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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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never discouraged, but bravely met and overcame all obstacles. Meanness of any description excited his contempt, and honesty and integrity were his constant precept and practice. He was born to command, and was only satisfied when command was de- volved upon him. It may be recollected by some that while Hon. Chester A. Arthur was President of the United States he visited Hunter as the guest of Col. Mason. He held many posi- tions of honor at various times; Fanny, b. Sept 30, 1823; m. Nov 23, 1842, Peter M. KEYES; res. E. Princeton; Silas, b. Apr 6, 1826; m. Clementina BALLOU and Maria WHEELER; res. Heart- wellville, Vt.; Jonathan W., b. July 20, 1827; d. Aug 26, 1827; Jonas B., b. July 15, 1828; d. July 30, 1832; Marshall, b. May 25, 1830; m. twice; Mar 15, 1854, Lucena M. JANES, and Apr 8, 1863, Elizabeth P. SAFFORD; res. St Albans, Vt.; Louisa E., b. Jan 31, 1832; d. Mar 23, 1832; Hezekiah W., b. June 12, 1833; m. May 7, 1854, Phoebe A. HUNT; res. Baldwinsville, Mass. 2562. iii. BETSEY, b. -----; m. ----- CHURCH; res. Templeton, Mass. 2563. iv. CALEB, b. -----. 2564. v. JONATHAN, b. July, 1802: m. Lucy SPAULDING, and Lorena FRENCH. 2565. vi. JOEL, b. -----; m. Seraph W. SAWYER. 2566. vii. HEZEKIAH, b. -----; m. Eliza I. -----. He d.s.p., Fitchburg, Mass., Feb 3, 1876. 2567. viii. JOSEPH, b. Sterling, Nov 22, 1810; m. -----. 1075. WETHERBEE WHITNEY (Simon, Jonathan, Richard, Richard, John), b. Har- vard, Mass., May 3, 1746; m. there July 7, 1774, Abigail WARNER; b. Feb 7, 1746. He was a farmer. His will was probated Aug 28, 1776. He d. Oct 14, 1775; res. Harvard, Mass. 2568. i. ARTEMAS, b. June 8, 1775; d. Mar 1, 1777. The wid. m. 2d, Sept 12, 1778, Nicholas OATTESON; res. Harvard. He was b. Mar 22, 1740. Nicholas took up land at Otter Creek, Vt. His family remained in H. While living there in a hut he d. in 1790. Ch. by Abigail: Abigail, b. July 22, 1779; d. infancy; Abigail Willard, b. June 13, 1780; d. June 23, 1813; Artemas, b. Apr 7, 1781; Lucinda, b. Feb 25, 1783; d. 1832; Anna Willard, b. Mar 5, 1785; Alexander, b. May 15, 1787; d. unm. at sea. 1086. SIMON WHITNEY (Simon, Jonathan, Richard, Richard, John), b. Harvard, Mar 17, 1770; m. there May 22, 1792, Polly WELCH [NOTE]; d. 1840. He was a licensed store keeper in Harvard from 1792-7. Simon WHITNEY's will, late of Harvard, wife Mary. Gives to widow of brother Reubin MEEDS and her three children. The residue between brother Judah WHITNEY's children, sister Sarah TAYLOR's children, sister Patience WILLARD's children, sister Hannah PRIEST's children, sister Amy DRAPER's children, brother Reubin MEEDS' children: Thomas Welch BOLTON, exec., Nov 17, 1818. Mary WHITNEY's will of Harvard. Gives to Mary, wife of Wm. LOCK, of New- ton; Mary, dau. of brother Thomas WELCH, of Leominster, Orange and Silas WELCH, children of Silas WELCH; Thomas WELCH, exec., Sept 5, 1822. 1st Tues., July, 1840. He d. 1818, s.p.; res. Harvard, Mass. 1091. CORP. PHINEHAS WHITNEY (Jonathan, Jonathan, Richard, Richard, John), b. Harvard, July 3, 1747; m. Oct 31, 1765, Keziah FARNSWORTH. She d. June 26, 1827, at Norway, Me. He was in the Revolutionary war from Harvard, Mass. First served in Capt. Joseph MOORE's company, from Groton, in Col Wm. PRESCOTT's regiment, enlisting when the war broke out. From Feb 5, 1777, to Jan 28, 1780, he was corporal in Capt. Benj. BROWN's company in Col. Michael JACKSON's regiment. In 1781 he re-enlisted for three years. At this time, 1781, his age is given at 23, which is incorrect. He was 5 feet 11 inches tall, dark complexion, and by occupation a farmer. He was at the battle of Bunker Hill in the rear of the breastworks, against which the British troops were advancing. He had just put the last charge in his gun when a British officer mounted the works and cried out "Rush on, the fort is ours." WHITNEY shot the officer and clubbing his musket escaped, though badly wounded. Whe he was 75 years of age he was obliged to have one of his limbs amputated on account of the wound. April 11, 1818, he was given a pension by the U.S. government for Revo-

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