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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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188. ii. DAVID, b. Sept 16, 1716; m. Mary GUN. 189. iii. JOSHUA, b. Oct 11, 1718; m. Ann BLODGETT [NOTE]. 190. iv. ELIZABETH, b. Feb 26, 1720; m. ----- STANTON [NOTE]. She died before her father, for in his will he refers to her heirs, one of whom was Joshua. 191. v. JACOB, b. July 13, 1723; d. Sept 10, 1738. 192. vi. TARBALL, b. Nov 1, 1725. He was executor of his father's will in 1769 and d, in Canaan in 1794. 193. vii. MARY, b. Mar 13, 1727; d. June 28, 1729 [NOTE]. 194. viii. JOSIAH, b. Aug 11,1731; m. Lois BRECK and Mrs Samuel CHANDLER. 195. ix. SOLOMON, b. in 1733; m. Sarah ----- [NOTE]. 65. JOHN WHITNEY (Benjamin, John), b. York, ME about 1678; m. there Letty or Lettis FORD [NOTE], the dau. of John FORD; b. in York, ME. He was born in York, ME, and in 1703, at the age of 28, with his two brothers, Nathaniel and Timothy, was a member of the military company, commanded by Capt. Abraham PREBLE, of York. "This company comprised the flower of York, or the young men of that date." John WHITNEY witnessed will of John MOORE, at York, in 1713. I have been unable to find any record of his property though it is stated in his brother Nathanel's deed that he, Nathaniel, owned property adjoining that of John. He settled in New Meadows, ME in 1739; he d. -----; res. York and Lisbon Falls, ME. 196. i. MARY, b. Mar 12, 1704 [NOTE]; m. Oct 16, 1723, Thomas EDWARD; res. Kittery, ME. 197. ii. SAMUEL, b. May 5, 1707; m. Lydia ----- [NOTE]. 198. iii. ELIZABETH, b. May 7, 1709. 199. iv. HANNAH [NOTE], b. Apr 17, 1710. 200. v. MERCY, b. -----. 201. vi. MEHITABLE [NOTE], b. -----. 202. vii. JOHN, b. May 4, 1719 [NOTE]. 203. viii. BENJAMIN, b. May 22, 1723; m. Mercy HINCKLEY. 66. NATHANIEL WHITNEY (Benjamin, John), b. in York, ME, Apr 14, 1680; m. there Sarah FORD, the dau. of John, of Kittery, b. in York. He was born in York, ME, where he probably resided until after his marriage, when he removed to Gotham. In 1703 he was a member of the military company of York, commanded by Capt. PREBLE, for defense against the Indians. D. Williams PATTERSON, who compiled the Connecticut Whitney family, says he was a son of Benjamin and Jane WHITNEY. In 1708 Nathaniel WHITNEY, weaver, of Kittery, bought of John- son HARMON and Mary, his wife, a certain piece of salt marsh and thatch ground in York, commonly known as the Sunken Marsh. Nov, 1715, Nathaniel WHITNEY, of York, weaver, and wife, Sarah, sell for four score pounds to Joseph HARRIS 1/2 the tract of land known as the Sunken Marsh, hav- ing sold the other 1/2 to John STAGPOLE, and all housings, timber, etc. In 1717 Nathaniel WHITNEY purchased 20 acres of land of John RACKLIFT and a small orchard on the southeast side of York river, and northwest side of Rogers Cave, in York, for 20 pounds. This land joined that of John Whitney. He d. in Gorham, ME: res. York, ME. 204. vii. LYDIA, b. -----; d. July 14, 1720 [NOTE]. 205. viii. LYDIA,b. July 22, 1726; d. Mar 23, 1727 [NOTE]. 206. i. NAHAM [NOTE], b. Jan 10, 1706; m. Lydia YOUNG. 207. ii. NATHANIEL, b. Dec 12, 1709; m. Molly [NOTE] DAY 208. iii. ABEL, b. July 23, 1712; m. Mary CRANE [NOTE]. 209. iv. SARAH, b. Nov 8, 1714; m. [NOTE] July 13, 1738, Jeremiah SIMPSON, of York, ME. 210. v. ISAAC, b. Mar 9, 1720; m. [NOTE] Sarah CROSBY. 211. vi. AMOS, b. Mar 5, 1723; m. [NOTE] Sarah PAYNE. 212. vii. JOANNA [NOTE], b. Mar 13, 1729. 67. JONATHAN WHITNEY (Benjamin, John), b. 1680; m. 1700, Susanna WHITNEY, b. 1681 [NOTE]. In 1721 Jonathan WHITNEY's name is found among the list of those taxed for the minister's rate in Sherborn. He paid one of the largest taxes. In 1723 his name was first on a petition to be set off as a separate town. This was afterward called Hol- liston. In 1727 he was chosen committee in Holliston in relation to land for minis-

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