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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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mother of Robert. B. THOMAS, the founder, and during his life the publisher, of the "Farmers' Almanack," of which anybody who was born in New England has heard. Jonathan PIERCE was a farmer, and when 41 years of age enlisted in the company of Capt. BRIGHAM in Col. Job. CUSHING's regiment in the Revolu- tionary army. Later he served in Capt. Andrew ELLIOTT's com- pany. Among the purchases he made of land in Sutton was one from Benjamin WHITNEY, of Westboro, a near relative of Eli WHITNEY, who was the brother of the great-great-grand- mother of the compiler of this work. Jonathan by his second wife had thirteen children. He lived and died on the old place, and left the estate to his son Amos, who was b. Oct. 13, 1770; he lived on the old place in Sutton and married Annie HICKS and had eight children; the youngest was Silas AUSTIN, who married Maria N. SMITH, daughter of Nathaniel and Nancy (FORBUSH) SMITH, of Grafton. They had four children and are the parents of the compiler of this work. (See PIERCE genealogy by Fred C. PIERCE.) 259. ii. CALEB, b. Apr. 2, 1711; m. Hannah CHENEY. 260. iii. MOSES, b. June 20, 1714; m. Rebecca HYDE. 261. iv. JOSEPH, b. Feb. 21, 1716; m. Mary HASTINGS. 262. v. TIMOTHY, b. Apr. 29, 1720; d. young [NOTE]. 263. vi. TIMOTHY, b. Apr. 30, 1721 [NOTE]. 78. NATHANIEL WHITNEY (Nathaniel, John, John), b. Watertown Mar. 5, 1675 [NOTE]; m. Nov. 7, 1695, Mercy ROBINSON; b. Sept. 6, 1676 [NOTE]; d. Dec. 31, 1740. He d. Sept. 23, 1730; res. Watertown, Mass. 264. i. NATHANIEL, b. Jan 23, 1696; m. Mary CHILD. 265. ii. SARAH, b. Mar. 3, 1698; m. prob. Aug. 3, 1726 [NOTE], Ephraim RICE, of Worcester; b. Sept. 26, 1693; res. in Worcester until 1742. Ch. [NOTE]: Amos, b. Sept. 10, 1727; m. Martha HAGAR; Mercy, b. April 11, 1730; m. Nathaniel TATMAN; Abigail, b. Mar. 28, 1732; Bathsheba, b. June 5, 1742. 266. iii. AMOS, b. Apr. 19, 1701. 267. iv. ELIZABETH, b. July 23, 1702; m. Daniel BIGELOW; bap. Aug 29, 1697; d. 1789; res. Worcester and Ward, Mass. Ch. [NOTE]: Daniel, b. Jan. 4, 1728; m. 1751, Mary BOND (his son, Daniel, Jr., gr. Harvard Coll. 1755, a lawyer and senator of Petersham). Mr. Daniel BIGELOW d. Aug. 29, 1776, in his 48th year of his age. A brother of the distinguished Col. Timothy BIGELOW and father of Daniel BIGELOW 3d, who in 1776 formed connection with William STEARNS, Esq., in the publication of the Worcester Spy, and afterward studied law and practiced in Petersham. Daniel BIGELOW 3d was at different times representative, senator, mem- ber of the executive council, and county attorney; David, b. Sept. 19, 1730; m. Sarah EATON; Dea. David BIGELOW d. May 10, 1810; ae. 79. Was a brother of Col. Timothy BIGELOW. Resided in the northeast part of Worcester, on the road now known as Mountain street. Tavern keeper. Married for his first wife, in 1752, Sarah EATON, and his second wife, whom he married in 1764, was Deborah HEYWOOD. Selectman, 1776-77-79-80-83-84. In Sept., 1775, he was chosen a member of a committee to inspect the tories passing between Lancaster and Worcester or any other way. Representative to the General Court, 1777. Was a delegate to a state convention assembled at Concord on the 14th of July, 1779, to adopt measures to relieve the people from the disastrous effects of the great depreciation of the currency, and the high prices of the necessaries of life. With Levi LINCOLN, sen., and Joseph ALLEN, was chosen in 1779 a delegate to a convention for framing a constitution (a son, Tyler, gr. Harvard Coll. 1801, studied law); Nathaniel, d., ae. 2 years; Elijah, b. Mar. 2, 1737, scalded in 1740; Timothy, b. Aug. 2, 1739; m. Anna ANDREWS. Born in Worcester, was son of Daniel BIGELOW and Elizabeth (WHITNEY) BIGELOW, who came to Worcester from Watertown. He was a descendant of John BIGELOW, the emigrant, who was a

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