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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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they traded land and town lots in Topeka, Kan., and western Iowa and Nebraska. During the civil war they lost heavily, Mr. WHITNEY's loss aggregating nearly $35,000. In 1863 he moved to Mt. Pleasant, Ia., and sent his children to school, the three eld- est going to high school for two and one-half years; then in 1867 he left Iowa with his family and located in Montgomery Co., Kan. There he pre-empted one quarter section of land, was very comfortably fixed with stock of all kinds around him, but that was a very unhealthy county, and in 1874 he sold again and started overland for the mountains in Colorado; brought with him 100 head of fine bred cows, two fine mule teams, ponies, tent, a colored cook, and everything to make a fine trip, but he was sick most of the journey. He landed July 4, 1874, in Del Norte, Colo., and lived there just one week and died. He d. July 11, 1874; res. Pittsfield, O., and Del Norte, Colo. 6143. i. FRANK STOUGHTEN, b. Jan.7, 1845; m. Margaret Orilla KARNS. 6144. ii. ALLEN SHELDON, b. Mar. 17, 1846; d. Knoxville, Ia., Oct., 1854. 6145. iii. MARY ELIZA, b. June 5, 1848; m. Apr. 15, 1869, Geo. M. CLAY; res. Byrer, Colo. He was a lawyer and she a school teacher when married. He d. Dec. 31, 1877. Ch.: Henry C., b. Feb 3, 1870; res. Denver, Colo.; Allie P., b. June 11, 1871; d. Aug. 10, 1872; Alta Jay, b. May 4, 1877. The mother m. 2d, May 12 1891, Jer- emiah J. MANN. He is a stock grower; owns 1,400 acres of land 50 miles from Denver. 6146. iv. EDNA FRANCES, b. Feb 16, 1850; m. June 16, 1870, W. O. HARTSHORN; d. 1884, near Fort Smith, Ark., leaving 5 ch. He res. Thayer, Kan. 6147. v. LIONEL ALSTON, b. Aug. 10, 1851; d. Feb. 1, 1892; non compos mentis, Pueblo, Colo. 6148. vi. JAMES MILTON, b. Aug. 14, 1855; m. Elizabeth BON and Anna STEWART. 6149. vii. HERBERT C., b. Mar. 11, 1859. 3347. CHARLES WHITNEY (David, Samuel, Solomon, David, Joshua, John), b. Almond, N. Y., Jan. 30, 1834; m. in Wood Co., Ohio, Mar. 25, 1855, Orrilla PAINE; b. May 8, 1834. At the age of eighteen years he left home in Ohio and crossed the plains to Cali- fornia, spending two and a half years in the mines. Returning home in the fall of 1854, he attended the district school during the winter, and married the following spring, and settled on a claim near Rochester, Minn., which he rented in the fall of 1855, and sold in the fall of 1858, and spent the following season in the mountains of Colorado. Went into manufacturing and merchandising in the spring of 1860 in Rochester, Minn.; sold out in 1869, and together with his brother John organized the Whitney Manufacturing Company, to perfect and make automatic grain binders, and in connection with him went to St. Louis, and organized the Sumner & Whitney Manufacturing Company, for perfecting and making grain binders. He operated in this until 1876, and in 1877 entered into an arrangement with C.W. and W. W. MARSH, of Sycamore, Ill., to operate in inventing and perfecting harvesting machinery. In 1885 he left this business, and for several years his business was making settlements with the various infringers of his grain binder patents, and also operating as prac- tical, theoretical, and mechanical expert in patent cases, and for the last three years (1889-92) made some valuable inventions in photographic cameras of the hand type, being the first to make a field-glass and roll-holder camera all in one instrument: also the first to make a cut-off roll-holder camera, whereby each exposure is severed from the roll as taken. These, together with a number of other features of value, and some inventions in the same class made by his sons George and Frank in the line of magazine cameras, which he has charge of as attorney of record, are now being manufactured for the market by the Blair Camera Company, of Boston; the Sevil Adams Company, of New York City, and the Rochester Optical Company, of Rochester, N. Y. Res. 804 No. Park Av., Chicago, Ill., Riverside and Winnetka, Ill. 6150. i. GEORGE, b. Mar. 25, 1856; m. Louise JONES. 6151. ii. FRED, b. Oct., 1858; d. July 1881. 6152. iii. FRANK, b. Apr., 1860; m. Cora NESBIT. 3353. EDWIN HENRY WHITNEY (Rufus, Tarball, Solomon, David, Joshua, John), b. Almond, N. Y., Sept. 21, 1842; m. Mar. 17, 1861, Adelia PERRY; b. Aug. 23, 1824; d. Mar. 1875. He was in the railroad business and killed in an accident. He d. June 6, 1864; res. Almond, N. Y.

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