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This is a list of Whitney hits from the Access to Archives (A2A) online database available from the United Kingdom National Archives website:

A description of the A2A, "A2A allows you to search and browse for information about archives in England and Wales, dating from the eighth century to the present day. These archives are cared for in local record offices and libraries, universities, museums and national and specialist institutions across England and Wales, where they are made available to the public."



  • Ref. P.Tem/Cc/1/31 - date: 1657 Sep 9 from, Scope and Content, Churchwardens' bonds: Charles Davis and William Whitney, in £100 to save harmless the City of the said Charles and the City and parish of his children


  • Ref. GBR/0272/PP/OB, Creator(s): Browning, Oscar, 1837-1923, historian and educational reformer, Correspondence - main series - ref. OB/1, FILE - 9 letters from Rev. James Pounder Whitney to Oscar Browning - ref. OB/1/1750/A - date: 1890-1913, from Administrative History, Rev. James Pounder Whitney was an ecclesiastical historian.


  • Ref. 2404A, Creator(s): Church of England, Cullompton Parish, Devon OVERSEERS, Apprenticeship Indentures - ref. 2404A/PO 92 - date: 1738-1742, item: William Whitney apprenticed to Thomas Pannell for the Green Dragon Inn - ref. 2404A/PO 93/7 date: 1745


  • Files 3327A/PO69, 72 and 73 are unfit for production. Other records are available for research but notice may be required to produce them in the searchroom, OVERSEERS Settlement FILE - Removal Orders from Ottery St Mary to Devon parishes - ref. 3327 A/PO 84 - date: 1731-1820, item: John Whitney to Cullompton - ref. 3327 A/PO 84/11 - date: 1767


  • Catalogue Ref. D2957, Part 3: Parish Deeds, WESTON-UPON-AVON, FILE [no title] - ref. D2957/334/1 - date: 6 July 1639, from Scope and Content, A messuage in Weston, with a close (1½ acres) adjoining, lately occupied by Avery FACKEMAN, the elder, and Isable, his wife, now occupied by Stephen HALL on a 21 years lease from 1 November 1626 from the Earl of MIDDLESEX. For the benefit of Stephen WHITNEY, Henry WHITNEY and Anne WHITNEY


  • Ref. D4115/5 - date:(1691)-1819, from Scope and Content, Includes settlement before marriage of Geo. Whitney, Dursley, clothier, and Mary Vizard, Dursley, sp., 1737; administration of estate of Mary, wife of Geo. Whitney, Dursley, 1762; will of Thomas Dainton, Dursley, cardmaker, dated 1781


  • Ref. GDR/B4, Lassington, Marg. Bennett v. Alice Whitney: defamation - ref. GDR/B4/1/1539 - date: 1602

CONSISTORY COURT: Tithe and Cases Relating to Church Fabric and Maintenance

  • Ref. GDR/B4/3, Westbury-on-Severn, Hen. Bradford, vicar v. John Whitney: tithe - ref. GDR/B4/3/1295 - date: 1623



Hope family of Whitney, Herefordshire



  • Ref. AE98/1 - date: 24 October, 1820, from Scope and Content,(2) Tomkins Dew of Whitney Court, esq.,
  • Ref. AE98/2 - date: 1 June 1922, from Scope and Content] (1) Laurence Nugent Hope of Whitney Court, esq.,
  • Ref. AE98/4 - date: 5 January 1867, from Scope and Content] (3) Tomkyns Dew of Whitney Court, esq.
  • Deeds to parcel of land called Monks Meadow in Clifford. Ref. AE98/5 - date: 1779-1829, from Scope and Content, Including copy will of William Haywood of Whitney, 1799; copy will of William Jones of Grosmont, cp. Mon. 1820.


  • Ref. AE98/29 - date: 26 November, 1754, from Scope and Content, (2) Samuel Weale of Whitney Court, gent., from Scope and Content, Whitney Court and lands belonging (specified)
  • Ref. AE98/30 - date: 1778, from Scope and Content, Copy will of Mary Bourne, of St. George Hanover Square, Middx., devising the manors of Whitney and Clifford to Tomkyns Dew.
  • Ref. AE98/31 - date: 1812, from Scope and Content, Lease and Release by Tomkyns Dew of the manors of Whitney and Clifford preparatory to suffering a Recovery
  • Ref. AE98/32 - date: 3 October 1814, from Scope and Content, Grant by Tomkyns Dew to Thomas Powell of Fields Place, Madley of an annuity secured on the Whitney Court Estate
  • Ref. AE98/33-4 - date: 1879-1897, from Scope and Content, Mortgages by Tomkyns Dew of the Whitney Court Estate and transfers of those mortgages
  • Ref. AE98/36 - date: 9 March 1898, from Scope and Content, Mortgage of the Manor of Whitney and Whitney Court Estate, James L.A. Hope esq., to James Coats esq.,
  • Ref. AE98/37 - date: 1854, from Scope and Content, Bundle of mortgages, transfers of mortgage and appointment of receivers of rent for the Whitney Court Estate, made by Tomkyns Dew upon inheriting the estate from Tomkyns Dew sen.
  • Ref. AE98/38 - date: 1860-1909, from Scope and Content, Bundle of abstracts of title and schedules of title deeds to properties on the Whitney Court Estate
  • Ref. AE98/39 - date: 1863-1882, from Scope and Content, Deeds and papers relating to the conveyance of lands in Whitney and Clifford by the Hereford Hay and Brecon Railway Co., to Tomkyns Dew
  • Ref. AE98/41a - date: 1693-1844, from Scope and Content, Schedule of title deeds to properties of Tomkyns Dew in Whitney and Clifford
  • Ref. AE98/41b - date: 1926, from Scope and Content, Conveyance, by Bryan A. Stephens to Captain L. Nugent Hope, of parcel of land covered with water in Whitney parish. With plan.
  • Ref. AE98/42 - date: 1686-1728, from Scope and Content, Deeds to parcels of land including Stow Meadow in Whitney. Property of the Hancorne family
  • Ref. AE98/43 - date: 1838-1842, from Scope and Content, Deeds to messuage and lands at Whitney Wood. With plan.
  • Ref. AE98/44 - date: 1865-1892, from Scope and Content, Deeds to house and land at Whitney Wood. With plan.
  • Ref. AE98/45 [n.d.], from Scope and Content, Deeds to parcels of land at Whitney Wood. With plan
  • Ref. AE98/46 - date: 1793-1848, from Scope and Content, Bundle of deeds to farm called Lower House al. Millhalf and house called Valet Cottage in Whitney. Property of the Hancorne family, conveyed to Tomkins Dew in 1841, and mortgaged by him.
  • Ref. AE98/47 - date: 1860, from Scope and Content, Conveyance of parcel of land in Whitney Richard Higgins to Tomkyns Dew, with plan. From Scope and Content, With this, copy extract from Whitney Inclosure Award relating to the said parcel.
  • Ref. AE98/50 - date: 1899, from Scope and Content, Statutory declaration of John Gwynne James as to mortgage of lands at Whitney
  • Ref. AE98/51 - date: 1794-1888, from Scope and Content, Bundle of deeds to Knap Farm Whitney, including Sale Particulars, 1888


  • Ref. AE98/54 - date: 1898, from Scope and Content, Packet containing certificate of redemption of land tax on the Whitney Court Estate, with plans.
  • Ref. AE98/56 - date: 1953, from Scope and Content, Volume containing plans and reference of the Clifford and Whitney Estates
  • Ref. AE98/57 - date: 1758-1766, from Scope and Content, Volume: rental of the Clifford and Whitney Estates
  • Ref. AE98/58 - date: 1898-1900, from Scope and Content, Rent rolls, audit accounts and arrears accounts, for the Whitney Court Estate

Shakespeare Centre Library and Archive
Records of the Stratford-upon-Avon Corporation [BRT1 - BRT2]

[no title] BRT1/2/67 24 January, 1298/9

8¾ by 3 inches.
Language: Latin

Grant by John Whiteneye of Stratford to Robert his son of two selions of land in his croft in Stratford opposite to a tenement which Nicholas Betun held in le Chirchestret and lying between lands which the said John and Roger ate Medewe formerly held, at an annual payment of 12d. to the chief lord, Richard de Bingdene, in confirmation of which the said Robert has paid 9s.6d
Witnesses: John de Filegraue, 'prepositus', Richard Sirloo, Richard de Tysho, Roger ate Medewe, Henry de Buddebroc, Simon de Schottrethe, Alan de Henleye, and others
Dated at Stratford, Saturday after St. Vincent, 27 Edw.I
Seal lost

Herefordshire Record Office F76/II/298 1 May 1579 Letters Patent Elizabeth I to Richard Whitney and Anthony Whitney, servants to the Lord Chancellor of England, Thomas Bromley, a grant of pardon for the alienation of the advowson of Markeley al. Marteley made under deed dated 20 Aug. 18 Eliz. I from Anthony Bourne to Anthony Whitney. Richard and Anthony Whitney now to hold the property by usual services. At Westminster, 1 May 21 Eliz. I. Part of seal.

AD30/56 6 February, 5 Jac. I. [1608] Feoffment. (1) William Parry of Trebanyed, co. Brecon, gent., Rice Prichard of Sighnant, Talgarth, co. Brecon, gent, and Isabell his wife, dau. and co-heir of Richard Whitney late of Hardwick, gent., dec., and James ap Rees, their son and heir apparent. (2) James Penoyre of the Moore, gent. Consideration: £173 to Parry and £77 to Prichard. Messuage and smith's forge, messuage and 3a. land, water corn mill, and other lands (specified) in the Hardwick.

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