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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Seventh Generation.
Methodist form, by Jesse Whitney, justice of the peace, to Philander Alexander,1 a farmer, born at Johnson, Vt., 5 Jan. 1804, son of Eliakim and Azubah (Eaton) Alexander, of Morristown, Vt. They settled at Morristown, and were living there in 1873, when he was almost helpless, having been an invalid for many years.
1629 VI. Jesse Bedient Whitney, b. in Wolcott, Vt., 11 Oct. 1810; married Hannah Estabrook; and after living with her about two years, went to Ohio, as a clock-peddler, and never returned. His brothers and sisters have not heard from him since about 1839. 5391
1630 VII. Sally Batterson Whitney, b. in Wolcott, Vt., 9 Ap. 1818; unmarried; lived with her sister, Mrs. Laura Martin (Whitney) Alexander, at Morristown, Vt., and died there, 24 Feb. 1875, and was buried in the village cemetery at Wolcott.

Chil. of Josiah and Tema (Taylor) Whitney. 449

1631 I. Abigail Taylor Whitney, twin, b. in Walcott, Vt., 2 July 1802; married 6 May 1830, at Wolcott, James Jockow, of Waterbury, Vt.; died in Waterbury, Vt., 20 Dec. 1831, and was buried in Wolcott. He died in Waterbury, date unknown. 5392
1632 II. Gamaliel Taylor Whitney, twin, b. in Walcott, Vt., 2 July 1802; a farmer; married, 20 Aug. 1829, in Craftsbury, Vt., by Rev. William H. Chapin, Congregational, to Fanny Preston, who was born in Peacham, Vt., 6 Dec. 1803. He settled in Wolcott; and, in the latter part of his life, removed to Craftsbury, where he died, 9 March 1873, and was buried. She married (2nd), 5 Dec. 1873, William Hanson, of Greensborough, Vt. 5394
1633 III. Henry Eaton Whitney, b. in Wolcott, Vt., 20 Oct. 1804; married, 15 Feb. 1835, at Craftsbury, Vt., Maria Stratton, of Craftsbury, who 5400
                             Joseph Alexander, of Winchester, N.H. = . . .
JOSEPH ALEXANDER, settled in Hadley, Mass, ab. 1748; d., 30 Sept 1761, aged 70 or more. = EXPERIENCE -------,
 He m. his first wife, Mary Mighill, in 1736.                                            |  second wife.
ELIAKIM ALEXANDER, b. in Hadley, Mass., 12 Dec.        = AZUBAH EATON, b. 27 Sept. 1775; d. in  Morristown, Vt.,
1766, according to Judd and Boltwood, while the family |  4 March 1852.  She lived at Johnson, Vt., before
say, 12 Dec. 1769; settled in Morristown, Vt. and      |  marriage.
there died, 4 March 1833.       _______________________|
                                                   No. 1628.
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