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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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224. BENJAMIN WHITNEY (Benjamin, Benjamin, John), b. May 22, 1709; m. Feb. 24, 1731, Margaret SANDERSON. He d. Feb. 28, 1797; res. Sherborn, Mass. 668. i. JONATHAN, b. Sept. 25, 1734; m. Eunice MARSHALL. 669. ii. PERSIS [NOTE], b. Aug. 20, 1739. 670. iii. AMOS, b. Sept. 27, 1746. 225. EZEKIEL WHITNEY (Joshua, Benjamin, John), b. in Mendon, Aug. 29, 1716; m. ----- [NOTE]. Will made May 5, 1753; probated May 23, 1753; estate settled May 21, 1768. He d. May, 1753; res. Sutton, Mass. 671. i. SUSANNAH. *b. -----; m. ----- LOVE [NOTE]. 672. ii. JENNET, b. ----- [NOTE]. 673. iii. MARGARET, b. ----- [NOTE]. 674. iv. RACHEL, b. ----- [NOTE]. 231. BENJAMIN WHITNEY ((Joshua [NOTE], Benjamin, John), b. Uxbridge, Mar. 14, 1743; m. ----- [NOTE]. Benjamin WHITNEY, of Uxbridge, Sept. 30, 1765, received of Lydia TAFT, admr. of his portion of his father's estate, of which Josiah TAFT was admr., so much in full. Joshua, Nathaniel, Hannah, Isaac, and Phebe KIRBY also signed receipts at the same time. [Wor. Prob. Rec.] Res. Uxbridge, Mass. 237. JASON WHITNEY (Mark, Benjamin, John), b. Natick [NOTE], Mass., Aug. 31, 1729; m. in Sudbury, Mar. 3, 1757, Elizabeth BEAL, of East Sudbury, dau. of Joseph and Love; d. May 22, 1772. Joseph BEALES, the father, was a large land owner and was often selectman. He was descended from Wm. BEAL, of Marblehead; m. 2d Mar. 17, 1773, Lois PRATT, of Needham, wid. of Ephraim, of Newton, and dau. of Ebenezer FISHER, of ----- [NOTE]; d. Nov. 21, 1805. Jason WHITNEY was born in Natick, Mass., where he always resided. On the death of his father, in 1760, he acquired the bulk of his property. He was a promi- nent citizen in the town. From James MCMANUS, town clerk at Natick, Mass., is received the following, relating to offices held by Jason WHITNEY: 1772, surveyor of highways; 1773, fence viewer; 1774, fence viewer and hog reeve; 1775, fence viewer; 1777, selectman, field driver and fence viewer; 1780, selectman; 1781, selectman and fence viewer. From selectman's order or cash book: "On account of money paid in support of the present war with Great Britain and by whom paid to men who enlisted into the army and of those who do a term or any part of a term in the year 1776." July 20, 1776, Jason WHITNEY, one-fourth of a term to Canada, £3 6s. 8d. Jason WHITNEY was in the French and Indian wars, and received a wound that caused lameness. Notwithstanding this lameness he served repeatedly dur- ing the Revolutionary war. His services are recorded on the rolls at the State House, Boston, also on the town treasurer's book and town files of Natick: "Jason WHITNEY was in Capt. David MORSE's Muster Roll, in French War, 1755 to 1763." "His name on Capt. Joseph MORSE's Muster Roll. Col. Samuel BULLARD's Regt. Lexington Alarm." "On Capt. Hezekiah BROADS' Roll, PATTERSON's Regiment, Canada Expedition, June 7, 1776. "Paid 1/4 of a term, for a man to go three months to New York in Capt. GARDNER's Co., Col. Eleazur BROOK's Regiment." "Went on the Forty Days' Alarm to Rhode Island with teams & Baggage." (Went twice.) "Credited to FISKE's Co., PERRY's Regiment. Served also in LELAND's Co., same Regiment. Assisted in taking Solomon PARK PARKER out of Prison, while on this Service." "He also loaned the town £162-8-8 in 1781, 'Old Emifion Bills' for war pur- poses. In 1782 he loaned 2-8-0 silver money 'Spanish Milled dollars' & paid the same to Amos MORSE for Isaac DUNTON's bounty, for three years, for going into the service." "Was one of the selectman & on Committee to hire soldiers 1780-81-81." From Massachusetts rolls: "Pay Roll for the Troops under the command of Lieut. Jeremiah COLBURN. In Brigadier General WADSWORTH's Department. Detached at Cambridge, 1781. "Jason WHITNEY from Jan. 27 to March 10." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Mar. 16, 1768, Nehemiah HALL, of Uxbridge, was appointed guardian of Susannah, Janet, and Margaret, daughters of Ezekiel.

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