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"President John Adams", NEHGR, vol. XI (1857), pp. 97-101.

[p. 97]

President Adams died on the 4th of July, 1826, at his residence in Quincy, aged 91 years, wanting three months and fifteen days. On the 7th of the same month, the Rev. Peter Whitney, "Minister of the Congregational Society in that place" preached "A Discourse" at his interment.

Whitney, Henry Austin, "The Descendants of John and Elinor Whitney, of Watertown, Mass.," NEHGR, vol. XI (1857), pp. 113-121, 225-230.

[p. 113]

                        BOSTON, February 2, 1857.
Dear Sir:--The following contribution towards a more complete genealogical account of the descendants of JOHN and ELINOR WHITNEY, was suggested by Dr. Henry Bond's History and Genealogies of Watertown, where some twelve pages are devoted to the same family, and where, in many instances, pedigrees are traced to the present century.
Having gleaned much that was new in regard to the earlier descendants of John and Elinor, being able to reply to many of the suggestions made in the Genealogies of Watertown, and having, too, noted in my interleaved copy of that work numerous errors, very many of which were pointed out by Dr. Bond himself, it has occurred to me that the result of my investigations, as regards the first three generations of this widely extended family, would form no unfitting contribution to the Register. The genealogy, even to this limited extent, is by no means complete, and, in what is given, there will necessarily be found many errors; but, as it stands, much service will be afforded to future explorers in the same direction, as well as to seekers in other branches of genealogical inquiry.
In compliance with the suggestion of Mr. Dean and yourself, where it might seem to be of general interest, the descent of individuals of later generations has been indicated, and particularly has the descent been traced of every graduate of Harvard College, of the name, previous to the year A. D. 1800.
Dr. Bond, although in feeble health, has most kindly revised my manuscript, making, as far as was in his power, additions and corrections, and, with his usual desire for correctness and completeness, has suggested a delay in printing; but with other pressing engagements, and as this is designed merely as an aid to others, it has seemed to me that delay might prove fatal to any publication. To Dr. Bond I am indebted, also, for a sketch of incidents in the life of the first settler--the greater portion of which is given as prepared by his hand.
In arranging these pages I would especially acknowledge the valuable assistance received from Mr. T. B. Wyman, Junr., who has, with much success, made personal investigations in regard to the name in various towns in the counties of Middlesex and Worcester, as well as in Boston, and who has prepared the manuscript for the prress.
With much respect I am,
                      Yours very truly,       H.A.W.

JOHN WHITNEY, of Watertown, Mass., was the progenitor of very numerous descendants, who are to be found probably in every county of New England, and in every State in the Union. He embarked at London in April, 1635, then aged 35, in the Elizabeth and Ann, Roger Cooper, master, with his wife ELINOR, aged 30, and sons JOHN, aged 11 yrs., RICHARD aged 9 yrs., NATHANIEL aged 8 yrs., THOMAS aged 6 yrs., and JONATHAN aged 1 yr. He probably arrived in June, and immediately settled at Watertown, where his son Joshua was born the 15th of July. He purchased a 16-acre homestall, which had been granted to John Strickland, who was dismissed from the Watertown church, May 29, 1635, and was one of that colony from Watertown that went and planted Wethersfield, the oldest town on Connecticut River. This homestead was the permanent residence of Mr. Whitney. In 1668 he requested his youngest son, Benjamin, who had settled in York, Me., to return and live with him on his homestead, with the assurance that it should be his own after his father's decease. In 1671 Benjamin, with his father's consent, conveyed his rights and obligations in this homestead to his brother Joshua, who had settled in Groton, for £40. After the decease of his father Joshua returned to Groton, and on the 29th Oct., 1697, sold this ancient homestead to Dea. Nathan Fiske. It was situated at a little distance north of Belmont street and East of Common street. [See the map of the original allotments in Bond's Early History of Watertown.]

[p. 114]

It is stated above that Mr. Whitney purchased his homestall; but before 1642 the Town had granted him nine other lots of land, amounting to 198 acres. The Registry of Deeds, which contains comparatively few of the early conveyances, shows that he made several purchases of land, and it is probable that he had aided all his other sons in their settlemens as he did Jonathan, to whom he gave 39 acres about 1659--and Benjamin to whom he gave the homestead as we have already noticed. Jonathan and Benjamin received these gifts from their father when they were quite young, and it is possible that they shared in some later division of his estate; which may account for the fact, that Mr. Whitney in his will, while he bequeaths parcels of land to all his other sons, merely gives to Jonathan "one iron kitle and a great brass skilet;" to Benjamin "the old mare if she live!"
Mr. Whitney was admitted freeman March 3, 1635-6; appointed Constable* of Watertown by the General Court, June 1, 1641; Selectman 1638 to 1655 inclusive, and Town Clerk, 1655.
His wife ELINOR, the mother of his eight sons, died May 11, 1659, aged 54, and he married, Sept. 29, 1659, JUDAH CLEMENT, who was not living at the date of his will, April 3, 1673. He died June 1, 1673, aged 74. Inventory, dated June 4, 1673; 50 A. Dividend land; 3 A. Beaver Brook meadow, and 1-1/2 A. upland; 1 acre plain meadow, besides his personal property, consisting of household goods and stock on the farm. This shows that he held but a small part of his lands granted and purchased, which had probably been distributed to his sons.
1.2. Children of JOHN and ELINOR WHITNEY.
  1. I. John, b. in England 1624; d. in Wat. Oct. 12, 1692. See 3.
  2. II. Richard, b. in England 1626. See 4.
  3. III. Nathaniel, b. in England 1627; not mentioned in his father's will, probably d. young.
  4. IV. Thomas, b. in England 1629; d. in Wat. Sept. 20, 1719. See 6.
  5. V. Jonathan, b. in England 1634; d. in Sherburne about 1702. See 7.
  6. VI. Joshua, b. in Watertown, July 15, 1635; d. (?) in Groton 1719. See 8.
  7. VII. Caleb, buried in Wat. July 12, 1640.
  8. VIII. Benjamin, b. in Wat. June 6, 1643; d. in Sherburne 1723. See 10.
  9. ---------- 3 ----------
    JOHN WHITNEY, JR., of Watertown. He m. (prob. in 1642)
    12. RUTH REYNOLDS, dau. of Robert Reynolds, successively of Watertown, Wethersfield and Boston. Admitted freeman, May 26, 1647; was selectman from 1673 to 1679 inclusive. He died Oct. 12, 1692. His will, informal and not proved, was written Feb. 27, 1685; subscribed, "in the year 1690;" lodged for probate, March
    * At that time constables were appointed by the General Court, and, besides the duties attached to the office in latter times, they were required to collect the taxes of the town, and the levies made by the General Court; to pay the debts of the Colony due to individuals in their respective towns; to supply the town with sealed weights and measures; to set or order the watch in those towns where no Captain dwelt; and to inflict the punishments ordered by judicial authority, "where there was not another appointed to do it within his own town, unless he can get another to do it." As a badge of his office a constable was required to carry a black staff five or five and a half feet long, with a tip or head five or six inches long.

    [p. 115]

    1693. March 1, 1692-3, the heirs agreed that the will should be the rule of division, with some few alterations. This will, evidently written by Mr. Whitney himself, is very curious, and although not on record, it may be found in the files at the Mid. Prob. Office; one of the last clauses is as follows: "If any of my sonnes of sone in laws or daughters be quarelsom by going to Law or troublesom to thr brethren I say they sall lose the share of what I have bequeathed them. I desir they should live in love to God and one toward anothr." His Inventory, dated Oct. 26, 1692, contained 18 lots of land amounting to 210 acres.
    Mr. Whitney first settle (1643) and always resided on a 3 A. lot on the east side of Lexington st., on land granted to E. How, and the next lot south of the residence of the Phillips family, and is probably the same lot now occupied by his great-grandson Bradshaw Whitney. The ground is somewhat elevated, and there is little doubt that it is the "Whitney Hill" sometimes mentioned in the records--Dr. Bond think it very probable that his supposition, p. 1031, respecting the hill, is incorrect.
    1. I. John, b. Sept. 17, 1643. See 13.
    2. II. Ruth, b. April 15, 1645, m.1, John Shattuck, (4 chn.), m.2 Enoch Lawrence, (4 ch.)
    3. III. Nathaniel, b. Feb. 1, 1646-7. See 15.
    4. IV. Samuel, b. July 28, 1648. See 16.
    5. V. Mary, b. April 19, 1650. Unmarried, 1693.
    6. VI. Joseph, b. Jan. 15, 1651-2. See 18.
    7. VII. Sarah, b. Mar. 17, 1653-4; m. Dan'l Harrington, (6 chn.)
    8. VIII. Elizabeth, b. June 9, 1656, m. Dan'l Warren, (10 chn.)
    9. IX. Hannah, b. ; unmarried.
    10. X. Benjamin, b. June 28, 1660. See 22.
    11. ---------- 4 ----------
      RICHARD WHITNEY; m. in Wat., March 19, 1650-1,
      23. MARTHA COLDAM. He moved from Watertown to Stow as early as 1681.
      1. I. Sarah, b. March 17, 1652-3.
      2. II. Moses, b. Aug. 1, 1655. See 25.
      3. III. Johannah, b. Jan. 16, 1656-7.
      4. IV. Deborah, b. Oct. 12, 1658.
      5. V. Rebecca, b. Dec. 15, 1659; died Feb. 1660.
      6. VI. Richard, b. Jan. 13, 1660-1. See 29.
      7. VII. Elisha, b. August 26, 1662.
      8. VIII. Ebenezer, b. June 30, 1672 of Stow 1714; wife Anna.
      9. ---------- 6 ----------
        THOMAS WHITNEY of Wat'n. He gave son Elnathan and daughter Martha, spinster, all his real and personal estate, especially his house and 1/4 acre of ground, June 25, 1714, (recorded 1721.) He was admitted freeman Apr. 18, 1690. He m. Jan. 11, 1654-5,
        32. MARY KEDALL. He died Sept. 20, 1719, aged 90 yrs.
        1. I. Thomas, b. Aug. 24, 1656. See 33.
        2. II. John, b. May 9, 1659; died early.
        3. III. John, b. Aug. 22; d. Aug. 26, 1661.
        4. [p. 116]

          1. IV. Eleazer,   { twins. See 36.
          2. V. Elnathan, { b. April 7th, 1662. Elnathan Whitney was a town charge in Jan. 1727-8, and the selectmen ordered to see if his brother Eleazer would look after him. The next month they passed an order to pay Samuel Jennison 20s. a week for taking care of him, then in his 66 year.
          3. VI. Mary, b. Dec. 22, 1663; died early.
          4. VII. Bezaleel, b. Sept. 16, 1665.
          5. VIII. Sarah, b. Mar. 23, 1667; m. Chas. Chadwick, (3 chn.)
          6. IX. Mary, b. Aug. 6, 1668; died Sept. 16, 1669.
          7. X. Isaiah, b. Sept. 16, 1671; of Cambridge. Inv'y taken Jan. 10, 1711-12. Had wife Sarah, dau. of George Woodward, and widow of John Eddy. (7 chn.)
          8. XI. Martha, b. Jan. 30, 1673-4; unmarried.
          9. ---------- 7 ----------
            JONATHAN WHITNEY, of Sherburne, 1679. His father gave him 39 acres land about 1659, which he had bought of Richard Woodward. He sold it for £40, to Thos. Flagg, Nov. 7, 1664. He died about 1702. Will, Dec. 21, 1702. Proved, March 1, 1702-3. He married, Oct. 30, 1656,
            44. LYDIA JONES, dau. of Lewis Jones, of Watertown.
            1. I. Lydia, b. July 3, 1657; m. Moses Adams. (9 chn.)
            2. II. Jonathan, b. Oct. 20, 1658. See 46.
            3. III. Anna, b. Apr. 28, 1660; m. Cornelius Fisher, of Wrentham.
            4. IV. John, b. June 27, 1662. See 48.
            5. V. Josiah, b. May 19, 1664. See 49.
            6. VI. Elinor, b. Oct. 12, 1666; d. Nov. 23, 1678.
            7. VII. James, b. Nov. 25, 1668; d. Nov. 30, 1690.
            8. VIII. Isaac, b. Jan. 12, 1670-1; d. Dec. 2, 1690.
            9. IX. Joseph, b. Mar. 10, 1672-3. See 53.
            10. X. Abigail, b. Aug. 18, 1675.
            11. XI. Benjamin, b. Jan. 6, 1678-9; of Sherburne. Married, Oct. 24, 1700, Mercy Travis, who married 2d, Thomas Frink, of Sudbury, prior to 1721. Will made "in the year 1713-14." Proved, September 25, 1718. No issue.
            12. ---------- 8 ----------
              JOSHUA WHITNEY, of 1 Groton, 2 Watertown. Wives:--
              56. 1. LYDIA,
              57. 2. MARY, who died March 17, 1671-2;
              58. 3. ABIGAIL TARBALL, Sept. 30, 1672, in Watertown.
              His will made April 17, 1713; proved Oct. 6, 1719.
              1. I. Hannah, m. Thos. Woods of Groton. (4 chn.)
              2. II. Joshua, b. June 14, 1666, in Groton, by wife Lydia.
              3. III. Sarah, b. Oct. 10, 1668, in Groton; m. ----- Juell.
              4. IV. Abigail, m. John Hutchins. (5 chn.)
              5. V. Mary, b. July 1, 1675, in Groton; m. Ephraim Pierce. (9 chn.)
              6. VI. William, b. Feb. 28, 1678. See 64.
              7. VII. Cornelius, See 65.
              8. VIII. David,
              9. [p. 117]

                1. IX. Martha, m. Isaac Williams, Jr., of Newton. (8 chn.)
                2. X. Elizabeth, m. Eben Farnsworth. (8 chn.)
                3. XI. Eleanor, m. ----- Shepherd.
                4. ---------- 10 ----------
                  BENJAMIN WHITNEY, of York, Cocheco, Watertown and Sherburne. Received an inhabitant 1667, and taxed in Cocheco, 1667-68. Died in Sherburne, 1723. He sold to his brother Joshua, March 9, 1670-1, house, barn and about 17 acres land in Watertown, bounded N. by John Sherman, E. and S. by Wm. Bond, W. by M. Underwood, given him by his father, April 5, 1670. Wives:
                  70. 1. JANE, who died in Sherburne, Nov. 14, 1690.
                  71. 2. (?) MARY POOR, married in Marlborough, April 11, 1695.
                  1. I. Jane, b. in Wat., Sept. 29, 1669; m. Jona. Morse. (6 ch.)
                  2. II. Benjamin. See 73.
                  3. III. Jonathan. See 74.
                  4. IV. Joshua, b. in Sherburne, Sept. 21, 1687. A Joshua Whitney bought land in 1713, formerly of the Nipmug Indians and appears afterwards to be of Mendon, per Suff. Deeds 27-174.
                  5. There were probably other children.

                    End of 1st Generation.
                    13 ----------
                    JOHN WHITNEY, of Roxbury. Wife
                    76. ELIZABETH, named in his will, made Sept. 1718; proved March 13, 1726-7.
                    1. I. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 9, 1670. Will names "her heirs."
                    2. II. John, b. April 1, 1672; not named in will.
                    3. III. Ruth, b. Aug. 31, 1674; m. Joseph Adams.
                    4. IV. Timothy, b. Apr. 16, 1678. See 80.
                    5. V. Daniel, b. Dec. 3, 1681. See 81.
                    6. VI. Sarah, b. Aug. 7, 1684; not named in will.
                    7. ---------- 15 ----------
                      NATHANIEL WHITNEY, of Wat'n. Mar. March 12, 1673-4,
                      83. SARAH HAGAR; who died in Weston, May 7, 1746, aged about 88. He died in Weston, Jan. 7, 1732-3, aged about 90.
                      1. I. Nathaniel, b. March 5, 1675-6. See 84.
                      2. II. Sarah, b. Feb. 12, 1678-9; m.1, Jona. Ball, (6 chn.); 2, Charles Chadwick, Jr.
                      3. III. William, b. May 6, 1683. See 86.
                      4. IV. Samuel, bap. July 17, 1687; of Stratford; per father's adm. account.
                      5. V. Hannah, bap. Mar. 1688-9; m. ----- Billing.
                      6. VI. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 15, 1692.
                      7. VII. Grace, bap. Dec. 3, 1710, aged 10; d. Mar. 23, 1719-20.
                      8.    90-1/2. VIII. Mercy, m. ----- Greaves.
                        ---------- 16 ----------
                        SAMUEL WHITNEY of Watertown. Mar. Feb. 16, 1683-4
                        91. MARY BEMIS, dau. of Joseph and Sarah.

                        [p. 118]

                        1. I. Mary, b. Sept. 30, 1689; m. John Fiske, Jr., June 7, 1711. His will, Feb. 12, (proved 14), 1730--1, to son-in-law John Fiske, and grand-children, John, Mary, Abigail, and Sarah Fiske.
                        2. ---------- 18 ----------
                          JOSEPH WHITNEY, of Watertown. Married Jan. 24, 1674-5,
                          93. MARTHA BEACH, dau. of Richard and Mary B. Admn. on his estate, Nov. 30, 1702, to widow. He deceased, Nov. 4, 1702, as attested by inventory of estate, and by Dr. Sherman's bill of a visit that day, on files of Probate.
                          1. I. Joseph, b. Aug. 15, 1675; m. Hepzibah Flagg, Apr. 10, 1701. Made will, Jan. 7, 1736-7. Lodged, July 15, 1737. Widow only surviving.
                          2. II. Martha, b. Dec. 20, 1677; d. prior 1702.
                          3. III. John, b. July 29, 1680. See 96.
                          4. IV. Isaac, b. Mar. 10, 1681-2; d. March 20, 1681-2.
                          5. V. Isaac, b. Feb. 4, 1682-3; d. prior 1702.
                          6. VI. Benjamin, b. Jan. 31, 1684-5. See 99.
                          7. VII. Mary, b. April 21, 1694; m. John Knapp, Jr., of Newton, July 3, 1715, and was guardian of his children 1739.
                          8. VIII. Sarah, bap. June 20, 1697.
                          9. ---------- 22 ----------
                            BENJAMIN WHITNEY, of Watertown. Mar. March 30, 1687,
                            102. ABIGAIL HAGAR.
                            1. I. Abigail, b. May 3, 1688; m. Richard Sawtell. (2 chn.)
                            2. II. John, b. June 15, 1694. See 104.
                            3. III. David, b. June 16, 1697. See 105.
                            4. IV. Benjamin, bap. July 10, 1698. See 106.
                            5. V. Ruth, bap. July 10, 1698; m. John Bond. (10 chn.)
                            6. VI. Daniel, b. July 17, 1700. See 108.
                            7. The order of baptisms all July 10, 1698, is Benjamin, John, David, Abigail, Ruth.
                              ---------- 25 ----------
                              MOSES WHITNEY, of Stow. Married in Stow, Sept. 30, 1686,
                              109. SARAH KNIGHT. He made deed 1725, to son Abraham, and mentions other sons Moses and Jason, and his brother Rich. Whitney.
                              1. I. Sarah, b. July 2, 1687, in Stow.
                              2. II. Moses, b. about 1690. See 111.
                              3. III. Abraham, b. May 29, 1692. See 112.
                              4. IV. Jonas, See 113.
                              5. V. Jason, d. Feb. 19, 1785, in 81 y. Widow Anabella died Sept. 28, 1785, in 82 y. Grave stones in Stow.
                              6. VI. Lemuel, "youngest son" per father's deed. See 115.
                              7. ? John, of Lancaster; parentage unknown, suppose of this line. Married Rebecca Whitney, of Stow, May 20, 1724.
                                ---------- 29 ----------
                                RICHARD WHITNEY, Jr., of Stow. Made will Dec. 1723. Died Dec. 5, 1723, (per gravestone) aged 62;
                                116. ELIZABETH, (wife) died Nov. 24, 1723, aged 56.

                                [p. 119]

                                1. I. Richard, of Stow; d. Apr. 27, 1775, in 71 y. 1st wife Hannah Eyres, who d. Nov. 17, 1743, in 50 y. 2nd wife, Hannah, d. Sept. 27, 1775, in 71 y.
                                2. II. Jonathan, m. Alice Willard, Feb. 25, 1718-19.
                                3. III. Hannah, m. Samuel Farr.
                                4. IV. Elizabeth, m. John Wetherbee. (Pub. in Stow, Dec. 29, 1722.)
                                5. V. Sarah, in 20th y. <a href="#errata">1743]]; m. Hezekiah Hapgood.
                                6. VI. Ruhamah, in 18th y. 1723; named in will.
                                7. VII. Joshua, in 16th y. 1723; named in will.
                                8. VIII. Hepzibah, in 13th y. 1723; m. Seth Sawyer, Oct. 12, 1732.
                                9. ---------- 33 ----------
                                  THOMAS WHITNEY, of 1. Watertown; 2. Stow; 3. Lancaster. He bought 11-1/2 acres in Cambridge of A. Rowse--S. by M. Clark, N. E. by Ephraim Winship, March 10, 1679. Witness, George Lawrence, his father-in-law. In Feb., 1681-2, Geo. and Elizabeth Lawrence give to son and daughter, Thomas and Elizabeth Whitney, land by deed. Feb. 24, 1682-3, he bought of John Hayward, of Boston, Scrivener, and wife Mary, 60 acres in Pompascitticut, (Stow,) where the first five children mentioned below were born, as by the county returns in the clerk's office E. Cambridge. In 1719, for £300, he bought 52 acres in Lancaster, near Wataquadock brook, of Jona. Wheeler, and Feb. 26, 1721-2, deeded one half of this purchase with buildings (the homestead) to his son John "of Stowe, and now designed to remove to Lancaster," partly by gift and partly by sale, and in this document mentions his wife and all his children, excepting Thomas, to whom he had made a gift of 21 acres in Stowe, Nov. 6, 1711,--and Benjamin who had probably also received a gift from his father. He married, Jan. 29, 1678-9, in Watertown
                                  125. ELIZABETH LAWRENCE, dau. of George and Elizabeth L.
                                  1. I. Thomas, b. Sept. 17, 1681; m. in Concord, July 26, 1704, Mary Baker. Issue: 1. Samuel, b. 1714; 2. David, b. Oct 4, 1722; 3. Joseph, of Roadstown, Hampshire Co.
                                  2. II. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 16, 1682-3.
                                  3. III. John, b. May 13, 1684; m. in Watertown, March 2, 1709-10, Eliz. Barnard. Lived in Stow, Lancaster and Bolton. Will, Sept. 3, (pro. Nov. 3), 1747, names wife Elizabeth. Daurs., Elizabeth Sawyer and Sarah, b. Oct 2, 1716. Pub. Jan. 18, 1737, and m. Abraham Whitney. Widow made will, May 8, 1756; proved July 15, 1757. Named grand-daughter Betty Bruce.
                                  4. IV. Mary, b. Jan. 13, 1685-6.
                                  5. V. Benjamin, b. Oct. 7, 1687. See 130.
                                  6. VI. Nathan, m. Nov. 18, 1719, Mary Holman, dau. of Jeremiah and Abigail. Will, 1755; proved, 1761. Children, Nathan and Jeremiah, Phebe Warner, Mary Priest, and Eunice Warner.
                                  7. VII. Susanna, nam. with others in father's testamentary document.
                                  8. VIII. Abigail, ? ; m. Feb. 27, 1723-4, Jon. Rand, of Stow.
                                  9. ---------- 36 ----------
                                    ELEAZER WHITNEY, of Wat'n--of Sudbury 1692. Mar. Mar. April 11, 1687,

                                    [p. 120]

                                    134. DOROTHY ROSS, dau. of James Ross, of Sudbury. She died in Watertown, June 22, 1731.
                                    1. I. Sarah, b. in Sudbury, 1688.
                                    2. II. James, d. in Watertown, Feb. 12, 1697-8.
                                    3. III. Thomas, bap. in Wat'n, Jan. 28, 1699-1700. See 137.
                                    4. IV. James, bap. in Wat'n, Jan. 28, 1699-1700. Died early.
                                    5. V. Mary, bap. in Wat'n, Jan. 28, 1699-1700. (?) Mar. Abr. Chamberlin of Roxbury, Oct. 26, 1716.
                                    6. VI. Dorothy, bap. June 16, 1700.
                                    7. VII. Eleazer, bapt. Apr. 15, 1702.
                                    8. VIII. Elnathan, bap. May 5, 1705. Mar. in Roxbury, Sarah Perry, Sep. 24, 1729. (8 chn.)
                                    9. IX. James, bap. June 1, 1708. Mar. Mercy Flagg. (8 chn.)
                                    10. X. Jonas, bap. and owned covenant 2d ch. in Wat'n, July 14, 1723, "aged about fifteen." Is he the Jonas who m. in Roxbury, Sarah Perry, May 8, 1735, and if so, were his wife, and his brother Elnathan's wife, of the same name, cousins? Mr. Seth D. Whitney, of Milton, has a full account of the family of Jonas and Sarah (Perry) W.
                                    11. ---------- 36 ----------
                                      JONATHAN WHITNEY, of 1. Sherburne; 2. Concord. Will, dated March 14; proved March 18, 1735. His wife
                                      145. SARAH (HAPGOOD) survived him.
                                      1. I. Sarah, b. Mar. 2, 1692-3. Mar. Jon. Warren. (12 chn.)
                                      2. II. Jonathan, b. Sep. 27, 1694. Died young.
                                      3. III. Tabitha, b. Aug. 22, 1696. Mar. 1. Jacob Fulham, (4 chn.) 2. Geo. Parkhurst, (5 chn.) 3. Samuel Hunt.
                                      4. IV. Shadrach, b. Oct. 12, 1698, of Northtown; m. Jan. 5, 1731-2, Prudence, wid. Thomas Lawrence. Will July 20; prov. Aug. 14, 1764.
                                      5. V. Jonathan, b. Nov. 25, 1700. (Bond supposes died in Mendon, 1755, q.v.)
                                      6. VI. Anne, b. May 22, 1702; m. Eben Cutler, of Weston. (7 chn.)
                                      7. VII. Amos, b. May 1, 1705; nam. in Shadrach's will. (Amos of Townsend gave to kinsman, Levi Whitney, pr. will, Aug. 28, 1769. Proved Feb. 22, 1771.)
                                      8. VIII. Zaccheus, b. Nov. 16, 1707, in Sudbury; m. in Concord, Mary Wheeler, May 23, 1734. Settled in Bedford. Made will, March 10, 1739-40. Sons, Zaccheus and Jonathan.
                                      9. IX. Timothy, b. Feb. 20, 1708-9, in Concord. Settled in Groton. Ad. on estate, June 18, 1740. Wid. Submit m. Reuben Woods. Only child, Sybil, m. Oliver Lakin.
                                      10. X. Daniel, m. in Shrewsbury in March, 1739, Thankful Allen; b. in Sudbury, Dec. 1, 1713, the dau. of Elnathan and Mary Allen. Children.--1. Levi, b. Dec. 5, 1739; m. in Townsend in 1780, Lydia Rice, and settled there. Had son Asa, whose son Asa of Philadelphia, (1857) celebrated as an inventor and mechanician, has a full record of this branch. 2. Timothy, b. Oct. 25, 1743; m. Dec. 1768, Catharine, dau. of Nathaniel Davenport, and settled in the N. parish of Shrewsbury. He is mentioned in Uncle Shad-
                                      11. [p. 121]

                                        rach's will. (7 chn.) 3. Daniel, b. Sept. 4, 1746; m. in 1771, Catherine Stone, of the "County Gore," and settled first in the N. parish of Shrewsbury, afterwards in Marlboro and had at least seven chn.
                                        1. XI. Isaac, of Concord, glazier. Bro. Shadrach Admr., Feb. 4, 1754.
                                        2.  156-1/2. XII. James, mentioned in the will of his Uncle Benjamin [55], who d. 1718, and who makes
                                          him his residuary legatee. He may have been the oldest son.
                                          ---------- 48 ----------
                                          JOHN WHITNEY, of Framingham. Mar. in Wat'n, Apr. 10, 1688,
                                          157. 1. MARY HAPGOOD, dau. of Shadrach.
                                          158. 2. SARAH HAVEN, dau. of Richard and Susanna (Newhall) H., of Lynn. She died April 23, 1718.
                                          159. 3. MARTHA WALKER, Nov. 10, 1718. She died Nov. 14, 1721. His Inventory taken 1735.
                                          1. I. Mary, b. Mar. 27, 1689. Mar. Daniel Moore.
                                          2. II. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 29, 1690-1. Mar. Jona Willard.
                                          3. III. James, b. Dec. 28, 1692. Mar. Martha Rice, dau. of Jona. (7 chn.)
                                          4. IV. Lydia, b. Apr. 28, 1695, (by 2d wife; m. Richard Haven. (14 chn.)
                                          5. V. Hannah, b. Sept. 27, 1697; m. Ezekiel Rice, br. of Martha. (9 chn.)
                                          6. ---------- 49 ----------
                                            JOSIAH WHITNEY of Wrentham. Inv'y, Jan. 15, 1717-8;
                                            165. ABIGAIL (wife) survived him.
                                            1. I. Josiah, aged about 20, 1718; m. Elizabeth Grant of Concord, in Weston, Feb. 28, 1725-6; he "formerly of Dedham now of W." Issue:--Elizabeth, bap. July 13, 1735; Phinehas bap. May 11, 1740.
                                            2. II. Jonathan, aged over 14 in 1718. His estate settled 1768. Was he the largest subscriber to Prince's chronology, 24 copies.? Inventory, £87 11s. 1-1/2d. He left widow, name not given.
                                            3. III. Abigail, aged 9. Guardianship to Uncle Benjamin, of Sherburne, April 10, 1718. Mar. in Wrentham, Sept. 20, 1729, Preserved Hall.
                                            4. ---------- 53 ----------
                                              JOSEPH WHITNEY, of Sherburne; m. (it is sup.) REBECCA BURGE in Charlestown, (both being of Chelmsford) May 26, 1706.
                                              170-5. Issue in S. by wife Rebecca: Jonas, b. June 7, 1708; Joseph; Sylvanus; James; Ephraim.
                                              ---------- 64 ----------
                                              WILLIAM WHITNEY, of Groton. Wives:--1. LYDIA, who d. Jan. 22, 1716.
                                              176. 2. MARGARET MIRICK of Newton, m. April 25, 1717. Issue:--
                                              177. William, b. May 5, 1701. Lydia; Joshua; John by 1st wife;
                                              182. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 12, 1719.
                                              [To be Continued.]

                                              [p. 225]

                                              THE DESCENDANTS OF JOHN AND ELINOR WHITNEY, OF

                                              WATERTOWN, MASS.

                                              [Continued from page 121.]
                                              ---------- 65 ----------
                                              CORNELIUS WHITNEY, of Groton. Wife
                                              183. SARAH. Issue:--
                                              184. Sarah, b. April 17, 1715. Abigail; Matthias; Mary; Joshua;
                                              190. Lydia; Sarah, b. Jan. 8, 1731-2.
                                              ---------- 73 ----------
                                              BENJAMIN WHITNEY of Framingham, Innholder, drew land in Douglas, 1715. Married in Boston, Aug. 7, 1705, to
                                              191. ESTHER, widow of James Maverick. Benjamin and Hester Whitney sell land to bro. Jonathan W., 1718-19, and in 1729 convey estate in Boston, formerly of James M., to her children, Jas. Maverick, and Martha, wife of Thomas Bellows of Southboro.*
                                              1. I. Benjamin, b. May 22, 1709, at Sherburne (?) m. to Margaret Sanderson in Wat'n, Feb. 24, 1731-2. Issue:--Jonathan, b. Sept. 25, 1734; Persis, b. Aug. 20, 1739; Amos, b. Sep. 27, 1746.
                                              2. ---------- 74 ----------
                                                JONATHAN WHITNEY of Sherburne. Will, Feb. 2, 1753. Division 1754;
                                                193. SUSANNA (wife--Barry supposes a Whitney.)
                                                1. I. Susanna, b. Jan. 20, 1702-3. Mar. Gershom Eames.
                                                2. II. Jonathan, b. Oct. 17, 1704; of Mendon; d. 1755. Wife Lydia, children:--Jesse (Admr.) Jona, Sarah, David, Susanna, wife Isaac Tenny, Lydia, w. S. Bowker.
                                                3. III. Kezia, b. July 31, 1706. Mar. Abraham Jones.
                                                4. IV. Dorothy, b. Aug. 28, 1708. Mar. Ebenezer Hunt.
                                                5. V. Mary, b. May 28, 1710. Mar. Joseph Jones.
                                                6. VI. Lydia, b. Mar. 3, 1711-12. Mar. Isaac Hill.
                                                7. VII. Jesse, b. Feb. 8, 1713-14.
                                                8. VIII. Hannah, b. Feb. 11, 1714-15.
                                                9. IX. Elias, b. Nov. 14, 1716.
                                                10. X. Mehetabel, b. Dec. 27, 1719; m. David Cutler.
                                                11. XI. George, b. Aug. 12, 1721; m. Sarah Cozzens. Issue:--Isaac, Hannah, Mercy, Sarah. He died 1752.
                                                12. XII. Eleanor, named in Admn. Account of father's estate.
                                                13. Samuel Whitney, of Stow, (unknown, possibly son of Thomas) [126], Probate to widow Grace, Oct. 31, 1748. Samuel Whitney, of Watertown, Admin. on wife Mary's estate, 1765.

                                                  End of 2nd Generation.
                                                  ---------- 80 ----------
                                                  TIMOTHY WHITNEY, of Roxbury. Mar. June 12, 1706, to
                                                  210. MARGARET BACON. Issue:--

                                                  * On Suffolk Deeds, Vol. 33, p. 15, Hester, wife of Benj. Whitney, certifies to birth of her two children by former husband, James Maverick, at Winnisimet. Martha, b. April 17, 1693; James, b. Oct. 2, 1699. Corroborated by Phebe Brentnal, aged 45, and Sarah Eustace, aged 52, June 18, 1718.

                                                  [p. 226]

                                                  211. Sarah; Caleb of Newton, wife Hannah Cheney, 4 chn.; Moses of
                                                  240. Newton, wife Rebecca Hyde, 12 chn.; Joseph of Newton, wife Mary Hastings, 5 chn.; Timothy; Timothy b. April 30, 1721.
                                                  ---------- 81 ----------
                                                  DANIEL WHITNEY, of Roxbury. Married June 21, 1704, to
                                                  241-9. SUSANNA CURTIS. Issue:--John; Elizabeth; Susanna; Daniel; Anna; Elijah; Ruth; Elisha b. Oct. 5, 1722.
                                                  ---------- 81 ----------
                                                  NATHANIEL WHITNEY, of Weston. Mar. Nov. 7, 1695, to
                                                  250. MERCY ROBINSON, who died Dec. 31, 1740. He died Sept. 23, 1730, per Inv'y Dec. 1, 1730.
                                                    194. I. Nathaniel, b. Jan. 23, 1695-6; m. in Weston, July 20, 1721,
                                                  305. Mary Child. He died in Westboro', Jan. 27, 1776, aged 80. His wife d. Dec. 3, 1776, aged 77. Family:--1. Ephraim, b. in Groton, June 22, 1722 (per Weston Record); Oliver; David; Mary; Nathaniel; Anna; Amos; Lucy; Love, wife of John Taft; Lois; 11th, Eli of Westboro, bap. May 3, 1740; m. Feb. 9, 1765, Elizabeth Fay; she d. Aug. 18, 1777, aged 37. 2d wife, Judith Hazeldean, of Sutton. Publ'd June 12, 1779. He died Aug. 12, 1807, aged 66. Family:--1. ELI, born Dec. 8, 1765. Grad. Yale College, 1792. Died Jan. 8, 1825. The inventor of the Cotton Gin. It was the declaration of Fulton, that Arkwright, Watt and Whitney were the three men who did the most for mankind of any of their contemporaries. His genius was a blessing to the world--but will not the Southern States of the Republic, of which he was especially the benefactor, and whose value, to quote his own unexaggerated statement, he raised from "fifty to a hundred per cent," perform an act of tardy justice by erecting some enduring tribute to his memory? He m. Henrietta Frances Edwards, b. June, 1786, dau. of Hon. Pierpont Edwards, of N. Haven, by his wife Frances, dau. of Moses Ogden, of Elizabethtown, N.J., and grand dau. of Rev. Jonathan Edwards, President of N. Jersey College. Family:--1. Frances Edwards, m. Charles L. Cheplain, of Cunbridge, Md., Dec. 1, 1842. 2. Elizabeth Fay. 3. Eli, m. Sarah P. Dallibie, of Utica, N.Y., June, 1845. For a biographical sketch of this remarkable man see Silliman's Journal of Science, Vol. 21; also the American Encyclopedia. Died Feb. 8, 1827, aged 60. 3. Benjamin, d. Dec. 28, 1842, aged 77, last of the family. 4. Josiah, b. March 31, 1770.
                                                    195. II. Sarah, wife of Ephraim Rice. III. Amos.
                                                    197. IV. Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Bigelow. V. Jonas. VI. James.
                                                    200. VII. Susanna, wife of Abraham Gregory.
                                                    201. VIII. Solomon, of Weston, wife Martha Fletcher. (6 chn.)
                                                    202. IX. Samuel, of Weston, wife Elizabeth Hastings. (13 chn.)
                                                    203. X. Ebenezer. XI. Joshua. XII. David, in 15th year, 1731.
                                                  ---------- 86 ----------
                                                  WILLIAM WHITNEY of Weston. Mar. May 17, 1706, to
                                                  306. MARTHA PIERCE. He d. Jan. 24, 1720-1.

                                                  [p. 227]

                                                    307. I. William, b. Jan. 11, 1706-7; of Weston. Mar. Sep. 10, 1725.
                                                    339.   1. Hannah Harrington, who d. April 30, 1740. 2. Mary Pierce, March 30, 1742, who d. Feb.
                                                  23, 1756. 3. Margaret Spring, Aug. 12, 1756. 4. Sarah Davis of Brookline. (Pub'd Jan. 14, 1763.) Family:--1. William, b. April 10, 1736, by wife Mary Mansfield, had son William. 2. Hannah, wife of Henry Spring. 3. Rev. Phineas of Shirley, b. April 23, 1740; grad. H. C., 1759; ordained June 23, 1762, the first settled minister in S., and in office over fifty years. Wives:--i. Miriam Willard. ii. Lydia Bowes. iii. Wid. Jane Garfield, (10 chn.) His 2d son Rev. Nicholas Bowes Whitney; b. March 21, 1772; graduated H. C., 1793; d. 1835; minister of Hingham. 4. Mary. 5. Mary, wife of Amos Fiske. 6. Sarah. 7. Nathaniel. 8. Joel. 9. Susanna, wife of Isaac Mead. 10. Abigail, wife of Samuel Custis. II. Judith. III. Amity. IV. Martha, wife Tim. Mossman. V. Samuel, m. Abigail Fletcher.
                                                  ---------- 108 ----------
                                                  DANIEL WHITNEY, of Watertown. He married
                                                  425. DOROTHY TAINTER, dau. of Simon T., as pr. settlement of her dower 1789. She d. Aug. 7, 1788, aged 82.
                                                    426. I. Benjamin, b. April 12, 1723.
                                                    432. III. Simon, b. May 30, 1727; d. Oct. 16, 1797; m. 1st, May 26, 1757, Mary Ruggles, who d.
                                                  March 12, 1773; 2d, Mary Seaver. Children:--1. Nathaniel Ruggles, b. March 19, 1759; m. Abigail Frothingham, who had 9 chn. The eldest, Nath. R., b. May 27, 1782, Clerk of the Middlesex Courts; the eighth, Simon, b. Oct. 30, 1797; grad. Har. Col. 1818, M. D. Of Framingham.
                                                    451. IV. Joanna, b. Sept. 20, 1729; m. Sept. 20, 1750, John Cooke.
                                                    452. V. Mary, b. Sept. 10, 1731; m. John Woodbridge, June 10, 1762, of S. Hadley.
                                                    453. VI. Dorothy, b. May 31, 1733; m. Nathaniel Coolidge.
                                                    454. VII. Daniel, b. Dec. 7, 1735; of Waltham; m. Mary Harrington.
                                                  Children:--1. Mary Kimball. 2. Katherine. 3. Daniel. 4. Charles, b. Nov. 16, 1780; m. Ruth Chinery, 6 children, of whom Bradshaw, bap. May 25, 1817, now resides in the homestead of John Whitney, Jun., [3] and which has been in the possession of the family since 1643.
                                                  VIII. Joshua. IX. Henry. X. Israel. XI. Lydia. XII. Grace.
                                                    474. XIII. Elisha, b. Feb. 27, 1747; Grad. Harv. Col. 1766; d. 1807.
                                                  He taught school at S. Camb. (Brighton) in 1769. Served as Surgeon in the Revo. Army; was a physician in Hamilton and Beverly, M. M. S. S.; d. 1807. He m. Eunice Farley, and had children, of whom Israel, m. Mary Hopkins Flagg. He was formerly a merchant of N. O., and now an esteemed citizen of Boston, Treasurer of the Lowell Carpet Mills, &c. (10 chil.)
                                                    481. XIV. Lucy, b. June 30, 1749.
                                                  ---------- 111 ----------
                                                  MOSES WHITNEY, of Nashobee (Littleton) and Lunenburg.

                                                  [p. 228]

                                                  482. 1. ELIZABETH, of Groton?
                                                  483. 2. SARAH GARY, m. Nov. 20, 1766, who survived him. He died -----, 1778, aged 88. His will made July 12, 1774. Lodged for probate June 3, 1778. 1 shilling was paid for recording his death per Adm. Acct. He made bequests in his will to Abigail, wife of Ezra Farnsworth of Groton, (dau. of Ephraim and Mary (Whitney) Pierce of Groton, and Jemima Walker of Charlestown, N. H.
                                                  1. 484. I. Salmon, b. Jan. 8, 1712, m. June 4, 1734, ----- -----. He d. March 16, 1759, aged 47
                                                    yrs., 2 m., 8 days. He left wid. Sarah and daughters Lois, aged 19, Susanna, aged 14, in 1763. Lois m. Col. Joseph Bellows, and had 14 chn. John the second son was father of Rev. Henry Whitney Bellows, of N. Y., b. June 11, 1814. Susanna m. Dec. 6, 1768, Edmund Stone of Templeton.
                                                  2. 488. II. Aaron, b. about 1714. See 488.
                                                  3. 489. III. Sarah. IV. Lydia. V. Mary. VI. Ephraim.
                                                  ---------- 130 ----------
                                                  BENJAMIN WHITNEY, of Marlborough and Boston. Married in Marlborough
                                                  538. 1. SARAH BARRETT, Feb. 7, 1710, dau. of John Barrett, Jr., and Deborah. She was b. Nov. 28, 1692, and d. Feb. 15, 1729-30.
                                                  539. 2. ABIGAIL BRIDGE, in 1730, dau. of Matthew and Abigail (Russell) B. of Cambridge-farms (Lexington), b. April 1, 1696. She survived her husband 30 years and d. in Boston, Aug. 1, 1767. He was one of the first of the name who settled in Boston, where he moved about 1737, and died there in Oct. or Nov. of that year, aged 50 years. His estate was ap. at £4168, less a debt of £637.
                                                    540. I. Deborah. II. Barrett. III. David. IV. Persis. V. Solomon.
                                                    557. VI. Sarah. VII. Timothy.
                                                    559. VIII. Dinah, b. July 12, 1727; m. (pub. in Boston Jan. 2,) 1756, Elijah Livermore, [who did not
                                                  m. Dinah Harrington. See Bond p. 349]. She d. Sept. 30, 1759, having one daughter Abigail, who m. Rev. Elisha Scott Williams. Grad. Yale 1775. (11 chn.) Their daughter, Sarah Potter Williams, b. 1782, gave his first lessons in the spelling book to Dr. Henry Bond, the author and compiler of that remarkable work the Genealogies and History of Watertown!
                                                    560. IX. Job, b. Oct. 22, 1729; grad. Harv. C. 1758, the second graduate of the name. He d. June
                                                  13, 1761, unm. Every member of his class excepting himself, he having died the month previous, was present at commencement in 1761 to take the degree of A. M., and it is the only class of which every surviving member has been present in person to take the second degree.--(Dr. Joseph Palmer). Before grad. he "supplied ye desk" for several months on the "South side of the River," (Brighton), the same society over which the Rev. F. A. Whitney is now settled. At the time of his death he was about preaching as a candidate at Marblehead, to be colleague with Rev. John Barnard, who apparently did not like his theological views. (See Mass. Hist. Col., Vol.

                                                  [p. 229]

                                                  V., 3d Series, p. 236.) In his will 1761 he mentions his cousin Silas Whitney, and cousin Abigail Livermore of Waltham. He was the youngest child by 1st wife.
                                                    561. X. Abigail, b. May 13, 1731; m. Samuel Austin.
                                                    562. XI. Benjamin. XII. George.
                                                    564. XIII. Samuel, b. Sept. 5, 1734; m. Oct. 20, 1757, Abigail Cutler.
                                                    565. XIV. Anna, b. Oct. 27, 1736; m. William Bowes.
                                                  ----------- 488 ----------
                                                  AARON WHITNEY of Petersham, b. in Littleton, 1714. Gr. Harv. Col. 1737, the first graduate of the name. Ordained at Petersham 1738. He married
                                                  573. 1. ALICE BAKER, of Phillipston, ant Littleton, July 12, 1739. She d. Aug. 26, 1767, aged 49.
                                                  574. 2. Madam RUTH STEARNS, Nov. 6, 1768, dau. of Jonathan Hubbard of Lunenburg, and widow of Ref. David Stearns of L. She d. Nov. 1, 1688, in her 72 year. The inscription on tthe tablet erected to her memory in Keene, N. H., speaks highly of her virtues. Mr. Whitney was a strong loyalist in Revolutionary times, was prevented from preaching in his pulpit, and held services in his own house. (See Rev. E. B. Willson's address in com. of the 100th anniversary of the Incor. of Petersham, July 4, 1854.) He had numerous correspondents in England, and is supposed to have had strong friends and admireres, but as was natural at that period was harshly judged by those who were opposed to his political course. Himself a clergyman he was the progenitor of a race of able divines; a son, grandson, and two great-grandsons of his name having been settled ministers.
                                                    575. I. Abel, b. 1740; d. in College, Cambridge, March 15, 1756. See Harris's Camb. epitaphs,
                                                  p. 16.
                                                    576. II. Peter, b. Sep. 6, 1744, at Petersham. Grad. Harv. Col. 1762. Ordained at Northboro, Nov.
                                                  4, 1767; m. March 11, 1768, Julia Lambert of Reading. He d. Feb. 29, 1816. He was the author of the valuable History of Worcester County, so often referred to in this periodical, and of several occasional productions. He had a great love of historical pursuits, and his papers, which with most of his library were burned at Northboro', would have been of much historical value. He had a family of eleven children, of whom Peter, the second son, was b. in Northboro, Jan. 19, 1770. Grad. Harv. Col., 1791. Ordained first ch. Quincy, Feb. 5, 1800; m. April 30, 1800, Jane, dau. of Nathan Lincoln, of Hingham. He d. March 3, 1843, in the 74 year of his age. For notice see his various publications, sermon at his funeral by Rev. Wm. P. Lunt his colleague, and obituary notice Monthly Mis. of Religion and Letters for June, 1843. He had three sons and three daughters. George the oldest son, b. at Quicy, July 2, 1804. Grad. Harv. Col. 1824. Div. School Camb., 1829. Ordained Pastor 2d ch. in Roxbury, June 15, 1831, and installed associate Pastor with Rev. Thomas Gray, D. D., over 3d ch. in Roxbury, (Jamaica Plain) Feb. 10, 1836. He m. Dec. 15, 1829, Ann Greenough, only dau. of

                                                  [p. 230]

                                                  Rev. Dr. Gray, and had five children. He d. April 2, 1842, in 38th year of his age. Many of his sermons and discourses were published, and he was the author of a History of Quincy, a revised edition of which he was preparing for the press at the time of his death. His brother Frederic Augustus, the 5th child, b. in Quincy, Sept. 13, 1812. Grad. Harv. Col., 1833, Div. School, Camb., 1838. Ordained Pastor of 1st ch. in Brighton, Feb. 21, 1844, over which society he is still settled. He m. Jan. 11, 1853, Elizabeth Perkins, only dau. of the late Capt. William Perkins Matchett of Boston. Several of his discourses have been published, and he is a contributor to the Register. In his possession is quite a full account of the descendants of his great grandfather, Rev. Aaron Whitney. Edmund Burke, the youngest child, b. Mar. 26, 1815; m. Lydia Augusta, dau. of Ephraim Bouve`, and has two children.
                                                    608. III. Charles. IV. Aaron. V. Alice.
                                                    611. VI. Lucy, m. Samuel Kendall, D. D., of New Salem.
                                                    612. VII. Paul, b. March 23, 1753. Grad. Harv. Col., 1772; d. March 9, 1795. A physician at
                                                  Westfield, Mass. A son Henry in 1851 was at Racine, Wisconsin.
                                                    613. VIII. Abel, b. March 15, 1756; merchant, Westfield; d. March 2, 1807. He m. Dec. 23, 1783,
                                                  Clarissa Dwight of Springfield, who m. 2d, Calvin Waldo, July 4, 1809. He had 11 children. Josiah Dwight Whitney, 2d child and eldest son, b. at W. July 9, 1786; m. Dec. 4, 1818, Sarah Williston. They reside at Northampton, and had five children. Their oldest son, Josiah Dwight, Junr., b. Nov. 23, 1819. Grat. Yale, 1839; m. and has one child. He is the author of a valuable work on the mineral wealth of the United States, and in the winter of 1856-7, is absent in Mexico prosecuting his mineralogical investigations. Their second surviving son, William Dwight Whitney, b. Feb. 9, 1827. Grad. Williams College. In 1852 he was associated with Prof. Roth of the Univ. of Tubingen in the preparation of a new edition of the sacred books of the Hindus, the "Atharva Veda." He is distinguished as an oriental scholar and holds the Professorship of Sanskrit in Yale College. Absent in Europe 1856-7.
                                                    631. IX. Richard, b. Feb. 23, 1767, at P. Grad. Harv. Col. 1787, A. M. Dartmouth Col. 1796; d. 1806.
                                                    632-3. X. and XI. Names not ascertained.
                                                  For a full account of several families not given in these pages see Dr. Bond's Genealogies of Watertown, pages 548, 642, 964. See also a private reprint of this contribution with additions, and to which some of the numbers here given refer. The reprint may be found on the shelves of the Gen. and Hist. Society's library.

                                                  CORRECTIONS.--Page 116, l. 13, after John Eddy put ?
                                                  P. 119, l. 8, for 1743, read 1723.
                                                  P. 121, omit 156-1/2. XII. James, as it was James [162] who inherited from his uncle Benjamin.
                                                  NOTE.--No relationship has been traced between John and Elinor and Henry Whitney of Norwalk, Conn., 1655, and (probably his son) John, who m. in N., 1764-5 [sic], Elizabeth Smith. See Hall's History of Norwalk.
                                                  Thomas and Jeremiah Whitney are mentioned in list of those from 16 to 60 years of age, capable of bearing arms in Plymouth, Aug. 1643. Who were they? See query in reprint, p. 26.

                                                  "Notice of Publications", NEHGR, vol. XI (1857) pp. 177.

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                                                  Brighton, F. A. Whitney (Frederick Augustus Whitney in Index)

                                                  "Donations, Admitted Members, Officers for 1857, Payments", NEHGR, vol. XI (1857), pp. 287-288; pp. 368.

                                                  [p. 287]

                                                  Donations to the library of the New Eng. Hist. and Gen. Society have been received, since the last announcement, from, ... H. A. Whitney (Henry Austin Whitney in Index)

                                                  [p. 368]

                                                  Donations to the Library since March 1, 1857... Henry A. Whitney

                                                  Whitmore, W. H., "A List of American Genealogies", NEHGR, vol. XI (1857) pp. 354-356.

                                                  [p. 355]

                                                  116* Family: Whitney | Author: H. A. Whitney | Publisher: H. W. Dutton & Son | Place: Boston | Date: 1857 | Pages: 26
                                                  * Reprinted from N. E. Hist. and Genealogical Regs.

                                                  Copyright © 1999, 2006, The Whitney Research Group