Weston
Sarah, w. of Moses of Stow, Mar. 23, 1755. (a. 88 y. C.R.1.) Harvard
Sarah, w. Elnathan, Oct. 22, 1756, a. 54. Waltham
Sarah, w. of Jonathan Jr., Oct. 29, 1769. Harvard
Sarah, w. of Capt.Josiah, Apr. 21, 1773 (in her 39th y. G.R.1.) Harvard
Sarah, Dec. 24, 1778. P.R.1. Newton
Sarah, d. Elisha and Eunice, May 11, 1789, a. 1y. 5m. 15d. Westminster
Sarah, w. Abraham Jr., Mar. 29, 1795. Stow
Sarah, ___ __, 1795. G. R. Waltham
Sarah, d. Jacob and Mary, July 26, 1797. [a. 2y. 9m.] Winchendon
[Sarah, G.R.1.], w. Joseph, Sept. 22, 1799. [a. 24y. C.R.1.] Newburyport
Sarah, wid. of Abraham, July 4, 1800, a. 83 y. (July 4, 1800, a. 82 y. G.R.1.) Harvard
Sarah, w. of David, Oct. 16, 1800. Harvard
Wid. Sarah, Feb. 4, 1810, a. 29. C.R. Templeton
Sarah, w. Elijah, Oct. 3, 1812, a. 59. G.S.3. Bolton
Sarah, d. Feb. 10, 1814, "at the factory," a. 20y., consumption. [CR1] Dedham
Sarah, w. John, July 9, 1817. a. 21y. G.R.1. Billerica
Sarah, d. of Isaac and Sally, Feb. 23, 1818, a. 9w. C.R.5. Sherborn
Sarah, wid. Capt. Silas, Jan. 12, 1820, in 66th year. G.S.1. Ashburnham
Sarah, w. of Aaron, Apr. 10, 1820, a. 73 y. G.R.1. Harvard
Sarah, w. of Ephraim, May 24, 1821, a. 75y. G.R.3. Natick
Sarah, wid. Jonas, July 26, 1821, a. 91. G.S.1. Westminster
Sarah, w. Daniel, 20 Sep 1824. [2:260] Warwick
Sarah wid. Ephriam, Mar. 5, [1828], a. 72. Consumption. Royalston
Sarah, Mrs., a. 57y. Issue of Sept. 10, 1833. N.R.9. Salem
Miss Sarah, Dec. 20, 1834, a. 36. Royalston
Sarah, w. Daniel, Mar. 29, 1836, a. 78. G.R.1. [Mar. 28, a. 73, P.R.26] Stow
Sarah, d. Timothy and Rowena, May 16, 1841, a. 13. Northborough
Sarah, w. Elijah, May 16, 1844, a. 53. 11m. 9d. Upton
Sarah, wid. Josdph, May 4, 1846, a. 73y. 4m. 12d. Mortification of the Bowels. Born in Newton. Gardner
Sarah A., ch. Leonard, cholery morbus, Aug. 13, 1849, a. 6y. 5m. Waltham
Sarah A. W., unm., dressmaker, b. Lee, d. Phineas and Nancy, consumption, July 4, 1845, a. 29y. 6m. Lowell
Sarah Ann, Sept. 24, 1836. [only d. Joseph H. and Damaris H., a. 3y. 8m. 16d. G.S.] Grafton
Sarah Ann Mary, d. of Richard and Mary E. (Parker), 28 Sep 1824. Amherst
Sarah Ann Mary, d. of Richard and Mary E. (Parker), 2 Mar 1861. Amherst
Sarah B., ___ __, 1828. G. R. Waltham
Sarah C., d. Daniel and Sarah S. F., Sept. 10, 1849, a. 7m. 29d. Disease of bowels. Grafton
Sarah C., d. of Elisha P. and Frances A., maid, b. Amherst, d. 6 Sep 1850, a. 11m. 17d., of dysentery, buried Amherst. (2:96) Amherst
Sarah C., d. Elhanan and S. A., Mar. 6, 1851, 3y. (8:194) Fitchburg
Sarah Caroline, d. Elisha Parks and Frances A. M. (Stanley), 6 Sep 1853. Amherst
Sarah Coffin "eldest" d. Daniel and Sarah, Jan. 11, 1810, a. 20, G.R.1 [Sally, P.R.63] Nantucket
Sarah (Flagg), sp. George Whitney, b. 1859, Central Cem. 1909 Orange
Sarah Foster, d. John, Jr., and Abigail, 19 Aug 1831. [2:239] Warwick
Sarah H., d. of Capt. Aaron and Susan, Dec. 25, 1817, a. 8 m. G.R.1. Harvard
Sarah Hammond, d. of A. and M., June 23, 1817, a. 5y. G.R.3. Cambridge
Sarah Josephine, Mar. 25, 1842. G.R.3. Cambridge
Sarah-L., 19, w. A. and d. William-B. and Sarah-Champlin Sumner, Feb. 23, 1848. Worcester
Sarah L., d. of Simon W. and Emeline L., infant, b. Amherst, d. 20 Aug 1849, a. 1y. 3m. 20d., of dysentery, buried Amherst. (2:92) Amherst
Sarah W., only d. S. S. and Sarah W., Sept. 23, 1855, a. 16m. [VR2 p. 292] Dedham
Seneca, 25 Apr 1810, a. 34y. [2:260] Warwick
Seraph, d. Jonah and Anna, Oct. 16, 1803. Westborough
Serene, d. Reuben & Sarah Shattuck, w. John, Mar. 16, 1838, a. 31y. G.R.1 Pepperell
Seth, s. Seth and Sally, Aug. 29, 1822, a. 5y. 3m. G.S.1. Gardner
Seth, s. Seth and Chloe, Oct. 1, 1845, a. 12y. 8m. 1d. Typhus fever. Gardner
Sewell, s. Amos, bur. July 27, 1799, a. 2y. C.R.1. Chelmsford
Shaderah, Aug. 8, 1764 in his 67th year, G.R.2. Groton
Shadrach, Oct. 5, 1832, a. 62. GS 19 Sutton
Shadrah, s. Zacheus and Mary, Dec. 23, 1739 [Shadrach Whitney, C.R.]. Bedford
Sibbel, d. Lemmuel and Sibbel, Sept. 26, 1753. Stow
Sibbyl, w. William, Dec. 1, 1817, a. 25. C.R. Templeton
Sibel, d. Lemuel and Sibel, Apr. 17, 1740. Stow
Capt. Silas, Nov. 14, 1798. C.R. [a. 46, G.S.1] Suddenly after a few days of complaining, tho not confined. He was sitting in a chair leaning on a table sunk down and almost immediately expired, a. about 50y. C.R. Ashburnham
Silas, s. Lieut.Samuel and Abigail, Nov. 14, 1798, a. 46. Westminster
Silas, Sept. 4, 1846,a. 66y. 11m. 5d. Dysentery. Ashburnham
Silas E., s. Silas and Susan M., Aug. 19, 1851, 9m. 18d. (8:194) Fitchburg
Silos, d. Danill and Dorethy, May 25, 1756. Stow
Simeon, s. Abraham and Tabathy, Apr. 25, 1751. [p. 80, 297, 337] Weston
Simeon, s. Abraham and Tabitha, died Apr. 25, 1751, "of y[e] terrible throat distemper". [p. 452] Weston
Simeon, June 21, 1796. Billious cholic. C.R. Leominster
Simeon, m., painter, small pox, Jan. 24, 1846, a. 49. [Mr. Whitney of Duxbury, Jan 25., C.R.1.] Scituate
Simon, s. Simon and Mary, d. 9 Aug 1761 Watertown
Simon, s. of Simon and Olivea, Jan. 18, 1767. Harvard
Simon, May 26, 1778. C.R.1. Harvard
Simon, Capt., Oct. 1, 1818, a. 48 y. Fever. C.R.1. Harvard
Simon, Mar. 12, 1824, a. 67. G.S. Petersham
Simon [dup. Simeon], m., teacher music [dup. [h. Sarah], small pox], Jan. 25, 1847. [Simon [h. Sarah], Jan. 24, 1846, a. 49y. 1m. 29d., G.R.3.] Duxbury
Simon Woodbridge, s. of Richard and Mary E. (Parker), 24 Oct 1894. Amherst
Sophia Elizabeth, d. George and Eliza Jane, July 15, 1844, a. 2m. 13d. Dysentery. Royalston
Stephen, Oct. __, 1776, in the army. P.R.1. Newton
Stephen, s. of Stephen and Persis, Aug. 24, 1805, a. 6y. 18d. G.R.8. (1803 C.R.1) Deerfield
Stephen, h. Sally, Sept. 16, 1811, a. 40. Westminster
Stillman S., Dr., only s. S. S. and Sarah W., Nov. 6, 1886, a. 36y. [VR2 p. 292] Dedham
Suel, s. Cornet Amos and Anna, July 26, 1799, a. 3 [G.R. 3] Dracut
Sukey, d. of James and Susanna, Dec. 13, 1799, in her 10th y. G.R.5. Sherborn
Sukey, d. Abijah and Anna, June 13, 1826, a. in her 27th year. [p. 377] Weston
Sumner, sp. Eliza (Peabody) Whitney, b. 1827, Central Cem. 1878 Orange
Susan, d, Silas and Hannah, Aug. 3, 1804. [1814 ? a. 2. In Walpole, N.H., G.S.4.] Ashburnham
Susan, d. of Richard Jr. and Sally, Jan. 7, 1810, a. 1 y. 9 d. Harvard
Susan, d. David, dysentary, Aug. 19, 1840, a. 18m. C.R.1. Brookline
Susan, w. Amos, Sept. 4, 1842, a. 30. Wayland
Susan, wid. of _____, from Boston, bur. [Jan. 1845], a. 63y. Cambridge
Susan, d. John and Mary B., cholers morbus, Aug. 13, 1845, a. 4m. Wayland
Susan, w. of Aaron, b. in Littleton, Sept. 19, 1848, a. 63 y. Con- sumption. (Susan H., w. of Capt. Aaron. G.R.1.) Harvard
Susan A., d. George and Dolly, Aug. 20 [22, G.S.1.], 1846, a. 1y. 5m. 17d. Cholera Infantum. Westminster
Susan A., d. Thomas P. and Harriet A., Dec. 9, 1848, a. 4 y. 4 m. 20 d. GR 5 Lynn
Susan C., w. Amasa, Feb. 24, 1841. a. 26, G.R.1. New Bedford
Susan Caroline, d. Orlando and Susan M., Jan. 29, 1836. [a. 1y. 3m. G.S.] Grafton
Susan L., d. Jonathan W., croup, Dec. 9, 1845, a. 3y. 5m. 6d. New Bedford
Sufanna, reputed dau. of Benjamin and Sarah Phillips, d. 28 Nov 1705 Watertown
Susanna, d. of Jesse and Mary, Apr. 6, 1760, a. 9m. 6d. Mendon
Susanna, wid. of James, Sept. 25, 1841, a. 90y. 3m. G.R.5 Sherborn
(Susanna, G.R.1.), wid. of Isaac, G.R.1.), Nov. 12, 1845, a. 81 y. Fever. (Nov. 11, 1845. G.R.1.) Harvard
Susannah, w. Isaiah, Nov. 20, 1810, a. 42. G.S.3. Bolton
Susannah, cancer in the face, Feb. 27, 1811, a. 70. C.R.1. [Whitney, a. 69 P.R.5.]. East Bridgewater
Sybbil, d. William and Dulcena, Dec. 13, 1823. C.R. Templeton
Sybil, (see Sibbel and Sibel) Stow
Mrs. Sybil, w. Benjamin, Sept. 29, 1827. Westborough
Sylvia, d. of James and Susanna, Nov. 14, 1813, a. 18y. G.R.5. Sherborn

Church Membership

Sally, wf. of Israil, adm. full comm. 19 Feb 1814. Watertown
Salome, Mrs., adm. chh. ___ __, 1845. C.R.3, p. 394. Lancaster
Samuel, o.c. Apr. 14, 1728. [p. 413] Weston
Samuel, c.m. May 31, 1741 (remove'd dism. to Shrewsbury, Aug. 16, 1761) [p. 429] Weston
Mr. Samll, front 2nd seat, meetinghouse, 15 Jun 1741. Watertown
Samuel, adm. full comm. 19 Jul 1741. Watertown
Samuel, Jun., c.m. Oct. 11, 1741. [p. 438] Weston
Samuel, Jun., c.m. Oct. 11, 1741, remov'd. [p. 448] Weston
Samll, fore seat in the long gallery, meetinghouse, 10 Jun 1748. Watertown
Sarah, w. of Nathaniel, adm. full comm. 8 May 1687. Watertown
Sarah, d. Nath.: W: (remov'd), c.m. June 3, 1722. [p. 403] Weston
Sarah, w. John, c.m. May 30, 1742. [p. 440] Weston
Sarah, w. John, c.m. May 30, 1742. [p. 448] Weston
Sarah, w. Jonas, adm. May 29, 1771. [CR1] Dedham
Sarah Fuller, w. Ezra, c.m. Apr. 26, 1812. [p. 515] Weston
Simon and Mary, adm. full comm. 22 Jan 1758. Watertown
Solomon, o.c. Feb. 25, 1727-8 [p. 412] Weston
Solomon, c.m. Oct. 22, 1738. [p. 419] Weston
Solomon, c.m. 1738, remov'd dism. to church in N.Precint[Weston], Apr. 22, 1750. [p. 447] Weston
Stephen and Relief, o. c. 30 Dec 1770. Watertown
Susan, conf. Dec. 10, 1826. [CRE] Dedham
Susanna, d. Nathaniel, c.m. Apr. 16, 1727. [p. 411] Weston
Susanna, now Gregory, c.m. 1727. [p. 445] Weston
Susanna, o. c. 31 May 1729. Watertown
Susanna, adm. full comm. 19 Jul 1767. Watertown

Public Records


Transients, Strangers, etc.

Sarah: Oct. 20, 1773, "Margaret Ward acquaints ... that she hath taken into her family, from Roxbury, on the ninth day of this instant October, Sarah Whitney." Dedham

School Records

Sukey, scholar in the North [East] School, 1808. Weston

Gleanings, Chiefly from the Town Files


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