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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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He was born in Groton, where he resided until his marriage. His wife was from Chelmsford, in which place they were married. She died and was buried in Groton. His second wife was probably from Newton, for he was married there. Apr 4, 1710, he purchased land in Killingly, Conn., of James CORBIN of Woodstock. He removed to Plainfield, Conn., about 1720, where he afterward resided. His will is dated Oct 15, 1751. In 1754 he gave the heirs of his sister Abigail HUTCHINGS property by deed. He d. about 1754 [NOTE]; res. Groton, Mass., and Plainfield, Conn. 174. i. WILLIAM, b. May 5, 1701; m. Mary WHITMORE. 175. ii. LYDIA, b. Dec 26, 1710; m. Apr 8, 1741, Samuel TAYLOR [NOTE]. 176. iii. JOSHUA, b. Nov 1, 1714. The family record says Josiah, but But- ler in Hist. Of Groton gives the third child as Joshua; m. Amy [NOTE] BLODGETT. 177. iv. JOHN, b. Jan. 30, 1717-18; m. Elizabeth ----- [NOTE]. 178. v. ELIZABETH, b. Aug 12, bap. Aug 16, 1719. Butler in his Hist. of Groton says Elizabeth, family record says Esther. Church record says Elizabeth, which latter is correct. 179. vi. CALEB, b. Sept 10, 1721; m. Margaret ----- [NOTE]. 55. CORNELIUS WHITNEY (Joshua, John), b. in Groton: m. Sarah SHEPHERD [NOTE]. In 1707 the selectmen of Groton petitioned the governor in relation to the num- ber of people "either actually removed or are meditating it." In the list "of per- sons gone" are the names of Cornelius and Josiah WHITNEY. Cornelius WHITNEY and his wife, Sarah, were admitted to full communion in the Groton church Aug 21, 1715. If they moved away and had "gone" from Groton in 1707, they must have returned and resided for a short time before going elsewhere. Groton, Mar 23, 1721. Then we, the subscribers, laid out to a fifteen-acre sight, originally Ralph READ's, now claimed by Cornelius WHITNEY, fifty-five acres of land laying on the southeast side of pine meadow, the northwest corner being a great pine by his own meadow, bounded easterly to John STONE's meadow, the north- east corner an oak, the two southerly corners, pines: all marked for corners. What is above fifteen acres in quantity being added to it to make it equal in quality to fifteen acres of the best land, in our judgement, allowance being made for a high- way through the same when needed. Said land being fully to satisfy said right in the new division of the common on the east side of the river. Zachariah SAWTELL, Phinehas PARKER, and Nathaniel WOODS, committee of the proprietors of Groton. He was born in Groton, where he resided until 1707, when, on account of Indian hostilities, with his father he moved elsewhere. He evidently returned, for he was a soldier in the Queen Anne war from that town soon after. Later he moved to Killingly, Conn., and where it is said he died. He served in the Queen Anne war of 1707. This same year, on account of the unprotected condition of the Groton frontier, with others he petitioned for leave to move elsewhere. He d. in Connecticut: res. Groton, Mass. and Killingly, Conn. 180. i. SARAH, b. Apr 17, 1715; d. bef. 1731. 181. ii. ABIGAIL [NOTE], b. Dec 9, 1717. 182. iii. MATTHIAS, b. May 26, 1720; m. Alice ----- [NOTE]. 183. iv. MARY [NOTE], b. Aug 20, 1722. 184. v. JOSHUA, b. Dec 1, 1724; m. ----- ----- [NOTE]. 185. vi. LYDIA, b. Apr 23, 1729. 186. vii. SARAH, b. Jan 8, 1731. 56. COL. DAVID WHITNEY (Joshua, John), b. Groton, Mass., in 1682; m. [NOTE] at Plain- field, Conn., Jan 20, 1712, Elizabeth WARREN, dau. of Jacob of Plainfield, and moved to Canaan, Conn.: m. 2d. July 29,1767, Mrs Prudence (MERRILLS) SEDGEWICK, b. Dec 22, 1700; d. Feb 1, 1793. She fell into the fire. Dau. of Dea. Abraham MERRILLS of Hartford, Conn. He was born in Groton, Mass., moved to Plainfield and married there. In 1740 he moved to Canaan, Conn., where he afterward resided and where he was a inn- keeper, his tavern being the best known in that section of the state. He was a very active and influential man: was colonel of the militia and held other offices in the town. His will is dated Oct 27, 1769, and proved Dec 13, 1769. He married twice, his second wife being Prudence, who was given one-third of the estate. He d. in 1769; res. Groton, Mass., Plainfield and Canaan, Conn. 187. i. ESTHER, b. May 1, 1714; m. ----- KINGSBURY [NOTE] and d. before 1769 leaving heirs mention in her father's will.

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