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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Fourth Generation.
ney, one half of the above-described property, in consderation of the above deed, and also "in consideration of a final end put to all controvercies that have lately risen in law between me the said Joseph Whitne and my kinsman, John Whitne about ye said Mill, Land, and premises." He sold land to his uncle, Josiah Whitney, 30 July 1735; sold land at Silvermine, 14 Aug. 1735; and to his uncle, Jonathan Fairchild, 19 Nov. 1735; divided the mill-lands with his uncle, Joseph Whitney, 16 Ap. 1736; sold eleven acres near Five-Mile River, to Samuel Ketcham, 7 Oct. 1737; and another piece, the same day; sold his half of the mill and lands belonging to it, 21 Aug. 1740, to Josiah Thacher of Norwalk, for £1000; and his half of the salt and fresh meadow, called Whitney's Pond, to his uncle, Joseph Whitney, 31 Jan. 1740-41.

No record of his marriage or death has been found; nor is it known whether he had, or had not, a family.

Chil. of Joseph and Hannah (Hoyt) Whitney. 4

15 I. Hezekiah Whitney, b. in Norwalk, Conn., 10 Ap. 1705; married, 3 Jan. 1732-3, in Norwalk, by Rev. Moses Dickinson, to Margaret Harris.

Two gravestones, in St. Paul's Churchyard, Norwalk, commemorate them in the following inscriptions:

In Memory of
who departed
this life April 30th 1790
in the 86th year
of his age.
In Memory of
Relict of Hezekiah Whitney
who departed
this life
July 31st 1795
in the 85th year
of her age.
16 II. Hannah Whitney, b. in Norwalk, Conn., 5 Nov. 1707; married Daniel Keeler, a farmer, of Norwalk, son of John and Hittabel (Rockwell) Keeler, and g. son of Ralph Keeler, an early settler of Norwalk, and of John Rockwell, one of the first settlers of Stamford, Conn. They settled at New Canaan Society, in Norwalk, and were among the constituent members of the Congregational Church at that place, their names being the fourth couple on the list, having been recommended by Rev. Moses Dickinson, pastor of the First Church in Norwalk. His name often appears in the Norwalk Land Records, in the purchase and sale of land, chiefly in New Canaan. His will was made at Norwalk, 14 Nov. 1764, and he died soon after that date. She married (2d), 2 July 1766, at New Canaan, with Samuel Betts, of Wilton, in Norwalk; having made with him, 1 July 1766, a contract, by which, at his death, she and her heirs were to receive all goods which he received with her, and half of the linen and woolen cloth made by them, which should not be already worn or made into clothing. She probably went to Wilton, to dwell at his home. 91
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