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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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was born in Hopkinton, Mass., May 2, 1736 [NOTE]. He settled in "Bun- gay," Milford, Mass., on what is now known as the Partridge place. He was in the French and Indian wars, and the first constable at Milford: was called "Lieut. Joseph;" was a carpen- ter by trade, and tradition says he seldom used any meas- uring implement, but laid out his framing work by so accurate an eye that all his joints and mortises fitted exactly when his frames were raised. Ch. [NOTE]: Mary, b. Jan 23, 1760; m. June 6, 1782, Thomas HISCOCK; Martha, b. Sept 7, 1761; Sarah, b. July 7, 1763; m. Nov 16, 1780, Richard HISCOCK: Anna, b. May 12, 1765; m. Nov 13, 1783, James HISCOCK; Hannah, b. Apr 13, 1767; d. in early infancy; Joseph, b. Mar 23, 1769; Hannah, b. Apr 1, 1771. 239. iv. MARK, b. Apr 11, 1732; d. unm. at Natick in 1750 [NOTE]. 240. v. TABITHA, b. Apr 11, 1735; d. July 11, 1735, in Hopk. 241. vi. THOMAS, b. Jan 24, 1736 [NOTE]; m. Mehitable BACON. 242. vii. TABITHA, b. Mar 11, 1738; m. Aug 31, 1767, John LESSURE of Upton, Mass. 243. viii. SARAH, b. June 12, 1739; m. June 11, 1761, Nathan WATKINS of Hopkinton: descendants res. in Hollinston. 244. ix. ESTHER, b. Oct 3, 1742; m. Maug 30, 1764, James WATKINS of Hop- kinton: des. res. in Milford. 71. ISAAC WHITNEY (Benjamin, John), b. prob. in Framingham, Mass.; m. there Sept 27, 1722, Elizabeth BRIDGES. She d. before 1749, prob., as she is not mentioned in her husband's will. It mentions dau. Judith, son Gideon, who he gives house and land in Hopkinton and lands in N.H., and brother-in-law Gideon BRIDGES. Benjamin WHITNEY, Jr., his brother, witnessed his will and was bondsman for executor. Will dated May 24 [NOTE], proved Oct 23, 1749. He owned land in Hopkinton, adjoining that of his brother Mark. He d. 1749; res. Hopkinton, Mass. 245. iii. GIDEON, b. Nov 27, 1729 [NOTE]; m. Hannah NORCROSS. 246. iv. ELIZABETH, b. Jan 28, 1731; m. Ebenezer HOWE and d. soon [NOTE]. 247. ii. JUDITH, b. July 25, 1727 [NOTE]. 248. i. ISAAC, b. July 29, 1725; d. bef. 1749. Not mentioned in will. 72. DANIEL WHITNEY (John, John, John), b. Dec 3, 1681 [NOTE]; m. June 21, 1704, Susanna Curtis. He d.-----; res. Roxbury, Mass 249. i. JOHN [NOTE], b. May 23, 1705. He was given land in Woodstock, Conn., at the death of his grandfather by his will. 250. ii. ELIZABETH [NOTE], b. Feb 1706. 251. iii. SUSANNA [NOTE], b. Feb 21, 1708. 252. iv. DANIEL, b. Mar 26, 1711; m. ----- [NOTE]. 253. v. ANNA [NOTE], b. Apr 30, 1713. 254. vi. ELIJAH, b. Jan 15, 1715; m. Hannah ----- [NOTE]. 255. vii. RUTH [NOTE], b. Dec 5, 1718. 256. viii. ELISHA, b. Oct 5, 1722. 257. ix. ESTHER, b. July 11, 1726; m. Mar 8, 1745, John WHITE. 73. TIMOTHY WHITNEY (John, John, John), b. Apr 16, 1678; m. June 12, 1706, Margaret BACON. Timothy WHITNEY went from Roxbury to Newton, and in 1728, for £615, pur- chased a farm and buildings of John PRENTICE. He d. -----; res. Roxbury, Newton, and Warwick, Mass. 258. i. SARAH, b. Feb 28, 1707; m. Apr 18, 1729, William PIERCE, the son of Francis PIERCE, and was b. May 1, 1708; d. Jan 17, 1779. With his wife he resided in Southboro, Hopkinton, and Sutton, at which latter place he died and was buried on Leland Hill. He was a native of Weston, and in 1758 purchased land of Widow Sarah HAWDING, of Boston, located in Hopkinton. Ch.: Francis, b. July 18, 1729; m. Dec 8, 1759, Lydia BALL: Ebenezer, b. Apr 4, 1731; d. unm. 1753 (see Prob. Rec. at Camb.): William, b. Dec 31, 1741; m. Abigail WALKER: Jonathan, b. June 10, 1738: Sarah, b. Aug 30, 1744; d. unm. in Mendon: Aaron, b. Aug 15, 1746: Hannah, b. Aug 30, 1731; m. Aug 6, 1764, Isaac GREENE: Seth, b. Nov 9, 1738. During the last years of William's life he lived with his son Jonathan, who married Eunice LEATHE for his first wife. She was b. in Sutton, Mass., and died without issue. His second wife was Mary GOODALE, who was a sister of the

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