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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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collision with a huge cake of ice which made a hole in the bow. It sank and both were drowned. Res. Castine, Me. 2634. JOHN PERKINS WHITNEY (Samuel A., Samuel, Benjamin, Thomas, Thomas, John), b. Dec. 30, 1805; m. Oct. 27, 1829; Tempe Perkins Johnston, b. -----; she m. 2d Charles J. Abbott, Esq. of Castine. He was for years a merchant in New Orleans and was highly esteemed and respected; 4 ch. He d. Jan. 30, 1848; res. New Orleans, La. 5103. i. JOSEPHINE ALLEN, b. Mar. 12, 1835; m. Thomas Heston WHITNEY (see). 2637. JOSEPH WHITNEY (Joseph, Samuel, Benjamin, Thomas, Thomas, John), b. Newburyport, June 11, 1796; m. July 23, 1822. Elizabeth PRATT, b. Aug. 29, 1800; d. Jan. 5, 1890. He d. Sept. 11, 1869; res. Boston, Mass. 5103 1/2. i. CAROLINE ELIZABETH, b. Oct. 25, 1823; m. Nov. 28, 1847, Hezron A. Johnson, of N. Y.; res. 416 5th Ave. Ch.: Josephine W.; Fanny L., and Alice W. 5104. ii. HENRY AUSTIN, b. Oct. 6, 1826; m. Fanny LAWRENCE. 5105 1/2. iii. SARAH JOSEPHINE, b. Jan. 18, 1837; d. Mar. 25, 1842. 2652. THOMAS HESTON WHITNEY (Ebenezer, Samuel, Benjamin, Thomas, Thomas, John), b. Jan. 5, 1813; m. Mar. 8, 1853, Josephine Allen WHITNEY, dau. of his cousin, John Perkins WHITNEY, of N. O.; b. Mar. 12, 1835. He d. May 4, 1882; res. Glassboro, N. J. 5105. i. JOHN PERKINS, b. Nov. 30, 1854; m. E. T. STEVENSON. 5106. ii. THOMAS H., b. June 29, 1856; m. May OWEN. 5107. iii. EBEN, b. Aug. 11, 1858. 5108. iv. FANNY OWEN, b. Sept. 9, 1860; m. June 17, 1885, Frank C. HATCH. Ch.: Frank C., b. Sept. 13, 1886. 5109. v. SAMUEL A., b. Aug. 5, 1864; m. Louise THOMPSON. 5110. vi. CUTLER, b. Mar. 7, 1869. 5111. vii. GEO. DUDLEY, b. Mar. 22, 1872. 2654. EBEN WHARTON WHITNEY (Ebenezer, Samuel, Benjamin, Thomas, Thomas, John), b. Jan. 28, 1817; m. Mar. 14, 1848, Lucy WARRICK. 5112. i. AUSTIN, b. -----. 5113. ii. ORLA, b. -----. 5114. iii. ANNIE AYERS, b. -----. 5115. iv. HENRY CLAY, b. -----. 2656. OTIS WHITNEY (Aaron, Nathan, Nathan, Thomas, Thomas, John), b. Con- way, Mass., May 24, 1781; m. at Waterbury, Vt., Mar. 4, 1805, Sarah EDMUNDS; b. Apr. 7, 1782; d. Sept. 1, 1868. From the homes of New England have gone forth a multitude of men and women who have shaped the thought and activities of all the mighty West. In one of these homes in Conway, Mass., Otis WHITNEY was born in 1781. In 1803 he moved to Waterbury, Vt., and there in March, 1805, was married to Sarah EDMUNDS, daughter of Joseph and Rosamund (BARTON) EDMUNDS. Joseph EDMUNDS had been a privateersman during the Revolutionary war, and his many stories of adventure had a strong fascination for the boys and young men of his acquaintance. The father of Joseph EDMUNDS had been a Quaker preacher, and had transmitted to his son a noble strain of independence. Rosamond BARTON, wife of Joseph EDMUNDS, was one of the Rhode Island Bartons, and was related to the Bartons of Revolution- ary fame, hence in the veins of Sarah EDMUNDS, wife of Otis WHITNEY, there pulsated a pure and strong love of justice and liberty for every human being, and of that religion of the spirit that rises above the narrow technicalities of creeds. And, per- sonally she was a woman of strong mental and moral qualities. Otis WHITNEY was a descendant of a sturdy family that before his day, and since, has produced many able farmers, mechanics and merchants; many brilliant clergy-men, lawyers and statesmen. Otis was a man of clear head and practical turn. His efficiency provided his family with the comforts usually found in a well-to-do New England home. He was a farmer, and his children were born and grew up amid the freedom, the independence, the intelligence and industry that then characterized the rural population of New England. Both he and his wife were member of the Baptist church, in which faith they lived honorable lives and met peaceful deaths. He d. Nov. 14, 1857; res. Williston, Vt.

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