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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.

Chil. of Isaac and Betsey (Waterman) Whitney. 424

1568 I. James Whitney, was living 21 June 1794, and died before 5 Jan. 1796.
1569 II. Sarah Wheeler Whitney, b. in 1789; dwelt in New Haven, Conn., and New York City, and then went to live with her half-sister, "up the North River," since which her Connecticut cousins have had no knowledge of her.

Child of Amos and Lucinda (Whitney) Broad. 431

1570 I. Sarah Minerva Broad, lived in Salisbury, Conn., and Kinderhook, N. Y.

Chil. of William Clark and Mary (Thompson) Whitney. 434

1571 I. George Henry Whitney, b. in Derby, Conn., about 1784; a mariner; went to New York, about 1809, to take command of the ship Atlantic, in the East Indian trade, and, being slightly ill with rheumatism, placed himself in the care of "Dr. Peter Praud De Castro," a noted charlatan, and was smothered by the latter, in his effort to expel the disease. He died in Frankfort Street, New York, aged twenty-five years, unmarried, and was buried in the cemetery of the "old brick church" (Dr. Rodgers'), at the corner of Park Row and Nassau St.
1572 II. Harriet Whitney, b. in Derby, Conn.; bap. in the Episcopal Church, Derby, in Sept. 1785; married at Derby, in Dec. 1808, Lucius Kellogg, a physician, son of Hon. Judah and Polly Kellogg, of Cornwall, Conn., where he was born in 1782. They dwelt in Derby till 1810; then settled near Glen Cove, L. I.; and, a few years later, moved to Oyster Bay, L. I., where she died, 8 Aug. 1848, and was buried. He died, 10 Ap. 1852, at South Dover, N. Y., and was buried there. He was a man of strong intellect and good judgment, an ardent politician of the old Whig school, and a successful physician. 5192
1573 III. Mary Whitney, b. in Derby, Conn.; bap. in the Episcopal Church, Derby, 6 July 1788; married, 24 Dec. 1807, by Rev. Philo Shelton, Episcopal, to Truman Plumb, a mariner, of Milford, Conn. The marriage-record calls her name Polly. They settled in New Haven, Conn., where she died, about 1817, and was buried. 5195
1574 IV. Mark William Embleton Whitney, bap. in the Episcopal
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