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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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symptoms of fever. The doctor would give him pill and potion, but the General would none of it, and told him that he had a new doctor, old Dame Nature, who seemed to understand the case altogether the best, and he should trust to her. Returning health showed his judgment in choosing. Ague and fever, and bilious intermittent prevailed extremely in the early settlement of the town, but for quite a number of years little or none has been known. General WHITNEY lived to be 98. [From the Vermont Historical Gazetteer.] His right arm was amputated after he was 80 years of age, and he then learned to write with his left hand. The following is all the information I have been able to find in regard to Gen. David WHITNEY in the adjutant-general's office at Vermont: He served as a private four days in Capt. Abraham SALISBURY's company in 1780, and also twelve days in 1781 under the same command. Was a member of the General Assembly in Oct. 1790, and Oct. 18, 1793, Col. David WHITNEY was elected brigadier-general of the 6th brigade. Was a member of the General Assembly in Oct., 1797, 1798, 1809, and 1812. It does not appear that he was ever adjutant-general. These facts came from a Vermont history called "Governor and Council." Gen. WHITNEY served in the Revo- lutionary war, in the early part in the Connecticut line, and more than I have found on the rolls, but the Vermont records are very imperfect and unsatisfactory in every way. He was pensioned March 4, 1831. N. S. BENNETT, town clerk at Bridport, sends the following of Gen. WHITNEY: Gen. David WHITNEY, who died in this town May 10, A. D. 1850, aged 93 years, was for- merly a resident of Addison, an adjoining town to this. He bought a small place in this town in 1839, where he lived awhile, and subsequently sold that and purchased another in the village, where he lived and died, leaving a widow, who was his third wife, but he never had any children of his own by either wife. His last wife was a Miss Eliza WILSON of this town whom he married when he was at the age of 60 years and she was 16 years old. She died in this town age 82 years. He d., s. p., May 10, 1850; res. Addison and Bridport, Vt. 601. SAMUEL WHITNEY (Solomon, David, Joshua, John), b. Canaan, Conn., June 6, 1759; m. -----. Samuel WHITNEY was born in Canaan, Conn., and after the death of his father moved to Vermont, where he died quite suddenly of apoplexy. His wife died of consumption. He d. in 1814; res. Chittenden Co., Vt. 1519. i. DAVID, b. Mar. 4, 1796; m. Margaret KARR. 602. TARBALL WHITNEY (Solomon, David, Joshua, John), b. Canaan, Conn., June 30, 1763; m. in Huntington, Pa., Dec. 15, 1785, Mrs. Lois LAWRENCE, widow of James HOPKINS, b. June 7, 1757, d. Aug. 30, 1840. Tarball WHITNEY was born in Canaan, Conn. Soon after the death of his father he moved to Poultney, Vt., and was residing there in 1781, for his name is found on the tax list. Later he moved to Huntington, Pa., and still later to Almond, N. Y., where he died. His wife was the widow of James HOPKINS, who was killed by the Indians at the battle of Wyoming. She left the valley on foot, carrying her child with her in her arms, though soon to give birth to another. There is a tradition in the family that he was named after an Indian chief. This is probably erroneous, the name Tarball comes from an old family in Groton, Mass., where Tarball's ancestor resided. He d. Aug. 17, 1850, res. Almond, N. Y.; Poultney, Vt., in 1781. 1520. iv. RUFUS, b. Dec. 18, 1796; m. Laura Maria PICKET. 1521. vi. WILLIAM, b. Apr. 23, 1802; m. Louisa ALLEN. 1522. iii. AMI, b. July 28, 1793; m. Rachel OSGOOD. 1523. i. SARAH, b. Aug. 28, 1787; m. 1808 Joseph KARR; res. Almond, N. Y. She d. Feb. 4, 1833; son Joseph, res. Almond. 1524. ii. SOLOMON, b. Apr. 29, 1790; m. Sarah A. HASKINS. 1525. v. TARBALL, b. Mar. 14, 1800; d. Sept. 6, 1803. 603. SOLOMON WHITNEY (Solomon, David, Joshua, John), b. Canaan, Conn., Nov. 15, 1766; m. at Poultney, Vt., Polly MARSHALL, b. Aug. 17, 1767; d. Feb. 23, 1837, at Poultney. He was born at Canaan, Conn., and soon after reaching his majority moved to Poultney, Vt. There he married, purchased land and conducted a large farm until his death in 1854. He d. Sept. 1854; res. Poultney, Vt. 1526. i. JOHN, b. Sept. 1, 1791; m. Sally HOLLENBECK.

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