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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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acceptance and efficiency. In his intercourse with his fellow-men he was affable and charitable. In the inner walks of his inner life his affections were constant and his friendship enduring. In 1856 he represented the town in the legislature as represen- tative, and the following year he was a member of the senate. He d. Feb. 6, 1879; res. Ashburnham, Mass. 7366. i. ELLEN R., b. Jan. 6, 1840; d. Oct. 10, 1865. 7367. ii. JOSIE M., b. Aug. 23, 1843; m. Aug. 23, 1866, Capt. Walter O. PARKER, b. May 1, 1841; was in 34th Regt. In 1883 was rep. In the legislature. 7368. iii. GEORGIE S., b. Aug. 26, 1845; m. June 18, 1868, Moses P. GREENWOOD; b. Dec. 21, 1845. Is a merchant in Ash. 7369. iv. LYDIA A., b. Aug. 3, 1846. 7370. v. CLINTON O., b. Aug. 9, 1850; m. Lillian E. CONNANT; res. Boston, Mass. 7371. vi. WALTON B., b. Aug. 28, 1859; m. Sadie B. SHERBURNE. 4118. AMOS WHITNEY (Ohio, Silas, Samuel, William, Nathaniel, John, John), b. June 7, 1817; m. May 7, 1840, Harriett J. BEMIS; b. Aug. 20, 1819. He was a carpen- ter. He d. Apr. 20, 1868; res. Ashburnham, Mass. 7372. i. EDWIN A., b. May 29, 1842; m. May 3, 1871, Kate R. CUMMINGS; res. Newton, Mass. Ch.: Walter C., b. June 10, 1878. He is a wholesale jeweler. 7373. ii. WALDO F., b. Apr. 22, 1844; m. Abbie HALE. 7374. iii. ALBERT E., b. Jan. 20, 1847; m. Mary E. LOWE. 7375. iv. CLARA T., b. Jan. 22, 1850; m. Jan. 6, 1886, Nathaniel SARSFIELD; res. Ash. 7376. v. WILMOT A., b. Jan. 30, 1852; d. young. 4121. FRANCIS A. WHITNEY (Ohio, Silas, Samuel, William, Nathaniel, John, John), b. Aug. 2, 1823; m. Jan. 6, 1852, Lucy M. LANE; b. June 30, 1829; d. Aug. 16, 1861; m. 2d, Sept. 9, 1862, Sarah I. WATKINS; b. 1841. Francis A. WHITNEY is a successful and progressive farmer in Ash. He was for many years a teacher in the public schools and member of the school committee; has been assessor and selectman and trustee of the Cushing academy. He occupies an advanced position among his townsmen; res. Ashburnham, Mass. 7377. i. EARL I., b. July 25, 1865. 7378. ii. WALTER H., b. June 30, 1868; d. Aug. 17, 1869. 7379. iii. HENRY I., b. Nov 7, 1872; d. June 17, 1881. 7380. iv. WINTHROP, b. June 17, 1874. 4122. WALTER WHITNEY (Ohio, Silas, Samuel, William, Nathaniel, John, John), b. Ashburnham, Mass., Jan. 1, 1825; m. May 1, 1853, Elvira DUNN; b. Westminster, Mass., Dec. 16, 1827. She res. in Dedham, Mass. He was educated at the Westminster, Mass., academy and Westfield normal school; he was for several years a teacher in the public schools of West Fitchburg and Ashburnham, and was successful both as an instructor and disciplinarian. He was a member of the school board in the town of Ashburnham. He removed to Fitchburg in 1854 and lived there till the time of his death, July 23, 1867. He was a member of the Trinitarian church and for several years the superintendent of the Sabbath-school. Although a man of liberal ideas, he was very conscientious and religious, and was a guide to many a seeker after divine truth. He had a diction that was remarkably impressive and original; many of his ideas were remembered and quoted for years after his death. It was said at the time of his death that no funeral of a private individual had ever called forth in that city so many people; it was the last debt of honor they could pay the man they had long respected for his candor, honesty, amiable traits of character and unfailing kindness. He d. July 23, 1867; res. Fitchburg, Mass. 7381. i. WALTON, b. July 19, 1854; d. July 21, 1856. 7382. ii. FRANK W., b. June 13, 1856; m. Georgia A. TAYLOR. 7383. iii. MARY ELVIRA, b. May 15, 1859; d. Mar. 31, 1861. 7384. iv. JESSIE DUNN, b. May 19, 1862; res. Ash. Jessie Dunn WHITNEY was born at Fitchburg, Mass. She was fitted for college in the Fitchburg high school and was a member of the class of 1879. She was admitted to Boston Univ. in 1879, but did not become a student of that institution. She afterward completed her edu-

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