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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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842. ABIJAH WHITNEY (Stephen, John, Benjamin, John, John), b. Aug. 10, 1776; m. Feb. 6, 1812, Betsey WHITNEY, b. Westminster Apr. 1, 1788, dau. of Jonas; d. Nov. 16, 1872. He was born in Watertown, where he passed his boyhood days. He worked on the farm, was interested in a country store and kept a toll gate. He finally settled in Lunenburg and carried on an extensive provisioning business, supplying three towns with meat. He was known the country round as "Uncle Bijah." During the latter part of his life he was in poor health and resided with his son, Francis W., at whose home he died in his 83d year. He d. Dec. 6, 1859; res. Lunenburg, Mass. 2042. i. BENJAMIN H., b. Oct. 15, 1813; m. Mary BUTTERS and Sarah PHELPS. 2043. ii. CHARLES S., b. Oct. 16, 1816; d. Apr. 18, 1833. 2044. iii. SUSAN, b. Dec. 23, 1820; d. May 27, 1826. 2045. iv. JOSEPH, b. Feb. 21, 1823; d. Sept., 1825. 2046. v. FRANCIS W., b. July 15, 1825; m. Huldah B. FROST 2047. vi. MARY E., b. July 19, 1828; m. Silas WHITNEY. She d. Apr. 1, 1887, Ch.: Ella, b. -----; m. Porter HYATT; res. Leo. 2048. vii. MARTHA C., b. Feb. 6, 1831; m. Seth TWITCHELL. Ch.: Herbert, b. -----; res. Fitchburg; Milon, b. -----; res. Fitchburg. 847. PRENTISS WHITNEY (Stephen, John, Benjamin, John, John), b. Nov. 2, 1787; m. 1814, Sylvia BICKNELL. He d. Nov. 18, 1870; res. Boston, Mass., Gardiner, Me., and Westfield, N. Y. 2049. i. SYLVIA, b. -----; m. ----- Townsend; res. Westfield, N. Y. 2050. ii. MARY, b. -----. 2051. iii. EDWARD, b. -----; d., his wid. res. in the west. 859. NATHAN WHITNEY (Nathan, David, Benjamin, John, John), b. July 1, 1765; m. Nov. 30, 1786, Eunice PUFFER, b. Aug. 2, 1768; d. Feb. 24, 1846. In 1793 he bought of Samuel GERRISH the greater part of lot No. 4, bounding east and south on Bacon and Main streets, Central Village, and ever after res. thereon. He was an upright, honorable, and trustworthy citizen. He held the office of town treasurer from 1810 to 1830, discharging the duties of his office with conscientious fidelity. Ab. the latter date, however, he experienced great financial embarrassment and loss by a business disaster, in which others of his fellow-townsmen, as well as himself, were seriously involved. He bore his misfortune, however, with creditable patience, and maintained his good name and Christian standing to the end of his life. He d. Feb. 14, 1851; res. Westminster, Mass. 2052. iii. NATHAN, b. Mar. 28, 1793; m. Anne Miles WHITNEY. 2053. vi. LEONARD, b. Sept. 18, 1800; d. Sept. 26, 1802. 2054. i. EUNICE, b. Dec. 12, 1787; d. Feb. 27, 1812. 2055. ii. RUTH, b. Nov. 12, 1789; m. Nov. 26, 1812, Smyrna WHITNEY (see), She d. Nov. 25, 1858. 2056. iv. PERSIS, b. Apr. 3, 1795; m. May 8, 1821. 2057. v. ASA, b. Oct. 24, 1797; d. Sept. 27, 1802. 2058. vii. ASA, b. Oct. 25, 1803; d. Sept. 6, 1814. 2059. viii. MARY REED, b. May 23, 1806; m. Feb. 23, 1830. Nathan Howard CUTTING, b. Princeton, Mass., May 29, 1805. She d. May 25, 1882. He d. July 16, 1884, in Worcester, Mass. Ch.: Franklin H., b. Oct. 30, 1832; d. Nov. 4, 1835; Ann Maria, b. Feb. 1, 1836; m. Joseph O. ADAMS; res. 25 Oread place, Worcester, Mass.; Susan Louise, b. Aug. 29, 1838; m. Edward WHITNEY (see); Charles H., b. Sept. 1, 1841; d. Newburn, N. C., in war, Jan. 24, 1863; Wm. Jones, b. Nov. 12, 1845; unm.; res. with Ann; Frank W., b. Dec. 10, 1851; unm.; res. with Ann. 2060. ix. LEONARD, b. Nov. 23, 1808; m. Dec. 9, 1830; a son Henry res. Bat- tle Creek, Mich. 860. DEA. DAVID WHITNEY (Nathan, David, Benjamin, John, John), b. West- minster, Aug. 16, 1767; m. in Princeton, Nov. 24, 1791, Elizabeth BARRON [NOTE], b. July 3, 1768; d. Apr. 28, 1853. Deacon David WHITNEY was born in Westminster, where he always resided. He was foremost in all movements for the welfare of the people. He resided on the old homestead settled by his father, Capt. Nathan, in 1752. When ten years of age he was very sick, and it is said his life was saved by the skill of a Hessian (British) soldier, who was a prisoner of war at Rutland. The physician was recommended by another prisoner who was boarding at his father's.

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