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Benjamin Ira, s. of McKendree and Mellissa, June 13, 1861 (S.V.R. B.3, P. 26)
Betsy, d. of Isaac, 31 Aug 1788. (S.V.R. B.2, P. 26)
Clarence F., s. of Ira and Mary Ann, April 13, 1860 (S.V.R. B.3, P. 24)
George, s. of Isaac, 12 Jan 1780. (S.V.R. B.2, P. 288)
Ira Dexter, s. of Mckendree and Eudora, April 6, 1902) S.V.R. B.7, P. 11)
Irene Harriet, d. of McKendree and Eudora, Feb. 13, 1901 (S.V.R. B.7, P. 9)
Lorance W., s. of Ira and Mary A., April 27, 1858 (S.V.R. B.3, P. 22)
Mary, d. of Isaac, 19 Feb 1782. (S.V.R. B.2,P.288)
Merrill Henry, s. of Charles B. and Diantha, April 27, 1857( S.V.R. B.3, P. 21)



Isaac, and Arilles Phetteplace, 28 Feb 1799.
Abbie, and Frank Cheesebro, both of Adams, Ma. Sept. 3, 1890 (Stamford V.R. B.5, P. 59)
Abigail, and John Mainard, both of Adams, Ma. Jan. 1, 1833 (Stamford V.R. B.2, P. 27)
Cady (Caddy?), and James Whipple, Dec. 8, 1833 (Stamford V.R. B.2, P. 30)
Chancey J., and Nettie M. Weld, June 21, 1874 (S.V.R. B.4, P. 15)
Charles R., and Diantha S. Davis, both of Stamford, Oct 19, 1845( S.V.R. B.2, P. 93)
Clarence F., and Effie Harris, Aug 10, 1893 (S.V.R. B.5, P. 88)
Daniel Jr., and Phebe Burlingame, both of Stamford, Jan 14, 1802 (S.V.R. B.1, P. 2)
Elizabeth, and Reuben Flood, both of Adams, Ma. Jan 1, 1833 (S.V.R. B.2, P. 27) [notice that Abigail married on same day; also North Adams did not become separate from Adams until 1878]
Ella M. Whitney and Herbert A. Curtis, Feb 23, 1878 (S.V.R. B.4, P. 23)
Fred G. Whitney and Mary E. Langelen, Dec 19, 1886 (S.V.R. B.5, P. 34)
Fred G. Whitney and Annie E. Stiner, July 17, 1901 (S.V.R. B.8, P. 61)
Hannah Whitney and Luther Whitney, both of Stamford, Sept 27, 1801 (S.V.R. B.1, P. 2)
Hannah Whitney and Edwin Gould, both of Adams, Ma. Sept. 22, 1850 (S.V.R. B.2, P. 148)
Joseph H. Whitney and Amelia Avery, Sept 6, 1812. (S.V.R. B.2, P. 1)
Lorenzo D. Whitney and Lucy Jackson, Jan 30, 1831 (S.V.R. B.2, P. 22)
Lucy Whitney and William H. LeRay, both of North Adams, Ma. Nov 27, 1878 (S.V.R. B.4, P. 25)
Marcy (Mercy?) Whitney and Sanford Murrey, Dec 6, 1798 (S.V.R. B.1, P. 1)
Polley Whitney and Henry Phissenton, Dec 8, 1806 (S.V.R. B.1, P. 352)
Royal Whitney (carpenter) and Sarah M. Brackett, both of Adams, ma. June 2, 1842 (S.V.R. B.2, P. 65)
Salley Whitney and Robert Gilmore, Jr. dec 12, 1799 (S.V.R. B.1, P. 1)


John, s. of Ira and Mary Ann, Sept 12, 1857 @ 2 yrs, 1 m, 12 d. (S.V.R. B.3, P. 39)
Ellen M, d. of Ira and Mary A., Nov 29, 1859 (S.V.R. B.3, P. 41)
Irene Harriet, d of Ira and Mary A., Feb 7, 1939 @ 37 y, 11 ms, 25 dys (S.V.R. B.24, P. 2)
Lorenzo D., March 16, 1872 @ 63 yrs.
Rita M., d. of Ira Dexter and Anna, Aug 30, 1933 (S.V.R. B.20, P. 89)
Ruth A., d. of Ira and Mary A., Dec 11, 1860 @ 18 y, 2 m, 15 d. (S.V.R. B.3, P. 42)
Warren E, s. of Ira and Mary A., Dec 2, 1859 @ 8 y, 1 m, 4 d. (S.V.R. B.3, P. 42)

Cemetery Records


Warren H., s. of Ira and Mary, d.o.d. May 3, 1847 (Book 4, cemetery records)

Grand List


1805: Isaac ($53.00), Daniel Jr. ($26.50), William ($55.00), Jonah 120.75), John ($30.00), and Daniel ($20.00)
1806: David($60.50), Isaac ($47.00), Jonah ($131.00), Luther ($80.00)
1807: David, No Isaac.

Freeman's oath


William, 1806

Town Meeting


Jonah, listed as Surveyor of Highway March 14, 1803


Newspaper Article, May 4, 1843

State of Vermont, Bennington District

At a probate court holden at Bennington within and for said district, on Wednesday the 4th day of May,1843 Stephen Millerd,guardian of Isaac Whitney,who has been adjudged to be insane, non compos, and incapable of taking care of himself, having represented to this court, that the said Isaac Whitney is seized in his own right in fee of a certain piece or parcel of land lying and being in Stamford, in said district,bounded as follows viz:beginning at the north east corner of lands set to Betsy Whitney's Estate....containing foyr acres and a quarter of land, being all the land set to the said Isaac in the division of his father's Estate; and that a sale is necessary for the payment of the just debts of his said ward,and prays this court to grant him license and empower him to sell the same.

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