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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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ing field season of 1882, on scientific staff of Division of the Great Basin, U.S.G.S.; stationed at headquarters of this divis- ion, at Salt Lake City, Utah, during winter of 1882-83; trans- ferred to scientific staff of Yellowstone National Park Division, U.S.G.S., June 1883; during field seasons of 1883, 1884, and 1885,

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engaged in geological field work in Yellowstone National Park, and in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, and during the winters of these years, sta- tioned at New York City, NY, and Washington, D.C. for study and sci- entific investigations; specialties in geological work and investigations, the study of volcanic and crystalline rocks, and problems of volcanology, and also some special work in glacial geol- ogy and general surface geology; re- signed as assistant geologist, U.S.G. S., June 30, 1886, and resumed practice of law at Akron, O., where he has con- tinued in active practice since that time. Mr. Wright was commissioned second lieutenant in the First Regiment of Light Artillery, Ohio National Guard, June 21, 1892, the only organized regiment of light artillery in the United States at the present time (1895). He is a member of the Philosophical Society of Washington, D.C.; an associate member of the Military Service Institution of the United States, and also of the United States Cavalry Association. He is also a member of the Society of the Sons of the American Revolu- tion, and of the Alpha Delta Phi college fraternity. He has taken and continues to take great interest in miltary affairs, and has contributed articles on military subjects to The Journal of the United States Artillery (Fortress Monroe, Va.) and The Journal of the Miltary Service Institution (Governor's Island, New York Harbor). Mr. Wright was married at Akron, OH, Oct 18, 1876, to Lucy Josephine HALE (born March 14, 1854), the third daughter of James Madison HALE and Sarah ALLEN, his wife. The children of Mr. and Mrs. WRIGHT, all born at Tall- madge, OH), are: Clement Hale WRIGHT, born July 4, 1082; Allen Whitney WRIGHT, born July 17, 1889; and George Maltby WRIGHT, born June 24, 1892. 3325. v. ASA, b. Mar 14, 1797; m. ----- MONROE and Mrs. Catherine MOORE CAMPBELL. 3326. vi. ANN, b. -----; d. Nov 8, 1849 3327. vii. SARAH, b. -----; m. Reuben DEWEY. She d. Nov 4, 1860. Ch.: Joshua, George, Shubael, Edward, Harris. 3328. viii. -----, b.----- 3329. ix. -----, b. ----- 3330. x.-----, b. -----. 3331. xi. CLARA, b. -----; m. Munson S. ROBINSON; res. Diamond Springs, Cal. She d.s.p. 3332. xii. ELIZABETH, b. -----, m. Dr. Hanson HARD. She d. Oct 10, 1850. 1509. APPLETON DOWNER WHITNEY (Asa, Joshua, David [NOTE], Joshua, John), b. Salisbury, CT, Jan 4, 1779; m. Esther JEWETT; m. 2d Dolly WYMAN; d. Sinclair- ville, NY, Jan 3, 1878. He d. Jan 16, 1851; res. Pittsfield, MA, and Berea, O. 3333. i. GEO. RANSOM, b. Mar 14, 1801; m. Harriett M. BRONSON. 3334. ii. MARTHA CLEVELAND, b. in Pittsfield, Jan 1, 1818; m. in New Lebanon, NY, Sept 23, 1834; Robert Temple SHAW; res. Sin- clairville, NY. He was b. Jan 23, 1814; d. Apr 9, 1859. Farmer. Ch.: Francis Eugene, b. Nov 19, 1840; m. Aug 5, 1879 address, Dunkirk, NY; Henry Appleton, b. Dec 15, 1842; d. Nov 23, 1846; Gedeon Wheeler, b.June 25, 1845; m. Sep 3 1874; address, Sinclairville, NY; Laura Helen, b. Nov 8, 1847; m. July 24, 1866; address, Sinclairville, NY. 3335. iii. ALBERT A., b. Dec 10, 1811; m. Jennette BROWN.

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