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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Fifth Generation.
another record erroneously says 24 March 1769; bap. at Derby, 10 June 1759 married, 31 Jan. 1793, at Derby, Esther Smith. The land-records show his residence in Derby, 9 Ap. 1792, and at various dates down to 7 March 1809. He died without children.
424 II. Isaac Whitney, b. at Derby, Conn., 17 Nov. 1761; bap. at Derby, 28 March 1762; settled in Derby, and there died between 23 June 1794 and Oct. 1794. William Keeney was administrator, 5 Jan. 1796, "of the estate or his brother, Isaac Whitney," which may indicate that Whitney's step-mother was Keeney's mother. He married, according to one tradition, Betsey Waterman, and according to another, Betsey Whitmore. She was married (2d), 17 Jtdy 1803, at Bridgeport, Conn., by Rev. Philo Shelton, Episcopal, to Justus Butler, or New Haven, proprietor of the Butler House, at one time the most popular hotel in New Haven. 1568
425 III. James Whitney, b. at Derby, Conn., 23 March 1764; was a trader at Westbury, now Watertown, Conn.; and died, unmarried, at the house of his uncle, Henry Whitney, in Derby, in June 1794. The codicil to his will was dated 23 June 1794.

Chil. of Stephen and Eunice (Keeney) Whitney. 79

426 IV. Sarah Whitney, twin, b. at Derby, Conn. 11 Aug. 1765; died in Derby, now Seymour, Conn., about 1849, aged 84 years, having been in a deranged condition or mind for several years, and sadly neglected by her relatives. Their indifference to her wants was so great that it was reported to the town-meeting as "disgraceful and unendurable."
427 V. Stephen Whitney, twin, b. at Derby, Conn., 11 Aug. 1765; died young.
428 VI. Lucinda Whitney, b. at Derby, Conn., 2 Ap. 1768; bap. at Derby, 22 May 1768; died at Derby, in Sept 1769.
429 VII. Abigail Whitney, b. at Derby, Conn., 17 June 1769; bap. at Derby, 31 July 1769; died at Derby, 13 Sept. 1769.
430 VIII. Eunice Whitney, bap. at Derby, 30 May 1771; was of feeble intellect, owing to injuries consequent upon a fall from a ladder, when about six years old; died in Derby, in the Summer of 1808, aged about 37 years.
431 IX. Lucinda Whitney, twin, b. at Derby, Conn., 24 March 1772; married Amos Broad, a gunsmith, who lived in Salisbury, Conn. They 1570
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