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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
about a mile south of West Reading Station, where he bought eleven acres of land, 5 Ap. 1788, of Elijah Burr, for £18. He also bought of Aaron Barlow, 22 Dec. 1788, for £75, fourteen acres of land in Reading, which he sold, 13 Feb. 1790,.for £45, to Josiah Stebbins and Esther his wife, who were his step-father and mother. The first piece, he sold, 27 Jan. 1802, to his half-sister, Mary Couch, wife of Thomas Couch, Jr., of Reading, and then called himself, "of Fairfield, State of Vermont."" It is uncertain when he went to Vermont, as the land-records of Fairfield, Vt., seem to show that he was there, 24 Sept 1789, 14 Ap. 1792, 2 Ap. 1795, and 12 Sept 1803, while old residents of Reading, Conn., distinctly remember
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him as living in Reading about 1795 to 1800. It seems most likely that, after living for some time in Vermont, he returned to Reading, and lived there for a few years. He died in Fairfield, Vt., 28 Feb. 1848, aged 80 years; and his wife died in the same place, 23 June 1851, in her 80th year. They were buried about two and a half miles south from the centre of the town. He was of a delicate constitution, quiet and gentle in appearance, of a studious habit, with a mind well stored by constant reading. One of his granddaughters says that she "scarcely remembers him otherwise than sitting in his easy chair, poring over a book or newspaper," and that, in his later years, "he seldom left the house, except, occasionally, to go to the Episcopal Church, of which he and my grandmother were exemplary members."

Chil. of Peter and Grace (Bulkley) Whitney. 282

1121 I. Elizabeth Whitney, b. at Fairfield, Conn., 21 June 1789; bap. by Rev. Philo Shelton, Episcopal, at Southport, Conn., 29 Oct. 1790; confirmed at Fairfield, 5 Aug. 1804; married by Rev. Philo Shelton, in Fairfield, 24 Dec. 1808, to Abel Beers, born at Fairfield, 19 Jan. 1790, son of David and Polly (Gray) Beers. She died at Fairfield, from a fall, on her birthday, 21 June 1828, and was buried in Fairfield old graveyard, near her father. Capt. Beers was first a farmer, and then a sailor, commanding a vessel in the coasting trade for more than twenty years, ending in 1835. He married (2d),1 15 July 1829, Lucretia Dimon, born 3694
  1 He had children by his second wife, as follows:

    I. Lucretia Dimon Beers, b. at Fairfield, 30 Ap. 1830; died at Fairfield, 2 Aug. 1865, unm.; was first buried in Fairfield, near the Catholic Church, and has been since removed to Oak Lawn Cemetery, in Greenfield, Conn.
    II. Robert Dimon Beers, b. at Fairfield, Conn., 23 June 1832; married, 26 Sept 1867, Olive A. Derby.
    III. Mary Beers, b. at Fairfield, Conn., 10 Feb. 1834; married, 10 Dec. 1861, Daniel Brooks.
    IV. Rachel Penfield Beers, b. at Fairfield, Conn., 29 Feb. 1836; married, 13 June 1860, Orlando Hoskins, and has two children: Robert Dimon Hoskins, b. 30 Oct. 1861; and George Gillespie Hoskins, b. 4 Nov. 1864.

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