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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
ingenuous spirit never animated the human form. In the fortieth year of his age; in the meridian of usefulness, and vigor of health, he was suddenly arrested by a most formidable disease which baffled the efforts of medical skill, and in ahout 36 hours, terminated his life. The excrucating agonies of his disorder he endured with the magnanimity of a man, and submitted to his fate with the meekness and resignation of a Christian. He has left behind him 'a sadly pleasing name, a name ever to be remembered with a sigh.' To a fond wife, the loss is irreparable; the hearts of an affectionate sister and brothers must long smart under the bereavement, and our city will deeply sympathize with them in this afflictive dispensation.
He had two cliudren, the fisrt of whom died at birth. The second, born in Ap. 1812, three weeks after the father's death, lived only seven hours, dying, apparently, from the same disease of the throat which proved fatal to him.
His widow was married (2d), on Thursday evening, 1 Feb 1821, in her mother's house at Hallett's Cove, by Rev. John Goldsmith, pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Newtown, L. I., to Adrian Van Sinderen, a retired merchant, of Newtown. She died at No. 109 Remsen Street, Brooklyn, N.Y., 5 Aug. 1867; and was buried at Newtown.
Mr. Van Sinderen was born at Flatlands, L.I., in 1772 and died 20 Aug. 1843. He was son of Ulpian and Magdalen (Bancker) Van Sinderen; g. son of Rev. Ulpian Van Sinderen, pastor of Flatbush, who came from Holland in 1747, and his wife, Cornelia Schenck; and g. g. son of Rev. Hotso Van Sinderen, who lived and died in Holland. His first wife, whom he married in 1797, at Newtown, was Mary Lawrence,2 dau. of Capt Thomas and Elizabeth (Fish) Lawrence, g. dau. of John and Patience (Sackett} Lawrence, g. g. dau. of John and Deborah (Woodhull) Lawrence, and g. g. g. dau. of Major Thomas and Mary Lawrence--all of Newown, L. I.2
439 VI. Susan Whitney, b. at Derby, Conn., 11 Oct. 1774; died 22 Dec 1851, unmarried, aged 77 years, at Derby, and was buried there in the old Episcopal Cemetery.
440 VII. Stephen Whitney, b. at Derby, Conn., 4 Sept. 1776; bap. in the Congregational Church at Derby, 15 Sept. 1776; a merchant in New 1586
  1 By her he had the following children:

    I. Eliza Van Sinderen, died in infancy.
    II. William Van Sinderen, died in infancy.
    III. Henry Van Sinderen, died in infancy.
    IV. Eliza Van Sinderen, who is living in Brooklyn, N. Y., 1877, unmarried.
    V. William Henry Van Sinderen, M. D., who married Lydia Matilda Howard; died 12 Nov. 1837, aged 28 years; and was buried in the graveyard of the Presbyterian Church at Newtown, L. I., with his son, William Henry Van Sinderen, who died 9 Oct. 1837, aged 14 months. He left a son, Adrian Van Sinderen, who married, and with his family, is living in Brooklyn, April 1877.

  2 See Riker's Annals of Newtown, L. I., pp. 281-288, and note to our number 1590.
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